Friday, April 27, 2007


Oh ! ! ROSIE ! !

It seems everyone wants a piece of Rosie. Oh man , is she pregnant ? A loose boob maybe ?
What is that hanging down ? Is that a bad camera angle ?


Rosie Is Gone

By now , everyone on the planet knows Rosie , aka the Ro , will be leaving the VIEW come June. What people are not sure of , is why she is leaving. Well , they say a picture is worth a thousand words. I'll let the reader use their own words.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Imus is stil Around

The Imus fus won't settle down. Here's what folks are saying.

OK , look hear now , I'm a black woman and I sayz therez nuthin rong wit beingk kalled a Black Bitch'n Nigga Ho

Yes , we took a vote and we learnt out that Imus is not black , like ya know , he jest aint one of us.

Luuk man , I jest sing about life ass I seez it ya know. It aint mah fault black women are Ho's. So , like ya know , if I getz censured , how can I sing about life. After all , calling black women Nigga Bitch'n Ho's , makes me money , like ya know what I mean , man? Besides , if I can't use Nigga , Ho , or Bitch in my songs , how am I to write more luv songz , man ?



BVD - Now that the world knows about Rosie getting canned , the " RO " put on a show of her own.

This is what RO's girlfriend sees in bed.

RO said , " I've always wanted to give a billionaire a blowjob. "


City Gets New Alarm

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD heard about Jay Johnson spending several million dollars on a new city hall alarm , to warn about aldermen breaking Franklin's open sunshine laws.
Johnson stated , " I've got to have some kind of early warning so I can have more time to hide. "

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


OUCH ! ! !

Did you get to see RAD GIRLS last night ? They took turns bending over and letting their butts get smacked by tennis balls. Later , they stripped off their clothes ( actually it was dental floss ) and put wax on their pussy hair. Then , they mashed their cunts against a car bumper and the car drove away , taking their pussy hair with it. There was an interesting " print " on the car's bumber.
No , I'm not putting pictures here. There's enough ass on the net ass it is.


New Slogan

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD News has learned that most , if not all of Franklin's aldermen are now under some kind of investigation for having meetings outside the sunshine laws. Jay Johnson , Franklin's manager and owner , has been telling people to keep their mouths shut and they did'nt listen. BVD got a picture of Jay Johnson's new management practice hanging on his office wall.


Ding Dong The Bitch Is Gone

This just in - Rosie is leaving the VIEW , WHEW ! ! !

Was it something she said ?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Hot Stuff to Talk About

Franklin City Firefighters were called to put out a car fire after the car owner had been installing a stereo. When something got crossed , the car let out a horrifying death scream and blew up in a fireball.

Titan took a break from his daily workout , to talk about the event and share some laughs.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Mo Ho's

At Tollgate Village , they have everything from the kitchen sink , to ho's.


Just Grow It

Local man , Bernie Ellis is about to loose his farm for being busted on charges of growing marijuana. Let's see what The Tennessean does'nt tell us readers. Did you know the governor's TASK FORCE on drugs has people using illegal drugs ? Did you know Franklin Police has an officer using illegal drugs ? Did you know Metro Police does'nt care , they are hiring people who use illegal drugs. So why does Bernie deserve to loose his farm ? Because he is not one of those who administers the law.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Get Your A/C Ready for the Summer

Franklin , Tennessee - everyone knows I like to catch people scamming their customers. Let me introduce Brandon Jones of 5337 Carter's Creek Pike in Thompson Station TN 37179. His phone numbers are 330-4816 and 330-4639.
Brandon is very knowledgeable in A/C repair. His scam is to remove a wire to prevent the compressor from being accidentally turned on when he is working on the system. After the repair , the customer pays and Brandon walks away with your cool cash in hand. No , he does not replace the wire. Later , when you call him back because of more troubles , he will replace the wire and charge 60$ for making the repair. Nice trick , eh ?


Make Money on Ebay

Ebay has become a place for scheming low lifes. Here's the latest tactic for getting those extra dollars. Let's take a look at Thomas Yalch of 3553 Montana Street in Stockton CA 95212. His Ebay name is ctymjy. He will list his items for 0.99 , he charges 8.95 for shipping with the postal service. When a person wins 2 items , he will combine shipping. Here's the math he uses: 8.95 + 8.95 = 17.90 , yes , this is a scam.
Look at the picture. The two items will fit in a free box and a free Wal Mart plastic bag is used for packing. Thomas does not respond to email after the sale. If the winner does not pay , he lets Ebay know about it. Several people have complained about his sales practices and Thomas has started to raise his shipping rates. This week's listings have 14$ to 16$ to ship these small items and yes , the winner of 2 auctions will have to pay 30$ for combined shipping.
If you have'nt noticed , the 2 items will fit into the same box , so one shipping price will cover the 2 items being shipped. His customers are excited at the low starting price of his auctions and don't notice his scam until they get the invoice.
Remember , there are other sellers on Ebay , who want your return buisness and are honest. Some even sell the same items Thomas sells.

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Imus May be the Starting Point

The Imus story continues to be news. Let's take a look around and see if any sense can be made. Why is it that Imus got canned while hip hop goes on like nothing happened ? The truth is simply this , Imus does'nt have the brain pan to create "Nappy Hair " and " Ho " , on his own. He got those words from hip hop. Imus has made his fame by riding other people's coat tails. So , why do the Rutger girls have their hair on fire ?
Let's go back to around 1971. Black women saw their black men crawling out of the closet with their white girl friends. It was already bad enough black women were not getting respect from their men and now this. Seeing that nothing was going to change , black women seemed to roll over when they were told to. Now , back to the future - nothing has changed. Today , black women still do not get respect from their black men , butt , they got a white man fired. Well that does make sense. If a black man won't give a black woman respect , ya gotz to start somewhere , right ? Hip hop says don't compare them to Imus cause it ain't the same. Well , where did Imus get those words again? Besides , I saw the game and Imus was right. They all had Nappy Hair !
If you missed last night's programming , you missed shots of the Rutger girls fussing over their hair before talking. Is'nt it interesting , that now they are national news , they are worried about the way they look.
If you want to see more disrespect towards black women , COMCAST shows " Soul of Africa ". This is a mix of African music. Hmm.........maybe that's where hip hop got their ideas.

Friday, April 13, 2007


America's Justice System

For those who are still swimming around in the nappy hair , Nifong has stepped forward to apologize to the 3 players accused of raping a black girl. It seems they were innocent all the time. Nifong , being the DA , had kept evidence proving they were innocent out of view for months. Although his actions are wrong , he does not need to be fired. His apologies will suffice.
BVD : Hey , what gives ?
Jerry : America is dysfunctional , that's what gives. Ya see , the legal people practice the law , in the manner they interpret the law. Therefore , Nifong has broken no law.
BVD : Butt , what if I was a legal person and I said he broke the law ?
Jerry : You are not a legal person. The difference between you and Nifong is that you can distinguish right from wrong. Legal people can not.


Now That's It's Over

With Imus getting fired , he can retire his wig. I can see where he gets the Nappy Hair remark. BVD went around asking people about their feelings and thoughts about the Ho incident.

Why , yes , I am glad he got fired.

I'll show those Ho's what hair is.

Nappy Hair ? I don't really care. I'd give anything just to have my own hair.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Just Another Pretty Farce

Everyone likes to know how companies treat people. Here's a blog I've put into my clickable list. A company has tried to help themselves into some hopefully gullible folks and it did'nt work.
J. L. Kirk helps people get jobs. Or so they say. You can click on the blog and read for yourself. This will probably be an ongoing story.

Although there is no advertising seen , there is a data miner in this blog looking for emails.


Nappy Spokeswoman

Wanda Sykes has become the Nappy Spokeswoman for Nappy Hair. She was seen on Leno last night.
Wanda : When I was younger , my hair was this wide on the sides.
Jay : Are the Rutger women Ho's ?
Wanda : That's debatable.
Jay : How did you become the spokeswoman ?
Wanda : My publicist insisted on it.
Jay : Are'nt you afraid to joke about Nappy Hair ?
Wanda : No , of course not. Ms. Barry likes her title and besides , I'm black. I can joke all I want. I can't wait to hear the new hip hop and rap lyrics that will come out of this one.

Note : DJ Gary Smith in the Penn state has been fired for his repeating Imus' remarks.


A Chicken's Life



Listerine has recalled it's Cool Mint because it was found to be contaminated with micro organisms that cause bad breath.
Jerry : Hey BVD. Is he some Nappy Hair statement ?
BVD : Uh , no. He is the Nappy Hair spokesman for men and Listerine uses him in their commercials to increase sales.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


The Imus Debate Continues

Overheard behind the camera -

So , none of your players are Ho's ?
No , of course not.
So , they are not black ?
Of course they are.
Then why do black men make money in stand up comedy saying black women are Ho's ?
Why you racist son of a bitch'in white boy , God is on my side !
When did you last talk with God ?
What ?
So , Imus took away your team's moment , what about the winning team's ? I have'nt seen any interviews with them They have'nt even been in the news.
Hey , that's enough of that , now ! Let's get back to my girls.
What's with the finger ?
White boy , I'm gonna have the good reverend tear you out a new ass.
I see you have layed your hair back , you look much nicer that way.
OOoooo , cracker , someone hold me BACK ! ! !



For those who do not have COMCAST , ya missed out on the interview with Letterman and Obama.


Watch Out ! ! !

BVD got to see HBO's Pimp Chronicles starring Katt Williams. Afterwards , BVD was heard imitating him.
BVD : Yeah oh Yeah , Yo motherfucking bitches , Yo Nigger Ho's , Shit , I ain't neva seen soo many Niggers in one place before , Damn ! ! all Yo Mutha Fuckers
Jerry : Hey BVD ! ! ! Stop it will ya
BVD : Huh ? Stop what ?
Jerry : You can't say the " N " word.
BVD : Katt the man says it. Why can't I ?
Jerry : You are not black.
BVD : I'm not ?
Jerry : No , you are not. If the black people heard you , they would demand an apology and you would forfeit your job , if you did'nt get fired first.
BVD : Butt black people say it all the time to eachother. Is this hypocrisy ?
Jerry : Of course it is. This country's founding father's gave birth to this nation on a pile of hypocrisy.
BVD : What do you mean ?
Jerry : Our founding fathers said , " All men are equal." Some of those fathers owned slaves at the time.
BVD : I did'nt learn that in grade school. How come you know about it ?
Jerry : I went beyond grade school.
BVD : Oh , alright.
Jerry : OK.
BVD : HEY ! ! ! All you funkin Niggers , Yo Hos ! ! ! Damn all yo muther fuckin Nigga Bitches ! ! Jerry looks on as BVD goes dancin down the hall.

Originaly posted March 14 , 07 - I brought it forward with the Imus story.

Monday, April 09, 2007


A Dysfunckional America

Why is it OK for a black man to call a black woman a Ho ? Why is it OK for a black man to call a black woman a Nigga Bitch'in Ho ? Why is it NOT OK for a white man to call a black woman a HO ?

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Need Religion ? Try Sex

The sign says it all.

Ladies , my orgasim was this BIG ! ! !

The latest craze in religion is now sex. This guy says God created sex , I'm just cashing in on it. His preaching has gained his church a 30% growth and climbing. I guess that's why he calls his church The Next Level. To explain his growing popularity , he remarked , I'm helping people with sex and religion problems.

Just what we need in time for Easter

Of course , blogger still can't get the pics right.

Friday, April 06, 2007


Here Tis

Franklin , Tennessee - the City of Franklin has started a new game in showing off the size of their ass. If you have'nt got your letter , here's mine. Why is it , that Tennessee's governments want to tax and tax and tax Tennesseans more and more , I don't know , unless they think Tennesseans are just some small folk with small brains. That would explain a lot. The way things are going , us po folks are gonna hav ta go bak 2 da hollers and shit wit da pigs. Jes lek lung agoe.
Ya know , Saturn people wanted to come to Tennessee to get away from Michigan and it's high taxation. Tennessee did'nt offer such nonsense. Just look at what followed them. For those who don't know , Saturn brought Jay Johnson from Michigan and taxes have been blooming ever since.
Johnson's latest scheme is to make the electric company bury all obove ground power lines to make Franklin more beautiful. OK. I don't have a problem with that ass long ass Jay Johnson pays for it out of his own pockets. It's past time he started contributing something nice to this city , instead of demanding the people of Franklin pay for his silly ideas.


The Return of Screaming Dean

What do you mean I CAN'T be PRESIDENT ? ? ?
I've Paid my DUES ! ! !


Tennessee Will Cost More

Tennessee's Gov. Bredesen is in favor of toll roads. The toll money would help fund education. BVD got to have a word with da " Man "
BVD : Governor , you have been busy raising taxes every where money getz spent. Now , it's toll roads. When will all this stop ?
Governor : Stop ? What do you mean stop ? There is no stopping. If Tennessee is to have a future , there must be money available. Tennessee still does not have money for education. Now what does that say for my time in office ? What will people think of me down the road in future generations of students ? No , I can't stop now.
BVD : Wow , I guess you are the only politician that really cares about Tennessee.
Governor : You bet. I'm looking to the future with both eyes open.
BVD : Do you plan to retire in Tennessee ?
Governor : Are you kidding ? This state is getting toooo expensive to live in. Besides , Vanderbilt's Mrs. Gee is leaving and taking her green thumb with her. I don't know what I will do when the supply runs out.


Caught In the Act

If you missed the news , last night a McDonalds was robbed at gun point. A Metro Police Sargeant was caught on tape stealing french fries. The sarg replied , " What ? This is'nt evidence. " A Metro Dick said they were unable to recover finger prints from the fries and so everyone got to eat free. He said off camera , " Man , we get the munchies ya know ? Like , after a couple of hits on Gee's smash hash , you 're gonna get da munchies. "

A Metro Officer later said , " I bet you thought us cops only ate da donuts. "

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


About That Dang COMCAST

Franklin , Tennessee - todays newspaper mentioned COMCAST customers loosing service during some of the most important sports events last night. Is'nt it interesting how the news does'nt tell us everything. COMCAST phones have been mostly out of service since Sunday. Many customers have lost service during these days. This is happening at a time when another cable service is being looked at for the purpose of bringing cable compitition into Tennessee. COMCAST is well known for it's lackadazicle attitude towards everyone , including it's own employees. What will it take for COMCAST to repair it's phone service ? Another pay hike ?
No doubt , here in Franklin , Jay Johnson would like to buy out COMCAST so The City of Franklin can operate , maintain and frustrate the customers for even more money. When will all this nonsense stop.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


An Honest Man

With so many people having immigrated to Tennessee , I wonder how many remember the 3 cent tax hike. It stirred up a lot of controversy about taxation. Then , the politicians touted the 3 cents was for education. It passed without difficulty. Of course , not one cent made it into education. Then , it was Tennesse's Lottery. This was the way to fund Tennessee's education programs state wide. It passed without difficulty. Then , Governor Bredesen said , " The lottery does not have enough money for education. "
Now , it's the 40 cent tax on tobacco for education. Mr. Bone stated, " I don't know how much of the 40 cent tax will make it into education. Perhaps none of it will make it. I just don't know. "
Well put Mr. Bone. I guess that helps to explain why Tennessee's education system is last on the top 50's list and it also helps everyone understand why Tennessee's teachers are the lowest paid in the 50 states. There's just toooo much money out there.
When Mr. Bone was asked about Franklin Police , he got a scared look on his face and quickly disappeared.

Monday, April 02, 2007


Butt , Butt , I'm a Marine

No Butts about it. The Marines have outlawed tatooes. Many Marines have clogged the tatoo parlors to get their tooes before the April deadline. President Bush says these Marines send the wrong message to the world.
Well alrightee then Mr. Bush. By the way , what message are you sending to the world ass you continue to build nuclear weapons I thought that nonsense was over.


UH OHhhh , Charley's

Franklin , Tennessee - I noticed Oh Charley's on Highway 96 has changed it's food quality , if this is really food. Although it was sold ass ribs , it's actually rubber bands , left over from the second world war.

This qualifys for the YUCK Award.

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