Saturday, September 30, 2006


Marijuana Use OK'd by Police

Taken out of context from today's The Tennessean. Metro Deputy Police Chief Steve Anderson said in a press interview just how fortunate Nashville is , to have a highly respected university like Vanderbilt because there's so much to be learned from them.
Upon realizing Mrs. Gee's use of marijuana helped bring in more monetary gifts than her husband , Chief Anderson put 2 and 2 together and found there really is a number four. Therefore , Metro Police will no longer care about an applicant's use of marijuana. Mrs. Gee's findings on the use of marijuana clearly showed a person can accomplish more , much more than a person not using the stuff. The Chief continued by mentioning President Clinton. On a side note , Chief Anderson mentioned that these days , a smart person knows how to get by a marijuana test these days with the use of today's technology , a person can be taking almost any drug , and still get past a drug test.
Besides , hiring marijuana users puts more experience and expertise in the field at any given moment.
BVD : Chief , I relaize what you're saying , butt how can you justify hiring someone who is breaking the law
Chief : Look , these marijuana laws are petty little things. The only reason law makers made it's use illegal was because they were'nt getting their cut. Have you noticed Tennessee's Drug Task Force ? They have people using the stuff and their hands on experience helps them identify and to make arrests.
BVD : So , in other words , the use of marijuana is illegal , depending on what side of the law you are on
Chief : Precisely.

Friday, September 29, 2006


Who's Playing with the DOG ?

On Grey's Anatomy , someone puts somebody's pretty panties on the bulletin board which gives all the gossipy circles something to do besides their job.
At one time at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center ( Vanderbilt Hospital ) someone was placing a freshly used condum on the bulletin board. ( EEEWWWWW ) It took a while to catch the person. Ass it turned out , the person was the department manager's pet , so of course , nothing was done. This person enjoyed sexual jokes and telling stories of their sexual adventures. Being the department pet , she did not worry about doing her job , sleeping on the job , or even showing up. The employee handbook did not apply to her. She still got paid for posting the condum that she used while on the job.
Well , at least she was keeping busy while at work.
Soooo , when you see this stuff on TV , there just might be something real about the story.


Mr. T warns Conan

NBC Studios , New York - BVD News - During an interview with Mr. T , Conan was warned to not ever never again tell any more jokes about Paris Hilton or else , " I'LL PITY THE FOOL ! ! ! I'm talking to YOU , , , , , FOOOOL ! ! ! "
Conan's toupee went limp and sliding off of his head , it rolled down his coat sleeve and went plop on the floor , leaving Conan speechless and the show stayed on commercial till the end.
At the time of this writing , medics were unable to revive the toupee and it was transported to the ER on the other NBC stage. Script writers were over joyed saying this incident has given them enough material for another season , while they watched Conan at it's bedside talking soothingly to his hairpiece.


Marijuana Research Conducted at Vanderbilt

Vanderbilt University , BVD News - in a press statement released thru Vanderbilt University Public Affairs with co operation from Vanderbilt's Marijuana Distribution/Quality Control Division , it has been disclosed that Mrs. Gee , the wife of Vanderbilt's Chancellor Gee , has actually been doing medical research involving the use of marijuana.
This statement came forward after The Wall Street Journal ratted on Mrs. Gee for her use of marijuana , which is illegal in the State of Tennessee and is also against the law. Despite the fact , their stock in question , saw a 16 % increase , over the past 5 trading days. Supposedly , in this country , no one is above the law and people were quick to point this out.
Mr. Schoenfeld , of Vanderbilt's Public Affairs Department said somehow this press release had gotten itself buried under other paper work and was misplaced and he apologized to Mrs. Gee for the misunderstanding about her involvement and use of marijuana.
BVD : Mr. Schoenfeld , what's the date on that news release
Schoenfeld : ( looks at the paper ) It has September 29 of 2006 at the top here
BVD : Thank you sir for clearing up this matter


Blogger posts False Statements

Nolensville , Tennessee - Jerry Horne writing in for BVD , in the Thursday's edition of the WILLIAMSON A. M. , Alderman Larry Felts got caught lying. He stated , " I did what the local blog does , and post a false statement. "
Well , at least we now know where he stands on blogs and how he intends to use them. This is the man credited for leading the charge on ethics. So , posting false statements on a blog is ethical. Hm..... Yes , this is the same man that attacked another blog for making false statements.
The only logicical conclusion I can make , is that Alderman Felts has gone into partnership with Scott Revoir of Excel , to sell dirt. The math does add up. Here , check it for yourself.
Not surprisingly , Alderman Felts is just another politician who can't take resposibility for himself without finger pointing the blame elsewhere.

If a blog got him to post a false statement , I wonder what the bible would cause him to do ?

Thursday, September 28, 2006


An interview with Governor Bredesen

Nashville , Tennessee - BVD News walking with the governor to his next appoinment.
BVD : Thank you for seeing me Governor
Bredesen : What can I do for you today , I'm on a very busy schedule.
BVD : Yes sir , with the governor's election coming up , how do you feel about the remarks regarding your removing terminal patients from TennCare.
Bredesen : Well , terminal is the medical word for the living dead , which means their ass is good ass dead. If you look at the fine print , you'll find TennCare does pay for them to have a cremation.
BVD : What about your disregard for the needs of Tennessee veterans. The VA these days is'nt living up to their promise of helping them
Bredesen : That's between the veterans and their government. Tennessee did not hire them ass soldiers and therefore Tennessee is not responsible for their wounds and besides , I don't have time for loosers.
BVD : People noticed your praise for Saturn creating 5,000 jobs. Those jobs were given to UAW members , Tennesseans were not in those 5,000 hired , how can you....
Bredesen : Look , Saturn can hire who ever they feel is proper to work for them.
BVD : I see , so much for Tennesseans. How are your HMO companies doing ?
Bredesen : Great , heh , heh , heh , just great. ( large smile )
BVD : When are you going to finish cleaning up the Tennessee Safety Department
Bredesen : That's done ass far ass I'm concerned. People need to be more safe on Tennessee's highways. When a trooper pulls you over , I suggest you have a condum handy in case he does'nt have one. Look , I'm really busy , nice to have had this little chat with you.

Pictured is Bredesen making promises with his fingers crossed behind his back


Conan Looses His Hair

NBC Studios , New York - BVD News , BVD was present during a show rehearsal when Paris Hilton's dog came out of no where and snatched Conan's hair piece. Since Conan did not have a spare , NBC ran a rerun for that night

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


An Interview with Chancellor Gee

Vanderbilt University , BVD News - BVD got an inside exclusive interview with the Chancellor after going into critical damage control over a report from the Wall Street Journal.

BVD : Thank you for seeing me chancellor
Gee : Glad to have you here and help straighten up some misinformation that's been said about this wonderful university.
BVD : With Vanderbilt's clout and power on capital hill , I'm surprised such a story could see the light of day. What happened
Gee : Well , you know the old saying , one day , somehow , the truth will show it's ugly head
BVD : Yes , I've heard that. So , how have you been doing since you took this job after telling the world you did'nt want anything to do with it
Gee : Wow , you do your homework don't you
BVD : I'm not a Vanderbilt student relying on test files
Gee : SHHH , with about those files , OK ?
BVD : What's it like having your own stash of Mary Jane while being protected by Tennessee's fourth largest police department
Gee : Hey man life is sooo good , ya know what I mean hey hey hey
BVD : I'm surprised no one said anything earlier , you have all the signs of it's use
Gee : What are you talking about
BVD : I was in the Army , I can look in your face and tell you've used it within the last hour.
Gee : Can we move on
BVD : Of course , what's this about you spending 10 million dollars to renovate your residence , which happens to be Vanderbilt's big party house for fund raisers
Gee : The people coming to these fund raisers expect a certain level of respect and hospitality. In return , these people give large donations which keep this university running.
BVD : Yeah , butt , 10 million dollars
Gee : Look , the price of gas has gone up which makes it more expensive to get here , and with Dean Potter gone , LAMBDA has stopped donating condums , and then there's Vanderbilt One that is in constant use...
BVD : Vanderbilt One ?
Gee : This university has it's own air force. I fly in the larger buisness jet , while other important ranking university officials use the smaller aircraft.
BVD : Why are you flying so much
Gee : There's always important buisness meetings to attend to in the Bahamas
BVD : Why can't those meetings be held here
Gee : Becuase many members of Congress and the Senate , and of course the military go there regularly for their buisness meetings and it makes good buisness sense to be there with them. Vanderbilt's own air force is at the beck and call of many Congress members.
BVD : Why is that ?
Gee : It keeps our lobbyist close to them. How else do you think Vanderbilt can remain a for profit buisness enterprise with tax excempt status.
BVD : I see , well that helps to explain spending the 10 million dollars. To back up a moment..
Gee : Whoa , buddy , you better get a condum , I believe in being safe
BVD : Hold it sir , keep your pants on. I was going to ask about all those condums. Why are they so important.
Gee : These good people bringing all that money to share with the university also want to share more of themselves with the university. That's where I come in. ( The Chancellor's pants hits the floor )
BVD : Well sir , thank you very much for your time sir.
Gee : Your leaving ? Butt you just got here. Hey , hey , wait , you want some ? It's fresh. We grow our own at Potter's old place out in the country. ( Gee shows an open cigar box with pretty little ribboned green bags ) I'll show you how to roll it. Pssst....with the police protecting this place , we don't have anything to worry about.
BVD : Another time sir , and again , thank you for your time


Gas Companies are so full of GAS

Tennessee , Jerry Horne filling in for BVD. Here's another sob story of an American being shit on by big companies just because they can. There's no reason for the gas company to go thru her property. The gas people sees this lovely person living life her own way and they don't like it. The truth is , the State of Tennessee is sitting on a shelf of limestone. And what's under all that limestone you might ask ? GAS ! ! ! yep , you got it. A person can drill practically anywhere in the State of Tennessee and strike GAS ! ! !. Can you imagine everyone in this state drilling in their own back yard and striking GAS ? ! ! There's a highly confidential map that shows the gas pocket and the various depths to find it. OH yeah , and by the way , WSM-TV channel 4 reported a similar story several years ago. Only at that time , the holes were tapped and plugged waiting to be used. Well , would'nt now be that time and leave this lady alone ?

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Don't Look at ME , it Aint MY FAULT

United States of America , Jerry Horne reporting - Aint it amazing how Americans refuse to deal with their own responsibility. And when it comes to election time , everyone enjoys the dirty laundry that gets drug out from the closet. Does'nt matter if the truth is being told , just so long ass it's entertaining.
Case in point is all the finger pointing at Congressman Ford for his " All talk - no action " on illegal immigration. The truth is , shortly after the American government assassinated President Kennedy , a report was given to Congress and passed along to the public about illegal immigration and something needed to be done. Nothing was done. Soo , now that 43 years has passed with nothing beeing done , illegal immigration is at the point of being beyond finding a solution , people want to point fingers at someone else because they did'nt have anything to do with it.
For once , why can't Americans take resposibility for being an American. For once , why can't Americans kick politics out of capital hill , and act like a country should. Putting this kind of trash in mailboxes shows what kind of people Americans have become after 43 years.
For those wondering where I got my information , look to The Tennessean archives. And don't forget the The Nashville Banner.
Pictured is the trash Corker is putting into people's mailboxes. I think this trash falls under a federal offense because a mailbox does not qualify ass a trash can. Or , maybe Corker has a sense of humor by acting like Tennessee Trash. Remember him ?


Being Where the News Is

CNN's John Lawerance covered the fighting in Bagdad last night. He was telling about the heavy fighting and the casualties. When signing off , he stated he was reporting from Atlanta. Hm.....

Monday, September 25, 2006


Five Alive gets Called into Service

Nashville , Tennessee - BVD News , this past weekend , with a storm front coming fast into Nashville , the word got out there were tornadoes in the area. They could be seen on radar , butt could not be seen from the ground due to heavy cloud cover. Channel 5 News got their Five Alive bird in the air in an attempt to locate those things.
Unfortunately , they were unable to locate the tornadoes due to sunny skies all around them.
( see map )


Paris vs. Conan

Hollywood - BVD Boggtographer , Paris learned that Conan had hired some people to watch over her blog , and the blogs of her friends , to look for funny material to use on his show , which in turn , NBC then copyrighted the stuff.
Paris confronted Conan , who denied everything. What started ass a name calling contest took a turn for the worse ass Paris grabbed Conan's red colored toupee and jumped into her limo locking the door.
Conan was last seen running after the limo ass Paris waved the toupee out the window just beyond his reach yelling , " Yo Moma needs more hormones. "
When approached later about the incident , an out of breath Conan covered his bald head with his hands and jacket saying , " Her legs were much faster than my brain. "


Franklin is getting close to it's Limits

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD News , with Franklin's mass confusion reaching critical mass , Franklin's government concluded things would calm down if the masses were'nt allowed to congregate. Therefore , the decree was decreed that there will be no trespassing in Franklin. You can read more about this by clicking onto Franklin KoolAid.
BVD : Hey everybody , it's Jay Johnson , c'mon

Jay Johnson is seen putting up another sign.

BVD : Mr. Johnson , what's going on ? Why the signs ?
JJ : Can't you read , or are you one of those Franklinites who were born and grew up here ?
BVD : We are just concerned citizens who want to know why you are putting The City of Franklin off limits.
JJ : Look , it's like this , Some folks living here belong here because of their wealth. Other folks don't have wealth and therefore are in the way of proper people living here.
BVD : With your attitude , are'nt you concerned about the next election ?
JJ : Ha Ha Ha , elections don't effect me and those people who do vote did'nt hire me. Now if you'll excuse me , I've got these signs to put up.


How Fat Are You ?

Madrid , Spain - BVD Global Bloggtographer , Spain has once again put itself on the map by slapping ultra thin fashion models off the tarmack. People are saying thin is not in for the proper way of showing off clothes. The models were weighed against their height. If the math did'nt add up , that person was eliminated from the show. The chalk board has the formula used to determine a person's fat factor. More countries are getting their government onto this bandwagon ass the fashion shows move across the globe.
America's First Lady stated this country's government is more into obesity than being into thin.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Number 500

Yes folks , today I'm celebrating my blogg's 500th posting. Leaning back in this ole chair , I've contemplated a lot of things. Is it my imagination , or do people have their brains on backwards ? Think about these things , and you'll see ( maybe ) what I'm talking about.

1 - A teenage poll shows a PC is the best way to watch the news. Well , does'nt a PC have a TV screen ?
2 - The Williamson A. M. considers draining 20 years of Franklin's affluent effluence to be front page news. Don't they have anything better to talk about ? Of course they do , butt , Franklin's government won't let them.
3 - Money does'nt prove how much genious a person has , butt , you can't convence The Tennessean of that. Well , they did sign their life away to John J. Hooker. Anyway , I think someone has sooo much money , they don't know what to do with it.
4 - The funniest news I heard was Paris got into it with Conan. The last anyone saw of Conan , he was running down the street chasing the car Paris was in , while she waved his red toupee at him. Later , Conan admitted , Paris was smarter than he had thought.

Friday, September 22, 2006


Jay Johnson Wins Tax Free Award

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD Bloggtographer , in a quiet and little known contest used to generate new ideas for encouraging the continuing growth in the Franklin area , Jay Johnson won the latest one million dollar tax free award for his newest idea.
Jay Johnson said , " Name streets after celebrities , and they will come. "
When asked about his idea and where he got it from , Mr. Johnson pointed our attention to the locust name.
Pictured is Marg Helgenberger , a well known singer and " A " lister from Hollywood. Because this is a City of Franklin contest santioned by Franklin's government , Jay Johnson will not have to pay taxes on the money.


Here Kitty Kitty Kitty

Franklin , Tennessee - here are a couple of hams to share with the world.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Now That's Boring News

Nashville , Tennessee in the channel 4 news room - Demetria was soooo bored with doing her job , she fell asleep in her chair while on the air. Dan woke her up so they could continue the broadcast. Hm.....maybe Demetria has gotten soo old , she can't stay awake during the day. How long has she been there ?


Giving Away Your Money

The State of Tennessee , just telling it like it is. Tennessee felt it had come a long way when the lotto got passed through the law's hoops. By having the lotto , Tennessee is now considered to be a modern , upscale state to live in. Just look around and you'll see the beautiful country side being demolished for multi million dollar homes.
The thing about the lotto is that you are playing by someone else's rules. Just how much do you expect to win , when the lotto commission decides how much they are willing to part with ? So you win a few million dollars. They've got the rules written so that you have to pay them a percentage of the amount you won. Yep , they get a piece of your action. And , we have'nt started talking about the Uncle Sam's cut yet.
While at the store , a person bought 30 dollar$ of tickets and he was scratching away , just knowing he had won the big one. After watching him scratch it all , he looked around noticing the people looking back at him. You could sense everyone's thoughts , " LOOSER ! ! ! "
So when you see me at the store , don't be surprised if you don't see me buy a lotto ticket. The odds of me winning are stacked against me. It's the people running the lotto commission that has the odds of winning stacked up for themselves.
Remember they said they would help pay for school ? Remember when they said there was'nt enough funds to help pay for that school ? Remember when they gave themselves those big bonuses from the funds that did'nt exist ? Remember those bonuses are bigger than the amounts paid by other states ? You're just having fun giving your money away to someone else. That's all it is. If you know how to manapulate your taxes , you can write it off. Yep , living in Tennessee does have it's advantages , don't it.
Pictured is 9.00 dollars of lost money


Back in Bagdad

Bagdad , Iraq - BVD News Global Bloggtographer , this was over heard in a back alley.
Corporal : Hey Sarge , there's some kids here that say they can fix this cheap
Sarge : What's that heavy thing with the wires they are carrying
Corporal : They say it's for jumping off tanks.
Sarge : Really , how does that work
Corporal : They said to slide it under a tank and then everyone jumps off


Flags , Flags , and more FLAGS

Nolensville , Tennessee - BVD News , if you were at Suzi Tant's Nursery and could'nt find anything , you were not alone. It seems someone planted American flags all around the nursery and with the wind causing the flags to flap around in people's faces , no one could see anything they wanted to buy.
Suzi was telling customers there was a special buy one get one free flag day for today only. The problem is , Tant's Nursery is inside Nolensville City limits which only allows one and a half flags per person , per ID on a person's hand. There were not enough illegals to keep her out of trouble. The Chief of police of Nolensville went on record stating the flags were an eyesore , and he was also getting complaints from some of the illegal residents saying they were tired of being forced to look at the flags while they did their shopping. The police chief told Suzi that Nolensville was moving up in the world and there was no room for people like her to show off the flag in such a patriotic manor.
Suzi said next month , she would have a special on Mexican flags , which are outside and above American laws


A Load of Dirt From Nolensville

Nolensville , Tennessee - Scott Revoir of Excel Constructors in Nolensville sure can talk with a candy coating. He promised me a load of dirt if I would use my blog to help put Nolensville on the map. Well , let's us see what we can find around town : Brenda Harkin wrote the Tennessean stating that anyone voting should have a valid ID. I'm with ya Brenda , but , remember , how can a Bush win an election using valid IDs ? This is America , where illegals have voting rights also.
In the meantime , Grady Shotwell has agreed to fix the night lights in Nolensville in return for immunity from traffic tickets , now that the town has a police car they can call their own. It seems no one told him , Nolensville can't afford a radar gun at this time.
Pictured is Grady frantically working on the police chief's chandelier for tonight's republican ball.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Small Police Force getz Small Car

Nolensville , Tennessee , BVD News - Berry Hill Police Chief Bennett has managed to donate a police car to the Nolensville Police Department. This has happened through the efforts of Scott Revoir with EXCEL in Nolensville. Scott had cut a deal with Chief Bennett to trade one of his unused police cars for a load of dirt , if he would not rat on him for hiring illegals.
Berry Hill is well known for being the richest community in Nashville , and therefore , their police department has money it does'nt know what to do with. Chief Bennett said , " We already have a fleet of police cruisers just sitting around with no one to drive them. I'll give the keys to Chief Rigsby of the Nolensville Police Department when Scott makes good on that load of dirt he promised me last year."
Scott was unavailable for comment while he was busy teaching his employees how to say " y'all. "


Astronauts Busted

Earth Orbit , BVD Orbiting Bloggtographer - The Russians successfully delivered the American tourist , aka , DEA Imsorri to the space station yesterday. It did'nt take long to realize the mysterious object floating around outside the space station was in fact 2 kilos of marijuana.
The DEA agent went around hand cuffing everyone saying Imsorri , I am so sorry.


GOooooo VANDY ! ! !

Vanderbilt University - BVD News - Well , at least they got a fence

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Give a Dog a Home

Vanderbilt University , BVD News Bloggtographer - With all the parties going on at the frat houses , it's important to have a strong and viral animal smell. One frat house came up with the answer and they have also found that it's a chick magnet.
BVD asked where did this idea come from , a student replied , " I read about it in one of the engineering test files dealing with pigs.

Monday, September 18, 2006


A Dream Flight To Talk About

Franklin , Tennessee - the fall weather is coming and that means the tree leaves will be turning. This is the best time of the year for that balloon ride you've been wanting to do , but were afraid of heights. I would recommend Dream Flights. The balloon pilot is Richard and he has both the experience and the prices for you to have a good time. I've witnessed so called experience pilots land in trees , on houses , get tangled in the power lines and yes , land in a pond. I have'nt heard of these problems with Dream Flights and there's even a crew to make sure things go well. Many companies don't go to the expence of having a crew just to save money and those guys will expect you to help out with the heavy work. Keep in mind , you're paying them to have a good time , he is not paying you to help out. After checking prices , Dream Flights has the best deals and you'll find them right here in Franklin. When you go , don't forget the camera , batteries , film , and the wife.
Richard can be reached at 595 - 7446. Reservations are highly recommended


E.Coli Cause Found

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Taming a Wild Cat

Franklin , Tennessee , BVD Bloggtographer - Patricia shows how to tame a wild cat. The reason for being so abtusely straight forward with this wild animal was to get a flea collar on.
When asked how she learned to handle wild animals , she replied , " I grew up with seven brothers. Any more questions ? "


Five Alive Gets Lost

Franklin , Tennessee , BVD News - Channel 5 sent their Five Alive news helicopter to cover a traffic mishap at Ashland City. Their bird was last seen circling around Franklin in the low level fog. Franklin Police started to follow it thinking something had happened when they realized Five Alive was lost.
People were standing outside in their night time jammies , brushing their teeth and getting ready for work , wondering why their houses were shaking , while watching Five Alive circle around trying to find itself in the fog.
Five Alive was fortunate to have had a english reading news reporter on board , who brought to the pilot's attention that F-R-A-N-K-L-I-N does not spell A-S-H-L-A-N-D C-I-T-Y. The reporter noticed the mistake after circling around the same road sign several times.
Pictured is Five Alive having one of it's better days..........on the ground


William Shatner gets his Shat " Pushed " Again

Hollywood , BVD Bloggtographer - during a commercial promoting Priceline , William Shatner got the bends again from not having enough fiber in his diet. The gaff boy took note and remembered what he had learned watching Shatner's roast show. Soo , taking his finger , he pushed Shatner's glory hole causing Shatner to straighten up while dumping his problems on the floor.
Shatner was then able to finish the commercial and later gave praise to the messy gaff boy saying , " I could'nt have done a horse any better. You can come out to the farm anytime , and be sure to bring your talented finger. Have you thought about a career in proctology ? That's where the real money and opportunities are in Hollywood. " When no one was around , Shatner told him , if he would do that to him for free from now on , he would get him listed on priceline.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


At an Airport in another Country

Click on picture


Conan Wins Ass Award

New York , NBC 's Conan O Brian has won the Ass Award for claiming people have infringed upon his copyrighted material. The funny ass part of his copyrighted ass , is that some of it has been coming from people's blogs , which he does not give credit for.
Pictured is Conan showing off his clean trash can , the evidence of an empty mind.
NBC has made a mistake to let Conan take Jay Leno's place. Butt , NBC seems to enjoy the attention of making those mistakes ass evidenced by some of Leno's remarks while their numbers drop like President Bush 's popularity ratings.

Update : I had someone ask me to explain what's going on. OK...I'm sure you've heard about Paris being arrested for DUI. There are many jokes about this floating around. Conan told some of those Paris jokes on his show. Since those jokes appeared on his show , NBC now claims them to be copyrighted material. So , if you and I tell a Paris joke , NBC can take us to court for copyright infringement.


This is sooo WRONG

The President and First Lady are shown walking on the American flag. This is supposed to be a carpet. However , the very people Bush has us warring against , love seeing this. You just do not walk on the symbol of unity for your people.

Monday, September 11, 2006


They're Baaack

Vanderbilt University , BVD - Vanderbilt is now up and running for the fall semester. Here's a few shots taken around campus

The coneheads keep themselves dry.

The frat house has another successfull party.

LAMBDA does their usual thing.



I've got hummingbirds. Watch closely or you will miss something.


Travel Company Gets Decision

Crossville , Tennessee , BVD News - Trip Assured Inc. has been told by Paula Flowers , Tennessee 's Commerce and Insurance Commissioner , that they can no longer sell insurance without a liscence. It took Paula several years to pretend to investigate Trip 's fraud practices until The Tennessean reported on Paula 's incompetence.
Why does it take the news media to get something done ? Paula could not take appropriate action because of political connections. For those who don't know , if you are going abroad , stay away from Trip insurance products. Michigan , North Carolina and Texas have given Trip the buisness boot.


Frist Gets a Job

Senator Frist has been given the task of redefining what soring a horse is. His work will lead up to making it lawful to sore a horse for competition. Years ago , The Tennessean did a in depth report on horse soring. After reading those articles , no one had a doubt what soring was.
Today , with all the millions at stake , the big shots want the rules changed so they can do ass they please , and if that includes toturing a horse to get those millions , so what. Afterall , Frist owes some folks some pretty big favors after getting those charges of insider stock trades buried from the public. Besides , it's about time Frist had something to do anyway. The Tennessean reports that Frist will get this done in a timely manner. Afterall , time is money to these people.
In a earlier post , I did mention Vanderbilt University 's horses. Now look who is in the game. Hm.....Maybe Frist will use the research backroad ass an excuse to sore a horse. Many laws fall onto the ground when something is wrong and you need to explain why , you just say " research "
I think we need to sore the horse owners and let the horses ride them for a while.

Friday, September 08, 2006


Blue Moon Under Vanderbilt

Several years ago , some folks celebrated a friend's birthday in Vanderbilt University 's dungeon.


Neat Trick

BVD News - here's a trick I accidentally heard concerning tax fraud and evasion. A construction company owner buys a lot of very special and unique items on Ebay. He then turns around and sells them on Ebay during a time when items are getting low bids , like right now due to the price of gas. Well , that's a buisness loss he takes on his taxes. These items have nothing to do with his construction company


The Walking Horses Saga Continues

Shelbyville , Tennessee - BVD News. This years Walking Horse competition has 3 First Place winners. This is sooo absurd. How can you have 3 winners ? Good ole boy politics , that's how. And since when do competitors get paid for not competing ? That's Good ole boy politics keeping their good ole buddys out of trouble. If their horse gets disqualified for soring , that lowers the horse's value. It's interesting that channel 4 nor The Tennessean can tell the truth about what goes on during these prestigous days that put Shelbyville on the map. I wonder what would happen if one of Vanderbilt University's horses did get disqualified for soring


You Want What ?

Clinton : I want the truth
BVD : You can't handle the truth
Clinton : I demand the truth be told
BVD : You don't know what truth is

This was part of an interveiw with the former president about an upcoming docudrama that Clinton claims is'nt truthful about him.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


OH NO ! ! ! Better Call Maco

Ellen Degeneres was rear ended by a possible dui driver. Besides a little pain , she says she is OK. If State Farm is involved , well , that could take 20 years or more to resolve. If the current info is correct , State Farm is paying for legal fees and private detectives only. They say they are not responsible for the actions of others , acts of God , or acts of Mother Nature. However , if you need insurance , they will sell it to you at a good price.

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