Wednesday, February 28, 2007


WallStreet's Down Fall

People will be watching the DOW today , rather than watching their work. With it falling 500 points yesterday , it's no wonder. The BIG fish got bigger while the LITTLE fish got eaten up.
How can so many people know to pull in their earnings at the same time and the rest of us don't hear a word until after the fact.
This is just another example of big money being obove the law because we are seeing insiders passing info amongst themselves. Can you imagine how many more people would have been hurt if they had listened to President Bush and placed their money into that fire ? Makes you wonder if Bush was wanting that money for his friends pockets. That's how politics work.
If you are a little fish , you can make your changes , butt , they won't take effect until the closing bell for the day. The big fish get their changes on the spot. It aint right , butt , that's how the system works.
The Stock Market is all about RISK. It's a gamble. This week , people are watching their retirement money circle the drain. Good luck to everyone.
The so called economic experts are telling everyone not to panic and that America is on solid ground. Since President Bush has put America into a 9 trillion dollar debt , where's the solid ground ? It's no wonder Bush wanted your Social Security money placed into the Stock Market

Monday, February 26, 2007


Another One ?

I got asked for one more car and this time I got the Maisto MASERATI in 1/24 scale. Out of the box , I had to repair the front steering and found the window cracked. Otherwise , it's an OK kit with a good roll. This car is tricked out to look like an cafe racer. There is engine detail , the doors and hood open. For 13 dollars before my 40% off coupon , this was'nt a bad car.

Pictured at the top , the XTUNER cars are still the boss


Gore Gets It

Last night , Tennessee's beloved son won an Oscar for his work on global warming from green house gases. While giving his acceptance speech , someone farted , getting Al Gore's attention. He said , " That's what I'm talking about people."


Another Billion Dollars

President Bush has asked for several more billion dollars to keep observers in place at the Golan Heights. Bush has pointed out how difficult it is to keep qualified personnel there.
Pictured is an observer team watching the Israeli's move missiles into place.


Garbage METAL

I got several questions about the metal models. I'll advise you to stay away from Revell and Testors metal kits because they are garbage.
This 1/24 scale trailer is an example of Testors' quality. To put this together , I had to glue the wheels in place and I went to Home Depot for pieces to place the wheels onto the trailer. So , I ended up with a static display.
This will be the last Testors metal kit I buy. Forget their cars. They can't be assembled properly. When you call the Testors or Revell 800 numbers , you will get the run around or a recording. Do not expect a return call. They are aware of the problems coming from China. Yes , they are getting that many complaints and like so many american companies today , they can't/won't fix it.


Tennessee's Teacher problem

Why is it , that on a serious problem facing Tennessee , THE TENNESSEAN will not tell the whole story ? Years ago , Tennessee had a good education going state wide. Then the immigrants came and the education system had to dummy down to their level.
Then , Governor Alexander put into force his Master Teacher Plan which established an entrenched political system that had nothing to do with education , butt , it did remove many books from school libraries because they were written in english and because , book dealers wanted to sell them for high dollars.
Today , Tennessee is either 49th or 50th on the education scale. It depends on which list you are looking at. And , not surprisingly , Tennessee's teachers continue to be among the lowest paid in the country. Illegals make more. Did you know that ?

Saturday, February 24, 2007


Shhhhhhhhhhhh !

Be very very quiet


Oh Nooo !

Will you please not call grandma if I promise to stay out of your formula

Friday, February 23, 2007


Meanwhile , Back at Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt University - another tour group is shown Vandy's phalic symbol. It's considered to be the largest in the South East Conference.
Inside , Gee is treated like he is the morning and evening star.


B & E Report Made

The house I told you about being broken into by State Farm people , well , the person has noticed an old train set missing. It had about 10 miles of track , 2 trains , and a L&N engine. Soooo. The person called Franklin Police to give a report , while playing it cool , a license plate was gotten.
Sgt. Smithson , shift supervisor , showed up with no interest. I was told he said , " Look , my wife steals money from me when I'm not looking. " and walked out the door.
BVD : You're kidding
Jerry : Nope , that was the extent of making the report. There was no interest in the liscence plate , or occupants.
BVD : Well that explains several things about Franklin Police. What happened to Detective Lockard ?
Jerry : I think he got demoted to foot patrol or something like that. He don't detect no more. So , what have you figured out ?
BVD : Remember how nothing was deliberately done about the pedophile ?
Jerry : Yeah
BVD : This is what makes Franklin such a popular place to live. You can get something young and tender , and the police won't touch you.
Jerry : The paper said they caught one not too long ago during their crack down on these perverts.
BVD : Yes , butt , that person was from Fairview.
Jerry : Sooooo , you are saying the Sarge already knew about State Farm which would explain why he looked the other way.
BVD : Dang ! You're quick. Remember , if the police come to your house for a complaint , they are to give you their card with a case number on it. Then it goes in a report and/or other paper work , and a detective gets it.
Jerry : So , you are saying the supervisor was'nt doing his job ?
BVD : Yep.
Jerry : That attitude seems to be their standard of policing. I remember Tim Taylor was investigating an assault on an EMT by officer Richards. There was no case number on that either.
BVD : I don't know if I'd say that's their standard of policing , perhaps that's the way Jay Johnson wants things done.


Maisto Toy Car

There's another child on the list and I got this Maisto Jeep WRANGLER RUBICON in 1/27 scale. I have no idea what 1/27 scale fits. You have a choice of rims and it has steering on the front but the steering wheel does'nt move. Hmmmm.........It has a fast and smooth roll that provides lots of fun. The doors and hood open showing decent detail and the roll cage wants to pop off. I'm not putting glue on it to leave the option of with or without it. It's at Hobby Lobby for 13 $ before my 40% off coupon. This is nice for the price.



Those who know me are aware that I give toys away to kids. I've found I have a few readers that are always interested in what I've built. OK. Here's the X TUNER GT-R34 in 1/24 scale. It's a nice toy car. It needs 2 AA batts and the headlights , undersides , and inside light up. The rear lights do not. What's soooo cooool are the scissor doors that spring open if you have the touch.
This is 23 dollars at Hobby Lobby before using my 40% off coupon.
Batteries and cat not included. It has a fair roll ability in the wheels and the detail is decent.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


He's Baaaaack

Nashville , Tennessee - channel 5 has finally made it to the high tech neighborhood and is now HD and reported about Ray Mettetal getting his doctor's liscence back after serving several years in prison for attempted murder on another doctor.
It's very interesting how many people have talked about this guy and they never knew and/or told the whole story behind his behavior. The truth is , he showed everyone in his department at Vanderbilt , that he was better than any of them. They grew paranoid at his abilities and set out to bad mouth him so they could feel better about themselves. That's when Ray got the Dr. Frankenstein attitude towards his boss.
Channel 5 interviewed Christy Wilson ( Vanderbilt Nurse ) who put in her 2 cents worth about a man she did'nt know. If I need a neuro doctor , I'd let him look me over. He's not a bad person , he was just treated in a bad way for being better than those around him. I'll even bet he won't drop a patient on the X-ray table like some other neuro doctors I've met ( Kauffman in Lebanon 615 443 7374 )
For the record , I've never met him. By a fluke of life , I happen to have first hand knowledge of his situation.


I Doubt IT

I enjoy looking at old books. They usually tell it like it is and being old , they have not succumbed to the silly nonsense of being politically correct. Until now............I find myself being wrong.
NASA has'nt visited one single star. ( our sun does'nt count )
This book is about the Mercury , Gemini , and Apollo programs.
With such arrogance , it's no wonder we can't return to the moon.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Veterans Always get the Finger

One thing a veteran can be sure of is being lied to. All vets have access to the VA Hospital. NOT !
Today's Iraq wounded are stuffed into over crowded , moldy , ratty housing. They have to walk thru a maze to get to where they are going and the path is not for the timid. It does'nt matter if you are missing a leg or two , no one is going to help you get your needed medical care.
It was like that and much worse for the Viet Nam Vets
It was'nt around for the Korean Vets.
It was'nt around for the World War II Vets.
I guess that's why President Bush disappeared when his unit was about to get called up. Well , he was'nt there to begin with , sooooo..................
Why is it that politicians have no problem sending our fighting men and women into harms way , butt , for some reason , they have a problem giving them medical treatment when they are wounded ? Getting a handshake from a coward who claims to be a veteran is'nt much of what I would call medical care.
Even today , when people sign up to join the armed forces , they are told they have VA benefits when they are discharged. NOT !
How many of my readers know that if a vet needs to see a doctor , they will have a 9 month plus waiting period to see the VA doctor ?
I'm a veteran and I cannot use the VA.
My father earned 3 purple hearts the hard way , and the VA would'nt help him.
I have an uncle that needs a particular brand drug. The Va gives him what they want him to have regardless of his doctor orders , and he gets sick everytime he uses that stuff.

Franklin , Tennessee - While I'm on the subject of caring for the wounded veterans. How many people have heard of Graceworks ? They don't care if you need help or not once they learn you are a veteran. I think it was Mrs. King's voice I heard saying , " We don't help veterans. If we do , they will become worse than having flies on a cow pie. "

Makes ya feel good about being an American AND a Veteran.......... Don't it ?


Lunch Time

Can you see what they see ?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Revell - China

Revell seems to have leaft Germany in the making of their models. Now it's Revell - China. Here's the latest in their new line of models.
It's a 1/6 scale of the Chevy 350 from days long gone. It has metal parts that you screw together. However , there are'nt any screws in the kit. That's because the screws are considered an option. You don't find this out until after you open the box.
What do you do ?
Simple , take it back to the store , or , you can call Revell and purchase the screw set. The screws are tee tiny , so I don't think the local hardware will have them. Also , there's a lot of detail lacking. For instance , you are to glue the dipstick in place.
I will say , I had fun building this just the same. My model has a working dipstick , FRAM on the oil filter , studs on the exhaust , vacuum lines , zero degree marker for timing in blue. Although there is room inside , I did not have an electric motor to make it spin. That would have been cool.
The way Revell has been going lately , I think they have forgotten how to make models. Just like our 3 big auto makers have forgotten how to build what the customer wants.


DANG ! ! !

I've told you about State Farm and how they treat their clients. Here is something I've recently learned. They have a bunch of legal eagles ( they need them since they don't honor their policies ) and those guys hire a bunch of P.I. type people to get inside your life. They will go to the local law enforcement agency and pay their respects ( $$$$ ) and then stake out your house. When you are not home , they burgler your house placing tiny TVs and bugs around. When they have what they want , they burgler your house again to remove their toys. And , yes , they will take anything of value they see and want. ( that's called stealing ) Going to the police won't help you since they already know about it and are laughing behind your back about it. The police also use these folks ( for stalking criminals ) just in case someone gets caught in the act , it won't be a police officer. Since these people work with the law , the local locksmith does'nt mind helping out.
State Farm could give you the money you need butt , by doing buisness in this manner , they get a tax write off while you continue to be in need of what they promised. An insurance policy is a contract. However , in Tennessee , the Insurance Commission is impotent , and they cannot make State Farm do what's right. Nowhere on your policy does it say State Farm will pay your claim. It just says you are covered. Don't use your policy in the rain. It turns icky when you cover your head.
One more time , if State Farm pays a claim , they loose money. When they don't pay a claim , they make money from your monthly payments. That's how they made 60 Billion dollars profit last year. You would think they were an oil company by the way they act.
And just think , WSMV channel 4 wanted you to be aware of the thump key that anyone can buy over the net. A good set will get you through almost any house door lock.


The Police get more Power

Franklin , Tennessee - Today , since President Bush has sent this country's National Guard to protect another country , The TENNESSEAN has an article about police getting automatic weapons. Franklin police have proved their arrogance towards the public on a daily basis and now they have machine guns. Most of the officers have their jobs thru politics of kissing up to Jay Johnson , not because they are good officers.
Today , people want sheriff Headley out of office. He too is surrounded by police officers with machine guns. It's no wonder he was breaking the law. He's well protected.
It's not the National Guard's job to fight a war over seas. That's the job for the ARMY. President Bush has proven he does'nt understand that. He probably does'nt know this country has an ARMY. It's the National Guard's job to pack machine guns , not the police. The direction things are going , the police will take over the National Guard's job. When that happens and shit hits the fan , you can be assurred that the police will protect the politicians and shoot anyone coming too close just because they want help also. Since your tax dollars paid for the bullets , here , get some. Heh Heh Heh ! ! !

Monday, February 19, 2007


What's on a Politician's Mind

We Tennesseans are so fortunate to have political figures that are'nt worth a damn. Take for example the Senate candidate Bob Krumm. He's the kind of guy that always has something useless on his mind. Take for example his idea of a Gay liscence plate to put on our cars. I guess he forgot that normal people do sex that way also. Hmm , maybe he learned about Gay sex from watching Brokeback Mountain. Hmm... maybe that movie was all the sex education he has ever had. It's good to know he has a hobby. I quess that's why Tennessee's government can't do anything , they are too busy designing liscence plates.
This was taken from his blog which he has since removed. I took this from the Tennessee's Guerilla Women Blog to bring this stupid stuff to my readers.
With folks like Bob Krumm , it's no wonder ass to why it's so hard to reach a common understanding between people of different lifestyles.

Friday, February 16, 2007


That Issue Ain't Going Away

How many people heard the remarks from Tim Hardaway , the basketball player. He has been told by the NBA he cannot be present for future events.
Tim has said nothing about rehab and gave a rather watery apology.
Let's face it people. Gays are here among us , so get over it. They sat on the same toilet seat you do at work. They even drink from the same water cooler ass you do. Gays sit beside you on the bus. Perhaps Gays feel about you the same way you feel about them. Just get over it. They are here and they are'nt going away. The best thing for all of us to do is get along with eachother ass best we can. Being hateful is'nt going to solve anything. And oh yeah , a Gay person will host the upcoming Oscars.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Valentine Cards

Sometimes you wonder what some people are thinking. This past Valentine's Day selection of cards shows how much this country has changed


Bush and Iraq

BVD - President Bush has made clear where he stands on the Iraq issue. He insists on sending 20,000 more troops while pointing a finger at Iran for sending into Iraq , new devices for the " enemy " to use against our troops. Bush says he wants to protect our fighting men and women.
If that's so , then why did he send our troops into harms way on false intelligence reports , no body armour and tanks with aluminum armour. Why has he spent one billion dollars for security training and equipment ? That training has not taken place and the equipment cannot be found. Meanwhile , he has built several olympic size swimming pools that are not in use.
Now Bush also wants to import 7,000 Iraq citizens. It should now be obvious that Bush has no intentions of ending the Iraq conflict and we can clearly see his priorities.
Jerry : Well , with Chrysler laying off 11,000 workers , they have jobs waiting for them.
BVD : What do you mean by that remark ?
Jerry : Companies of a certain size get Federal money subsidies for hiring certain minority people. Did'nt you know that ?
BVD : Yes , butt you are'nt suppose to talk about it in the open.
Jerry : What would you like to talk about ? Let's talk about the lacking medical care our wounded troops from Iraq are receiving.
BVD : You can prove this ?
Jerry : Where's your memory ? Remember those care packages with all that crazy stuff and the baby wipes ?
BVD : Oh yeah , I do remember him.
Jerry : He returned with an injured back before his tour in Iraq was to end. The VA refused to treat him , so , he paid out of his own pocket for medical treatment. When Uncle Sam learned he got better and could return to duty , they called him back in to finish his enlistment.
BVD : Ouch , that sucks.


Valentine Toy

BVD - Talking with the store owner at the hobby shop , I asked what was the number one popular item for Valentine's Day. He said this was his last one and wished he had bought more.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


HQ Getz Changes

Franklin , Tennessee , BVD - There's a hot debate over the new proposal for Franklin's new police headquarters. Let's go see what's going on with Jay Johnson , owner/proprietor City of Franklin.
BVD : J.J. , what's this model you are playing with ?
J.J. Aww , those aldermans are having cows over the design of the new police building. They say it has no panache.
BVD : Wow , that word is'nt in my dictionary
J.J. It means a plume of feathers like on a helmet. You know , something Roman soldiers wore on their heads.
BVD : I thought Taylor and Kennon were doing that for 1.6 million dollars
J.J. Yeah , Ha Ha Ha , that's what the paper says. Butt , why pay someone for something you can do yourself.
BVD : What's that vehicle with a cannon on top ?
J.J. That's my ride. With the traffic in this small town , how else do you think I can make it in to work ?
BVD : Current buisness owners that will be relocated have been given a hard time , and it will cost them even more to build a place to move into. How come these people are having to cough up so much money when you gave Nissan a 20 year tax free break ?
J.J. Will you shut up before someone hears you. Look , these local homeboys don't have a billion dollar corporation behind them. Franklin is moving upwards. Do you understand that ? Give me 10 more years and I'll have all those small timers out my town.
BVD : I noticed that chief Moore is all excited about this new building.
J.J. : He should be , he is getting an office 5 times the size of what he has now.
BVD : The building does'nt really look all that big , why is it so costly ?
J.J. There's a underground jail facility that is virtually escape proof. The county jail makes money by keeping prisoners for other agencies , there's no reason why we can't offer the same services.
BVD : there are some people you intend to put away and keep out of sight ?
J.J. : Yep , something like that. While you're here , which cell do you want ? J.J. points to a blueprint.

Monday, February 12, 2007


When the Tables Are Turned

The picture speaks for itself.


The Gov Don't Care

In today's Tennessean , we get to read about Bredesen's stand on food tax. Everyone would benefit by cutting the taxes on food , butt Bredesen says no. Food stamps typically won't last a month just for buying the basic stuff to live. People beg others for some bread until they get a new month of food money.
Bredesen is already wealthy by selling HMO's. He is'nt the one going hungry , so he does'nt have to understand what hungry is. Someone stated they over heard Bredesen say , " Let them eat cake. "


You Go Girls ! ! !

Is'nt it interesting how the Dixie Chicks popularity dropped like a rock for speaking out against President Bush and his War on Iraq , while his popularity went through the roof. Today , Bush has run this country into a 9 trillion dollar debt and caused a civil war in Iraq , the Chicks popularity has shot through the roof while Bush's popularity has fallen through the floor.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


It's All About the GREEN

How many people noticed the front page of The Tennessean ? The article about " Pharmacy watchdog has little effect ". This story should come ass no surprise to anyone. Afterall , the number one fact about this country is it's failure to do the right thing. America can't even deal with it's own problems. Let's take a look around our neck of the woods and see how much water we are talking about.
How many people know that the Better Buisness Bureau has no teeth ? Do you have any idea how many complaints have been made against Orkin and nothing gets done ?
We now have learned that it was the Pentagon that altered the intel reports about Iraq , not the President. Why would they do that ? Simple , when there's no war , they have nothing to do and those generals have no oppotunity for getting that next star. Having remembered President Daddy Bush went to war , the Pentagon used President Junior ass their pigeon and look at how many stars have been given out since. And now , the Pentagon has become a river of money with Junior wanting to give them an 11% increase in spending for next year. And , no , that's not for body armor.
BVD : Hey Jerry , let's stay close to home with this article
Jerry : I'm writing this , thank you.
OK , getting back to Franklin , how many people know about the series of B & E's that have occurred during the past several months ? The local law enforcement agency knows about it , they even know who's doing it and they look the other way. It's all about the money.
Do you know why Tennessee does not require a person that goes around repairing and improving homes to have a license ? Because Tennessee knows they probably don't understand english. Which would explain the shoddy work getting done , if it gets done.
Then there's State Farm Insurance that refuses to pay legitimate claims. Now you know the secret to thier record earnings for last year.
Have you been dropped by your insurance company for no reason ? The same company you have been making payments to for years and you never put in a claim ? That insurance agent who wants you to know , they are your best friend , won't tell you this , so I will. Insurance companies are using staticular math formulas to determine how long to keep you ass a customer before something happens and you need to file a claim and when you have been dropped , they know it will be difficult for you to find another company , because many insurance companies will not take someone who has been dropped , regardless of reason. Travelers is well known for playing this game and they don't care. Yes , Tennessee's Insurance Commissioner knows about it and they look the other way.
Now we hear Sheriff Headley is returning to work without the 30 days of rehab and with a felony charge dangling over his head. People in high places get away with things. Remember Vanderbilt's Mrs. Gee ? She does'nt have to take a drug test and she is protected by Tennessee's 5th largest law enforcement agency. Everyone knows about the money her husband has raked in , so , the law looks the other way. There's that money word again.
Let's face it. This country is all about the green. So much for the red , white and blue.
BVD : I don't know about this Jerry
Jerry : Hey , go ask Mrs. Gee. She can tell you that the " grass " is green.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


The 2News

If you missed WKRN @ 10 last night , you missed out on the latest on Sheriff Headley. He is expected to return to work within a week , perhaps this Monday. He ordered his deputy to have his car at his home , fueled and ready to go.

Jerry : Hey , BVD , I thought he was in a 30 day rehab program
BVD : No , that was changed to a 7 day rehab program
Jerry : May I ask how that came about ?
BVD : Sure. Ya see , they found a lot of empty pill bottles. That means there's nothing in them. Well , they found so many empty bottles , it was decided that all he needed was the 7 day program to help him quit the habit of collecting them.
Jerry : And , so , that's that ?
BVD : Hey , the guy is a politician and he's playing that card.

Friday, February 09, 2007


The Latest On COMCAST

Do you live in middle Tennessee ?
Does your picture pixalate ?
Does your sound turn off ?
Does your picture freeze ?
COMCAST is aware of this problem and has been unable to fix it for the last few days.


Sheriff Headley

Williamson Herald - Jerry Horne , we are being told , that Sheriff Headley can not be removed from office just because he was arrested for a felony charge. Well people , let's face the truth here. Headley has a lot of friends in high places and they are going to look after him. Hey , Headley scratched their backs , now it's payback time.
Although Headley is currently in rehab ( so we are told ) his drug problem will return. The LorTab goes after a particular receptor and it's difficult to turn off.
If he really has a pain factor with his health , then he will be on some form of narcotic again.
Anyone who knows about drug addiction in relation to rehab will tell you that 30 days is'nt going to cut it.
Another factor is he faces a felony charge. Guess what folks ? A sheriff must be able to pack a gun. The felony charge removes his ability to carry a gun ( legally ) in this state. Does'nt matter if the charge is dropped or not and it does'nt matter if he is found guitly or not. He has been charged. Which means that is the end of that.
Putting all the nonsense aside , Ricky Headley had us all thinking he was an example for all of us to look up to. If he is that example , he would leave on his own.


It's More Than Just Smoke

The TENNESSEAN - Jerry Horne , Governor Bredesen says we have a once - in - a - life - time - opportunity to purchase 200 square miles of untouched land owned by a timber company. He says he wants to preserve it while maintaining logging rights. Is'nt that a little double talk ?
Let's look at what the news people won't tell us. This type of land is typically owned by both a timber company and a insurance company. These folks went in to buy this land when TVA was stealing land for their dam projects. These companies knew the areas would not flood and bought the land from TVA for pennies. Now look at what the land is worth today.
Why would Bredesen want to buy this land to preserve it while " maintaining logging rights " ? You don't log preserved land. How many people are aware that Tennessee has an open contract with Japan for any and all hardwood Tennessee sends it's way ? Hmmmm.....................
If you have not seen what logging does to the land , there's an area outside of Fall Creek that was logged years ago.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Happiness Is........

Happiness is a warm grandma wrapped in love


Need Help ?

STAPLES is now advertising they have computer help available for you. It has'nt been that long ago that their Panda product pissed on a lot of computers and now this. How many people are having problems with their Vista software ? Staples says they have the help. Some people never learn. You better read the fine print cause STAPLES makes making a mess of your computer EASY.



Do you notice anything unusual in this advertisement ?


Those New Pills

By now , everyone has had their medications changed to generic , and I'm sure everyone is wondering why these " new " pills are'nt working. The answer is simple. Generic drugs don't have the same qualities as the real thing. Our FDA looks the other way when it comes to generic. Let's take an example. Let's look at LorTab 5. The generic is actually 4.5 and one brand is actually 3.7 and the FDA looks the other way. Now you know why your pills don't work like they used to.
When you are in the doctor's office , have you noticed the pens ? Drug reps pass these out ass freebies to promote their drugs. And , just like their generic counterparts , most of those free pens don't work either. No , I'm not kidding.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


This Country's Money

BVD News - President Bush has told everyone that he will put into effect a plan to balance the budget by 2012. Ass the President has pointed out , the key to balance the budget is to spend all the money now , so that by 2012 there won't be any money for a budget.


Now That's a Score

BVD News - Carrot Top talked about his date with Rosie during an interview with Jimmy. He got a little excited talking about her and took off his shirt and showed off Rosie's underwear he took ass a trophy.


Boob Update

There was a segment on the boob tube about breast implants. Remarks were made that they will have to be replaced at some point during the recipient's life. When asked why they won't last a lifetime , the remark was made that it depends on how much they get rode on and how hard they get handled.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


About Those Pills

In today's Tennessean paper , there's an article about Tennessee's population having the highest number of drug prescriptions. There's one thing the article does not mention. Drug companies have sales reps that visit doctors and kickbacks are offered for prescribing certain pills. Another item not mentioned is the fact that Tennessee is one of the worst places to live if you have sinus allergies. Yes , it does mean more pills. Even I have to have pills for my sinus or I get stopped up in a few hours.
One more thing about taking pills. These have to go through your digestive system for your body to assimilate the drug. This means you are only getting about 30% of the drug since our system can only handle about that much at any given time. And yes , many drugs leave side affects such ass stomach problems and constipation. Ask your doctor for possible alternatives. Several drugs now come in patch form which means the drug goes directly into your system , bypassing the need for digestion.

If I were taking that many pills , I would be an unhappy camper also. It's interesting that while Tennessee leads in prescribing drugs , Tennessee is also a leader in providing poor health care.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


WOW ! ! !

Many people have been pushing the problem with minimum wages and they can't figure out why the elected officials won't take action. Here's the answer.
Notice the tickets covered by expense accounts ? How do you think CEO's come up with the money to buy these things ? Ass President Bush demonstrated this week on Wallstreet , Bigshots are in bed with politicians and the little people are just for walking on.


At the Office

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD News was with Franklin's Mayor Miller to visit Franklin's administrator Jay Johnson

Jay : C'mon in , have'nt seen you in a while BVD. Franklin Police treating you well ? Heh Heh Heh
BVD : OH , everything is fine , just fine , sir.
Miller : We were talking about Headley....
Jay : What's there to talk about. I got him into the country club down in Alabama to get him out of the public's eye and in 6 months , he will be back on the job with all this behind him.
BVD : May I ask what that folder is on your desk ?
Jay : This is Metro's file on Headley.
BVD : " ? " How did you get that ?
Jay : From one of the investigaters. He lives here in Franklin and I asked to see it , and so , here it is.
BVD : How do you do things like this ?
Jay : Simple , we are friends and he only pays 5 dollars a year in property taxes.
BVD : What ?
JAY : I am The City of Franklin. I can not be voted out of this office or be fired. Do you understand that ? Since I am The City of Franklin , I can do ass I please.
Miller : Um , the news has been saying Headley had thousands of very strong pain pills......
Jay : Hey , LorTabs are just aspirin on steroids. Look here. Jay opens a drawer to his desk.
Miller : Why do you have 11 , 12 , 13 bottles of Tylenol in your desk ?
Jay : It's not Tylenol , it's LorTabs. I only have it here on hand for medicinal purposes. You want a bottle ?
Miller : I'm good. Thanks just the same.
Jay : BVD ?
BVD : Just like that ?
Jay : Yes , just like that or you can pay me 15 dollars a pill.
BVD : What's the difference ?
Jay : It's just the way things work around here. How do you want to play my game ?
BVD : How do you know Headley will be out of trouble within 6 months ?
Jay : Remember a while back , Headley was confronted about the man hours and money spent looking into a moonshine still ?
BVD : Yes , I do remember. There was a detective Beard saying it was no big deal and no one wanted anyone to be arrested over it.
Jay : Many prominent people around here got their medicine from that still. Those very same people got pissed at Headley and they set out to get him. This whole thing will calm down. You'll see.

BVD and Miller are walking in the hall

BVD : How can he be selling like that ? Franklin's police have got to know what he's doing.
Miller : Johnson runs the department , that's why.
BVD : What's the chief doing ?
Miller : BVD , it's like this. The chief of police position is just a few fill in the blanks on some piece of paper in personnel. Moore walked into the job because he's connected around here. Besides , most of the police officers here owe their careers to him.
BVD : How's that ?
Miller : When a complaint is made against an officer , Jay just sweeps it under the rug. Think about it. If Franklin police arrest him , just think what he can come back at them with.
BVD : So , Johnson is the chief of police around here.
Miller : Actually no. He's the owner / operator.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Tennessee History

Franklin , Tennessee - Now that Sheriff Headley is behind bars for drug dealing , people are scratching their heads wondering what went wrong. Headley put a promise to the people that he would do everything possible to remove the drug dealers from Williamson County if he got elected. Now that he got the job , he's the one doing the dealing.
Yep , ya see , buy removing the drug dealers , that removes the competition. And using the law to do it aint bad , heh , heh , heh.
Tennessee is rich in history on the subject of corrupt sheriffs. Think I'm joking ? Just look into moonshine and you'll see what I'm talking about. And yes , today , the law does know where to get good mooonshine and they leave the person alone. It took a person like Headley to take things to the next level.
It's ironic in a way. Sheriff LaCates had to arrest one of his people for stealing 50,000$ from the department. He made the remark , " Who can I trust ? "
When you think about the landslide support Headley recieved during the election from law enforcement , I wonder how many of those folks were going to set him up? This week alone , the news has reported problems with law enforcement in other Tennessee cities , which makes LaCates' question a good one for all of us to ask ourselves , " Who can any of us trust ? "
Sheriff Headley , who is a long time musician and has his own band , was heard singing the blues last night and has promised to perform jailhouse rock for Metro's inmates ass part of a bargaining agreement to lower his bail.

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