Sunday, October 26, 2008


Blotted Franklin Police

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD was there , when Franklin PD dropped the ball on crime , again. There's a vehicle that Franklin Police claim is not in their data base. This vehicle is suspected of being involved in a series of home break ins. Detective Black was informed of the vehicle's where abouts , butt , he was more concerned about his freshly made French La ' ette el B'you.

BVD : Ya know Jerry , Franklin is very fortunate to have you for a watchdog
Jerry : I never thought of myself as being that
BVD : Then what's your problem ?
Jerry : I'm just tired of people not being what they are supposed to be. If a Franklin Police officer can't be honest or doesn't want to do their job , then they should just stop what they are " not " doing and quit.
BVD : Do you know where a Franklin Police officer , well , , , any police officer comes from ?
Jerry : Their mother's ass ?
BVD : Hm , , , well , , , . BVD finally breaks into laughter while Jerry looks on unimpressed. He is not laughing. . . . Finally , silence fills the room and BVD studies Jerry's expressionless face. " Jerry , I swear , sometimes you say the funniest things , while not intending it to be funny " , , , , . " I know you are familiar with reincarnation , so I'll ask again , if you know where a police officer comes from ? "
Jerry : No
BVD : They are bad people , who lived a prior life ass a bad person. On their death bed , they made apologies and stated how sorry they were for the wrong they had done.
Jerry : Uh huh , right. Of course they were " SORRY ".
BVD : ( smiling ) , Uh huh , well , the Universe shares your analogy and that's where reincarnation comes in to play. You see , a person cannot erase their sins with just a few words or tears. There must be balance in the world and so , they are given another life to live , to show they are sincere , by doing good for people. Being a police officer merely adds responsibility , which acts as an interest penalty so to speak , just for " good " measure.
Jerry : Hm , that would explain why they keep falling off the saddle
BVD : Yeah , well , , , , , , old habits are hard to break

Saturday, October 25, 2008


The New Math

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD visited one of the special schools within the FSSD special school district and talked with a very special 3rd grader , Trang Chang Sue from China , about America's new math system.

BVD : Ms. Sue , if I put 100 dollars into the stock market , how many dollars will I have ?
Ms. Sue : ( Smiling , she gives BVD the finger )

Friday, October 24, 2008


Ebay is A Changin

People have been complaining about the " new " Ebay , and so have I. Their new look is stupid and it's difficult to find the buttons to click on because they have moved them to newer and stupider locations.

Along with the new look , is the paperless pay system. Now that duh'Bay owns paypal , they want all transactions going thru their greedy little fingers. So what if it is buried under a mountain of complaints and their phone does'nt work.

Along with the new pay system , they frown upon using postal money orders. This is actually a good thing. Postal MOs are now being copied at the color printer nearest you. If you have one , double check the water mark. Even the postal clerks are double checking and your friendly local bank does'nt want them either. Unless they really really know you , it will not be cashed. You will have to deposit the damn thing and wait 3 days to clear.

Are'nt you glad I told you this just before the holiday spending spree ?

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Today's America

This is how the movie , " In the Valley of Elah " ends. Yes boys and girls , America is sick and she needs our help.


jackie Moore On Request

Franklin , Tennessee - somehow BVD got this picture that's said to be of Franklin Police chief jackie Moore. I was wondering , does he take requests ?

Hmmm , this looks like a hotel room. Remember the AM article about a Franklin Police officer being fired for having sex with an informant being kept in a local hotel ? Is this her room ?

She must have been very popular with " the boys "

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Help Me Find Waldo

Do you have a PayPal account ? Do you know the phone number ? I took this page from PayPal's internet site and this is all you get. Remember , PayPal does have someone called Sarah and she's not more intelligent than G. W. Bush.

So , you don't have anything better to do , than look at your stocks ? Well here , help me find Waldo

Is There a PayPal Phone Number?

Is There a PayPal Phone Number?

Yes, there is a PayPal phone number you can call for immediate inquiries. For the quickest service, we recommend using our Help Center before you call the PayPal phone number.

Our easy-to-use Help Center can answer your questions quickly. Since PayPal's Customer Service Representatives answer many inquiries each day, the Help Center features a database of questions with answers ready for you. To visit the PayPal Help Center, simply click the Help link located on the upper right corner of any PayPal page. Then, type your question into the search box at the top of the Help Center page, and you're sure to find the answer you're looking for.

If you do not find the answer you need using the Help Center's search box, the PayPal Customer Service team is also ready to answer your questions via email. When you email us with your question, we'll send you a prompt reply.

If you have an issue of immediate concern and cannot find your answer in the Help Center, or via email, you can use the PayPal phone number found in our Help Center to call us, please.

Other Questions

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How do I get a PayPal account?
Is There an Alternative to PayPal?
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How secure is the PayPal site?
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Why should I use PayPal on eBay?
How do I contact PayPal customer service?
Is there a PayPal phone number?


The New World Order

The United States of America - BVD was sadly looking over his stock portfolio again.

BVD : Man O Man , would I like to put my hands around Bush's throat
Jerry : You better watch what you say there , it's illegal to threaten this country's leader
BVD : Hmmm , leader , yeah , , , , um , riiiiiiiiiight.
Jerry : What's on your mind now ?
BVD : Have you noticed , that all of the problems America is having right now , seem to come from just one man ?
Jerry : Um , no , why do you say that ?
BVD : Look at NBC's report from last night and see if you can connect the dots

Jerry : Hmmmm , Bush was behind this melt down
BVD : Yep and Americans won't impeach him. Ya know what ? There are waaaay to many warning signals here. I see America becoming something else and it aint lookin good for US Americans
Jerry : Okay , just what are you saying ?
BVD : Both President Bush s look to Hitler for their wise cracks. That man took over his country and then he went after the world , which caused the destruction of his nation , the people refused to impeach him , right up to the end. Now , look what Bush has done to this country and the people won't impeach him. There's a conspiracy at hand here my boy and America can't see it. Do you remember Pearl Harbor ?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Fixing America's Economic Problems

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD was looking over his stock report , , , , again.

Jerry : What's wrong big guy ?
BVD : Ooooooh maaaaaaan , long sigh , Americans are looking to their politicians to fix their economic problems
Jerry : Explain please
BVD : Our elected politicians put this country into the mess it's in today and the country is now looking to them to get it out
Jerry : Well , does'nt that make sense
BVD : Nope , they will just look for more $$$$$ that they somehow over looked
Jerry : Oh well. Hey , was'nt it the Godfather who said , " Crime and Politics are the same thing " ?
BVD : Do you know why the middle class is in such poor condition ?
Jerry : I assume you're gonna tell me
BVD : They live under a system , given to them by their elected officials. The middle class pays more in taxes , they pay more in interest , they even get stuck with higher interest rates. This is how the rich get richer while we pay for it. Would you like a better example ?
Jerry : Well sure , why not
BVD : Let's take a look at Vanderbilt University's retirement fund. You put in a dollar and they match it , right ?
Jerry : That's what they say
BVD : Right , that's right , good , you understand what I'm saying , OK , actually , YOU are matching Vanderbilt's dollar in the stock market.
Jerry : Say what ?
BVD : Look , how many people , in the Vanderbilt retirement fund , have seen their money ?
Jerry : No one of course , you can't take it out
BVD : That's right , damn it man , you're on a roll. OK , are you aware of all of the rules , policies and restrictions on that retirement fund ?
Jerry : Well yeah , I've heard it's the IRS making sure you don't get any of that money without paying taxes
BVD : Nope , GOT CHA ! All of those rules comes from Vanderbilt
Jerry : What ?
BVD : You heard me. Look , Vanderbilt plays the stock market everyday. Moving money here, to there and where ever they please. Vanderbilt has all of the money to do ass they please. By placing all of those rules and restrictions on YOUR money , assures them , that the money is there , for them to play with.
Jerry : I don't understand
BVD : Well of course you don't and no one else does either. Listen , people in the retirement plan , only see a statement telling them how much money they have in their account. No one in the plan ever sees one single dollar , right ?
Jerry : Hm , I'm beginning to see something I don't like. Butt , what about the taxes , Vanderbilt would have a taxing problem , would'nt they ?
BVD : How can they ? Remember , Vanderbilt is a for profit institution with a tax exempt status.
Jerry : How can that be ?
BVD : Well , it does pay to have a business jet handy , to help out some poor Congressman with their travel plans

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


McCain Said That

By now , with the wonder of high speed internet and President Bush looking on , McCain has said , it would be better for this nation to elect Obama. Why would he say a thing like that ? This Maverick who showed Washington who was THE MAN about town ? This man who showed David Letterman , his show was not so important after all. Why ?

The answer is simple. He has been informed , the economic bailout won't work. America's next president will inherit an unprecedented Fuck Up , called George W. Bush slept here. That's right , the economic bailout will not work and McCain has been told this. Obama will step into The White House and catch Hell , for President Bush's antics.

Never has America allowed such an asshole ass Bush , to spend soo much money ass Bush has and not impeach the son-of-a-bitch. Bush is the first president to ignore The Constitution while rewriting any law standing in his way.

With the world's economy circling the toilet , now do you understand why Bush rewrote the law , to allow the U. S. ARMY to march on this nation's capitol? Yep , it will probably happen on Obama's watch. The Army will stomp out rioting and preserve Bush's favorite home , The White House , to be renamed " The House That George Built " . Well why not , he did kick American's out of their house , aka The People's House.

President Bush did say , he wanted the Feds to control the economy and now , by deliberately destroying the world's economy and bailing it out , the Feds now have an inside track to ownership. In other words , world domination. And after all that money being spent on weapons research , someone decided that perhaps another way to take over the world would be better. Hmmmmmm , James Bond , where are you when We need you ?

America no longer exists , as we know it today. And if you can not see that Wall Street is being manapulated , then you are a blind and dumb person.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


You Got Problems ? Congress Has The Answers

The United States - people everywhere are just pissed off about loosing their 401K money and they just cannot understand how it happened. BVD has the answers to your questions.

Remember when you signed up for the 401K plan ? It looked even better when your empl0yer was adding to your pie , did'nt it ? Did you read the fine print ? Of course not. A magnifier is needed to read that after you found it.

So , why are you now broke , when you had 10,000 dollars in your 401K ? The answer is simple. Remember President Bush's 12 TRILLION dollar debt ? Yep , your 401K was collateral , for his loan. Someone called in their markers and YOU got stuck with the bill.

How can this be , you ask ? You did'nt give him permission to do this , you say. Well , yes you did when you voted for him and you signed the bottom line on your 401K.

Is'nt it interesting , how Bush and his Congress are investigating other people and not themselves. Is'nt it interesting , that now , they have answers to the problem.

When you get down to the bottom of the barrel , you find only one person responsible for this mess. Go look in the mirror and you will see them. We all had the chance to impeach Bush and we did'nt do it and just look at the mess WE 've made.

Stop blaming AIG and the other CEOs. They've been acting UN patriotic for years. They 've been so very busy tearing down big companies , firing Americans so the jobs can go over seas , having corporate garage sales and pocketing the money , giving themselves pay raises while ignoring the employees.

Americans need to come together and become UNITED once more and kick some butts.

Friday, October 10, 2008


Bush Knew This Was Coming

Now that Americans are steaming over their lost future , let's take a look at President Bush and what he has done , during his time in office.

He changed the law , to allow the president to order the US Army , to march on this country's capitol. Hm , well , now would be the time to march on The White House in protest , right ?

Bush tried really really hard , to get Americans to put their money into the stock market did'nt he ?

Bush did create another CIA. What are they for ? To look for people like me who would dare say , now's the time to march on this country's capitol ? Now is the time for a revolution , so the people can take back their country ? Bush has kept quiet about " his " new CIA department. Why ?

The Pentagon has developed new technology weapons to take down crowds. Why ? Are they intending to use those weapons on US ?

When you look over Bush's accomplishments , you see a picture quite disturbing that has nothing to do with his being a leader of the people , for the people.

And by now , if you have'nt moved your stocks by now , you probably don't have any left to move. Why did'nt you move your money to a safe haven ? Because you were told to stay calm , while the people in the know , move their money. That's right , even ass a stock owner , the American people are cannon fodder.


Is Your Money Safe ?

Now that the market has taken the down slide , are'nt you glad you were in the stock market to begin with ? The only things that have changed since the first melt down , is that the little people have rules , while the biggie boys have none.

The slide with AIG came from people playing the stocks without any money in hand , and yet , they made several trades in ONE DAY , going against AIG. People like you and me can not do this because WE have rules. You know , we can't move any money until the end of the business day , rules like that keep US out of any BIG play , that would make US more money.

Ass the world now learns it's lesson , for being attached to America's debt , NOW they realize the meaning of 12 TRILLION dollars.

Remember what President Bush said , " Why have one war , when you can have 2 , twice the price. " AND , since Bush had an early warning about the stock market , he was able to pull his money out , before the melt down. The biggie boys DO look out for each other.

Okay , Okay , Okay , where can I put my money , what's left of it that is , where it will be safe ? Place it in a money fund. The interest is stupid , butt , it's better than losing it.

Thursday, October 09, 2008


The Stock Market and YOU

Wall Street - BVD was on hand for the closing bell ass the ticker dropped below 9000 points today. That's another 500+ fall on another day at Wall Street.

Now do you understand President Bush and his wild spending spree. Now do you understand what happens , when YOU do not govern your country per The Constitution ? Bush should have been impeached and The People were sleeping on his watch.

Meanwhile , many Americans have learned the hard way , just how difficult it can be , to move their money around to put it in a safer place. Congress has passed all those laws and restrictions deliberately , so they could keep your money in place , in the event something like a melt down occurred.

Is'nt it amazing at all the laws Congress has passed , that goes against Americans and good government ?

Remember this when you vote from now on. Think before you get apathy over voting. GO VOTE


Why Is It ?

United States of America - BVD Blogtographer , why is it , that people making the least amount in wages , have the most important jobs , are more honest and have higher levels of integrity , than people making the big bucks ?

Jerry : What do you mean ?
BVD : I mean , the people making 10 dollars an hour , who control money market funds , while CEOs making MILLIONS , control oil companies. Those little people make less , butt , are more honest and trust worthy , than the big boys. That's what I mean.
Jerry : Hmmm , I don't know.
BVD : Look at President Bush , he has proved , he is the least honorable person , to trust with running a country and look at the money he has pocketed/embezzled. How many times has Bush gone to Congress begging for more BILLIONS , because he ran out of money to spend , or when was the last time you heard Bush tell the truth ?
Jerry : Hmm , yeah , I see what you're saying. Look at the people being trusted with your 401 plan. You don't hear anything about them getting manicures or having golden parachutes. Butt , their boss is a different matter

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


An Interview with President Bush

The White House - BVD News Bloggtographer , BVD some how got inside the The White House for a 1 on 1 with GW , in The Oval Office

BVD : Thank you Mr. President for seeing me

President Bush : Glad to have you. I've enjoyed reading your syndicated column

BVD : How's your surge going ?

Bush : Well , heh heh heh , it's surging right along , I've got those terrorists on the run , heh heh heh

BVD : What are your thoughts about your oath of office

Bush : Well , it's just a bunch of words to me

BVD : What are your thoughts about The Constitution

Bush : It's great toilet paper

BVD : Hm , I see , well , no , I don't want to see it , I mean , what are your plans for Iraq

Bush : I want that country to govern itself , like America does

BVD : Well , it looks to me , that you have been doing the governing around here , not the American people

Bush : The American people , HA , what's that ? There are so many people around here , from so many other countries , no one knows what an American looks like any more

BVD : Is that your excuse for not looking after the people who voted for you

Bush : I think I've done a pretty good job , looking after the people who have contributed to my political success

BVD : Yes you certainly have. Butt , you've done it , at the expense of the little people

Bush : Hey , you listen up now , those little people had every opportunity to be just like the big people , butt , they refused to contribute to my political money pile

BVD : I see. Well , what are you doing with all of that money you have embezelled

Bush : I'm not going to tell you , I'm not going to tell you , heh heh heh

BVD : Well , perhaps you can tell me , why banks foreclose on people , and then sells their house for a thousand dollars.

Bush : That's the way the system works.

BVD : So , the system Americans have in place , is designed to make poor people poorer while making the rich richer ?

Bush : Exactly


America's Economy

US of A - with Congress having the FBI investigate CEOs and their Golden Parachutes , let's see what we can find , by having an investigation of our own.

During President Bush's 8 year reign :

Remember the interviews with Bush , during the Katrina aftermath , questions about his over spending and Bush's remarks about how fascinating it was to see how the system repaired itself

That smirk on Bush's face , where did it go ? How many President Bushes are there ?

Nashville Is Talking was one of three news agencies reporting on Bush's mystery " cash airplane ". This airplane was loaded with billions in cash money and went to an undisclosed destination

The jump in oil prices was greed , not need. The oil companies have been killing new technology since the 60s. How many old people remember those days ? In the 60s , NASA had hydrogen fueled cars on the drawing board

President Bush knew about the problems on Wall Street. That's why he traveled across this country , trying to get Americans to put their money into the stock market

Why did President Bush kick Americans out of his White House ? Have you noticed there is no news coming out of there ?

Bush did'nt accomplish all this by himself , he is'nt smart enough , butt , the people who are behind all of this needed someone like Bush to get it done.

Congress passed laws , allowing certain people to trade , with out money in hand. These people traded and bought and traded some more , all in one day. Little people like you and me can not do this.
How many people reading this , are aware how complicated it is , to move your money around on Wall Street , while day traders buy and sell all day long , without having any money on them ? I'm talking millions in a single trade. Is'nt Congress wonderful ? And then they accuse CEOs of doing the American people wrong , with their partying , while Congress gets free jet service to the Bahamas to party and get a tax break at the same time. I think Congress is investigating the wrong people.

Let's face the truth here. America is wreckable. That's why CEOs have put so many Americans out of work , while pocketing BILLIONS. Congress sees this and imitates them. Why can't Americans see the reality of all this ?

Simple , Americans have been Trusting in God , for way too long. Americans need to TRUST IN THEMSELVES and do away with Congress. This is doable because The Constitution says so. This is why Bush and Cheney shy away from it.

Monday, October 06, 2008


America's Presidential Election Gossip

Washington D.C. - BVD News Bloggtographer , Obama is getting concerned about Palin's popularity and it is rumored he asked his VP wanna be , " Have you considered getting a sex change today and becoming a Hockey Mom tomorrow ? "

Sunday, October 05, 2008


High Noon in America

The United States - now that President Bush has spent another 800 BILLION dollars , bailing out America's need for a 700 BILLION dollar bail out , this country resembles another cheap western movie. You know , those Saturday evening spaghetti shows , where only the hero is " THE ONLY " person willing to stand up to Joe Bart and his gang.

They should of hung , butt instead , they got life in prison and after 1 year , they were released for good behavior.

America can not expect Congress to act , because Bush has bribed them. America can not expect their ARMY to act , because Bush has bribed the generals , while sending their Army to another country to die. America can not expect law enforcement to act , because it's The Secret Service's job to protect him.

Soooooooo , it's up to Americans to act , butt , they are cowards waiting for someone else to act. I guess that's why so many people are getting registered to vote in record numbers. Yeah , they are going to show Bush who's the real boss in this country by voting against his Republican Party. The problem with this is , Americans are so highly educated , they still have'nt learned , after 43 presidential elections , they still don't get to vote for the president. The Electorial College has that honor. Yep , it's true. Americans have never , even by popular vote , put a president into the White House.

Bush has embezelled Trillions of dollars , by saying he is making America safer by protecting US from Terrorists. Well , who is going to protect US from politicians like Bush ? I don't see no body.

Bush has given Americans plenty of reasons to impeach him , butt , they won't do it and trusting in God has'nt worked either. So , what is this country going to do ?

The answer is simple. Americans no longer have a country to call their own. A new crop of Carpet Baggers now own US and they are'nt going to do anything butt collect on our debts. Providing , of course , Americans have some money left over , by the time Bush finally leaves office.

I can not impeach Bush by my self. I can not bring Bush to justice by my self. I would gladly do to Bush , what he has done to this country , butt , I can not do it by my self.

It's probably to late to do anything anyway. 2012 is at hand and Bush has taken care of his family and friends , while selling out US , while being protected by this country's law enforcement. Let's face it. Everyone needs to look themselves hard in the mirror to see who is to blame for Bush's success. I can't do that by my self.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Det. Dixon Makes Impressive Arrest

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD News , Detective Dixon of the Franklin Police Department arrested Jay Johnson last week , charging him with disorderly and drunken conduct.

Mayor Schroer , who is also President of The Citizens For Franklin Committee , had been complaining to both , Chief jackie and the Franklin Police Department , that someone was tipping cows and getting elephants drunk on Main Street , which prompted the police to put Detective Dixon on a walking patrol of Downtown Franklin.

After following a trail of empty whiskey bottles and tripping over tipped cows for 2 weeks , Det. Dixon came upon an unshaven and very drunk , Jay Johnson , sitting on the curb , counting empty beer cans while singing along with Pink Elephants.

Franklin Police Chief jackie finally stated , " Well some body had to arrest him. We can only cover up these things for just so long a period of time. I'm so sorry it had to be JJ. He was the driving force to put this department above the law and now that we are , he is now unfortunately , outside the law and our circle of Family and Friends , therefore an arrest had to be made , to show the people of this town , we are doing a job. "
Chief jackie finished by saying , " Dixon should get a medal for his heroic actions. He's a hero in my book and I'm going to put his picture up at the post office. "

Detective Dixon was unavailable for comment. The people of Franklin fondly remember that Jay Johnson was their former Leading Dictator Director for The City of Franklin , for too many long years.


Thar's Water Down Thar I Tell You

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD News , Franklin's Mayor John Schroer has the city officials behind him ass he declared having the answer to Franklin's water woes.

" We are going to drill a well. Thar's water down thar I tell you , thar's water. This city's watering hole was losing a million gallons of water a day. In my FSSD science class , I can remember being taught , that water floes downward , towards the direction of gravity. So , I say drill down to it. Thar's gotta be a Gazillion gallons down thar jest a waitin fer someone to cum 'n git it. Why , Franklin's residences could have their own free swimming pools if they would jest dig deep e 'nuff. I bet chee. "

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