Saturday, January 31, 2009


The Ugly Truth Ebay Does Not Want Out

Everyone is pretty upset and pissed off about Ebay , causing many people to leave and taking their business with them. ( It's a real shame , all of that emotion and reaction can not be aimed at Congress. )

Meanwhile , Ebay has suddenly realized they have shot their own foot off. Remember Pay Pal ? Well , with it's buyer protection plan , purchases outside of Ebay's circle of protected auction fees , are still protected. You see , Ebay forbids sales outside of the auction format for buyer / seller protection. That way , Ebay gets to keep it's fees. ( heh heh heh ) Butt , with Pay Pal protection , you do not need Ebay's auction settings. How many people realize , Pay Pal can be used for purchases outside of Ebay ?

Yep , Pay Pal can be used for personal business outside of Ebay and without Ebay's fees eating up your part of the world. So , see something you want on Ebay and the item has no bids ? Well , contact the buyer with an offer , stating you will use Pay Pal. ( this way , the seller pays only pay pal fees without paying ebay fees ) Yes , the seller is making money by not paying Ebay's fees. Does this make sen$e to you ?

What can be more safer or easier than that ? For once , Ebay has accomplished something good for everyone. ( A feat Congress has yet to accomplish , for this country ) So what , if Ebay loses some of their fees ? That fact does'nt hurt my feelings at all.

Friday, January 30, 2009


Shameful America

By now , everyone has heard President Obama express his feelings about Wall Street execs. Butt , you know what , this is today's America. " Shameful " , that's a good word to describe this country. Let's face some shameful music , found right here in Tennessee :

Laurie Weaver - former Major in The National Guard. He enjoyed scamming people with home improvements. He also stole and sold , government property. TNG fired his ass for cross dressing in public. Laurie retaliated by suing TNG for a sex change , accusing the guard of making him act like a man. Today , Laurie runs an antique store. His items lay outside during the winter and he sells them during the summer.

Detective Black , Franklin Police - pretends to do his job , while lying to protect his fellow officers

Paul Smith , Metro Firefighter - scams people with home improvements

Scott Revoir , Excel Constructors - scams people with construction projects

Ray Abernathy , has mega buck$ contract$ with Vanderbilt University - duties include putting cameras into employees homes to spy and steal ( Franklin Police has his back ) Ray is a pedophile and beat his first wife

State Farm Insurance - well known for shitting on policy holders

Vanderbilt University - a for profit , BILLION dollar company , with tax exempt status

And let's not forget the Illinois governor , who just yesterday , got voted out of office , for conspiracy

These are just a few examples of what America is today.
BVD : Why do people act like this , Jerry
Jerry : I dunno , maybe it's in their DNA
BVD : Surely , being an adult , these people would know better. I just don't get it
Jerry : Why don't you get it ? Look , people use their leaders , for examples of how they should act. Americans have Congress , to show them the way. OK ? This is just another example of showing , how " Shit " , flows downhill. You know , BVD , telling a lie , is a dysfunctional attribute to one's character.
BVD : Yeah , I know. You've reminded me of this fact , many times and I thank you for it.

BVD : Jerry , after reading this , don't you think you're out of line here ?
Jerry : About what ?
BVD : You know about what , what you just said here
Jerry : BVD , I've gone from billion dollar companies to education. From political office to law enforcement. These examples are what America has become. These people reflect upon " US ".
This is who and what " WE " are , today. Don't you think it's time for America to change ?

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Happiness Is -

Happiness is a warm ass on a cold day

Friday, January 23, 2009


Building Revell's Small Block Chevy Engines

I've had people ask me , " What's on the work table ? "

Well , how 'bout a pair of small block Chevy engines , made by Revell , China ? Both are 1/6 scale and interesting to build. Being from China , they do have problems. However , with some grit on my teeth , I got past them all.

Both models are representation , small block Chevy engines. The orange block is the 350 Turbo Fire and the red engine is the Street Rod version , hence the need for lotz and lotz of show chrome.

The Street Rod needs tender loving care during assembly , otherwise , you will cover up the chrome in finger prints and " yesssss " , Revell comes true to it's problem causing maniacal debauchery , with the plug wires not being correct and the headers won't seat. Just be yourself , you'll figure something out. After all , I did it and so can you.

For some reason , when an engine gets an orange paint job , it just has to be for the Z-28. This model does not show it. Meanwhile , I laughed to the point of no return , upon realizing the amount of detail , Revell omitted from this model. Why ? I dunno. Look carefully and you can easily spot 2 of the many extra details , I added on. ( if the picture is too small , click on it )

Both Revell engine models , make pleasing desk fixtures , for the beholder's eyes to feast on. They just have a knack for bringing back memories of those early days , when all you had in your pocket on a Friday night , was 50 cents and a drivers learner permit.

Yep , I've built several of these models for my friends

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Drinkin The Coffee

It's finally been shown , drinkin coffee can cause hallucinations.

Here are reasons to improve your caffeinated intake:

1 - in 2008 , home foreclosures went up 81 % , while President Bush spent his time in The White House , shopping for and purchasing a multimillion dollar retirement ranch in Texas

2 - American companies are soooo broke , that after all of the bail out money is spent , there won't be any money left , for the government to pay income tax checks

3 - $ocial $ecurity is the only ca$h cow $till $tanding

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Stopping The Economic Meltdown

BVD and Jerry were talking about America's economy and her future. You know , they are just doin what everyone else does , in times like these. BVD almost fell out of his chair upon realizing Jerry knew how to stop the meltdown

BVD : How's that again ? I mean , you know where President Obama can get all the money he needs and like , now , as in , right NOW ?
Jerry : Yep
BVD : I don't get you man. Where's all of this money ? Where did it come from
Jerry : Let's understand something first. If Obama prints another Trillion dollar bills , America's monetary value declines that much more , which is a really bad thing under the present circumstances. O Kay ? You with me so far
BVD : Yeah , go on please
Jerry : Well , I've gone over the things President Bush has done , before leaving his White House and guess what I found ?
BVD : An illegal moonshine still in the White House bomb shelter ?
Jerry : Nope. Better'n that :)
BVD : Maaaaaan , there ain't tooo many things better'n a whiskey still in a bomb shelter these days :)
Jerry : Yeah , I know , butt , this is better. Look , Bush has dipped into Obama's first year's budget. Check out these figures. ( Jerry shows BVD some budget stats , his eyes grow wider than their sockets )
BVD : Jerry , maaaaaaaan , is this real , I mean , for really real ?
Jerry : Yes , for really really real , man.
BVD : You're telling me , that even tho Bush is out of his White House , he's still spending my money ?
Jerry : Yep , for the next year , he sho nuff is
BVD : Soooooooo , how does President Obama get his hands on it ?
Jerry : Simple. He exerts the " Executive Privilege " powers , of the office , of The President of The United States
BVD : Soooo , in other words , this money is already printed and won't effect things the way they presently are ?
Jerry : Something like that , yes
BVD : Jerry , you are " The Man ". Damn , why didn't I think of that ? I mean , Hell , why didn't President Obama think of doin this ?
Jerry : The answer is simple. Everyone is thinking inside the box. Man , we've got to get outside of that damn box and stay outside of that damn box. That's the only way , this country is going be saved


The Postal Inspector Is In Town

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD News , for those who don't know it , the postal inspector has been around , shoveling their obtuse , arrogant asses into our postal employee's faces.
BVD : Do you know what's goin on ?
Jerry : I might know something , butt , these guys are so full of themselves , with their heads so far up their asses , all they can see is a golden image of Bush , with his hands raised high saying , " I have delivered you from terrorists. My mission is accomplished ".
BVD : Ha ha ha ha , oh man , that's cruel
Jerry : Ass I was saying , I don't think they can hear anything , goin on , outside their rectum


Bush Shows Best Side

Washington D. C. - BVD Bloggtographer , yesterday President Bush had his last official public meeting with the news press.

BVD : Oooooo Man , that's the best photo angle I've ever seen of that president
Jerry : Yeah , it sure is. Ya know , until now , I hadn't realized just how photogenic Bush is.
BVD : One thing though , Bush uses 2 impersonators , how do we know this is the real him ?
Jerry : Who cares ? Come Friday , he's outta there , all 3 of them !
BVD : Yeah , you said it man , a change I can believe in.
Jerry : No , it's a change , " WE " , can all believe in

Later ,

BVD : Hhhmmmm , , , , ,
Jerry : ? , what ?
BVD : Well , you know how dysfunctional Bush acts in public these days
Jerry : Yeah , it was just him , doin' his signature act , so ?
BVD : Do ya think his impersonators will want to stay in The White House and ask Obama for a job , impersonating him ? I mean , think of the experience these 2 guys have racked up during Bush's Fantasy Lobster Land
Jerry : Ooooooooo , I dunno. Do ya think Obama needs a clown act ?
BVD : Hhmmm , er , ah , no , not really

Monday, January 12, 2009


Why People Want To Live In Franklin

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD News , some emails have arrived about why people want to live in Franklin. They don't understand about this town's law of , " Family and Friends First ".
You see , those people having connections with the law , are above the law and for everyone else , the law applies

Here's an example of what I'm talking about. The people living here are well known in the music biz. And , they are also well known for their weekend parties. For some strange reason , Franklin Police will not interrupt the festivities. Hmmm. Drugs are included. Hmmmm , again

BVD : OKay , why won't they arrest the people ?
Jerry : Bubba , how did Chief jackie get his job ?
BVD : I dunno
Jerry : He's a " Yes Man ". If he wasn't one , he would have been passed over during the hiring process , being conducted by Jay Johnson , who over saw the police department , at the time
BVD : Hmmm , speaking of JJ , I've noticed the chief has not been seen much since his departure.
Jerry : Well of course not. Without a boss telling him what to do , he's not sure about what to do. Now do you understand why the police department spends 450,000 dollars a month , on an " Automatic Button " ?
BVD : Ha ha ha , a what ? ( giggling )
Jerry : When ya don't have someone in charge , or even someone who knows what to do , the Automatic Button does it ALL for you.
BVD : Well , no wonder their CID won't do their job.
Jerry : You're catching on , are you ? :)
BVD : With the email you've gotten on this subject , have you thought about conducting a series ?
Jerry : Why ? If they can't figure this out by now , they ain't gonna

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


American Signature Delivers Free Urine

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD was all excited about his new couch coming from American Signature Furniture located @ 1770 Galleria Blvd. phone : 778-9557

Jerry : Hey man , nice couch. ( BVD was looking a little pissed ) Hmm , OK , , , what's the matter ?
BVD : I got pissed on. That's what's wrong
Jerry : Say what ? ( giggling )
BVD : Those two guys who delivered the couch. I let them use my bathroom and they pissed all over everything. I mean they got the floor , the sink , the walls , even my rubber ducky. Butt , they totally missed the toilet.
Jerry : Well , next time , when a stranger asks to use your toilet , you just say , " It don't work. "
BVD : I don't understand it. I was nice towards them , I even gave them both a freebie cold drink.
Jerry : Hmmm , so what were they ? Mexican ?
BVD : No , they were too black for that. Although maybe they could be Latino , butt , I dunno. I can't tell any more.
Jerry : Well , be careful , minorities are very easy to upset about their ethnicity you know.
BVD : Yeah , I know , why is that ? I mean , they are more concerned about that , than being an American.
Jerry : Well of course they are. After all , their ethnicity determines their Social Security check amount.
BVD : Hm , say what ?
Jerry : Yep , it sure does , I've covered that in this blog already.
BVD : Hm , well , OK then. Butt that ain't no excuse to piss all over my bath room. Don't minorities know what a toilet is ? I mean , ain't they supposed to be house broke or something ? Are'nt they taught about toilets in school ?
Jerry : I dunno. Speaking for myself , I'm an American first and a minority second and I am house broken. Wanna see these pictures ? I've got a great shot of your ducky dripping urine down it's beak.
BVD : Umm , no. I'll get the cleaning gear.
Jerry : ( gets the gloves ) Ya know , it could have been a lot worse
BVD : Hmmmmm , what ? How's that ? Oh , NO ! Wait ! ! I don't wonna hear it. I just know what your gonna say
Jerry : And just what would that be ?
BVD : It coulda have been Franklin Police pissing on me
Jerry : Hmmmm , yep ! You 'R sooo right.

Monday, January 05, 2009


Scenes That Won't Be Seen @ Police Headquarters

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD Bloggtographer , have you seen CRASH ? Its a multi-tasking-media soap opera :) Anyway , there are rumors goin 'round , that The Franklin Police Department , was used ass advisers , by the show's script writers. Here's one of my favorite scenes seen.


Franklin Police Really Do Think Like Thieves

Franklin , Tennessee - when it rains in Franklin , it's pooring in Franklin and that's exactly what happened to 3 kids this holiday season. There were these kids in town , visiting with friends during their holiday break from college and wouldn't you know it , those friendships went south and the 3 kids suddenly found themselves out in the street , with no where to go. Soooo , not wanting to return to school just yet , these kids decided to camp out in a vacant house , using an open window for entry.

The homeowner found out and called the police. At the moment , the kids were not there , butt , their belongings were. A sample of items present was a vehicle title , credit card , prescription drugs , paper roller , various clothing , suit cases and a really nice looking camera.

This camera has lots of buttons and a large LCD screen. It looks like one of those 600+ dollar cameras. It was reeeeeeeally nice. The police officer smilingly made the remark , " Keep what ever you find. Their stuff does not belong here. "

I'll shorten this story. It's interesting the police kept the card and drugs. " It's for safe keeping. " an officer said. " They can come on down to headquarters and claim their things. " ( this is an old police trick. The person shows up to claim their property and they get arrested at the same time. This tactic saves the police a lot of hassle tracking down the right " wanted " person )

Hmmmm , where's the camera ? It's interesting to note that suddenly , Franklin Police did not know anything about a camera. I know about the camera because I saw it. You would think the police would especially want to keep that item safe from thievery , right along with the other items , I mean , after all , doesn't a police officer's responsibilities include safe guarding personal property ? Hmmmmmmmmm , and yet , it looks like the police may have 5 fingered a camera.

Meanwhile , the police got statements from a Bob Parks real estate consultant. Some of the remarks were lies , butt , the police ate 'em up any way. ( it's interesting this consultant had earlier stated , that it was illegal for him to be there , under the circumstances , so , why is he there AND talking to the police ? )

I'll wrap this up - just because these kids did something really stupid , does not mean , it's OK to steal their stuff and just because these kids showed a horrible lack of respect and common sense , does not mean it's OK to tell lies about what they had done.

Oh yeah , for those who think I'm making this story up , here's the case number. 2009000015 Also , keep in mind , this is the kind of stuff , you won't find Mitchel Kline writing about , in your local news paper.

This incident is a good example of what's gone wrong with this country. It's not a wonder to me , why GOD no longer blesses America.

Saturday, January 03, 2009


Ebay Owned PayPal

For some reason , I'm getting questions about PayPal. Ok , here's what I know.

Ebay owns PayPal and today , Ebay is requiring " ALL " transactions to be paid thru PayPal. ( of course a seller can accept other types of payments if they want to ) The reasons for this is rather obvious. Ebay makes more money.

So , what is PayPal ? It's a money bearing account , consisting only of ca$h , that allows you to pay for items without using a credit card. ( keep in mind , PayPal is earning interest on your money while giving you nothing in return ) That's right. It's free money for PayPal/Ebay to make money , in interest terms , while giving the owners nothing in return.

Yes, it is true , PayPal allows you to get into their money market fund. I've been in it for 5 months now and I've only made a whopping .04 cents on my 100 dollar$. Hmmmm.

So now then , when you shop on Ebay and wonder why a seller only accepts PayPal , now you know that it's a Ebay money making trip at " YOUR " expense. And " NO " , just because you bought something using PayPal , it does not mean you are fully protected. From looking over the damning scamming information , it makes me think that PayPal and Navy Lodge Yokohama , have something going together , BUTT , that's another story for another day.

Thursday, January 01, 2009


Why We Live Here

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD bloggtographer commentary , ass Franklin's growth continues in an uneven , inconceivable spiral , people continue to ask each other , " Why ? " .

During a party , the host got around to bragging about his new deck , that he personally built. He talked about the unexpected costs of materials and the man hours he toiled and labored , including the many nights he toiled and hammered 'til 3 in the morning.

He accomplished his new deck , without permit or permission , or even a codes inspection. He laughingly joked about his neighbors complaining of the noises he made , night after night after night.

So , why do people want to live here ? Because they have connections , that give them certain , unalienable privileges , that commoners don't have. These people don't get speeding tickets or get arrested for DUI. They don't need permits or codes inspections. Hell , they even get a break on property taxes.

Here in Franklin , a small group of people control the city. They don't worry about getting elected because no one can vote for them. Meanwhile , the elected officials have no real power , because this " group of people " won't let them have it. And , they hold the reins controlling Franklin Police.

I have no connections with this " group of people ". I have not accepted money under the table or even shared in stolen police booty. Because of this , I can talk freely about them. Now do you understand why so many people want to live here ? Now do you understand why there is no logic to Franklin's planned growth ? Now do you understand why a school is being built , without planning ? Now do you understand the silly horseshit over the theater ? Now do you understand why money is spend on stupid projects , instead of necessary projects ? Now do you understand what a Franklin " Wacko " is ? Now do you understand why , , , , , , , ?

And , oh yeah , HAPPY NEW YEAR ! ! !

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