Thursday, July 14, 2011


The New Bible

The Christian Bible is now the the new Common English Bible. No longer is it written , "In the beginning " instead it now reads , "When God began to create the heavens and the earth".
Other changes includes calling Jesus , "the Human One" , instead of , "the son of man".
How many times will it take to re-write the Bible before someone says enough. Today's Christian religion is fractured to the point of no-return ass it is.
When you look at other religions you dont see them creating another Christian faith , do you? And yet , just look at how many Christian faiths there are today and yet they all use the same Bible version except Jehova's Witnesses , who happen to have their own interpretation of the Bible.

So maybe , I say maybe , with this new Bible , maybe Christians can now get their head out of their ass. I mean like how many Christian faiths does the Christian religion need? People are saying this Bible version is a gamble but so was the blue jeans version which didnt last very long. HOw many people remember that version? It was the King James version placed inside real Levi covers complete with the brass rivet and back pocket.

Like I have said , maybe , just maybe Christians can find the words they can believe in. Christianity is the only religion I know of , that continually changes the word of God to suit their religious needs. What's wrong with God's word as it was originally written?

I don't have an answer for that one.

Time will tell how the next Bible version will read.

Saturday, July 09, 2011


America"s Deficit Problem

With the last space shuttle mission currently under way , people are wondering why NASA does not have another manned space program afoot. The answer is that 200 Billion dollars have been spent and there's no more money available to fund NASA.

Let's take a look at something shall we? This nation spends 5oo Billion dollars annually just on researching war. This money comes right off the top of the annual budget before anyone else gets theirs. Now , after all these years of spending this kind of money on war , just how many wars are there to research? If you go back over the years , you find this nation has spent over 10 Trillion dollars on researching war.

Can you see a problem here people? What's even more disturbing is that when you read The Bible and you find America mentioned in Revelations. And yes , all the churches here in town are talking about it.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Intelligence? What Intelligence?

Franklin , Tennessee - isn't it interesting how we humans claim to be the most intelligent species on the planet and yet just look at how we behave towards one another.

The Bible says we are made from God. Some people say that God was an astronaut. Let's look at this remark. I found some writing about what Earth was like so many forgotten years ago and it tells about this planet being colonized. During the work the people got tired of all the work involved to make a strange planet like their own and so they used their science to develop slaves. Afterwards things were going pretty smooth. These "Gods" had a much easier life with slave labor and with less work to do they became disgruntled and they started bickering amongst themselves. Next thing you know they are shooting each other for what the other possessed including their wives. Soon things were a mess here on Earth. Everyone it seemed was flying around looking for the other for the sole purpose of killing them and taking their property and women. Hmmmm , this sounds a lot like the wars of old don't it?

If God was an astronaut it seems he has certainly moved on by now and look at what he left behind. Looking around the globe we can see the mess they left behind. Their Megolith structures lie everywhere and today we do not have the technology to even start building what they could. Outside of misbehaving we find that God didn't teach us everything he knew and probably for good reason.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Obama Care

Here in Franklin Tennessee - have you taken a look at Obama Care? I mean have you taken a really good look at it. Let's take a look at going to the hospital.

Here's what I found lying on top of the pile. Let's say you need to go the the hospital during normal daytime hours. Obama Care says you should have gone to your doctor first since its still normal daytime hours and your doctor is "IN" , therefore under Obama Care you get hit for more money and while receiving less insurance care.

However , let's say you wait until after 6PM to go to the hospital. Well this is OKay.

Since I do not know anything about insurance or normal sick hours for going to the hospital , I'm wondering if I would get a super discount for dying first while using my Daylight Savings Card and then go to the hospital after 6PM.

Come on people , common sense says if you need to go then just go. There's should be no need for waiting until 6PM. After all , the hospital will have you waiting and waiting per their standard normal operating procedure which goes on regardless of what time of the day it is.

Friday, July 01, 2011


Getting Out of the Heat

National news - there's been lots of talk about President Obama's travels aboard Air Force One. He has logged more hours in the air than in The Oval Office and his current agenda shows there's even more flight time ahead.

As they say , "If you can'y stand the heat get out of the kitchen." The politics on Capital Hill are just too much for the graying man so he's going to spend more of his remaining presidential time promoting his re-election instead of working for "US".

Makes sense to me.

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