Saturday, September 27, 2008


Bush's Accomplishments

Ass President Bush's 8 years winds down , let's take a look at his accomplishments , after spending 12 TRILLION dollars and putting America's economy into the toilet.

Under Bushanomics -

the IRS keeps a list of authorized people and companies / corporations who are exempt from paying taxes

America now has a 2nd independent CIA department. Why do we need 2 ?

Spying on Americans was expanded. Do you remember , Nixon was impeached for doing this.

While spying on Americans , the FBI maintained an impotence posture thru out 9/11 , while watching the perps prepare

America's Laser Weapons are in their final testing. Remember those bloody diamonds ?

Bagram Air Base can now handle the entire fleet of C-5 aircraft. This shows Bush never intended to pull out of his war

The Pentagon maintains watch on the poppy fields , right down to the square inch of production. Why ?

AFRICOM is up and running. What is that ? The department heads and The Pentagon's generals don't even know.

Bush gave Africa 13 Billion for HIV research cures. The money has yet to arrive.

Bush's cronies artificially inflated oil prices

Bush dismantled FEMA. Remember Katrina ?

Bush gave NASA the go ahead for another moon program , butt , without the money.

NASA lost another shuttle , complete with crew

Today , NASA does not have the capability to put an astronaut into space

To help pay for his wars , Bush pulled Tennessee's Federal Budget Allowance for 2007

During the 700 Billion dollar bail out debate , Bush asked Congress for an additional 83 Billion dollars for his retirement compensation package from politics , while saying , " This will be the last time I ask you for money. "

Friday, September 26, 2008


Bush's Agenda

What ever it is , going on , American's get to pay for it. Let's face reality here. Bush did not win the first election. It was paid for , to get him into The White House. Remember , Bush out spent Gore in just the legal fees alone. So , it makes sense , before Bush leaves office , to make one more last stand asking for money. Besides , American's credit is good for it right ?

Bush has'nt done one thing to show he is any kind of a leader. What he has done , is create a Black Hole , for money. Where is all of that 12 TRILLION dollars going ? What ever it is , 2012 is the reason behind it. Something is being built. I'll call it , " The Airplane ". This is the big chance to buy tickets. No ticket , then you die. With Bush being someone's lackey , now is the time to obtain the money to buy that ticket. Do it now , while America still has some solvency left.

Now do you understand why McCain left his campaign , to go to Washington ? What's more important , getting one of those rare tickets , or being America's last president ? McCain is in Washington , to get that plane ticket.

Being logical minded , it makes sense to me , to bail out Americans in need , not the wealthy. Giving Americas 350 million tax payers, a million dollar economic stimulus check each , is unquestionably cheaper , than a 700 BILLION bail out for the rich , who deliberately created this crisis in the first place. 350 million people would be able to pay off their mortgages , pay off their credit cards and still have money to spend at Wally World. This is clearly a win win answer to the situation Bush has created and plus , in the end , after all of that money is spent , the government would win in rebate taxes. The banks would have more money in their swimming pools than their pools can hold and who knows , America's debt would be greatly reduced by the additional taxes generated from all of those purchases. How many lotto tickets would you buy , with a million dollars in your pocket ? Makes you wonder if this whole problem is a scheme conjured up by Bush's bosses , to get more money to build more " Airplanes ".

Yes , I said Bush's bosses. Bush did'nt have any money to buy The White House and he owes the people who did buy it for him , ( them ).

Meanwhile let's face the truth here. Bush has sold his soul , to buy a ticket on that " Plane ". You know what would be funny ? At the moment the world is crumbling apart in 2012 , Bush goes running to the airplane ramp with tickets in hand , his family by his side and they slam the door in his face while laughing. Think about it. Tickets are being sold , to those who can reel in that 700 BILLION dollar bail out. Now , knowing what you know about Bush , would you want him in the New World Order ? Remember , there won't be any 350 million tax payers around , to take money from. So , with that fact in mind , who needs Bush , when it's all over ?

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Bushanomics For America

What's going on with America's economic system ? Why now is it so important to bail it out now ? Why are the rich so desperately in need of America's taxpayers ? Why did'nt anyone see this coming ?

President Bush has created an economic vacuum called Bushanomics. This is what the news media used to call , " Pork Barrel Spending " or was it " The Gravy Train " ? ( you know , a vacuum , where everything sucks , butt there's nothing there )

We are told , Wall Street is crumbling. Is this the same Wall Street , our president wanted US to invest our future ?

People ask if there's a connection between Wall Street and The White House. Remember President Reagan ? He was told on Friday , that Black Monday would happen. How did they know that ?

Remember President Carter ? He refused to go along with the good ole boys and he got double didget inflation to run him out of office. When Reagan was sworn in , the double didget inflation suddenly disappeared. Hmmmm , and Yes , those are the same people , raising gas prices.

Bush has ignored The Constitution and has reworded any laws , standing in his way. Meanwhile , the " SS " protect him , while he breaks the law. The " SS " is America's elite law enforcement agency and they are protecting a man , who is a criminal and a traitor and has wrecked this country. To Bush , his oath of office is just something to wipe his ass with.

Both Bushes are fond of comparing Hitler. Is'nt it interesting , they too have an " SS " protecting them.

This thing called Bushanomics , is this " The New World Order " , that Bush's dad talked about ?
A New World Order , where only the rich of the rich are allowed to have money ? What's going on here ?


America's Money Math Made Simple

Let's take a look at doing some simple math.


The Face of a Traitor

The White House - now that President Bush's time is almost over , he is once again begging for money. How many times , has he begged for money , while saying , " This will be the last time I ask for money " ?

Although Bush will be gone in 2009 , he has already budgeted his programs for 2009. What is he doing with all that money ? I look around and America is worse off today , for his wild spending spree of 12 TRILLION dollars.

The bottom line is simple. Bush has sold US out. He is part of an agenda and Americans are footing the bill. Now do you realize why it was soo important for him, to be in his " White House " ?

Bush desperately needs to be impeached , butt , I can't do it by myself.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Solution to America's Problematic Election

Since President Bush has screwed US up , America continues to crumble. Obama continues to tell US what we want to hear , while losing votes. McCain continues to step on his own tongue , not sure what he is going to say. Palin continues to hold her own , while that idiot talks about being patriotic.

Why not change the McCain ticket ? Let Palin be the Pres and McCain be the VP. That way , we won't have to worry about McCain being another Bush. What's wrong with a soccer mom being President ? Surely she can do better than either of those 2 fools wanting to be top dog.

Friday, September 19, 2008


America Bless God

This is something well worth sharing. All thru America's history , Americans have been telling God to bless us. It's way past time for American's to bless God.

God has blessed this country in so many ways and look how our politicians have damned her and us. Today , instead of observing Pirates Day , don't you think we should bless God ?

With God's help , I know we can throw out the elected officials , who use their position for themselves , instead of the people.

With God's help , I know Bush can learn to read.


NASA Is the Next Domino

This week , Americans have watched their dominoes fall down. This is called progress under Bushanomics. Today's TENNESSEAN story says it all.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


AIG and America

It's hard to believe , the American government bought something at an incredible price. I mean AIG is worth over a Trillion dollars and bought it for a song. It's just so strange , the American government put it's money into something that was'nt a war.

Look , here's what the news people are not telling us ( US ). AIG Insurance is very stable. I mean it's loaded with money. AIG can pay all of the claims from Hurricane IKE and not feel it. Insurance companies like STATE FARM can't do that. Remember Hurricane Katrina ? So , everyone worried over their loses because of IKE , settle down. Your covered.

The problem with AIG is it's finance department. Yep. That's it. Plus the fact , Greenberg needs to be keel hauled and quartered. To add to the problem he has caused , news agencies ran up the hype , which in turned caused an unnecessary drop in AIG's stock. This enabled some bottom feeders to make a quick buck by buying/selling AIG stock in 3 hours , while the smaller investors lost their earnings. Those individuals need to join Greenberg , on the city square , in a public viewed neck tie party.

Then , did you know , AIG would ruin 19 countries , by going down the toilet ? Yep. So , what the American government did , was stop a stock market melt down , while saving the world's economy , in one blow.

So , now that Americans own AIG , let's do the right thing. Revamp their finance department and get on with business. AIG is good for it and the future never looked better. Americans could not have made a better investment.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


AIG Problems

Nashville , Tennessee - people are bent out of shape over AIG's troubles. They don't understand how it could get into so much quicksand. Well , here's the beef - the financial part is where the problems lay. The insurance part is Okay. Keep in mind , AIG is only worth about 1.4 Trillion dollars , thru owning 150+ insurance companies , world wide.
So , why does AIG need the Feds , for a bail out ? Hmmmmmm ,

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Bush Finally Gets There

Vietnam - President Bush , gave a speech yesterday , to the people of Vietnam , explaining why he did not understand why he was there. Blogtagrapher BVD was there , trying to understand what the president was saying

Overheard from a hot microphone -

Laura : Dick , what are you telling these people ?
President Bush : Laura , honey , I'm GW , remember ? I'm not Dick , OK honey
Laura : Oh Dick , you always know how to make me laugh. C'mon Big Boy , take me away from all of these losers and tell me again , how Vanderbilt pulled another rabbit out of their hat.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Vanderbilt's Mascot Goes Missing

Vanderbilt University - BVD News Bloggtographer , BVD interviewed Vanderbilt football coach Johnson upon learning , their mascot is missing.

BVD : So coach , where is your mascot ?
Johnson : I don't know , we don't know , you don't know , no body knows. I mean , not even VUPD can find him , on any of their hidden cameras
BVD : Well , do you have any idea why or where he would go missing ?
Johnson : Maybe it's because he realizes now , he might actually have to work this entire season.
BVD : Hm ? What do you mean ?
Johnson : Vanderbilt keeps on winning. When this season first started , everybody had already made their plans , to be doing other things.
BVD : Other things ? Like what other things ?
Johnson : Oh you know , things like watching real football teams play real football , catching up on partying , their class work and home work assignments and hey , did I mention partying ? Well , everyone was expecting this to be another losing season and the mascot was only paid , up thru yesterday's game , you see and so , as of now , there is no funding for him. I mean , no one expected us to be needing a mascot and now that we are Numero Uno Number one ,
BVD : You mean , " Next year is HERE ? " . . . . . Already ?
Johnson : Well , , uh , , , yes. I think so.

Note : we regret not having a picture of Vanderbilt 's mascot. He was not around to have one taken.

Monday, September 08, 2008


It's Called Progress

Spring Hill - it was only a matter of time , when Spring Hill would bust at the seams. Despite controlled growth , the powers that control the government , was going to win. More taxes they say , more money they decree , more , more and more.

Americans continue to refuse to govern themselves and today , their government is just one Mafia gang along side another. Well , come 2012 , that won't matter any more.


So , Where Can I Lawfully Carry My Gun ?

Franklin , Tennessee - when are people going to realize , Franklin's government is not run by the people Franklin elects ?

Even though Jay Johnson is gone , his affluence still lingers. Let's face it. The people refuse to govern themselves and so they loose more , every time the government gets together.

Why more bans ? Where's Bush's terrorists ? Today , Franklin Police officers carry so much combat gear , they have problems keeping their pants up. Especially around children. So , why is Franklin's government acting paranoid ? Simple , 2012 gets closer everyday. The American people have been sold out by their " leaders " , so they can have a safe sanctuary , when the shit hits the fan.

Think I'm lying ? You think I'm making this up ? People a lot smarter than me , know , that what I'm telling you here is true. President Bush has not spent 12 Trillion dollars. He embezzled it and siphoned it thru The Pentagon. Did you know , he has seats on an escape plan , for himself and his family ? Are you familiar with the latest technology , flying around the skies ?

Yes , even the smartest people on this planet are very afraid about 2012 and why ? Because the Mayans did not have the calendar. Their rulers had it and they are very much alive today , ruling this country.

Sunday, September 07, 2008


McCain is the Joke

Yep , McCain was on a sinking ship and he had to do something fast to save himself. So - what does he do ? He pulls a rabbit out of his hat. Hey , is she still producing or is she too , old now ?

I mean think about it. McCain is so full of shit , only a woman , with 5 kids ( and that's a lot of diapers ) , would be willing to put her fingers in it.


Ebay and You

Here's the latest happenings at duh 'Bay. They have lost a few clients and Ebay is digging deep to find someone to fill in the hole , they have created. And now the computer wizard , aka the computer " Guru " ( on tv ) is helping you to learn computers , by setting you up with an Ebay store.

Ebay will eat you alive with their fees. And that's the truth and if the fees don't get you down , their policies will , while their shit gets deeper everyday. The recent changes have made paying sellers a headache and Paypal only works , after they have made some interest off of your money. Now do you understand , why it takes up to 8 days , to transfer your money ?

Now , if you want to sell on ebay , you will need to be ready for a phone call. This is a 3rd party person , who will be looking over your personal information. That's right people. Ebay is giving away your personal information to a 3rd party. When your information gets into the wrong hands , ebay has rules stating they are not liable. How about that. Ebay has created more jobs in India , to help them manage their American Ebay company.

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Another Liar

Every politician making this remark , has gone to Washington , to screw Americans , for their own interests. Well , , OK , , , I'm not referring to President Kennedy.


Experience ? Who Needs That ?

Why is the mayor talking about President Bush , before he became president ? We need to move forward and get past our mistakes.

Monday, September 01, 2008


McCain Is On It

Despite McCain saying he will give us more Bushanomics , he continues to distance himself from Bush.

Today , McCain has surrounded himself with so many young women , he cannot recognize his own wife , or even other men's wives.

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