Monday, August 31, 2009


Eeeeeew That Smell

Franklin , Tennessee - did you get your phone call ? There will be a town meeting this Thursday , concerning Franklin "Stinky Smell". Be there per Mr. Lamprecht 595 7763

Sunday, August 30, 2009


It's Dead Dead Dead I Tell YOU

New London , Sub World - I enjoy a good joke as much as the next person. When a nuclear submarine is finished , it goes to the scrap pile. This unit patch of the USS PORTSMOUTH SSN 707 , was changed to reflect it's newly decommissioned status.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Hamming It Up and Down the Spectrum

Franklin , Tennessee - it's interesting how many people know by now I'm working on getting a ham ticket. Meanwhile , I've been scooping the loop , up and down the radio spectrum listening to whats going on.

I think I was in CB territory , when I heard some one calling themselves "Snake". There was no doubt he was using illegal power and he was having the time of his life screaming his CB handle at anyone responding to him. Another thing was his use of the "Nigga" word. He just could'nt stop using that word.

This guy makes it so plain ass to why hams must have a license to use high power transmitting equipment. CB is a whole other world and Snake proves it.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Mozilla To The Rescue

Franklin , Tennessee - there was a posting here a while back about Mozilla and I found some of the info was inaccurate and I pulled it's cork. Meanwhile , back at the ranch:

Mozilla is going thru the usual pains of change of game plan right now because of the new and improved Mozilla. The number of frustrated members has gone thru the roof and that number alone continues to climb , while other users duke it out on the rooftop.

Here's some real advice ( you don't have to use it if you don't wanna) - use only genuine Mozilla parts in your computer ( keep in mind , there is a fake Mazilla Download web site to name a few:) If the new Mozilla does not work for you , simply uninstall the new and reinstall the old and wait a while for the new changes to take effect and try again.

One of the troublesome problems with Mozilla is using Spy Bot. There is a duplication of services between the two and it will drastically slooooooooooooooooow down your puter. If you know what to do with the HOSTS file , you can over come most of this one problem

Meanwhile , back at the Cyberspace Ranch - hackers continue their ploy of hacking away at Mozilla's code to do their evil doings. I understand there is a security file to download for your new Mozilla , that perhaps you will want to download while you get the new version. Why? Because it has a few security holes , that's why.

Also , there is a new crop of genetically improved Viruses and Trojans that are currently being dealt with. And yes , this 2 is a part of the current problem(s). Sooooooo , now you know what's going on with Mozilla. There are several new features and it will take me a while to learn them. Mozilla is getting better and proving their improving their "Better" all the time , while IE just can't do it , no matter how hard they try.

I'm taking this moment to say "Thank You , Mozilla" , for giving me your time to explain what's going on and for showing me some tricks of the trade , from the old school. I wonder how many Mozilla users know , that most of Mozilla employees are volunteers?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


It's Only Money

America Everywhere - Feels good being in so much debt , don't it? Let's see what can be done with this garbage and see what can be salvaged. Hmm. I'm at a loss here. Nope , there's nothing to salvage.
This country spends 400 Billion Dollar$ yearly , just to research military weapons. None of this money goes to The Pentagon's operating budget , fighting wars or keeping the Navy afloat. Meanwhile , America has nothing to show for it.
Health care for everyone is doable , butt , the news won't tell US , investors are keeping this from happening.
And the problems go on and on and on. . . . . .

Yeah , 400 Billion every year , must be nice.

Did you know , during America's moon program , NASA gave US a 6 dollar return for every dollar $pent? I guess that helps to explain why Congre$$ was in such a hurry to shut it down.

With all of those Billion$ of Dollar$ , Bush and Obama have given out to save our economy and country , I think it would have been better spent , to just give each real American , 1 million dollar$ apiece. That would bail US out and in the process of paying off our debt , we would also erase our debtors debt. Now does'nt that make more and better $en$e to you? It doe$ to me :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Expansion Pains

Nashville , Tennessee - how many people remember Nashville Tech? The college campus on White Bridge Road. I sure remember that place. There were teachers teaching , who's careers included building the bomb and designing the Apollo/Saturn rocket. You don't find teachers in that caliber now a days , in places like this.

Today , Nashville Tech is known as Nashville State Community College. Besides the change in name , the school has undergone an entire make over. I can not recognize the place any more.

In today's Tennessean , they tell about needing more room , that has been found in Antioch. Well , since I do remember Nashville Tech , I also remember Dr. Lawrence , who was the school's president. He used the school to hire his friends , got his daughter a job and even got her new husband a job and he used school space to store his junk and of course , his daughter's junk 'n stuff. Nashville Tech was a great place to be , if you were into politics. That new husband jumped ship and landed a really cool , high salary position in Downtown Nashville , during a time , when there were no jobs to be had or even found ( and he wasn't qualified)

Yeah , Nashville Tech , the name has changed , butt , I'm sure the game is still the same.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Realistic DX-160 Scam

All Across America- let's face it. Americans love to be scammed. Being scammed has become an American way of life. "Give US another , oh please , please , scam US again". You would think by now , America would put these words on it's flag and fly it high.

Meet Radio Shack's DX-160 receiver. This is perhaps 40+ years old and has become a highly desirable item , all across this land.

The scams are popping up with these things looking incredibly "like new". The problem is just that , "INCREDIBLE". The scammists are repainting these things to give it that "new in the showroom" look. After a few days , the paint falls off to reveal a primer coat or plain , bare assed metal. So , buyer beware , unless you are looking to be scammed.

Yeah , if it aint a scam with used cars , it's scams with used radios. These are going like hotcakes on Ebay these days.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Groan !

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Spring Hill OKs Guns

Franklin , Tennessee - Spring Hill's government has decided to give the people what they want , guns in parks. Well , why not ? What's the big deal anyway? Government by the people for the people is what America is supposed to be , right? Sooo , what's the big deal?

The BIG DEAL is the simple fact - Americans are afraid of Americans. Packing a gun makes a simple statement saying , "Don't Fuck with me". Have you looked at America lately ? Americans Fuck each other everyday. On the road , on the net , buying a used car , phone solicitors , Uncle Sam military , at home and God forbid getting Fucked at work. Butt , let some small dumb ass country like Iraq , that had nothing to do with 9/11 and see what happens. Yeah , Americans will kick their stupid ass , that's what happens. And meanwhile , Americans get shafted everyday by their fellow Americans because it's our American way of life.

When was the last time , America could trust it's government? When was the last time , Franklinites could trust it's government? When was the last time The City of Franklin could trust their Police Department? And they have machine guns. Did you know it's illegal to carry body armor? It interferes with their bullets ability to kill you.

Yeah , guns in parks. What a great idea for the great outdoors. Hmmm , where are Spring Hill's parks anyway , I did'nt think they were big enough to have a park. Yes , I'm familiar with their softball parks. They've got plenty of those , which is why they all come to Franklin to play ball. Butt , I'm talking about "Parks". Where are those parks , so I can take my gun for a walk.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Economic Hard Times

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD News , these hard economic times are making the news worthy to see , all across the nation. People are out of work , looking for work or just can't work. BVD hopped in her car to travel cross country , to see for herself , how bad these economic hard times were affecting the American people.
While driving past the Franklin Movie Making Department Store and Office complex , located within the Downtown Franklin Garage and home to this City's Interoffice Management Cooperative Complex for government services (and future home for the Franklin Electric Company) , she saw the Predator's I and II movie screen star , Predator , standing outside , beside a motorcycle

BVD : Predator , what are you doing ?
Predator : Wanna buy it ? Check out this real leather , chicks dig da leather
BVD : Uh , no butt , thank you. Say , can I talk with you , like is now a good time for a interview ?
Pred : Sure , I got time. You got money ? My time is valuable you know
BVD : Welllll , I was hoping for a interview , I ,
Pred : No money? No time for interview , I've got's to cell my bike , C' ?
BVD : What happened to you ? I thought your movies had you set for life
Pred : They did , butt , I'm living in Franklin now to shoot the Predator III movie and this town is a rather expensive place to live in these days plus the fact , my police protection monthly payment plan and my Global Gold Club Gold Card fees keep going up (I'm a Platinum member by the way) and then I had to buy real gold golf tees so I can legally play golf inside Franklin City limits and let's not overlook my weekly license renewal fees to play golf on the battlefield greens and then my Franklin Green Fees keep going up along with that expensive COMCASTIC COMCAST cable box , and then I've got spacecraft storage rentals just off the square , and I'm still having to contend with Arnold's lawsuit , that's still keeping Predator III from shooting right now and besides that , I still can't get health insurance because I've got Alien Acid Reflux Syndrome , so my wallets a little tight at the moment. OK ? So I'm in a slump and out of work right now , butt , I know I'll recover. Hey look here , reeeeeeeal leather :) You got a "Mama" don't ya? She'll love it.
BVD : I see , so uh , why is Arnold suing you ?
Pred : I kicked his ass on the big screen in Predator I , which almost killed him off for good and besides , that wasn't in the script. Butt hey , look here , I can make you a really sweet deal here , check out this real leather , chicks dig da leather
BVD : " ! "

Monday, August 10, 2009



Vanderbilt University , BVD Bloggingtographer - While taking a break behind Branscomb , BVD caught up with Karrot Top , during his summer visit to Vanderbilt , to talk with him about his suspected steroid use.
" Yep , it's true , I'm on steroids. " answered K T.
When asked how this came about he replied , " Well , you know , how things used to be , the chicks , they kept hitting me in the face with telephones. So , I got tired of it one day after loosing another tooth and looking in the mirror , I saw my pathetic 88 pound body frame. Soo , I went over to the Vanderbilt Sports Club , you know , the one above the garage where all the sales are sanctioned and I asked around and like , the next thing you know , I'm on Vanderbilt private jet headed for an abandoned Air Force missile silo in Wisconsin. "
" Then , like I was blindfolded and taken to this elevator and went like a 100 stories under ground where I met this guy in a Halloween mask and he takes me to this closet and hands me a bat , see ? " Karrot continued , " Well , this bat is hollow see , take off the top and it's loaded with steroids , then , he gives me a really big suitcase , and , I asked what it was for and he says to open it , so , I do , and , there's all these plastic bags full of little pills. This guy says these are the bat refills. He also said with this bat being metal , I can pass through any airport undetected. So , when I'm on stage doing my routine , I'll play like I'm taking drugs when in fact I really am. So , what do you think ? " Karrot asked showing off his massive 27 inch bicep.
" Wow , now that's some muscle. " BVD responded. " Are the girls still throwing phones in your face ? "
" No , one of the benefits of these steroids is my member has grown ass big ass a crock , just like the ones back home . The girls see this animal sneaking up see , and when they see the whites of it's eyes , they run. "
" Do you have any distribution problems ?"
" Aaaww , not really , you see , I'm loaded so that puts me on Vandy's triple A list ."

Thursday, August 06, 2009


Cool Video


Is Palin Gone

Across the Country - people continue to ask the proverbial question : Is Sarah Palin gone , and for good ?

Well , hmmm and umm , there you have it boys and girls , straight from the horse's mouth

Saturday, August 01, 2009


Ketchup in the Bathroom

Only in Franklin , Tennessee -







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