Thursday, July 31, 2008


Reputable Ebay Sellers

This post has been updated from June 1 - Today is Boycott Ebay Day. People are so bent out of shape , from being bent over a pickle barrel , that today has been declared Boycott Ebay Day.

Many fine Ebay sellers , have watched their feedback scores , take a back seat to Bush's popularity ratings. And why ? Because of ebay's new " the buyer rules " rules. So , I'm taking this moment to mention a few ebay sellers , who continue to be their honest selves , while giving good service to their customers , despite ebay shitting on them. Keep in mind , these are the sellers I know about and this list is far short of being complete.

oliveoil , lil bid , kjunque , store*44 , navydvdsv , camelot lady
pauly517 , brjii , carp , cyndyanaj , hwredliner , mmeod85
fred36blue , dakiam-again , theway2findit , shaggy915
robbiebingo , paraordie , curtiswilson2010

It's been said many times over. Being on a list does'nt mean anything special. Butt , it's nice to be mentioned on this list anyway.

Monday, July 28, 2008


The Latest on the Race For the Presidency


Tennesseans Get Fucked Again

Yep , VW is coming to Tennessee. They will bring thousands and thousands of out-of-towners , aka " Tennesseans ". Yep , we all know who I'm talking about , don't we ? Yep , all of those displaced Tennesseans , will be given a reason to return home. You know the reason , it's called a " job " .

Remember NISSAN ? After adding a whole BILLION dollar$ of debt , to America's economy , NISSAN promised Tennesseans more jobs , than Tennessee had ever seen before , in one place. Those jobs went to people , who were already out of place , er , I mean , out of state. Butt , NISSAN did have an agreement , to hire local farmers , knowing they would'nt last long on the assembly line. Aaaand , they did'nt. Oh Yeah , how 'bout that training ? It was geared to be over everyone's head , to keep them feeling like they were dumb asses.

How many people remember SATURN ? What happened to all of those jobs for Tennesseans ? Well , you have to be UAW to get a job with SATURN , so , all of the " out-of-state " , UAW people got themselves a Tennessee address , to go with their Tennessee driver license and " Holy Cow BATMAN ! " , look at all of those smiling Tennesseans , with all of those big dollar wage earning jobs. Yep , only in Tennessee.

So , how or why is it , these out of the country companies want to come to Tennessee ? Because the politicians fuck Tennesseans , just the way , those companies want it done. Here's something to think about. Tennessee is always 49th on the quality of education lists. It just can't do any better. Anyway , a momma's boy wanted a college education , butt , he lived in Oklahoma. The standards were just too high for him to get in the door. Soo , momma brought him to Tennessee and got him into Nashville Tech , with noooo problems. Then comes NISSAN. Oh wow , he just had to have one of those jobs , butt , he was , mechanically speaking , a moron ( he was enrolled in Mechanical Engineering , ( I'll let you do the math ) ) Soo , momma fucked her ass off with those doing the hiring and guess what ? He got hired , to do vehicle testing. That job also pays more than the assembly line. How do I know this ? Because he bragged about it , to everyone around him.

Friday, July 25, 2008


Feeding Your Family

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Yes , America Gets To Pay For That

Ebay is on the change. Any seller will be able to confirm that fact. Today , most sellers are so pissed off at the changes , they can't see straight , much less piss straight.

The latest change , is Ebay's pushing for free shipping. Yep , you read that straight. FREE ass in free shipping. Here's why. Most sellers charge a few extra dollars in the shipping category , to help pay for their packing materials. While other sellers are adding 10 dollars to the shipping fees to offset their Ebay costs and other excuses. Of course , there are the other sellers , who will combine the fees , when multiple items are won , I'm not kidding.

So , what's in this change for America ? US taxpayers get to pay for the shipping , when the seller has a tax exempt license. Yep , just when you thought you had heard it all from Bush , now we get to pay for someone's Ebay winnings shipping costs.

The down side to this , is the seller without that tax exempt status , gets to pay the shipping costs out of their pocket. OUCH !


My Latest Ebay Experience

I'm striving to keep my word , to my readers about my continuing adventures on Ebay. Here goes.

While Ebay strives to obtain new business , they do not support it. Yes , Ebay claims to have Live help , BUTT , how can you get help , when their icon has been removed ? That's right. Their Live help has died. Ask Venus at their Live Help Desk. All she does , is verify who the Hell you are for 20 minutes and afterward , says she can't help you , BUTT , she's just doin her job :)

Meanwhile , PayPal has discontinued their toll free number. Yep , however , you can call their other number , where they have a small office in the United States. BUTT , remember , the person you are talking to , does not understand English and is in India. Oh yeah , keep in mind , you may have to wait about 15 minutes , while listening to their paypal advertising first. That is , IF , you get to talk to someone.

Meanwhile , back at the ranch. Spoof emails continue to invade PayPal customers mailboxes. Hm , how do they get that information ? Yawn. Yep , paypal has problems. No doubt , they got them from their new owner , Ebay.

Hmmmm. With all of these problems mounting at Ebay and PayPal , do you think President Bush had a hand in it ?

I have the impression , Ebay is doing everything they can , to discourage people. It's like Ebay does'nt want anybody , any more. Perhaps Ebay has finally out grown needing people.

I mean , it's like , YOU need Ebay , more then EBAY needs you. Hmm , is'nt that like Wal-Mart mentality ?


What If ?

Things got rather interesting , last night , during a conversation about celebrity power and influence. Somewhere , the question popped up , " If CNN's Robin Meade , had used her celeb status , could she have gotten President Bush impeached ? "

Probably not. She's too busy circling around her reruns every morning. "MORNING SUNSHINE ! " hee hee hee hee hee hee she cackles

Monday, July 21, 2008


Yes , Ebay Does Do That

I finally caved in , under pressure and put up an Ebay store. Many times over , people have stated , their listings were not showing , despite the fact , they had listed that item. I said back to them , " Uh huh. Yeah , right. You're telling me , Ebay is charging for your listings and they don't appear , on Ebay. I think maybe you are in the Twilight Zone. "

Well , after I had listed 8 items in my brand new , shiny , elegant and complicated Ebay-maze-o-matic store. I searched around the block , for my items. I could'nt find them. I mean , it was like I had never listed any of those items. I mean , Ebay is charging me , yeah me , for those listings and they are not to be found , any where. Well , they could'nt be found on Eaby , is what I'm saying. Sooo , I started to wonder , if Tim " I am the Lawman " Taylor , had anything to do with this.

Talking with an Ebay representative , they told me , they would investigate immediately. Hmm , they were so quick to say that , I began to wonder if I had dialed Franklin Police , by mistake.

So , if you have money and don't know what to do with it. Just go over to Ebay and pay them for your listings that no one can see. Well , why not ? What are you waiting for ? Christmas ?


Talking With John McCain

Ass the race for president continues , McCain agreed to talk with BVD

BVD : Good morning John , I can call you John , right
John McCain : Oh , of course , please do. You know , I've got a nuclear plan , to put nuclear power , in every American home , by the year 2010. Butt , I need your help , I can't do it alone
BVD : Okay , uh , sir , how is it again , you are going to balance the budget in 4 short years , despite the ever looming 12 TRILLION dollar debt , brought on by President Bush
McCain : Why I'm gonna sell it off of course
BVD : Sell it ? Whaaat ? To whom ? Who would want to buy 12 TRILLION dollars of worthless debt
McCain : Why , oil rich countries like the UAE of course
BVD : Butt , I don't understand. Why would they buy our worthless debt
McCain : Why care about why ? Countries like the UAE buys our debt all the time
BVD : Butt , in buying our debt , does'nt that in turn weigh them down and put US in more debt at the same time
McCain : Who cares about that , ass long ass I get the budget balanced ? Besides , countries like the UAE are so rich , they don't really know or even understand what debt is
BVD : OH , I think they will come to know ass the cost of their water goes up , don't you think ?
McCain : Huhmmmmm , maybe , butt , by that time , I will have balanced the budget AND sold them on nuclear power , to air condition their turbans

note : the definition of a turban - a cloth used for dressing a head wound

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Tim " our new sheriff hopeful " Taylor

Somewhere , over the rainbow , BVD caught up with sheriff wanna bee , Tim " The Lawman " Taylor , to clean up the air on a few things

BVD : Thank you Mr. Taylor , for talking with me
Sheriff elect hopeful , Tim Taylor : Why not at all ( chuckling ) allow me to thank YOU , for giving me the chance to clean up the air on some un-clarified issues
BVD : Clean up the air ? Did you fart again ?
Taylor : Uh-hmm
BVD : ( smiling ) well , I just could'nt resist ( laughing ) I mean , well , you are after all , an asshole
Taylor : What ? Where did that come from ? That's certainly not true !
BVD : That's not what Don Young says
Taylor : Huh !?! Why that sniveling little bastard. Thaaaaaaaat fat , fucking , bald headed , 2 faced fart. Did you know that fat , fucking bastard is a leach ? Besides , what would that fat , fucking fart , of a bastard's son know about it anyway ?
BVD : Well , for starters , he was a judge and the man did point out , that Franklin's Traffic Court system was a farce of the law , you knew it also , butt you sided with Jay Johnson , who implemented the system
Taylor : eyes aglow , no response
BVD : O-Kaaaay , say , why are we meeting in the Bahamas ?
Taylor : I'm soliciting funds for my re-election war chest
BVD : Hmmmmm ? Re-election ?
Taylor : Ha ha ha , yeeeeeaaaah , giggling ( winks )
BVD : In the Bahamas ?
Taylor : Yep , this is where the county's elite , actually live. You don't really think that the county's rich and effluent actually live in Williamson County , do you ? You don't really think these people , would send their kids to a Williamson County school , do you ?
BVD : Well , I , well , I did'nt know , until now , that is. Anyway , is it true , your family owned slaves ? Is this the reason you had problems with your fellow black police brothers ?
Taylor : You asshole , they are'nt my brothers
BVD : Okay , well , in the past , you have made some remarks , about black police officers. I remember hearing them. You've also made some derogatory remarks about Franklin Police ass a whole.
Taylor : Well , the department has had some really bad apples , over the years
BVD : Yes , take you for example


Why Ebay ? Oh Why ?

Finally , the negative remarks found on Ebay's forums have subsided. Oooooops , sorry about that , I just made a mistake. Actually , duh 'bay has removed all of the forums they did not like and they continue to be shut down @ this time , to prevent another upheaval of negativity.

So , what's goin on ? Simple , duh 'bay is changing and it's co$ting more to $ell there. I mean , the sellers can deduct these changes on their taxes. So , what do they do ? They deliberately give piss ass service and blame it all on the buyer , so ass to give duh 'bay a bad rap.

The truth is , Ebay does not sell anything that I know of. It does ( for a price ) provide an electronic medium , for people to buy and sell. The reasons for all the problems are the people being busy little bees a-bitchin. mrgreenjeanscloset is the latest seller/scammer , I've personally encountered and I've shared his business practice with you.

Now , several people have said I'm making this stuff up. Nope , am not. I'm not getting paid to expose this circus , just like this blog is non-profit. I have no investment in or out of duh 'bay. I'm just reporting what's going on. You know , doin da news. Meanwhile , other readers have thanked me and asked for advice. I say " thank you " , to them and inform them , I do not give advice. Just the facts that I find. That's all ya git fur yorn nickle.

You know what ? If people had used their negative passionate energy , aimed at Ebay and pointed it at President Bush , this country would have impeached him a long time ago. Butt , people don't want to accomplish something good for themselves. They would rather have someone else do" THAT " , for them.


Another Ebayer Scammer

Meet my new Ebay friend and seller , mrgreenjeanscloset. He's put a twist on scamming the buyer. He says his item is metal , butt , it's actually old and decomposing plastic. The picture shows what greeted me upon opening the box.

How this came undone with nails in it's hide , I don't know , butt , when I mentioned this , they said they were not responsible for damage if there was no insurance. A-HA ! Check out their emails to me and you can see thru their game.

My wife informs me that she sent you an answer that I would pay for your return postage. That is correct. What puzzles me is why you would want to return the plaque. I made an honest mistake, believing because of the weight that the plaque was metal. Clearly you wanted a plaque from the USS JACK. The fact that it may be made of some material other than metal, in my mind, would not be cause for rejection. I simply do not understand. You'll get your money back; you'll lose the USS JACK plaque you wanted.
Anyway, if you feel you must return it, I'll issue a refund. Please keep in mind that the plaque must be received by me in the same condition as it was when I sent it to you. Please note also that I will not pay for any postage in excess of the $8.62 shown on the original postage meter.

His honest mistake was the plaque was heavy like the others he sold , so it was not necessary to check and hope the buyer was a dumb ass

This is a whole new development. By saying "I got the plaque seperate from the wood," do you mean it became seperated in the mail or you physically seperated the two pieces after you received it? Obviously the plaque is no longer in its original condition. I applaud your honesty in pointing this out to me. Since you declined to purchase insurance on the item, the Postal Service cannot be held responsible for the damage. I cannot refund any of the postage because, metal or rubber, one piece or two, the weight and consequently the cost of shipping remains the same. (Had you won the plaque at its original minimum bid price you'd still have had to pay the same shipping cost.)
I am inclined to issue you a 50% refund on the original bid price of the item in order to mitigate this problem and close the books. If this is acceptable to you, I shall send a refund check in the amount of $13.31 on Monday.

My readers will remember , in a past post , the scams would increase and here is another. I'm accepting his offer and will keep the plaque for my Ebay scammer exhibit.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Deciding who to Vote for Sheriff

Bethlehem Church - BVD saw former Sheriff Williams and got an interview.

BVD : Mr. Williams , with all of the sheriff wanna bees , Why does Mr. Long stand out ?

Former Sheriff Williams - well , ya know , I practically raised that little boy like he was my own. I hired him into the department and he proved himself. After some time , I put him in the detective department and once again he proved himself capable. After some more time , he went to TBI and got himself educated in the real world. Today , Williamson County needs an honest sheriff , who will look after this county of mine , now that I'm no longer the sheriff. Besides , that ole' boy knows , if he gets elected and does wrong , I'll kick his *** **** *** , ** **** ***** , **** **** all the way into next week and he knows it. Boy O boy does he know I'll do it. So , vote for Mr. Long. You'll find he's not such a long shot after all.

BVD : How do you feel about that Tim Taylor guy ?

Williams : Why that no good , lying sack of **** , ***** ** , common *** bastard * ** **** . That's what I think about him , the no good , back stabbing ***** **** , ** * *** piss ant , of a ***** ** **** ***. And that's all I have to say

BVD : Wow , Mr. Williams , just tell it like ya feel , man

Williams : I did , heh heh heh

BVD : O - WOW - O - O - WOW. There's Blackburn ! OMG ! Do you think she's running for sheriff to ?

Williams : God , would you look at that ass. Man , what would I give to put that little thing across my knee for every wrong she has done while in office :)


Bethlehem Fish Fry

Franklin , Tennessee - tonight was another fish fried at Bethlehem Church , across from the former Grassland School. Although this is their annual charity event , the local politicals were in their rare form of being seen in public , hoping to sway voter's votes. The church was hoping for 3,500 hungry people tonight. So , if you missed out on the Christian Singing Sheriff , don't feel bad , he did'nt make it tonight , either. The word while smoking the grass , is that he was busy painting little crosses on Lortabs. Well , at least the man has a hobby , that keeps him off the street at night.


Ding Dong , That Bastards GONE !

Franklin , Tennessee - Judge Davies done gone and did The People of Franklin a gracious favor and quit. BVD got to sit down with da Judge ta talk about it -

BVD : Thank you Judge Davies for giving me a minute of your immaculate important time
Davies : Well , I would think you had better thank me. After all , I'm the JUDGE in this ROOM ! Now then , you have my personal permission to speak and to speak to me only , so , well , speak , speak damn you !
BVD : cough , cough , yes , yes , yes sir. Of course , sire. Is'nt it true , you've never been much of a judge and that you are just riding on daddies coat tails ?
Davies : Hah hah hah hah , OK , I laughed at that one. Don't do it again. Everyone knows I'm the judge around here and that's all they need to know
BVD : Butt , now , you're leaving these people with another hole to fill. I mean , this county bent over backwards for your father. The good people of Williamson County have certainly bent over for you and now you leave them , without so much ass a Thank You
Davies : Look , would you leave my father out of this ? I'm telling you , no , I'm ordering you to SHADDUP about my father. He was an ASSHOLE !
BVD : Yep , I can see you're just a chip off the ole' shoulder

Friday, July 11, 2008


Getting Educated on Ebay

Here's the latest money making racket , I just learned from Ebay. Yes , I checked it out and YES , it works. You won't learn this from Ms. Cheapie

One day I got a bounced check notice from my bank.
A $500 check deposited to my account bounced.
I had a 4 plex and thought it was someone's rent check.
I look at the check and it's from some woman in Downey california.
I don't know anyone in Downey California.
I go down to my bank to find out what's happening.
They tell me it was a deposit I made at the window and I also took $100 back as cash on the $500 deposit.
Now I'm really confused.
After a lot of investigating I figured it out.
I had taken a $15.00 check from a man at a show I was doing for a sterling silver charm. I deposited the check into my business checking account - rubber stamped it - now the rubber stamp says for deposit only with my account number. The guy gets his canceled check back and it has my account number on it. He's stolen someone's checks in California - writes out a check to me and goes to my bank to deposit it - he's really smart because he knows that they do not ask for ID on a deposit and will give up to $100 back on the deposit no questions asked. So I zerox all checks and have his original check copy and can ID the guy right? The bank tells me they don't care about $100 - their only interested in catching the big guys!

I did this once , just to see if it works and yep , it does. Neat trick , eh ? Oh , the things ya learn sometimes , even on duh 'bay.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Ebay's New Corporate Attitude

Ebay has now sent to everyone , having an Ebay account , the new worded user agreement. Have you read your's ?

With these changes, we continue to make sure that our legal documents are consistent with the ways our sites and services are evolving and that we meet the needs of our user community. We hope you'll agree that these changes will make the eBay sites and services work better for you. If you accept the new User Agreement and Privacy Policy, you don't need to take any action. If you do not wish to accept the new User Agreement or Privacy Policy, please refer to our Help pages for instructions on how to close your account.

Thank you , Ebay !



Well , believe it or not , I've finally put the puzzle parts together , on my Ebay-ing adventure. Everyone knows , how bad things have gotten with Ebay. There is a new CEO on board , who comes from the real corporate world. The thing is , no one suspected her of being a dying horse. That is , the corporate world knew it , but , Ebay did'nt. Yep , Ebay was the only place she could find work. And now , look at Ebay. It's become dysfunctional. Why ?

Here's what I've found out. More and more folks today are looking for that supplemental income avenue. A web based business gives a person that route. Today , Ebay has the simplest way and means to obtain a web type business , called an Ebay Store , BUTT - Ebay has also become the most expensive web site ( store ) to have. Today , duh 'bay consumes 12 % of store sales. This does not include all of duh 'bay's fees , nor does it include Ebay owned , PayPal fees. Now anyone , who has had a business can tell you , that 12 % is an expensive cost to making a buck.

Now here's the " kick me in the ass truth " , that Ebay does'nt want anyone to know and I really do mean , NO ONE ! Today , with the power of Google , a person can find what they are looking for , very very easy. This means , " YOU " can have a web based store far cheaper than using Ebay and still get the business in your door. Ya see , Ebay has pulled the wool over everyone's eyes into believing that without Ebay's ever popular visibility , you won't have the traffic. AND that just ain't so any more. If a person really is looking for something and this includes the collector , they will Google , Google. In other words , you no longer need duh 'bay , to get found. This fact has Ebay's new CEO in a panic and she can't think straight , which has resulted in all of those crazy new policies , that has all of Ebay's founding father stores , in a state of huffyness. And of course , Ebay's legal department are doing all they can , to cash in on her craziness. ( now do you see the math )

So , to wrap this up , ya don't need Ebay for a web site store anymore. Now , why have I told you all of this ? Simple. Most people , who operate a Ebay store , also run another business , like an antique store. This means , they have a business license , which means , that 12 % costs is a write off on taxes. Many folks looking for a web site business these days , don't have that , because they currently don't operate a business. For those bizz savy folks out there , I've given you plenty to chew on already. So , go put your store together and make some money. And besides , Ebay does'nt even give a ratz azz about anyone or anything. Have you seen their new and approved attitude with their new and approved user agreement ?

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


O Ms. Liz on Building a Business Web Site

With most folks hurting for money and gas in their tank , people are looking for new routes to obtain money. Well , why not start a business web site ? People do it all the time and just look at all those green backs floating around ass if it were literally raining money.

Upon Googling Google , I found Ms. Liz's web site , homenotion , with all the info I needed , or so I thought. While looking around her site , I found lots and lots of information , butt , not what I was looking for. Don't get me wrong , there's lotz and lotz of talk about making thousand$ of dollar$ , while I enjoy the good life , my computer will be slaving it's cpu off. The fact is , most of her site is just canned information , giving you the stuff you think you want , butt , her site just does'nt deliver. And , why Yes , there are plenty of other informative , alternative links available on her site , to click on , oh my , decisions , decisions , yep , just one easy click should send me to my pie in the sky.

What I found out , after leaving her site , was my puter had become infected with tracking cookies. Yep , sure 'nuf. And of course , now I'm getting lots and lots of stupid junk email. Hm.

Now you know how people are generating all those dollar$. Yep , you make a site that folks want to see and you infect their puter with cookies. More money is made with the useless links from your site. And of course , those sites also have links , which generate more cookies. And more dollar$ are made by selling the email lists , generated by the cookies.

In other words , Ms. Liz getz the dough , while you try to figure out , where all that junk email is coming from. Yep , there's gold in them thar junk emails.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


How Many ?

BVD : Why does President Bush , only have an Air Force One ?
Jerry : Because he has enough problems already , just trying to count , up to that one.

Bush : See ? I told ya I could do it
BVD : Uh , Mr. President , that's your thumb
Bush : Uh , hmmm , I don't understand
BVD : I know that , Mr. President , butt , that's OK. It will all be over , very soon. OK ? So , just keep on using your thumb , let's not try using our fingers just yet , OK ? We don't want to be confused now , do we ?
Bush : Er , uh , no , we don't want to be confused. I mean , after all , one aircraft is enough for me , heh heh heh heh


" Flipp Flopper McCain "

Everyone remembers , presidential hopeful , George Bush , using his popular word phrase , " flip flopper " , to describe his opponent. Let's see if these words apply to presidential hopeful , John McCain.

Before he became the Republican chosen one , he said he would give America 4 more years of Bushanomics.

Today , McCain has stated he has a plan to balance the budget in 4 years.

Let's do the math here. America does not have 12 Trillion dollars. And THAT'S the TRUTH.


No No no , You're Do 'en it Rong

Have you noticed how President Bush has been dummy-ing down his responsibilities ? His brain pan is so drained , he now spends our tax dollars traveling across our country , trying to understand , how this works.


America in Space These Dayz

Have you noticed , COMCAST has the the new TV show , " Moon Mission " , on their VOD , for $pecial viewing. That's right , you can pay to see this freebie series , before it goes public.

So , why are broadcasting moguls rehashing America's triumph on the moon ( again ) ? Simple , today America has no direction , butt , down and around while circling the toilet , under President Bush's , Bushanomics and war policies. Therefore , why not give Americans something to be happy about , like the good ole days , when America meant something to someone. Sooo , the decision was made to rehash the moon shots.

Since the moon shots are being rehashed , I thought I would share a little known fact about NASA's SATURN / APOLLO program - it was the only government / tax payer funded project , that made money. For every dollar spent , NASA gave back six.

Meanwhile , let's go aboard the international space station and check on the scientific research , our astronauts and scientists are engaged in. To rephrase that last comment , let's go see how President Bush , is spending our money in space.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Ebay's jcmtin Rides Tall In the Saddle , Again

Ebay's jcmtin finally reared his ugly ass by threatening me with 2 more unpaid strikes. He has been coming at me with foul remarks on Ebay's email system and he is using his seller listings to make foul remarks.

Yes , it is true Ebay does'nt care this sillyness goes on. In case you have'nt noticed , Ebay does'nt have anyone home. Yes , the lights are on , butt , there's no one reading their mail. It's a fancy computer program , generating replies. Remember that cute little intelligence program , Radio Shack had for thier TRS-80 ? A computer handles Ebay's Dispute Console.

Now that I've proven , an Ebay seller , can hit an Ebay buyer with unpaid strikes , while holding the cash in their hands , don't you feel safer now , about buying on Ebay ? jcmtin has also shown , a seller can threaten a buyer for any reason and Ebay will not act.

Here's a sample of feedback remarks for jcmtin :
Negative feedback ratingItem seriously misrepresented, paypal refunded, unpleasant paranoid seller.
Negative feedback ratingPRZEDMIOT SPRZEDAWANY BYL KIEPSKA KOPIABuyer: Aug-13-08 03:44
-- (#370066743102)

Ebay has lost a 63 million dollar lawsuit in France , because of sellers like jcmtin selling junk in their country. Meanwhile , many Ebay sellers are up in arms , over the recent changes , Ebay has made , that seem to hit the seller big time. Well , when people like jcmtin are selling junk and threatening buyers , what would you expect from Ebay ? Hey , duh 'bay is just trying to protect itself from more lawsuits and that's the bottom line.

So , jcmtin wants the truth , here it is , in his own words. Yep , one more and I'm a goner fur shur.

jcmtinJul-02-08 at 19:32:29 PDT
jerry get over it you left me bogus feedback just to advertise you very lame and one sided blog, of
a bunch of very far out views . one more and your gone . i still can leave two more. and hey incase
you havent noticed ebay doesnt care i found that out when i got your feedback. you are a hipocrit.
say preach honesty through your lies.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008



RIMPAC 2008 will have 33 combat vessels , will try to sink the HORNE.

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