Monday, August 27, 2007


Newbie On The Block

Clay Johnson is now this country's Homeland Security Chief. Did you notice the President Bush action doll on his desk ? He talks to it and people say it even talks back. Makes ya feel safe at night , don't it ? Bush has'nt been able to keep anybody around for very long. Like the numbers of his popularity , so is the number of his close supporters. Today , Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has given his resignation. Maybe next time , Gonzales will have a Bush action doll on his desk and avoid the Noid.


Just Another Walk In The Same Park

Vanderbilt University - BVD was walking around the campus ass another school year gets ready and runs into Dean John Veillette , ( ass in spaghetti ) , School of Engineering and PAVE Director.
BVD : Hey John , how are you ? How did PAVE 2007 go this year ?
John : Ha ha ha , BVD , Ha ha ha. Have'nt seen you in a long long time. What's new with you ?
BVD : Just roaming around , looking for the new news John.
John : BVD , how many times have I told you to call me Doc. V. ?
BVD : Yeah , I know , butt Doc. V. sounds too much like a pimp's name.
Doc. V. : Ha ha ha , it is a pimp's name ! Ha ha ha.
BVD : So , how many in the PAVE class got knocked up this year ?
Doc. V. : Looks around , sees no one near. " Shut up about that. OK ? "
BVD : Why ? It's true. Ever since you brought PAVE to Vanderbilt , it seems every dirty old professor comes crawling out of his office for something young and tender.
Doc. V. : Oh yeah ? And what would you know about that ?
BVD : I know about Professor Bowers.
Doc. V. : Uh huh , and who does'nt these days ? Well , it is'nt my fault their parents did'nt raise them right.
BVD : Whose parents ? The Vanderbilt professors , or the PAVE students , Professor Bowers ? Who John ? Whose parents ?
Doc. V. : Does it matter ? Ha ha ha
BVD : Have you ever come clean about how you , being just a simple grad student , became a dean , here at Vanderbilt ?
Doc. V. : Well , the truth is , this is Vanderbilt. You've got to give a head to get a head. Ha ha ha
BVD : I could never lower myself to doing that.
Doc. V. : You know , Chancellor Gee said the same thing. Butt , he never got the hang of it , and so , now , his ass is so wallered out , he has to wear a diaper , because he does'nt have any sphincter control any more.
BVD : I see , and you do ?
Doc. V. : You bet , the only difference is that the kids get to do , what I'm expected to do. Ha ha ha
BVD : Is that the reason why Gee is leaving ?
John : Would'nt be surprised. After all , that free marijuana only went so far around here. Ha ha ha , ha ha ha , ha ha ha
BVD : John , how can you sleep at night ? Knowing what some of these kids go through around here.
John : Doc. V. OK ? Please , Doc. V. and look , I know that sometimes things look like rape and what not , butt , when the facts come to light , it's all just a matter of the language barrier causing a misunderstanding.
BVD : Language barrier ? You asshole. We are talking about a penis and a vagina. Since when did those two have a language barrier ? Hell John , the caveman did'nt have a language and there was no misunderstanding about those two fucking.
Doc. V. : Well , what can I say ? Oh WOW ! , I've got to meet someone at the post office in five minutes. Gotta run.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Those Black Hawk Models

Academy has 2 Black Hawk helicopter models in 1/35 scale. One is the MH-60G PAVE HAWK and two , is the AH-60L DAP Black Hawk. the interesting fact is found in comparing the parts of both kits. While the MH-60G has 5 sprues , the AH-60L has a whopping 7 sprues. In other words , the AH-60L has the parts to make 1 of 3 variants of the Black Hawk. Yes , I know I'm talking about 2 models , but , I'm telling you , there are parts for 3 different Black Hawk helicopters in the AH-60L box. And no , the box does'nt tell you this. Both models sell for 60 dollars @ Hobby Lobby stores. Don't forget your 40% off coupon.
I have not built either one of these kits , so I do not know if the decals work , or if there are other pissy poorly problems that Academy is so well known for. At 1/35 scale , they should make neat additions to any armor diorama. I'll bet the Tamiya modern infantry in 1/35 would go well with either of these models. Does anyone know who has the " Ragheads " in 1/35 ? The diorama possibilities would be endless.

Friday, August 24, 2007


Franklin's Traffic Court

Franklin , Tennessee - MSN has an article about about traffic ticket myths , and I was asked if these myths applied to Franklin. The truth is simply this - The City of Franklin does not have a traffic court. Yes , Franklin Police tell you so , butt , how can you have a court of law , with the absence of a judge ? That's right , Franklin's traffic court has no judge. There is a lawyer presiding over your court case , butt , the lawyer is not a judge.

The ticketing officer does not have to appear in court. - This is true. Franklin Police officers were caught putting traffic court on their time sheets , when in fact , they were else where. Because of this , Jay Johnson decreed that all ticketing officers were no longer required to show up. However , you can request the officer does show. When you loose your case , you get to pay the city for the officer's over time. Yes , this is illegal , butt , so is Jay Johnson , and the citizens of Franklin won't stand up to him. So keep in mind , if the police are not being honest on their time sheets , it's a sure bet they won't be honest on a traffic citation.

Why would you want the ticketing officer in court ? It's your Constitutional right to question your accuser. However , in Franklin , you are already guilty. Keep in mind , no judge , no court. Just pay and shut up. And HEY ! ! ! Welcome to Franklin.

Why does'nt Franklin have a judge presiding over traffic court. Lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ , that's why. A judge is very high maintenance. The city gives him a crib , car , food , clothes , a percentage of the traffic court take , a pension plan , retirement plan , stock plan , health plan , barber , doctor , sexcretary , security with guns , furniture , clothes , immunity from traffic tickets , etc , etc , etc. While all this is 100% paid by the city , the tax payers actually cover the entire bill. And yes , the judge still gets a paycheck :)

Is there a way to avoid paying the ticket ? Yes - tell the lawyer presiding over the court , you want traffic school.

Why does car insurance go up with a ticket ? Insurance company's have a reputation these days for passing the bucks where more bucks can be made. That's why confidential police records are common ground for insurance companies to prowl around , looking for more money. Being on the inside of insurance companies doe$ have it'$ reward$. Consider it this way , The City of Franklin is getting a rebate for writing those tickets.

In Franklin , a driver does not have to do something wrong to get a ticket. True - Many officers want to make an impression and besides , there are quotas

Traffic violations can increase traffic safety. False - Issuing traffic citations is just a means to give the officer something to do , while generating the City of Franklin another avenue for bringing in more $$$$$$$$$$

Traffic laws apply to everyone in Franklin. False - Franklin Police officers want to keep their jobs , so they keep a list of people to be very very very nice too. Jay Johnson would be the last person in Franklin to get a ticket , no matter what the reason.

What is the best way to avoid getting a ticket in Franklin ? Just stay out of Franklin. It's that easy. Besides , other towns are cheaper and more friendlier. Go check them out :)

Thursday, August 23, 2007


What Water Shortage

Franklin , Tennessee - Everyone living in Franklin can tell you , that unless you live in a white house , you are a nobody. While Franklin's Water Department has begun shutting off water service to law abiding , tax paying , Franklin residents , for violating water shortage restriction laws , this Franklin resident and White House owner , continues to water his pool.
Nice and wet party palace for all your hot and rowdy friends , would'nt you agree ? For his friends only , all others need not apply.


The Bridges of Williamson County

Franklin , Tennessee , which happens to be within the boundaries of Williamson County - I got asked about the bridges of Williamson County and how safe are they ? Well , I'm no bridge expert , although I have seen 6 of the 7 bridges in Madison County.
Across Tennessee , TDOT has relied on the word of university professors , who normally do not get out of the classroom , unless they are going to their office , to make inspections on the bridges. Unfortunately , these professors have an engineering license to make their professorship look professional , not because they are practicing engineers. Many bridges in Tennessee are just plain scary and it's a good thing , you don't know which ones are the scariest.
Let's go look in on Williamson County. Did you know , that engineers were able to expand the life expectancy of bridges , without spending a lot of money ? How did they do that ? The answer is very simple. This county put up signs on the small bridges saying " Dump Trucks Not Allowed " . In the meantime , those bridges will continue to rust away until they fall into the water. Those signs sure were an easy fix , were'nt they ?
Williamson County does not have a cash problem for highway money. The voter/taxpayers just won't get their elected officials in gear , to put that money where it is promised. It's a problem similar to the tax dollars promised for education. There's plenty of money in the budget , butt , those politicians continue to spend those dollars on their pet projects , instead of spending that money on their promises to the people. Several years ago , a dump truck fell into a creek , when a little bridge could'nt take it any more. The clock continues ticking on some bridges and I guess it will take a fatality for people to wake up to reality.
Besides , why should politicians spend your tax dollars on their promises , when there are people working on charitable projects , to generate money , for which tax dollars already exist ? It just gives politicians more money to play with. In today's paper , there's a front page story of a charitable project , to raise money for the local bridges.
Safe bridges in Williamson county ? It's just another wet dream.

Monday, August 20, 2007



I was asked , for my opinion about MINICRAFT model kits. Sure , no problem. One word says it all. JUNK ! ! !
Lets review the models , I have here for examples , to make sure everyone understands the word , JUNK ! ! !
From the top , we have the 1955 Mercedes 300SL , 1/16 scale , " Gullwing " Coup. The parts inventory is short some chrome , the decals suck , very expensive for parts that don't fit well.
MINICRAFT put out their 777-200 in several boxes , using different liveries for the different airlines. In 1/144 scale , this kit has some of the worst decals I've ever seen , and oh yeah , the fuselage has a poor fit. I have seen kits with melted decals on the plastic trees. Very expensive kit for the shabby quality.
The CATALINA is boxed with various decals and military. This one is the WWII Black Cat , used in the Pacific. In 1/144 scale , the only thing good to say about this kit , is that it's black , which does'nt show the flaws and typical poor fit , that MINICRAFT is so well known for.
The DC-3 is also used for the C-47 models in 1/144 scale. MINICRAFT put out several versions of this by changing the decals only. There has been no effort to improve the piss poor fit. The propellers will not turn , because they hit the fuselage.
B-17 Bit O' Lace in 1/144 scale. Lots of flash and the propellers did not form in the mold. You'll have more fun trying to get replacements , than having fun building this model. Otherwise , typical pissy poorly parts.
The 737-400 in 1/144 scale comes in a variety of liveries. Pick your choice of garbage and you are on your way to finding new ways of masturbating that don't work.
OK. That purty well explains my view on MINICRAFT model kits. When you need parts and help , and don't have any other meaningful purpose in life , you can try to contact MINICRAFT @ 1-800-322-3692.

You might try writing them @

921 N. State Street
Elgin , IL 60123-2146

Although they have a web site , it's a crap shoot to contact them @

MINICRAFT is a product of China , which explains a lot.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


I'm Baaaaaack

It's so nice to be back home , even if it is in Franklin. Has anyone been around the Texas border lately ? On the interstate and other roads , there are check points about every ten miles. Yep , they are looking for illegals and what not. AND YES , at every stop , you get to prove that yes indeedy dee , you are an American. Yes , you get to wait in line. Yes , dogs sniff your car. If you want to speed up the process , get a passport. Yes , you read correctly. Get a passport.
Only in America , do Americans have to prove they are Americans. AND YES ! If you are six foot tall , have blond hair , white teeth , nice clothes , with a Swedish accent , you will be asked , " Are you a Mexican ? "


Hot Stuff @ Hotmail

Have you got your new HOTMAIL account ? It's new with better security against spam and other unwanted's . HOTMAIL is a product of MSN. Now that I've got mine , the inbox is getting crowded with spam and other garbage from MSN. Well , at least it's working.

Friday, August 17, 2007


The Razorback Challenge

OK. I've said some badly truthful things about Academy's decals , found on their 1/72 scale models. So , let's do something here. I've decided to build Academy's 1/72 scale Thunderbolt P-47D " Razor-back " , No. 2175. At the same time , I will be building the Tamiya 1/72 scale Republic P-47D Thunderbolt " Razorback " , No.69 .
Why ? Simple. There are many places a person can read about models. The writers are usually model building professionals , they get paid for doing it , they get free models to build , and they have won contests.
Me ? I'm not a professional , I pay out of pocket for my models and my supplies , I have not won any contests or even entered one. Therefore , I can be brutal or nice about what I say and not worry :) Another point is simply this - let's see what a non - pro can do , and be objective in the process. I have not heard of a model club in this area and the pros don't want to give tips. Everything I know about model building comes from elbow grease and reading. Before getting started , I want everyone to know , I have not read anything about these 2 models. In other words , I'm in the dark here , exploring new plastic territory.
I chose Academy because there are a lot of good writings about their models and I have'nt seen anyone talk about their awful decals. Academy made model making history with their F/A - 18C Hornet in 1/32 scale. Having a $ 175 dollar price tag , I'm curious if those decals are useable.
Secondly , I chose Tamiya because it gives me another model of the same airplane , to compare with. Plus :
1) Both models are currently on the store shelves.
2) Both models are the same scale.
3) Both have the same under-wing weaponry.
4) Both have 2 types of propellers.
5) They are both Razorback's !
This project gives a view for modeling fans to compare Academy against Tamiya in an equal setting. Both models will be built straight from the box , wheels down. If the decals don't work , then the decals don't work and the decals get put on anyway :)
Besides , I have not seen any one do a comparison build project , so this should be interesting.
Right out of the box , having the kits side by side , it is evident by looking over the parts , why Tamiya costs more. It is said , " You get what you pay for " . I'm about to find out , and I'm sharing this experience with everyone.
I have a different post in here somewhere about Academy's P-47D " Bubble Top " in 1/72 scale.


Corsair F-4U-1

I've completed Academy's 1/72 scale Corsair F4U-1 , No. 1657. This was a pleasant surprise to build. All the parts have a great fit , including the wheel doors. Therefore , I decided to build this with the wheels up and placed it on a stand , from a Accurate Miniatures 1/100 model and a brass rod. What is seen comes straight from the box , with no after market parts.
The biggest let down , having built such a great piece of work , are the usual Academy decals , that don't stick and are tooo thick. Using decal solution will not affect the decals , meaning they will not conform to the model's surface or stick. They are just simple junk. I only used those decals that were useable , to create a good looking model , that was possible.
I have considered buying another Corsair model , using after market decals. I know a person , who would enjoy this bird for Christmas. Butt , think about it. How can you have a good model , at a bargain price , if the decals don't work ? Buying after market decals will cost ten dollars , plus the gas and/or shipping. It does not make sense to buy another Academy Corsair model , where's the bargain ? For the money , I would do better with the Tamiya. Academy 1/72 scale models can be purchased at Hobby Lobby for 7 dollars using their 40% off coupon.
The F-4 Corsair was notably flown by " Pappy " Boyington and his Black Sheep Squadron , VF-214 , during World War II.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Good Morning

Eeewwww,,,,,THAT AINT RITE ! !

Don't ya love having the " Other " family over for a few days ?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


The New World Order

We heard President Daddy Bush talk about a New World Order. Thanks to Global Warming , we are also going to have a new World. With the North polar caps melting , five countries are squabbling over the newly opened up ocean areas , which has more oil than Carter has pills.
While The United Nations claims to have total control over this polar region , Canada says , with the ice gone , there won't be a polar region. Therefore , Canada is building two military air bases on it's extreme borders to protect it's sovereign self. Meanwhile , Mother Russia sent a deep dive submarine , three miles down to plant her flag on the ocean floor , claiming the region belongs to her.
And of course , The United States is'nt sitting this one out. The Alaska Air Force has received two squadrons of the F-22 Raptor , with more on the way.
While everyone thought that Armageddon would be fought around Iraq and Iran , the biggie super powers are massing their military on the soon to disappear , polar regions.
Now do you understand why President Bush was anxious to start drilling in the Arctic ? Well , why not ? After all , in a couple of decades , there won't be an Arctic Region. Start now and get the oil before they do :)

Sunday, August 12, 2007


The Monkey Management System

The Tennessean took a full page , to tell about the problems with getting Social Security. Actually , if you apply the " Don't see it , Can't hear it , Can't say it " rule , used by the Three Wise Monkeys , Social Security is doing it's job superbly.
Keep in mind , non- Americans have no problems getting a Social Security check , while American - Americans wait 2 1/2 years , just to get a hearing. It does'nt matter if the American - American meets the requirements , the American - American still has to wait , because it's the way the system operates. Even if the American qualifies , they still need legal representation. Why ? Because politicians demand that their cronies get a piece of your pie :)
Meanwhile , while waiting , the American - American does'nt have an income , so they qualify for $80 dollars a month for food stamps , butt , they have to wait 30 days before seeing that first dollar. They also quailfy for housing , butt , they have to get behind the non - Americans and wait for next year.
If the person is a Veteran , they can use the VA clinic , butt , only for a chest x-ray or blood tests. If the VA allows them to use the hospital part , they will wait 11 + months to see a doctor. Meanwhile , they cannot use the VA pharmacy or other facilities because Uncle Sam turned his back and conveniently forgot his promises.
If the American - American veteran is lucky enough to live in Franklin , they will find Graceworks is a kind and understanding place to find help. Ass long ass they don't learn you are a veteran. When Mrs. King learns you are a veteran , she kicks your ass out the door , wheel chair and all. Graceworks does'nt help veterans or desires to help their kind , because if they do , veterans from all over would swarm in worse than flies on a cow pie.
There is a place in Nashville that helps veterans. Just walk on in. The first thing you notice is the foul stench of rotted food in the fridge. There's a sign saying , " VETERANS USE ONLY ". In it , the veteran finds dead rotted somethings. The people there have stashes of donated goodies stashed away for their personal use. However , they do have 2 weekends a year at the fairgrounds for veterans. They can get a hot meal and even a hot shower. Only a veteran can hold out for 2 meals a year. That's why they are called " Grunts ". If you are an American - American , maybe Graceworks will pass out some food while you wait for those $80 dollars. Or , if you are a non - American , just walk on in and demand food. New SUVs , have leaft Graceworks , loaded down to the axle with food and smiling faces.
What's interesting , this Tennessean article mentions people becoming drug addicts , butt , won't mention how that happened. Soooo,,,,,,,,, I will tell you. Doctors give pain killers while you heal from your disabling injuries. When the doctor feels they have helped you all they can , they drop you with total disregard for drug therapy/rehab. You see , doctors giving habitually addictive drugs , is called practicing modern medicine. It's amazing how attorneys turn this around , calling you a drug addict by choice. Yes , I've seen it , this is what America prides itself in a justice system.
OK , with all that said , here's what's really going on with Social Security. The reason America's politicians won't fix Social Security is because they don't get any kick backs. So , that's that. Also , people wonder why non - Americans get Social Security so quickly and usually without needing legal help , while American - Americans have to wait 2 1/2 years. I'll answer that one also. The Feds have in place hiring quotas. Now a days , non - Americans are in high places of employment within Social Security , and they have made some changes to help out their fellow country folks. They know that America's government is so big , no one will notice or even care about the changes they made :) So , now my readers know what The Tennessean won't tell theirs.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


America's Immigration Policy

Today , America still cannot control it's borders with Mexico and the illegals continue to stroll on in. Here's something the average American does not know. America is doing an excellent job , controlling migrant workers , migrating into Iraq. Yep , it's true. An example is the Philippino worker , who wants to go to Iraq , for one of the lucrative paying jobs , that America has created. America does'nt want them there , because they prefer to hire others , who are politically correct. Let's face it , the Philippines have not contributed to President Bush's war in Iraq , therefore , they do not qualify for any of the really good paying jobs , Bush has created for his cronies. The average worker in the Philippines , can make 6 times their daily pay , for doing the same work in Iraq.
So , if America can keep unwanted people out of Iraq , why can't America keep unwanted people out of America ?


JJ Flauts Muscle

Franklin , Tennessee - today's paper tells us about Franklin's Supreme Emperor Jay Johnson , shutting down Alderman Dodson Randolph's City of Franklin sponsored email account. The paper says she hacked computer accounts within the city's system. Although there has been no proof ass yet to these allegations , Johnson claims to have power over any and all elected officials within the City of Franklin , since he cannot be elected by anyone anyway.
With JJ showing off his power , does anybody now see the biggest problem facing Franklin's citizens ?
Everyone knows , that when JJ finally owns the Middle Tennessee Electric Company , he will stick his penis into the nearest power socket and scream , " UNLIMITED POWER "
BVD : Hey Jerry , man , like ah , when JJ finally owns the power company , do ya tink , he wood shut uff someone's lectrk powur ?
Jerry : Well BVD , you've seen what he does , you've seen how he acts , what do you think he would do ?

Friday, August 10, 2007


Ohhhhhhhh Brother

If it is'nt Imus or Sarah Hutchinson , making rude remarks about people , it's Amanda on the TV reality show Big Brother. She was talking about Jewish people and their love for money. Since I have worked for a Jew , I can relate to some of her remarks. Besides , this is a reality show , perhaps Jewish people should get a reality check and speak up for themselves instead of having a Catholic priest speak up for them.

Thursday, August 09, 2007


Aw Poor Thing

Vanderbilt Medical Center - BVD News - Vanderbilt's Hospital HAZ-MAT Team was called for the first time to a real life threatening situation , when it was learned that Smyth Johnson , a relation to Franklin's Administrator Jay Johnson , had kissed Vanderbilt Trauma Manager , Sarah Hutchinson on the lips. When problems arose with the HAZ-MAT environmental suites , the team backed off , leaving Mr. Johnson to fend for himself.
When asked why he kissed Sarah , Mr. Johnson replied , " It's the way JJ had taught me to be. If you see a piece of ass that appeals to ya , then ya go for it. Butt , JJ never told me that sum wumin had stuff that wood mak yore skin rott off this quiklee. "
Sarah Hutchinson slid easily into the managers position by giving her head to Trauma Doc. , Dr. Morris , a blow job , which he later admitted was the first time in his life , he had ever experienced an orgazum. Since then , he has been seen , from time to time , goosing her in the ribs saying , " Do it again , c'mon , do it again. "


It's Finished

OK , here it is. I was asked to finish this Academy 1/72 scale , P-47D Thunderbolt " Bubble Top " plastic model. The decals won't stick , so I did'nt fool with 'em. I did give some age and use to it's looks plus a shot of dull coat. The canopy paint is a hand job. This model does come with under wing rocket launchers , butt , I did'nt use them since they are wayyyy off scale. If the decals would work , this would make a decent representation of this mighty warbird. There are some Academy models I would like to build , butt with the decal problems , I'll stick with Tamiya.
A lot of folks complain about Tamiya's prices , butt they won't shop around. There can be bargains found on Ebay and don't forget Hobby Lobby 's 40% off coupons.


Free Drugs

Yes folks , take your drug script to Publix and get free drugs. What your doctor won't tell the patient is the fact , penicillin does'nt work any more. Today's bugs are immune to it. Doctors continue to prescribe this stuff because there may be a reaction with the body's immune system and help out. Also , doctors continue to get kickbacks for prescribing it.
You will know if your getting penicillin if the drug's name ends with " cillin ". Not to be confused with " chillin ".

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Franklin Police Silenced

Franklin , Tennessee - I received an anxious email from someone I don't know , about Franklin Police radio freques. He stated he could not hear anything on his brand new radio , so , I turned on ole Bessy to hear what was going on.
Yep , Franklin Police have thrown the switch to their new freques. A regular scanner will not pick up this new stuff. This means Franklin Police have gone where the public cannot go. Doing things like this is scary. It's just another way for government to shut out the citizens.
Did you know the news media can get the equipment needed to listen in while it's against the law for citizens to have the equipment? Now what were those remarks about the government affecting the news ? Yes indeedy dee , the local paper lied to it's readers. Why am I not surprised ?

Sunday, August 05, 2007


The Secret of Dale Carnegie's Secret

Many folks have heard about Dale Carnegie and his course for building self respect. You can even find him in your Power Point. Dale has written several books , which today , are still in print.
I've learned his secret about success. Ya get rid of people who stand in your way. Yep , behind all of his fancy talk and advice , the real secret of anyone's success is to simply get rid of them and do it in such a way , they won't bother coming back :)
The Dale Carnegie Course is taught in Nashville. The instructors will gladly take under the table payments to help get rid of someone. Here's the plan - most companies will pay for their people to attend this course. Upon completion , the instructors tell that person they don't want them attending the graduation ceremony because they feel they are not Dale Carnegie material.
Now really folks , how does a person flunk this course ? Simple answer - someone in the company does'nt want them to and the good people at the Dale Carnegie Institute are all butt too happy ( $$$$$ ) to help get rid of them. Do you have any idea what everyone is thinking , when word gets out that person flunked Dale Carnegie ? OOOOooooo ! ! ! Now that's gotta hurt ! ! !
So , now ya know the secret to Dale Carnegie's secret to success.
Question - why is it , ya gotta be careful around people with a friendly , personable like smile ?
Yeah , just like the one Dale has.


The Latest Academy Award

I was asked what my latest modeling effort was. OK , here it is. The Academy P-47D Thunderbolt in 1/72 scale.
It's molded in gray with good detailing for being 1/72 scale.
The downside - the decals won't stick , the molds for this kit were not polished , which shows on the aluminum paint job. The propeller shaft is toooo short. Ya had to be quick to catch that one. This is ass far ass I've gone with this kit. I'm disappointed with the problems and I'm not sure if I'll finish it , or give it to the firecrackers. Here's a tip , all the new Academy 1/72 kits have decal problems. If you are building one of those , try using a paper glue stick. BE VERY VERY CAREFUL. So , I have'nt decided what to build next. There's a Hasegawa Mosquito and the Tamiya Douglas F4D-1 Skyray in 1/72 scale.
Oh yeah , I'm slowly building 2 Monogram 1/48 scale , B-25Js at the same time. I'm playing with the idea of building a " H " out of a " J " kit. What'd ya think ? Is it dooable ?

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