Friday, January 29, 2010


More Happy Assed Horseshit

Franklin , Tennessee - just what is it , that is so illegal about "The Bible"? When I was in school , we had prayer. If you did'nt want to pray , no one threatened you with an inquisition. Those people prayed and shared their morning food with each other (only with each other) while those who did'nt want to pray , did'nt eat.
Now , after reading this , it's not how illegal it is , to have The Bible in school , it's about everyone being afraid of being proselytized.

Ohhhh , plplplpleeeease.

Was it the Fear Factor of being proselytized , the real reason for kicking The Ten Commandments out of the court houses? Or is it the simple fact , those people running the court house are themselves , involved in shady businesses.

Those are the people who are afraid of being proselytized and in the process of seeing the light , they are afraid of having to give back , all that they've illicitly made. Think about it. These people are more concerned about their wheeling , dealings and retirement funds (just ask any traffic court judge) , than about their souls. And they just pass their dysfunctional , two faced asses on to "The People" , just because they can.

You know what's really sad about all that pathetic greed? Ya can't take it with you when you die. When you're at the end of your "Green Mile" , you're at , "The End". That's right people , "The End" , ass in , "That's All Folks" , and that's when you die. Period.

Hmmmm. Maybe , just maybe - The Holy QUR' AN should be in our schools. Well , why not? After all , you don't hear anyone 'bitchin 'bout that. Think about it. When was the last time , our law makers complained about having The QUR' AN in our schools? When was the last time , someone feared of being proselytized by The QUR' AN? I mean really. Our law makers want US to know , how they are so profoundly religious and "Christian like" in nature , while they stir their Shit in our faces over having The BIBLE in school.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The First Year Anniversary

Franklin , Tennessee - it's been a whole year , with Franklin having a new City Administrator and now it's report card time. Kat caught , "the new guy" with nothing better to do with himself and sat down to talk about his new home town.

Kat: Thank you for seeing Mr. Stuckey
Stuckey: Damn girl , you've got the prettiest eyes. Um , er , I'm glad to see you too , Ms. Kat. What can I do for you?
Kat: What's the biggest , most enjoyable "thing" , that you've found , about running this city?
Stuckey: Well Kat , I've never thought it would be this much fun running a police department. That "jackie" guy sure does need a lot of help and I'm just glad to be here to assist him with his problem child.
Kat: Weren't you already doing that sort of thing where you come from?
Stuckey: Oh no , no , of course not. Where I come from , the police Chief , ran his own department his own way. He was a very competent operator. No , where I come from , the city administrator did'nt cross over any lines or step on any toes. There was just no need for it.
Kat: I see. Soooooo , what's been your biggest obstacle to date?
Stuckey: Getting you to go out with me , heh , heh , heh , er , ah , that's a joke girl , OKay? Ummm , (cough cough) ass you may already know , Jay Johnson left some rather large holes in need of filling in and after a whole year , I'm still finding those things lying around.
Kat: Large holes?
Stuckey: Yeah , you know , all those Damn 'Hoes with holes. I tripped over one yesterday , ass she lay on my office floor.
Kat: Yeah I do know 'bout those ho's. Anything else?
Stuckey: Well , now that you've asked , it's amazing at the amount of money flowing into my office these days. I'm still trying to figure out where it's all coming from. You know , this developer , that developer. This guy , that guy and I don't have a clue , what any of it's for. So , I'm having to spend a lot of my time counting it proper and investigate what it's for. A town being of this size , I don't want to be short changed on my share , which I'm sure you can understand , can't you? I mean , I guess Jay Johnson took the books with him ass I can't find them , I guess is what I should say.
Kat: Have you tried asking the police Chief for those books?
Stuckey: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! Oooooooh , the bloody Hell of it all!

Monday, January 25, 2010


That Damn Devil's Net

If you missed out on the latest Devil's Net , they were arguing over what to argue about. I'm beginning to think these guys are nothing more , than bored politicians , looking for a "vent".



Somewhere in the 13 Colonies - the new and improved scifi channel has come up with another show , to prequel Galactica. While the originally rehashed Galactica was a great show , I find CAPRICA is just another Frankenstein , born all over again.

By now , if you can't figure out where this show is going , I'll tell you , the destruction of the 13 colonies was the idea of a Cylon on PMS , having with no way out of her circuit boards.

Yep , "IT'S alive , ALIVE I TELL YOU. IT'S ALIIIVE , HA HA HA , ALIVE , HA HA HA HA HA ! ! Oh SHIT ! ! ! "

Oh Damn it all to Hell! It's dieing again. Now I've gotta start downloading that Bitch all over again and without reassurance of getting any assistance from an erection ship. Damn ! I swear by the Lords of Cobol , the death of these 13 Colonies , is going to be the death of me yet ! Or my family name aint Fracking , Fucking "Adama".

Thursday, January 21, 2010


The Devil's Net

If you missed out on The Devil's Net last time , the discussions were : Franklin Police , Franklin Police and Franklin Police.

Typically , I don't use that kind of language and I'm not going to share it with you today , either. Just the same , it "WAS" , rather entertaining.

Did anyone catch the discussion on Conan the other night? I was laughing so hard , I couldn't sit right all night (and still can't today)


How Do You Think/Feel About Franklin?

Franklin , Tennessee - Have you wondered , what the average person thinks or feels , or even what they have , to speak their minds about , concerning Franklin?

Keep this in mind: There are 2 different kinds of people , living in Franklin , right now. One kind has lived here , most of their lives. The second kind has lived here from 1 to 10 years , or less. Now , amongst this pile of folks , look into them deep enough and you will find those who know , what Franklin really is , regardless of how long , they have lived here.

While reading my cup of Koolaid this morning, I saw these words , and in good , proper , Franklin Police styled fashion , and using acceptable police procedures (of course) , I stole it :

""Good Post, Damn good post; everything you wrote is exact and I, along with a lot of others will have to agree with you. Hope the jerks in city hall will read it and then wake the hell up. They are asleep at the switch and the train is coming thru with a full head of steam.
I was talking to an old time Franklin resident this past Sunday. This person informed me that the corruption in Franklin Politics, as well as the entire county goes way, way, way back. It is a part of the way of life in Franklin. This individual, who has lived here all their life, told me it is worse now and with the last mayor's rein, than it ever has been in the past and their family is thinking about pulling up stakes and getting the hell out of this one horse town , known ass Franklin , Tennessee.""

You would be amazed how many Franklinites are already , quietly making these kind of comments right now , while going thru their every day , daily routine- whether they are on their iPhone while taking care of business in the bathroom , or doing the iPhone at Wally-Mart , or at The Post Office , at the food store before it snows , or even ass you read this , someone is making remarks at the Court House and even at the Carter House , while toking behind the Five Points Drug Store , sharing a few remarks over a "growler" , or even at the downtown theater , or while pretending to know how to read at the library and even while toking at the downtown garage "store" (this is a very convenient location for the police department) , outside the Trolley garage and even while riding the trolley , while toking amongst those over sized Greek Columns at the new Police "HEAD"quarters building , or just rolling a new one at the archives building or , on Twitter , Facebook and even over at Baskin Robbins (what is it about toke and ice cream anyway) and yes , Franklinites are even toking and talking while hiding and whispering , these very remarks behind those lavish and lasciviously expensive , Downtown Greek Columns @ The Downtown Center For Franklin Downtown Justice System. AND , Dammit all to Hell , even Tim Taylor crawled his ass out of retirement , just so he can fuss about Franklin politics ass usual ass he continues trying to get another recount of our past Sheriff's election

Lately , many of the Franklin Police Department's officers , have recently been seen , talking to their departmental psychologist , (who does'nt know what a toke is) concerning their marijuana assisted , marianoia w/paranoia problems commonly associated with thinking while toking , about those contemptible "Little People" , who continue talking badly about them , even behind their backs , butt , the truth is , they are really just talking about City Hall , (and not necessarily just only them).

Typically , Franklinites have only "ONE" big problem - they just don't have the money , to make the exodus of their dreams , come true right now.

AND , I'm very confident , city hall does'nt even give a Shit what any of the "Little People" think. Therefore , they don't have a reason to even "wake up". Besides , why should city hall change the way , they've been doing business? "We The (little) People" refuse to use "OUR CONSTITUTION" and therefore , if you don't like it , LEAVE IT ! ! ! ! ! So , since you are staying any way , put up or shut up , your hole.

Monday, January 18, 2010



Hollywood - everyone has been talking about "Archer". The new cartoon on the block. He's a funny spy who can't do or say anything funny , right.

Personally , I'd rather not watch it/him. This show is a lot of hard work for nothing. A lot of money spent for nothing. Archer is just a whole lot of nothing to talk about sooooo , I'll let his dialog speak for itself/himself.


Friday, January 15, 2010


Conan Receives Recognition Award

NBC's Bollywood @ Hollywood - last night , Conan finally received , NBC's most prized and sought after award. The coveted , "Employee of the Month" award.

This award allows Conan to access NBC special parking privileges for one day and Conan will eventually receive , a very special Fruit Basket w/ gift assortments and condiments , from Franklin very own born and bred landmark , Earl's Fruit Stand.

After the show , Conan quietly remarked backstage , "Yeah , I've finally got those freaky NBC morons on the run now. Heh heh heh. Threaten to keep "MEEEE" off the air for 3 years , will ya? I'd like to see them try that. I truly would like to see that."

Kat: Conan , is it true , Fox is chasing you?
Conan: I'm not at liberty to say right now , I'm still under contract with NBC.
Kat: I see. So , what happens when NBC does'nt go your way?
Conan: I'll be waving back at them from Fox

Thursday, January 14, 2010


The New Reporting System

Franklin , Tennessee - have you watched a Franklin Police officer write out a MVA report? There is soooo much information , to put on paper , it can be mind boggling. And at the end of the report , they are required to sign their own name and that in itself , is nerve racking enough already ass it is. Especially when they're having trouble , spelling their own name.

That's why they wear name tags. And to help them with spelling their names , all official police officers carry , an officially CALEA branded , (patent pending) name recognition mirror , for use in helping them see their own name tag , which (to them looking down) appears to be upside down. These mirrors come equipped , with an extension handle , to aid those not-so-tall officers , having shorter arms than most others and can not reach down to see their own name tags.

Now the problem with using this mirror system , is that inevitably , the officer sees their own face , which then causes them to forget , what they were doing with a mirror in the face in the first place. Yep , CALEA has finally recognized , writing those reports is just one problem compounding another. Soooo- beginning soon:

All official Franklin Police officers will , eventually , be given an identification number. This way , the officer will no longer need to fumble about , wondering what to do with their name spelling. And besides , remember-ing a number is sooo easy , even Taco Bell employees have shown , (under lab testing conditions) they too can do it.

For the past 5 years , CALEA has been researching this "Dummy It Down" (pronounced DiD for short) concept for dummies , in co operation with Taco Bell Incorporated , Inc. , Inc. & Co. , located just South of the Tennessean border. Before being issued both , a personalized field number name tag and personalized number plate for their personalized patrol car , all police officers will need to successfully complete , a gruellingly intensive , 3 week program , consisting of field training , finger painting , finger counting , toe counting for beginners , drivers Ed. & indoctrination studies for truck driving , before they can ask , to see if they qualify , to take the new and improved , "MVA Traffic & Reporting" standards for police examination.

Kat: Hey , ummmm , er , ah , Jerry? What happens if the officer is given a number , higher than 5?
Jerry: Hm? What do you mean?
Kat: Well , typically speaking , even Franklin Police officers , only have 5 fingers per hand.
Jerry: Are you sure? I mean , have you even counted the fingers on a Franklin Police officer's hand?
Kat: Hm , er , aaaah , no , I have not!
Jerry: OKay then. What's your point in asking this question if you don't know about what you are asking about?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Who Cares?

Franklin , Tennessee - how many people can read the paper these days? I mean , really really read the paper and not just skim over the comics page.

Do you know why Congress doesn't enforce their own ethics? It's because the average American doesn't give a Shit. That's why.

"We The People" can tell Congress what to do , BUTT , we don't because we are afraid of them.

Think about it. (if you can)

Monday, January 04, 2010


Those Damn Medical Expenses

Franklin , Tennessee - starting out the New Year on a positive note , is the story in the WAM about Matt Hodge , who was injured in an accident. The article talks about an art auction to help him with his medical bills.

It's interesting to note , The WAM does not mention , if he were an illegal alien , there is a Fast Track Federal program , in place and ready to give all the money he needs ,( at tax payers expense ), to pay for all medical necessities.

Americans don't qualify under this program , ass they are the ones paying into this benefit , which our government states , our friendly illegal aliens are our friends in need and we will help them. Our generous Americans continue to have plenty of fat on their land and we will share with those in need. Butt , we will not help our American Americans , because they are plenty wealthy already ass it is.

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