Monday, December 18, 2006


The Perfect Christmas Gift

Somewhere out West , " Look Hun , this here's Jack. He's the metrosexual mother to my boys. "
" You're tellin me , that you paid him for something I'd a done for you for free ? "
Jack , " Look here m'am , Ennis here , well , he got a bargain doin ya see. "
Emma , " Jack , I want this mess cleaned up right now. And while you'ens are doin that , I'll go get the divorce papers wrote up. Now you two had best get a busy now. I won't be gone long. And yes , I'm gonna tell Santa on the both of you. "

Sunday, December 17, 2006


Sssshhhhhh ! ! ! Santa Knows When you're Sleeping


The holiday spirit

Franklin , Tennessee - I noticed that Franklin's Alexander Toyota is in the holiday spirit by flying black ballons. Well , I suppose it does go with the holiday attire and holiday spirit. After seeing all the money spent and the empty wallets and dead bank accounts , I quess Christmas has become a season of death so to speak.
Well , merchandizers have removed the meaning of Christmas in favor of profiteering.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


Spear's Ass

By now the word is out about Spear's showing off without wearing under panties. Here's a picture of what people are wanting to see. Her ass.


Freedom of Religion

Keith Alison ( D ) has stated he wants to use the QUR'AN for his swearing in. Many people have protested saying he has to use the Bible or it goes against this country.
Let's get something straight here. People of other religions are here whether Americans like it or not. These people are now a part of the American government.
Our founding fathers said they were here for freedom of religion while they stole what did'nt belong to them. Now , has this " freedom of religion " thing been changed or not ? I did'nt think so. Leave the man alone.

Friday, December 01, 2006


A Prophesy Fulfilled ?

Jerry Horne - many poeple are familiar with the prophesy about the anti-christ. This is several hundred years old and perhaps much older.
There are 2 important clues about this person and keep in mind , many believe the anti-christ has already been born. The 2 clues are:
1 - He will be a world leader
2 - He will wear blue
There are those who point a finger at President Bush for being this person. The 2 clues do apply to him and today , there is more war going on around the world than before he took office. Bush has run this country into a 9 trillion debt , mostly being spent on military applications , military useage and military research.
Iraq cannot explain the thousands of weapons that have vanished from their arsenals. Weapons given to them by Bush at the start of the war and now they are asking for more. Bush said , " Yes. "
Meanwhile , Bush has alienated every country around the world except Lichtinstein. Bush is the reason Blair had to step down. He was possibly the last friend this country had.
President Bush recently stated that space belongs to America and it has the right to put any weapon system into earth orbit and also has the right to stop any other country from doing the same thing. What happened to the SALT Treaties ? Everything Bush has done , has to do with war. Why ?

It's amazing at some of the remarks to this post. My how people forget. Remember President daddy Bush telling the world about a new world order ? Is this it ?

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