Friday, April 30, 2010


Let's Go See

Somewhere in Iowa - we have'nt seen or heard from Jay Johnson in a while. What do you say , we go over to the new Franklin Police Crib and see what their under the covers camera shows

Yep , same ole JJ , same ole Bimbo.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


I Voted Just Because

Franklin , Tennessee - why would anyone/someone want to vote in this one horse owner of a town anyway? Look at the corruption that corn holes Franklin's government everyday. Just look at the corruption inside our police department.

Why would any Franklinite want to vote in his own town's elections? Hmm? Why?

When I voted , there was no one to vote for because there was no choice. All I saw on the lists was one person's name and one name only. What kind of an election is this?

While walking out of the voting room , I watched voted people taking their "I VOTED" stickers straight to the trash can and they showed more pride in doing that one act , than voting. Just think of how much can be saved , in landfill space alone , if Franklin just cancels the whole Damn election process all together. How many trees would be saved , by not printing those "I VOTED" stickers? How many plastic bags would we save , by not throwing away those "I VOTED" stickers? Just the same , we'll leave the lights on for ya.

What we have , is an election process in apathy.

When there's only one person running for a position , it's pretty obvious who's gonna win. Don't cha think?


Two Faces

Nashville , Tennessee - if Nashville is his top priority , why is he wanting to leave?

How many people remember the several paged article in the USA TODAY paper about New Orleans Police?

Yep , I'd say , his top priority is getting back into "that" , don't ya think?

Monday, April 26, 2010


The Way It Used To Be

Franklin , Tennessee - do you remember the old days and the old ways? Living was so much simpler then. Having no TV , Ipod or even a cell phone , meant having more time for family and friends. Today , here in The City of Franklin , we rejoice in having:

A corrupt government playing games with our money
Greek Columns to show the other little people how our government spends our tax dollars
A corrupt police department to protect our corrupt government
The police also have their very own Greek Columns which means , they don't have to share with those who don't have any , butt want to have them anyway
A cute Bubble car that does'nt pay road taxes , butt , it does hand out parking tickets
Faux Battlefields so tourists can feel more comfortable with themselves for spending their money to get here
We pay higher taxes now than ever before and we still have nothing accomplished to show for it
Despite higher taxes , our police department still does not have enough to operate on
Back in the old days , we had no need for a corrupt police department

Friday, April 23, 2010


What Is Fair

America's Veterans are under the gun of America's politicians not wanting to pay for spiraling health care costs due to extra deployments in war zones. It seems our politicians feel our veterans should be paying more for their war torn wounds.

Pictured is Tammy Duckworth , who lost her pieces parts in Iraq. She is an example of our modern day veterans who are costing our politicians an arm and a few legs in the polls and feel these Damn veterans should be paying more out of their own pocket for their own personal wound care since (afterall) it IS their wounds (and not ours).

Keep in mind , these American politicians (who are doing the bitching about this) have always received free health care and none of them have ever complained how much they cost this country. Hmmmmm. Maybe our politicians feel that free health care is intended just for them. Afterall , they are rather special , are'nt they? And none of them have ever complained about sending someone else to fight a war in some God forsaken country , have they?

Maybe our politicians should start fighting their own wars and then they would have their very own personal war wounds to show off and care for. Just think of the money they would save US. Just think of the sorrow and grief they would save so many families over their loved ones.

Since our Veterans are costing them so much these days , then they should shut down their wars , don't you think?

I stole this from USA TODAY today.

WASHINGTON — Military health care spending is rising twice as fast as the nation's overall health care costs, consuming a larger chunk of the defense budget as the Pentagon struggles to pay for two wars, military budget figures show.

The surging costs are prompting the Pentagon and Congress to consider the first hike in out-of-pocket fees for military retirees and some active-duty families in 15 years, said Rear Adm. Christine Hunter, deputy director of TRICARE, the military health care program.

Pentagon spending on health care has increased from $19 billion in 2001 to a projected $50.7 billion in 2011, a 167% increase.

The rapid rise has been driven by a surge in mental health and physical problems for troops who have deployed to war multiple times and by a flood of career military retirees fleeing less-generous civilian health programs, Hunter said.

Total U.S. spending on health care has climbed from nearly $1.5 trillion in 2001 to an estimated $2.7 trillion next year, an 84% increase.

As a share of overall defense spending, health care costs have risen from 6% to 9% and will keep growing, said Navy Lt. Cmdr. Kathleen Kesler, a Pentagon spokeswoman.

That upward trend is "beginning to eat us alive," Defense Secretary Robert Gates told Congress in February.

In addition to mental issues, multiple combat tours have created more strains on joints, backs and legs, Pentagon statistics show. Medical visits for such problems rose from 2.8 million in 2005 to 3.7 million in 2009.

Behavioral-health counseling sessions for troops and family members rose 65% since 2004. The Pentagon paid for 7.3 million visits last year — treatment of 140,000 patients each week, according to TRICARE numbers.

Other factors driving up costs:

• Many new patients are children suffering anxiety or depression because of a parent away at war. Children had 42% more counseling sessions last year than in 2005, TRICARE numbers show.

• The number of TRICARE beneficiaries has grown by 370,000 in the past two years to 9.6 million troops, family members and military retirees.

• Nearly 200,000 prescriptions were filled each day at civilian pharmacies last year.

Active-duty troops and their families receive free health care except for out-of-pocket co-payments of $3 or $9 per prescription at civilian pharmacies.

Retirees receive the same benefits by paying $230 a person or $460 a family each year, along with small co-payments for various types of care. The fees have not gone up since 1995. By contrast, private insurance plans try to limit expenses with frequent increases in premiums and copayments

"I want to be generous and fair to all those who serve, but there's a cost-containment problem," Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said at a recent hearing. "I don't see how we can sustain this forever, where TRICARE is never subject to adjustment in terms of the premiums to be paid."

Hunter said higher out-of-pocket expenses are being explored by the Pentagon, too.

"The difference this year is that we see members of Congress saying we need to have a thoughtful discussion," Hunter said. "Where's the balance here? We want to be grateful for people's service, absolutely. But the costs are up. What's fair?"

Meanwhile , for the benefit of those people who have read this far - what the USA paper is not telling you is that our Veterans routinely receive out of date drugs , the wrong substitution prescription drugs because they are cheaper , or other substitute prescriptions aimed to kill the Veteran for the purpose of eliminating their rising costs to the VA. And of course , the aspirins given ass substitutes for the real deal prescribed drugs because of more costs control. Yep , this goes on everyday.

Now then , are'nt you ready to join up and fight for your country? There's a good chance you'll win The Purple Heart and all of the woes that go with it.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Just Bail Them Out

The UNITED STATES of AMERICA - Last night on NBC , we were told about the number of teachers being laid off due to a lack of educational funds.

OK - I'll go along with laying off the teachers , just ass long ass the politicians responsible , are also laid off , due to their greed , incompetence and theft of taxpayer funds. That's more than fair , is it not?

A government bailout is not needed here if the politicians themselves were held accountable. Don't ya think?

When will America wake up to what's happening to their country?

I dunno.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Sounds Like Franklin

Franklin , Tennessee - did you notice this guy could easily be talking about our town of Franklin? I mean like , what's so special about this town anyway? Let's see here-Franklin has:

1-Fake Civil War Battlefields complete w/green spaces for tee off with 20 dollar$ parking privilege$
2- A one horse farm complete w/money pit and w/complimentary water for your horse
3-A corrupt police department complete w/an aging Godfather acting for the Police Chief
4-A new police building complete w/phalic looking Greek Columns without the condoms
4.a-By the way , have you noticed all those people laughing at the new police building ass they ride past on their horse
5-The highest rate of spousal abuse in the state complete w/stay out of jail cards
6-Franklin has more Greek Columns per square inch/per person than the capital of Nashville
7-Ice cream on the square complete w/free parking
8-A recycled library complete w/free parking
9-Lots of Green Space for sale complete w/no parking
10-The latest in technological advances in highway construction can be found amongst any daily traffic jam in this town complete w/free parking ass you ride along
11-A Civil War Battlefield overlook to observe how Franklin progressively annihilates it's history complete w/free parking
12-Luxurious and spacious Trolleys that no real Franklinite would be caught dead in

I mean like really really , when was the last time you heard someone say they were headed for Franklin for vacation?

I have heard people say this town is just a simple change of scenery butt they would'nt want to live here because of the scenery

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Students Learn Structural Integrity

Vanderbilt University - BVD , PAVE sponsored Civil Engineering students , at the Vanderbilt School of Engineering , got a lesson on the importance of structural integrity.
In an attempt to change some grades , PAVE students climbed the walls outside their professor's office. During this daring attempt , the students encountered an embarrassing structural failure.
Said one student , " Looking up , everything suddenly got dark , I mean really dark. I thought my life was at it's end. "
Another student stated , " What a sight , what a glorious hind sight she has to behold from behind. "

Friday, April 09, 2010


The Morality of it All

Afghanistan - the American coalition of combined fighting forces from the USA were told today , "No more pizza nor any of that other fine fast food you've become so fond of." This statement follows after another successful attack upon the moral of all fighting men and women who just finished stuffing themselves on more government MRE's. You know , the one's tainted with salt peter

video courtesy NBC

Being a Navy veteran , I know what it's like to be on the front line 24/7 , non-stop including weekends and holidays , while the sissified "Eggheads" hiding within the safety of The Pentagon , are eating free pizza delivery , at my taxpaying expense. Yep , I get to eat whatever "Cookie" is in the mood to cook or not , while the admiral eats whatever his mood commands.

I can tell you from experience , The Pentagon doesn't give a Shit about the little person in the trenches and never will. The medical care a veteran receives , tells you everything you would ever want to know about being in America's armed forces.

The last item on any list of some Damn admiral/Damn general has always been moral. After all , you can't touch it , you can't see it , so why bother yourself with it , right?

Let me tell you from my personal experience. Those fast french fries are way more important than somebody's fast fried bombs. Moral is more important than any one Eggheaded Moron hiding in The Pentagon's vast closet during this war , can ever imagine.

This whole thing is a direct attack on troop moral and nothing more.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


This Songs For U

I thought I'd share the Weepies with those defending our country overseas.

Enjoy !

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Help Me Help Me Oh Please Somebody Help Me

Franklin , Tennessee - the Raz found himself up a tree and without a paddle again.

Meanwhile , Munchie arrived in time , just to save the day. "Yeah , like in a pig's eye , I'll help him down. Stupid cat"


Better Late Than Never

Franklin , Tennessee - today's Tennessean sure tells it like it is , don't they? I mean like , where were they back in the 80's when NISSAN had several recalls to recall and ignored the law? The only reason TOYOTA is getting slammed is because of the media attention and nothing more.

I wonder where the TENNESSEAN was 20 years ago? Just what were they doing with the news , besides not telling US ?

Sunday, April 04, 2010


Balloons Over Franklin

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD in Pictures , The Tennessee and Vanderbilt balloons were seen flying high over Franklin this beautiful Easter morning while racing the moon for the horizon.

The people in the Tennessee balloon were busy hiding from Red Necks with shotguns.

While people in the Vanderbilt balloon were over heard saying , "I wonder what the poor people are doing today."

Friday, April 02, 2010



Vanderbilt University - BVD News - Vanderbilt sculpture students were commissioned to create a sculpture , to honor Chairman Thackston. After years of studying the man , the sculpture students finally have a true profile of who and what Thackston truly is and his meaning to the Vanderbilt community.

The sculpture will be on display inside the Sarrat front lobby during normal hours.

Jerry: Hey , uh umm , BVD , why is he naked?
BVD : That's his favorite way of sitting in his office. He's very proud of himself.

Thursday, April 01, 2010


Problem Solved

Okay people , it's time to spill the beans about that TOYOTA acceleration problem. You know , how we are so individually and independently dependent on satellite systems these days , right? I mean like even The Pentagon can't operate without a satellite something or other , to do something or other , right? I mean like uhmm , well , if it were not for all of those satellites circling around up there , who would our brave battlefield generals in comfy armchairs and big screen TVs w/surround sound have , to boss around , right?

Soooooo , by now , almost everyone has heard of the Predator. Well , are you familiar with the Reaper? It's basically a Predator on steroids. Well , every time a signal goes into that thing to fire it's Hellfire missile , that very same signal is also picked up by the on board TOYOTA electronic brain system ( aka , the CPU ) , the computer's interpretations of that signal is that the vehicle is going to slow for the driver and therefore the engine needs more gas to satisfy the driver's immediate need for speed and faster texting.

So , there you have it folks. Problem solved and NASA can go back home now and do their re entry thing

( You know what? We have fired so many Hellfire missiles at our enemies , you would think they would all be dead by now )

Oh ! Hey , uh , do I still get that cool million dollar reward?

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