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Short Wave Listening Brings in the New Year

Franklin , Tennessee - someone asked , what do they need , to listen to short wave. Here's a pic of my set up.
This big radio is 30 years old and out performs the new , digital type radio , sitting next to it.
When buying a short wave , be sure it has SSB with BFO. Otherwise , you are just getting a plain ole simple radio , that will miss out , on a lot of action.
Another important point to ponder is:

A good short wave , will not have FM stereo. Yes , there's a very good reason for it.

Keep in mind , you can spend all the money you want on short wave listening. Just remember , that buying a used radio is like buying a used Ford from Barry Alexander , you don't really know what you're getting , until it's too late to return it. In America these days and Franklin ass well , you no longer get , what you thought you had bought.

Several days later:

Note: Since putting this post up several days ago , I've been asked about the DX-150 and why they did not get the DX-160 , which they thought they were buying in the first place. ANSWER - I do not understand why I'm being asked this question since I did not sell this item to them. OKay , to satisfy other questions , here's a list of Realistic 's DX family of short wave radios.

DX-100 is the first of the DX series.
DX-120 replaced the 100. It has a bigger cabinet and no speaker.
DX-150 replaced the 120. There is also an "A" and "B" version. The insides are supposed to be better and/or improved.
DX-160 is the last of the Big Boy , DX family. It has the "A" band which today , is not used much. In the past , there were marine and weather stations. If you 've got the antenna , you might catch a Canadian station on "A" , in the morning hours.
Today's DX radios have replaced the analog read outs with LCDs. Also , the reason these old radios have large cabinets is because they are in between technologies of vacuum tubes and solid state electronics. They do have the strings. Which is another reason to be careful.

Of all of the new DX models , the best and favorite is without question , the DX-440.

All of the early DX radios are now considered collectible. Today , these are 30+ years old and so naturally , many are now rusty looking. There are people who put fresh paint on them and sell 'em like "MINTY" new. Of course , they won't tell you about the fresh paint job. Another problem are the small gauge wires used in production. Today , they are easy to break , just with careful handling. The plastic insulation has become brittle which in turn , breaks the wire , which in turn breaks the radio.

Good Luck in buying a radio and "Happy Hunting" , for those DX stations. There are plenty to find on band "D" and the long wire is a MUST HAVE


Franklin Police Party Jokes

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD's Party Jokes - with so many people celebrating the New Year , there's always someone who wants to look back and make fun of "Our" police department. Well , why not? Afterall , they do it to themselves all the time. They Shit on people and then wonder why those very people don't respect them. Here's an example of what I'm talking about. This joke is based on an occurrence that happened here in town between an officer and a company exect on business.

Thursday, December 30, 2010



Well people , America does need some kind of an angle to be productive these days.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Franklin Gets Civil War Apware

Franklin , Tennessee - here's the latest tech toy for those people too cheap to visit Franklin faux Civil War Battlefields. This Smart Phone Ap applies to Androids and iPhones. And guess what folks? It's a freebie which means don't go running over to your favorite Franklin Police officer and buy it. Yes , you'd be amazed how many wealthy Franklinites have already gone out of their way to buy it just so they could be the first on their block to have it.

Video courtesy WSMV

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Monday, December 27, 2010


Threats To Homeland Security Review For 2010

While surfing around the net , I found this. I had no idea our Canook friends were a threat to "US". I wonder how that is. Meanwhile , the real threats are to our jobs. "Our" government keeps shipping the jobs out of country which slowly dissolves the middle class into nothing. This country will eventually have two classes. The Rich and The Poor and nobody in between. "If "Our" country can not be free from threats from within then it's ridiculous to worry about threats from the outside" - this is a quote from a middle class poor man.

2010 - the year in review, in terms of threats to homeland security

The following review interprets and determines threat levels regarding the relevant ongoing concerns.

Threat #1: Job Security

Despite constant threats to Job Security during 2009 and early 2010, Employment has remained intact. Current threats to Employment include long-standing political attacks on humanities, specifically philosophy, and ongoing state budget crises, coupled with withdrawal of public support for public universities. A new three-year "temporary" appointment was obtained in August, however, continuing state budget issues and local campus fiscal irregularities create an environment in which insurgency should be anticipated.

Threat Level: Yellow ("Elevated"). California's large budget deficit will continue to threaten Job Security for at least the remainder of this three-year "temporary" appointment. In addition, bargaining between the CFA and CSU point to emergent threats.

Threat #2: Health

Local conditions have resulted in resurgence of both depression and anxiety, culminating in two adverse events during 2010. In June, an outbreak of anxiety led to a full-scale panic attack on a commercial flight bound for NYC-JFK, forestalled only through the heroic efforts of on-board civilian medical personnel. In October, a depression insurgency arose; however, counter-insurgency by NaNoWriMo forces prevented any significant gains by the enemy.

In response to the panic attack, a summer program of health review and restoration was undertaken, with positive results including a wide reduction in stress, decreasing resting heart rate, and general improvements to preparedness. The October plot was undermined successfully as well.

Ongoing local threats include Feline-centered Urinary Tract threats, as well as Loveliest-Targeted threats that have, thus far, remained impervious to intelligence efforts.

Threat Level: Yellow ("Elevated"). It remains unclear when, if, or how these enemy covert operations may be launched. Constant surveillance continues to be necessary.

Threat #3: Canadians

It remains clear, as 2010 nears its close, that the biggest single threat to local security conditions in this area is posed by Canadians. The nature and extent of the threat is considered so serious that no detail of any kind, and no vague allusion of any kind, may be provided in this report, for fear of undermining security and intelligence efforts in this area.

Threat Level: Red ("Severe").

Friday, December 24, 2010



Franklin , Tennessee - with more snow on the way , I thought I'd share some Christmas cheer while you go for a hayride around the net.


Thursday, December 23, 2010


Hotmail Fights The War On Scam Spam

Franklin , Tennessee - have you noticed on your Hotmail account , there is a phishing scam for certain emails to click on and Hotmail will check it to see where it comes from and block it from happening again. This is just one part of the BIG War on how they are fighting the war on spam scam.

Have you noticed , the more scam spam you turn in , the more your junk mailbox fills up?

That's because for every spam scam you turn in , Hotmail sells your name and email address to those very marketers who are sending you that very same phishing spam scam.

How's that for making money off your tired ass this holiday season?


Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Conan Gets His Robot Chicken

Conan keeps circling the drain and the only way these days for him to get a laugh is for him to give up his own ass.

Perhaps this is how he got another show for not cable. Maybe that would be funny to see.


Monday, December 13, 2010


Franklin Police Host Wedding

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD News a top the new Franklin Police building (I'll bet you did'nt know there was a pool on the roof did you? )

BVD: That might help with the fish odor
Jerry: Yeah , well at least the dishes are clean.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Anti Jewish Remarks at Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt Medical Center , Nashville , Tennessee - We all know about Mel Gibson and his remarks toward Jews. We all know the news publicity he got from those remarks. We all know the out cry from those with hurt feelings.

Lets go to the Vanderbilt Hospital and check on something :
Sarah Hutchison is the Vanderbilt Trauma Manager. She has openly bragged that being a Vanderbilt Manager , she can talk about anyone she pleases and she can make any remark about anyone she pleases and her remarks include Jews and there ain't Shit nobody can do about it , because she is a Vanderbilt Manager.

My question is - if Mel Gibson was a Vanderbilt Manager , would his remarks be ignored ?

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Trauma's Manager

Vanderbilt Medical Center , Vanderbilt Trauma Floor - aka. , the ER on da 10th floor. BVD was on a tour of Vanderbilt , and the Trauma Floor was on the ticket. Sarah Hutchison , Vanderbilt Trauma Manager , led the way.
BVD : Um , Sarah , why is that patient being cared for by just one person ? I see other patients with 3 or more nurses.
Sarah : Well , that person is a veteran and I want him to work alone. When he finishes there , he will work on another patient and so on , so forth , yada yada yada , ect.
BVD : Why ? Would 'nt it be better , if he had some help ? Would 'nt it be better for the patient
Sarah : Well of course it would , butt , I want him to quit. I want him gone out of here. So , I'm going to work his ass into the ground , until he walks right on out of here. Hee hee hee hee ! snicker snicker
BVD : May I ask what you have against veterans ?
Sarah : They are all baby killers. That guy you asked about was in Nam. I'll bet he can't count how many babies he killed for the fun of it.
BVD : Some how I don't see that. I'll bet you , he did not go over there , because he wanted to. How do you feel about veterans in Iraq ?
Sarah : They are all heroes. Every God blessed one of them. They are fighting for my freedom.
BVD : Well , what about all the dead babies in Iraq ?
Sarah : I know their health care is'nt ass good ass it is here and I know Hussein killed many babies during his reign of terror.
BVD : That was not my question. Why is a Viet Nam veteran a baby killer and not an Iraqi veteran ?
Sarah : Because veterans have rules these days. Why are we having this absurd conversation ? Besides , that guy is just another grunt.
BVD : Do you know the meaning of the word , " grunt " ?
Sarah : Yeah , LOOSER !
BVD : Not quite.
Sarah : ?
BVD : It means he is better than you.
Sarah : I don't see it.
BVD : Of course you don't. A person like you can't.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Kissing Causes of Deaf

Chinese girl gets 'kiss of deaf'

Chinese couple share a kiss
Couples are advised to "proceed with caution"

A young Chinese woman was left partially deaf following a passionate kiss from her boyfriend.

The 20-something from Zhuhai in Guangdong province arrived at hospital having completely lost the hearing in her left ear, said local reports.

The incident prompted a series of articles in the local media warning of the dangers of excessive kissing.

"While kissing is normally very safe, doctors advise people to proceed with caution," wrote the China Daily.

The doctor who treated the girl in hospital was quoted in the paper explaining what had happened.

"The kiss reduced the pressure in the mouth, pulled the eardrum out and caused the breakdown of the ear."

The chorus of warnings was echoed by the Shanghai Daily, which wrote: "A strong kiss may cause an imbalance in the air pressure between two inner ears and lead to a broken ear drum."

The young woman is expected to regain her full hearing within about two months.

Thursday, December 09, 2010


Whats Your History?

one of the less known google products is web history

if you are signed into any google product and then continue surfing the web,
web history keeps track of all the pages you've visited and when, and the searches you did on Google.

by signing into web history, you can retrieve websites you've previously visited
find out how many searches you executed between 10 - 2 AM on a certain day, etc

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Wanna Job ?

Calling the unemployed! Do you like pool parties, sun tan lotion and hotties?

If so, the South Beach Ritz-Carlton has a position for you: tanning butler. One caveat: Ladies need not apply; this job usually goes to hunky male models.

You could be the South Beach Ritz-Carlton's next tanning butler.

The Ritz will be posting the gig on Craigslist and in the Miami Herald in the next few days, and it expects a deluge of response.

"We're looking to fill the position immediately with someone who's outgoing, positive, energetic and recognizes the role as a brand ambassador," said Ritz-Carlton PR gal Michelle Payer, who invented the position in 2004.

The lucky guy gets paid $20 an hour plus tips to slather sunscreen and spritz Evian on beach-going Ritz guests. Plus, the hours aren't too bad: Friday through Sunday, noon to 4 p.m., at the beach and on the pool deck.

The position requires a uniform, however -- an official "Tanning Butler" T-shirt and holster for carrying bottles of sunscreen -- so you can differentiate between the official butler and creeps trying to get frisky.

The last tanning butler -- there's only one in the world at a time -- vacated the position for an Armani modeling gig in Italy. And get this -- he left on Monday without even giving two weeks notice!

Interested jobseekers should e-mail their headshot and cover letter to

Oh, and if you'd like a tanning butler T-shirt, the Ritz sells them for $29.50 a piece. So you, too, can convince the ladies -- or gents -- that you're qualified to apply sunscreen. To top of page

Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Dinosaur Hospital

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD News for adults - for those who have'nt heard , Adult Swim has rented out some unused and very much un-needed space at the new Franklin Police Headquarters building , located in Downtown Franklin , on the Newer "New" Southern side of Downtown on the way towards Metro-Columbia.

In a good-news news release , Adult Swim is proud to announce the filming of "Dinosaur Hospital". This new good humor for adults show has been filming for the past 3 months in secret. Now that it's learned that Franklin Police can't keep a secret , the word is now out about this new show.

The show is about a doctor working in a hospital and the patients are all dinosaurs. This show is expected to be a hit amongst our younger adult viewer audience in the age groups of 44 to 60 year olds.

The "Dinosaur Hospital" premier airs on February 18 , 2011. Be there or be square or watch TV out in the cold.

BVD: Hey Jerry , tell me something
Jerry: I have told you a lot of somethings. What is on your mind now? I think you smoked everything in the house. What the Hell? Even my bag is empty
BVD: Do patients get better care here or at Vanderbilt Trauma?
Jerry: Well , the Trauma Floor is also known ass the gossiping floor under the Sarah Hutchison physiology management program.
BVD: Hmmm , does'nt sound like there is much patient care going on there to me
Jerry: Nope , there's no time for it , butt her Pet Club does have plenty of time to grab ass and even more time to take breaks for watching TV and smoke something other than cigarettes
BVD: Damn , where do I sign up?
Jerry: If you like to Rat-Fuck people behind their backs and tell lies too , then you are on your way Big Guy.


Got Drugs?

Franklin , Tennessee - here's the latest in town gossip - Hey Dude , can you spare a joint or something? If you are Franklin Police then you've heard it all before and know where this remark comes from. Well , it looks like those Happy Days are now gone forever .

Here in Tennessee , doctor shopping was the in thing to do for maintaining your drug habit. Then everything changed with TennCare because people were talking to the news media about their monthly drug buying plan which caused the Shit to roll down hill. (now if they would just stop those multiple Social Security checks every month)

Effective this month in Florida , doctor shopping will also close down. This means all of those trains from Kentucky will no longer be running their Southern routes or thru Tennessee.

However , the word on the street at the moment is the pill mills in Florida need buyers. When they shut down for good , there will be very few eligible people to sell their wares too. That's right boys and girls. These mills are going to get caught with plenty of stores on hand that they can't sell.

So , there's your Christmas idea for this year. Give what people want the most. Good Times!

And remember , you did'nt hear this from me.

Monday, December 06, 2010


In Appropriate Hutchison

Vanderbilt University Medical Center , Nashville , Tennessee - another person stepped up to the plate telling me how inappropriate my blog is too Vanderbilt University , sooo , let's go to the Vanderbilt Med Center and visit the Trauma floor , aka , Vanderbilt ER on the 10th floor.
Here we find Sarah Hutchison , Manager of the Trauma Floor. She has openly bragged about how being a Vanderbilt Manager , she can talk about anybody , anyway she pleases , and there's nothing anybody can do about it. Sarah has said some nasty things about people and openly laughed about it. Being a Vanderbilt Manager , she cannot be fired for her remarks. Keep in mind , she also represents Vanderbilt views.
Imus was fired for his " Harry Ho " remarks , while Sarah stays within Vanderbilt protective bubble.
Now that's inappropriate !


The President's Book of Secrets

The History Channel is doing a series about presidential secrets. One of the things mentioned is about someone doing things the president is unaware of. Well of course there are people doing their own thing you Dumb Ass.

Try to understand this example-there are many levels of security classification at The Pentagon , that are used to classify various materials. The President of The United States does not have a top level security clearance. The only reason the president has any security clearance is because he controls the nuclear triggers. Because his clearance does not go all the way to the top , there are people inside The Pentagon , who the president does not know or can even give orders to. And just think , this means there are people in the military "Our" president does not give orders too and he is supposed to their Commander in Chief.

Some people say , this is in effect to give the president , plausible deniability. In other words folks , someone is doing something the president does not know squat about. That's right people. The President is not running the country like most of "US" believe he is.

This series is full of misinformation.

Here's another example-the future President Bush was running the CIA at the time Carter was in The White House. Bush refused to answer President Carter's questions about UFOs. And nothing was done about it.

Both President Carter and Reagan proved this country is controlled by someone outside The White House. Carter's double digit inflation disappeared upon his leaving The White House. Reagan had his Black Monday and besides , do you really think 14 Billion dollar$ was spent researching armour for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle?

Friday, December 03, 2010


The Truth About Smokers

You know how it is. You never allowed yourself to give into to peer pressure and today you don't smoke because of it. All your life you have smoked second hand this and second hand that butt you never inhaled , right? So why is it , smokers just don't give a Damn about "US" little people?

Well , I reckon so.

Thursday, December 02, 2010


Protesting Education Costs

Franklin , Tennessee - here in this quaint little one horse town , we people would never think of protesting an increase in education. Hell , we won't even protest rising taxes for a drink of water. US Franklinites would just rather put our tails between our legs and pay "Our" dishonest politicians what ever they tell "US" too. (Do you really think Franklin paid 28 million dollar$ for a 36 million dollar building? )

Across the pond , there are protests galore over the rise of education costs.

This comes from The Awl. It is perhaps one of the most popular blogs on today's planet.


HTX 202 For Sale

Franklin , Tennessee - it is absolutely amazing at the sudden increase in Ham activity. From making new contacts around the world , to having new Ham licenses , to more Ham upgrades.

With all of the present activity , the sale of Ham equipment is also on the rise. People are asking themselves , "What's going on?" and there are very few , if any answers.

Lately , people have been pointing at 2012 being just around the corner. Several magazines have articles about the days to come. With more being said , more Ham equipment gets sold while more people get their ticket and upgrades.

Without a doubt , one popular piece of Ham gear , is the hand held unit. Typically being the 2M or 70cm type. Here in Williamson County , 2M rules.

Pictured , is the famous , Realistic / Radio Shack HTX-202 model. This thing is an incredible 30 year old tank that keeps going and going and going. Their used price tags today remain at half of their new purchase price. Not bad , after 30 years of wear and tear.

There are presently 2 major problems with these units:
1-the memory battery will probably need replacement. It can be a bit tricky , but , I can do it if you don't want to , for 20 dollar$ and this includes the battery. Shipping is not included.
2-there's always someone who wants to cheat people. I'm sure you know the type. Like the good people selling cars at Alexander Ford.
When it comes to buying used Ham gear , I'd watch out for people like Christopher Keough. He just loves fishing for "Suckers".

If you are wanting to buy a HTX 202 or other Ham gear , be careful.

Here in Williamson County , WCARES teaches the Ham classes. Usually every January , a new class is started. Check out WCARES.ORG for more information.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Rate Conan O'Brien

Let's go see how Conan is doing with his new show , what da ya say?

Hmmmm , it looks like the same ole Conan to me. I see that he is still the only one laughing at his jokes. Yep , same ole Conan , same ole show.

BVD: Holy Shit Jerry , where's Conan's face? What happened? C'mon man , speak up!
Jerry: His face? Oh , uh , umm , is it important?
BVD: Well , umm , I guess not.


Vanderbilt Promises More (again)

Vanderbilt University - BVD Bloggtographer , Vanderbilt's out spoken spokesperson has outspoken themselves again. And this time , it's all about water rights in the showers.

Jerry : OKay BVD , out with it , what's all the Happy Horse Shit about this time?
BVD : Well Jerry , it seems some students think they own more water rights , than other students and to prove it , they have clogged up the plumbing to keep what water they can for themselves.
Jerry : Hmmm , is this legal?
BVD : I'm sure you've heard the saying , "He who has the gold , makes the rules."
Jerry : Yes , I have heard that one many times , especially at Vanderbilt and of course , at Franklin ass well and it also just happens to be one of Jay Johnson's favorites , by the way. His wife even hand stitched it for his office wall to hide his secret wall safe.
BVD : Why am I not surprised to hear that? Anyway , some students are by far , way more wealthier than most other above average students and these people are offended by the purposed stench coming from these low lives from the gutter , so to speak.
Jerry : Say what? I mean like , what is this , another way to talk priggish , prejudicial trash about other people?
BVD : Well , you would know Vanderbilt better than me , so , tell me , what do you really think?
Jerry : Hmm , I think I just said it.
BVD : I think you just did. Oh man (inhales again) this is gooood stuff. Did this come from her?
Jerry : Constance may be gone , but her notoriety still remains :)
BVD : I can't think of a better way to be remembered
Jerry : Yeah , especially at Christmas time.
BVD : Hey that's right man , Christmas time. Yeah , it's the perfect time for giving. Heh heh heh
Jerry : Aint it so. Aint it so , my friend. Merry Christmas.
BVD : What are all of these refers doing lined up?
Jerry : It's my way of celebrating the 25 days of Christmas.
BVD : Oh man , I'm staying for the celebrating
Jerry : Good. This stuff was not meant for just one person
BVD : You know what I like about you man?
Jerry : What's that my friend
BVD : You're not greedy. I mean , you share the wealth.
Jerry : Thank you for that.
BVD : Why?
Jerry : Why what? I mean like , what's the point? You can't take it with you , so , why not share?
BVD : Your logic is certainly not comparable to a politicians.
Jerry : I'm not a politician. So , shut up and enjoy. I've got "Surfer Dude" in the slot. Now if you're lit , what do ya say we enjoy , eh?
BVD : I say play it , Sandman.
Jerry : What about those water rights again?
BVD : Awwww , (exhales) Fuck 'em man. They're just immigrants anyway , getting a free ride on my tax dollars , while US Americans have to pay for the same thing a second time around. Roll the film.
Jerry : The film is rolling. Nooooow. (and the remote goes "click")
BVD : Aww maaan , check it oouuuut
Jerry : Hm? What?
BVD : Your tree lights are dancing man , preeeeeeeeeeeeeetiee , owe wow man , this is gonna be (inhales) the best Christmas ever. Why are you celebrating like this again?
Jerry : 2012 only comes around once a millenium , "Dude"
BVD : Oh yeah , that's right , I'd forgotten about that
Jerry : Well , so much for those water rights issues
BVD : (inhales) you know it , Dude Man

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