Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Obama Doesnt Understand Education

Franklin , Tennessee - now that President Obama has decided to give our schools a shot in the pocket book , it is clear he does'nt have a clue what's wrong with education in America.

Let's have a history lesson about education here in Tennessee:

In the 60's , Nashvillians were upset over the 3 cent tax. Politicians got the tax passed by stating the money was for education only. Not one penny or one cent made it into educational pockets ass "OUR" politicians enjoyed spending "OUR" school money on their pet projects. "We The People" refused to use "OUR" constitution to govern "OUR" politicians to get "OUR" tax money returned and put into education ass they had originaly promised

In the 70's , Congress made up CETA money for education. In Nashville , not one cent or penny made it into educational pockets ass "OUR" politicians spent the money on their pet projects and favorite turkeys.

Meanwhile , Governor Alexander brought in his "Master Teacher Plan" to improve Tennessee education in this state. The truth is , all it was really for , was to give crony teachers protection from getting fired for being incontinently incompetent and voting Republican.

Tennessee politicians had to go several extra miles to get the lottery. They made it happen by stating the money was for education only. Governor Bredesen took 100 million dollars from the lottery to pay for his personal pet turkeys and now the lottery can not give money to education or to the students , causing them to drop out on the first day of classes of this year.

Note: Not one Tennessean picked up their constitution to beat Bredesen over the head with it. Nope. Not a one

And people continue to wonder why Tennessee is always ranked last in educational standings across this country , while blaming it all on the teachers

Now that President Obama is giving education several Billion dollars , I wonder what pet turkeys "OUR" politicians are going to spend it on.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Belmont Upgrades

Nashville , Tennessee - people are talking about the new law building at Belmont University.

Kat: What's the big deal about a law building in the first place?
BVD: America is a country of laws. Today , there are so many laws , there's a need to put them someplace to avoid misplacing or even getting them lost. So , here at Belmont , they are building a new place to keep them in.
Kat: So why is Belmont seen ass a threat?
BVD: Because having a building full of laws , Belmont could be coming after you with the law on it's side

Today , Belmont is referred to ass the other "Vanderbilt" while being looked down upon ass a fresh addition to a stuffy , Ivy League

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Working Hard To Make A Living

Vanderbilt University - in Vanderbilt's stylish tradition of Vanderbilt engineering professor's appearing to hardly work at teaching their students real engineering concepts , who don't need a job any way because of their inbred breeding habits , Raz shows off his style of hardly working at the Quad.

The former Chair of Civil Engineering , Ed Thackston stated , "I taught that cat everything he knows."

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