Monday, September 28, 2009


Making Friend$ in Franklin

Franklin , Tennessee - there's another party for the wealthy and of course , no police will be in the area in case someone goes home driving drunk. The City of Franklin , just can not have any of their prestigious and wealthy getting arrested for such petty crimes , that the little people get arrested for , on a daily basis.

I know of a wreck on Franklin Road causing thousands of dollars in property damage. Heavy drinking was involved. Commander Barnes (now retired Franklin Police) made sure the driver received a DUI courtesy and no charges were made. By making sure , no one gets charged with DUI in the Franklin Road area , Franklin Police will have no reason to have check points there. DUH ! ! ! ! ! Manipulating information is what Franklin Police do. This is'nt rocket science and the math is way too easy here.

The KoolAid blog currently has a post about a party and DUI check points on Franklin Road. Here are some of the comments -

Franklin Police will be holding sobriety checkpoints this weekend between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. “on one or more” of at least three roadways in Franklin: Hillsboro Road, Murfreesboro Road (Hwy96) and Columbia Avenue.

But police won’t have a checkpoint on Franklin Road.

Franklin Road, I need to add, is the site of the Harlinsdale Farm park where the Heritage Ball will be held this year — and alcohol is served at the Heritage Ball.

So, I asked Franklin Police spokesman Charlie Warner why police wouldn’t want to set up a checkpoint on Franklin Road.

Statistically speaking, it didn’t make sense.

“The site selection process is based on statistical data that captures DUI and DUI crash history,” Warner told me in an e-mail. “That stretch of Franklin Road is not an area with notable DUI related statistics.”

Here are some remarks -

The Factory at Franklin is on Franklin Road, at the corner of Liberty Pike and Franklin Road. They have some swinging "get drunk" parties at The Factory, really stinking drunk, commode hugging drunk parties. Never any DUI arrests there.

The DUI data is collected from incident reports detailing DUI related crashes and arrests. Again, as I've said in the past, checkpoints have many requirements to operate legally. What you should really be asking is if the DUI saturation patrols (a large number of officers driving around and looking for DUIs), also paid for by the same government grant as the checkpoint, will be covering this area. The answer to that question is yes. Checkpoints must be based on data, but anywhere can be "saturated".

You're continuously barking up the wrong tree with these checkpoint conspiracy theories. They are mostly for PR purposes with the bulk of enforcement (and, statistically, arrests) coming from patrolling.

Public Safety, I respect the jobs of the men and women who put their lives on the line everyday. I know for a fact you patrol and look for drunks. However, I also know for a fact there are numerous cases of overlooking certain drunks in Franklin. You are not naive to this anymore than I. Officers of every rank have admitted to this practice. There are just certain people some of those officers "can't" or "won't" stop or arrest. It's a common practice of some to call their buddies at the FPD prior to going out to find out where the patrols/checkpoints will be and to give a heads up to their plans "just in case."

When you think about , it does make sense to go where the drunks are , butt this is Franklin , where the wealthy are in bed with the police. You know , that "Green" stuff Franklin is so busy with these days , money. The wealthy make payments to the FOP and in return , they don't get arrested.

Have you ever noticed the crooked smile on a judge's face? He is laughing at you for not paying the law to stay out of trouble. When was the last time you heard of a judge being arrested in Franklin? It just does'nt happen. I know a judge who had sex with a minor and many people knew it including the police. Did they do anything? Nope , and besides , why should they? It's not their job to arrest a judge. Butt , it is their job to hunt down and arrest sexual predators on the internet. And since that judge was not interneting , well , you know how it is.

That's right , they've been paid to look the other way.

Remember and don't ever forget - this is how it is in Franklin. Money buys whatever you want , including the law. If you think I'm lying , ask Detective Black. I'm serious , don't take my word for it , go ask him and let's see if he lies to you.

Now do you understand why so many wealthy people want to live here?

Monday, September 21, 2009


Life Behind Bars

Tennessee State Penitentiary - it had to happen sooner or later. Sarah Hutchinson , Vanderbilt Trauma Manager , learned that her best sexual friend had deliberately landed her ass in prison , to get more men in heat.
Sarah was without herself and by herself. Being unable to be with men , she now found herself unable to tolerate life without her best cunt and friend and besides , she was out of batteries and her other little friends were broken. So , Sarah vandalized a chicken turd which got her ass tossed into prison , to be with her best cunt friend and she brought a plan for them both to escape.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Yes , He's A Nut , But :

It's in today's Tennessean - THE TENNESSEAN allowed some nutty idiot to make a nut of himself by printing his letter about nutty people. Yes , President Carter was a nut , however : He kept America out of war. He stood up to corrupt people. He held out of control Pentagon officials out of reach of our money.

Because he was a good person , the filthy rich controlling our lives and the stock market , used it to run up America's inflation rate to hurt "The People" , who in turn , voted him out of office. (do you remember how fast the inflation rate dropped upon Reagan's swearing in)

The one thing President Carter proved was the simple fact , America runs on corruption.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Getting Americans Affordable Health Care & Coverage

After all the stupid Bimbos and mumbo jumbo and lying remarks about getting Americans health care , it should be obvious that President Obama will not succeed. Here's why : Politics , insurance companies and stock investors.

There are too many asses in the kitchen to change how greed in America is going to change. Sooooo , here's the deal. Give me the authority (czar) to give Americans affordable health care and "I WILL" make it happen.

Now , you 're asking , " How you gonna do that?" The answer is very simple (it's so simple , it's scary) - I do not have politically greedy interest$ , I am not controlled by a political party , my pockets are not weighed down with lobbyist gold and I am not an investor suffering from greed on the brain. All I need is for President Obama to give me the authority to make it happen (and yes , he can do that). Once done , Americans will have their health coverage problem resolved in 90 days. That's right , 90 days , no more , no less.

This is so very very doable , it's more frightfully scary than Halloween AND (the best part) it's affordable

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Are You Cussing and Pissed Off? (or just peed on)

Understandably today , Americans are losing their civility. TennCare doesn't care any more , insurance payments continue going up while quality of health care goes down while Franklin Police are dysfunctionanaly confused about what the law is for while their former leader , Jay Johnson continually suffers with continual chronic brain farting , causing him to forget his memory lapses , he's no longer the "King" of The City of Franklin any more while the Titans sportsball professionals continue getting their ass' kicked on live TV for our weekend entertainment while America can no longer win a war any more and The Bank of America fleeces their customers while AIG gets Flakked , Fracked and Flucked for other's corporate dishonesty problems while Ebay now expects all sellers to give everyone free shipping. So now , to help all of US Americans with our US problems comes - Yep , you guessed it , "HELP" for what ails US all -

Friday, September 11, 2009


FPD Delivers

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD News was seen on the scene , with Franklin Police while operating a traffic radar check point , to help keep us all safe on our streets , by watching our highways and bi-ways of Franklin , for illegal speeding. BVD got to have a word with Franklin Police Officer Goober.

BVD : (looks at the radar LED readout) Hmmmmm. 48 in a 45. Is that a ticket?
Officer Goober : It sure is and I'm not sorry about it either. Hey Bill , get 'em! (pointing at an old , rusty Ford truck and resumes with operating the radar unit)
BVD : I don't see very many women in police uniform. What's it like for you?
Goober : It's fun. (giggling)
BVD : Why do you think people drive so dangerously , while putting other people's lives at risk?
Goober : I don't really have an answer for that one
BVD : Oh woow , 57 miles an hour , there's a ticket that's gonna hurt the pocketbook for sure , right? (eyeing the LEDs)
Goober : (watches a new Cadillac drive by) Hmmm no , not this time.
BVD : Oh WOW ! ! ! Like Holy Cow Batman ! ! ! 68 in a 45 , now that's going to be a sweet ticket.
Goober : (smiles ass a Corvette pulls up and stops) Nooooo , I don't think so.
Driver : Hi "Baby" , ready for lunch?
Goober : (grinning) You bet cha! ! !


Fire To the Rescue

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD was there and seen , when a Franklin Fire truck responded to the scene of a call , when

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Jay's Day Is On His Way

Across America - everyone is laboriously tired of waiting for their favorite Jay person. Just a few more days , yes , just a few more days and he will be on the air again. Here is the current interview with Jay Leno. Yes folks , he has a rap sheet. It's a good thing he was'nt arrested here in Franklin because charges of vandalizing a chicken turd could have been added. Hey , like what can I say , that's the way they are.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Franklin Police Hire New Go2 Guy

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD News , Franklin Police have got themselves a newly hired "Go2" guy. Do you have a complaint about a police officer ? He's "THE ONE" and only person to "Go2". Do you have a complaint about someone in the police department selling you sub standard grass ? Here's the person to "Go2". Has a police officer stolen something of yours and the detective department refuses to detect him ? This is your guy to "Go2" to talk too. Was a police officer being a menace to you during a traffic stop? Is a police officer stalking your underage daughter or did you see that other ridiculously happy police officer , masturbating again behind those mighty Greek columns at that new and pretty police station? Here's your "Go2" guy to talk to.

It was difficult to track this guy down since no one knows his name. His office isn't set up yet , he has no phone or even mail service , butt , he is on the city's payroll. Finally , I found "Go2" using the phone in someone else's office and I asked him what the problem was around here and hear for yourself , are his ownly words to the only answer he gave me , despite my many new questions. He wouldn't say anything more.


The Party Continues

Vanderbilt University - BVD Bloggering Blogger reporting , Vanderbilt has a new crop of Freshman party makers and party shakers , er , ah , students that is. I got to have a quick moment with incoming Engineering Freshman , Ken Hanks , from Oregon , USA.

BVD : Ken , what's with the biggie glasses?
Ken : This is how we are showing off to everyone else , that there's no money shortage here at Vanderbilt.
BVD : Or beer shortage either , right?
Ken: Hey man , you tryin' to cause trouble or something? There's no under age drinkers drinkin' at this party.
BVD : Oh , sorry. Where is that party at , then?
Ken : Try frat row. There's always a freshman party a goin on all the time over there.
BVD : What is it about Vanderbilt , that lured you here?
Ken : Well , for $tarter$ , only those people who belong here are here. You won't find poor people or any of those other riff raff 'n stuff around here , you know what I mean?
BVD : Yes , I sure do know what you mean
Ken : Hey man , we are what we are and that's why I'm here with them. Heh heh heh heh. Oh DAMN ! My glass just went empty. Holy Shit , I've got ta git a refill or my party's over! Later dude !!

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