Tuesday, October 30, 2007


EBAY Buying Tips

I've updated this post.

If the price looks to be tooooo gooood , you need to look at the seller's country before bidding. Rest assured , if it's over seas , the item will take several months to reach CONUS and the shipping costs will be 5 times more. Also , America's money institutions do not carry other currencies because of the dollar's deflation status. And , most countries will not honor the postal pinky. Canada and The UK will.

If the picture is fuzzy , ask for a better one. Otherwise , move on. There's a problem with it. Most likely , there will be another one , just like " This One "

If the item has a reserve price , I will not bid on it. The seller is not serious about selling it.

When the seller uses double talk , move on , there will be another. For example : A 2 " AA " battery motor is included , the FA - 120 motor is not included. Did you catch that ?

ALWAYS look at the seller's feedback. Read some of the comments , regardless of the seller's rating.

When the item says no refunds , no returns , sold as is. There may be a problem. ASK !

Don't be afraid to leave negative feedback. When you are in the right , the seller has no come back and looks really bad if they give the buyer negative feedback in retaliation.

Stay away from LOOK , L@@K , VINTAGE , RARE , SWEET , ect. , ect. , ect. , .......those sellers are desperate. A good item and a good seller do not need a traveling circus to get a buyer's attention.

EBAY has changed it's site to promote more advertising. Before leaving EBAY , remove your cookies. I have found 9 tracking cookies on EBAY and " YES " , there are mining cookies looking for any information about " YOU " inside your computer. These will generate e-mail phish messages to you.

Shipping costs have gone up. There are those , who double dip in the shipping costs with hidden handling charges. If unsure about the shipping costs and the carrier , just ASK ! ! ! And save the message until the transaction is complete.

Some people are now listing their items for a dollar , while doubling the shipping charges and/or not listing their total charges. You NEED TO ASK ! ! ! A neat trick is to NOT say what the shipping charges are.

The regular parcel post rate will now take about 3 weeks to arrive , not the stated 9 days. If you are in a hurry , use another rate. FEDEX or UPS are not always better or cheaper AND this years Christmas rush is going on right now.

There are reputable sellers on EBAY. It's the bad ones that make them all look bad.

If in doubt about anything , ask before bidding. If there is no response , or it takes days to get an answer , move on. There's always another one just like " This one "

Seller fraud is on the increase at EBAY. There is more and more JUNK being listed on Ebay these days and Ebay does'nt care. They will put strikes on non paying winners without caring or blinking an eye , even if the item is pure JUNK. Know something about the item before bidding and keep all messages until the transaction is satisfactorily complete.

Some sellers are afraid to give their name to the winner for Money Orders and/or their address. I'll let you go figure out that one.

PayPal has become very expensive from being over used in covering bad transactions because of JUNK. There are increasing complaints about PayPal not being worth the costs. However , you will find that auctions using PayPal only , will be cheaper for the buyer. Now that's a money saving tip !

Monday, October 29, 2007


Nuthin Butt Bad

Franklin , Tennessee - I was asked if I had something against Franklin Police. The answer of course is " No ". It's just that there is nothing good to say about them. For the benefit of those who want to disagree , look at the local paper and do a check on articles written about Franklin Police. Go back to at least , last March of this year. Now , after you read them , go out into the world and see if those stories are true. I did , and here's what I found - Franklin Police officers did not know there were new baseball cards. The manager at Home Depot , knows nothing about a donated air conditioner and Franklin Police do not neighborly settle disputes over some dog.
The point is simply this. There is'nt anything , and I do mean nothing , good to print about Franklin Police , so , the local news paper , makes up stories about them , so , the local people can feel good about their local police department. So now , you know what I've been doing lately. Point made , nuff said.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Fred for Prez

Here's the latest infomercial for Fred Thompson running for Prez.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Saara Akaash , the Seaons Ending

Ok , OK , Okaaay ! After getting my mailbox flooded with the same question , I decided to answer the Mother of all questions. Just how did this season of Saara Akaash end ?

With the war being over , India and Pakistan agree to exchange their POWs. However , there's a small problem.

We see Monika giving Pakistani prisoners of war , some initiative to go home. It seems , after seeing her in uniform , all the Pakistani POWs wanted to join The Indian Air Force.

Note : there are more Saara Akaash posts in this blog.


Franklin's Mean Scrooge

I was asked about Franklin Police being found guilty of burglary :( Yep , I'm afraid so. There was a really nice project in the making , to give the good people at The Red Cross , a special Christmas present. Well , it's gone. Also , there are countless toys to be given to children this Christmas and they got stolen and/or vandalized :( Yep , they've been very busy.

For those who think I'm making this up , ask :

Franklin Police Mr. Dixon @ 550 - 6758
Franklin Police Mr. Black @ 791 - 3237 ext. 6846
Franklin Police Mr. Barnes , ( he refused to give his number , butt , claims he is not related to Commander Barnes )

Jay Johnson owns and operates the Franklin Police Department. I say it's past time for some changes to be made in Franklin. Today is the last chance to vote. Everyone running for office has stated , they are not looking to change Franklin's administration. Perhaps the winners should rethink their position.


Saara Akaash 3

India - people are asking , how did the season end on Saara Akaash ? Well , ya know what they say in the military , " I could tell you , butt then , I'd have to kill you. " :)
So , with that said , let's take a look at episode #3.

The Cavemen , having seen Monika in uniform , are lining up to join the Indian Air Force. It seems , no one told them , they were watching a soap opera.

Music star Britney Spears , shaved her head , after being accepted into The Indian Air Force and plans for her next video include the Sukoi 27 fighter aircraft dancing in the sky.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Election Time in Franklin

Franklin , Tennessee - Mayor Miller has done an excellent job , spending his time and his election war chest , showing Franklinites , the dirt he found on his main challenger , Mr. Schroer. I wonder what dirt is to be found on Mr. Miller ? Mr. Schroer has not mentioned it.
Why has Mayor Miller been so passionate about his being re elected ? Hmmm....I'll bet he has some under the table dealings and he has to be " da Mayar " , to cash in. Look at the past projects he has been involved in and you will see what I'm talking about.
Then , there's the Jay Johnson issue. Franklin's Administrator , who cannot be reelected for any election reason. Aka , " JJ " , Jay Johnson wields more power than all of Franklin's elected people combined. He controls Franklin Police , who have now been found guilty of burglary and sharing amongst themselves , the stolen " stuff " . Jay Johnson is also responsible for Franklin not having a legal Traffic Court. JJ laughs every time this subject is mentioned. He always says , " The people of this town don't have the balls to challenge the illegality of my court system. " And you know what ? He has been right all these years , while Franklin Police support him.
There's a lot wrong here in Franklin. GO VOTE PEOPLE ! ! ! ! !
Mr. Schroer is not the best choice , butt , he is a better choice than Miller , who Jay Johnson has total control over. Let's put Mr. Schroer in office and support him , once he is in there. Let's give our new mayor , the backbone to stand up to Jay Johnson , and kick his ass out onto the street , where he belongs.

Friday, October 19, 2007


I'm at the Office

Ever had that moment , you had to make a phone call , but you knew , the person you were calling has caller I.D. on their phone ? You also know , the person you are calling , thinks you are at the office.
Well fret no more my friend. For 0.6 cents a minute , that's 6 cents a minute , you can call anyone , from any phone number you desire. Just go to www.spoofcard.com and get your own phone account. Your current phone and numbers do not change. You are simply using another phone system with your current phone system and you can choose what ever phone number you want to show on the other end. Pretty neat , huh ? Now you can go fishing in the afternoon with that other woman and call your home from the office. Ha ha ha ha .
Telemarketers are using this system now , because of the don't call list. One of their favorite numbers is 111-111-1111 , which is a bogus phone number anyway. Try it and you will find out what I mean.

Here in Franklin , someone is calling Franklin voters , asking if they voted early and if so , who did they vote for. Yep , they are asking who you voted for. I guess they know about the spoof card too.

P.S. don't tell Jay Johnson.


Meet the Reaper

America's War on Terror has a new weapon called , " The Reaper ". First , it was the Global Hawk , followed by the Predator. Then , the Predator was upgraded with weapons and that just was'nt enough fun. Now , meet The Reaper ! It's almost the size of the A-10 and carries just as much fun on board. Jokingly called " the Predator on steroids " , the Reaper has already been deployed successfully , on 65 missions , assisting ground forces. This aircraft is a remote toy , that can be operated from a house trailer , any where in the world.
Today , America now has a squadron of these mechanical wonders flying around The War in Iraq. Yeah man , The Reaper , just in time for Halloween :)


The Latest on The Bush War

Washington D. C. - President Bush continues to ignore the American people about getting out of Viet Nam II. The only problem is , President Bush had other strategic ideas about his war and he never had any thought about pulling out. Here's an update on his war.

How many people remember the C-5A ? It's only the world's biggest military cargo airlift body. The US Air Force has completed the runway at Bagram Airfield , to accommodate this aircraft. This means , the US is'nt going anywhere. President Bush has put America's military forces in there to stay. And that's THAT !
Is'nt it interesting , America is the only country in the world , with a military need for this aircraft ?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Voting Time in Franklin

Franklin , Tennessee - with early voting going on in Franklin , the Review Appeal says the voters need to educate themselves. Well DUH ! Don't ya think the voters should educate themselves with every election ? Or is this some stupid , no brainer , that voters don't understand ?
Franklinites have been wondering for some time , about what's going on with Franklin's government. Why are so many things going wrong ? The answer my friends is simply Jay Johnson , aka , JJ. Ya see , JJ has a job for life. Although he commands more power in the city than the mayor and aldermen combined , he cannot be elected , because that's the way it is. If Franklin's voters want to see an improvement in The City of Franklin , then toss JJ out the door on his ass and get someone else.
Remember the current mayor talking about the problem with the electric company ? The truth is , there was no problem with the electric company. JJ was demanding that they sell theirselves to the city so he could control it. JJ has his hands in a lot of people's bizzyness , where they don't belong. In simple words , JJ wants to control everything in Franklin and he does'nt care if what he does is for the good of Franklin , just so he controls it.
America's constitution says " government by the people , for the people. " There is nothing about , government by Jay Johnson because that's the way it's going to be.
Franklin's mayor and aldermen need to combine their strength and push JJ out the door. Then put the administrator position under the mayor where it belongs. If the people of Franklin want to know why JJ has so much power over Franklin's elected officials , just inquire at Saturn. Yep , that's right. General Motors bought much of Franklin before the plant was built and they brought in Jay Johnson from the big MI , to rule the roost , the way they want. JJ has done an excellent job of screwing up. For those who don't know , JJ is suspected of being a pedophile. Since he controls the police department , he has nothing to worry about.


Sik 'Em Clooney

George Clooney went after the hospital folks for snooping around in his medical files , while being treated for motorcycle related injuries. These people were breaking confidential laws. Let's go to Vanderbilt and look in at the hospital floor , known ass Trauma , or sometimes called , the ER on the tenth floor.
These people don't give a ratz asz about some confidential laws. They talk about their patients to each other and others outside the hospital. Their associate " Gloria " , loves to call a meeting of her fellow associates , to discuss the latest incoming patient. She just has to tell anyone and everyone who will listen. When a new Trauma patient comes in , she drops her work of ignoring her work , to beep her club members and fill them in on what's going on. Yes , this is wrong and it's against the law. Butt , this is after all , Vanderbilt. Gloria is also known for showing up for work while drunk and calling people vulgar names in the presence of patients. Even though she has transferred to another floor , her buddies on Trauma keep her informed of the latest developments.
She learned a lot from Trauma manager Sarah , who enjoys gossip asz much asz anyone else. And remember , she is a Vanderbilt manager , which means she can say anything about anyone and not get fired. Hey Imus , eat your heart out , man.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Inflation Is Here

America - Americans have noticed food prices going up and wonder why. Well , what's to wonder ? President Bush has spent 10 Trillion dollars , this country did not have. So , now American currency has become so deflated , other currencies have become stronger , which means , now it takes 3 American dollars , to make one of theirs.
President Bush spends 100 million dollars a day , for military research. Keep in mind , Americans feed President Bush , at no cost to himself.

Monday, October 08, 2007


Saara Akaash 1

OK , OK , OKaaaay - I have been asked to show more of this popular tv show , Saara Akaash

But , I'm 'am tee onvee Flt. Lt. Monika Singh. Eeveerrrry one wantz to b me !

I've got to hav Flt. Lt. Monika Singh ! I've hav to hav her. Where's my doctor ? I'll Jihad his asz for super sizing my Viagra. My snake is sooo big , I can not get mi pants closed. Where is dat Monika Singh ? She is mine. Allah gave her hav to mine. She WILL hav my barbee. I've got to hav release NOW !


Blood Diamond

By now , everyone has seen the movie , " BLOOD DIAMOND . " We get to see Leonardo , go from being a bold man going for the crystal , only to be reduced to a dying man , giving the crystal away. Now for the rest of the story - the scenes seen in the movie are pretty good redemptions. Black people cutting off each others arms to keep each other from touching the diamonds , black children gunning down black people with Chinese AK - 47s. Black people enslaving other black people to mine diamonds. Hey , black people said it correctly , " Might Makes Right . "
Sooooo , what the HELL was that really all about. What was the reason for civil war in Africa. DIAMONDS ! Yes , butt why ? It's all about world domination of course. The United States spends 100 million dollars on military black projects , every single day.
America needed the diamonds found in Africa because of their unique color , which makes them favorable for destructive lasers. Think I'm kidding ? Remember the movie with a North Korean having a satellite with a death ray ? Where do you think Holly Wood gets this stuff ? Today , America is putting the final finishes on it's airborne laser system aboard a 747. It will destroy any threat , coming over the horizon.
The CIA has been in the news lately , I think they should be in the news some more. It was the CIA , who deliberately upset the peace in Africa , and used Great Britain to be the middle man , so America would not be seen ass being the real buyer. America's military needed those diamonds , and they did'nt care who died in the process.

Saturday, October 06, 2007


The Unknown POWs

Some where in this world , there are places , very few are fortunate to go. Those places would be the CIA's secret prisoner of war camps. Yes , people , these places really do exist , even if President Bush says otherwise. The United States government has declared war on those religions , that do not worship their God. Islam for example. These POW camps have been in existence for years. The favorite place is a good ole oil tanker. Those things are sooo big , even customs does'nt bother looking around into every nook and cranny. The really nice thing about oil tankers , is that when you are thru with the person , ya drop them over board during the night.

Have you watched the TV show , The UNIT ? Now you know where they got the idea for their season opener. The CIA has always done things their way , regardless of any law. Afterall , those lawmakers don't get to sea those places. Heh heh heh. Is'nt it interesting , The UNIT was shown in the same week that President Bush was denying it.

The CIA has studied torture since China was discovered doing it to American POWs in Korea. And , the CIA does'nt care who they torture , ass long ass they have someone to torture. Hey , it's fun , what more can I say :) The CIA says , politicians come and go , butt , the CIA will be around for ever.


Saraah Akaash

India - Many people missed the first seasons of Saraah Akaash and I will be placing short takes from the show , for all of Monika's new fans. Enjoy !

Vickram proves he can do all of his own stunts by riding this motorcycle without training wheels.

Flt. Lt. Monika Singh , is determined to become India's first woman astronut.

There are more posts Saara Akaash in this blog.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Hillary's Cackle

Today's news is all about Presidential hopeful , Hillary Clinton's laugh. Is it a nervous laugh , is it a fake cackle because she can't laugh , or is it her alter ego's laugh ?
Only her husband knows for sure.
Hmmm.......is'nt it interesting how people make things about someone's laugh , butt , they did not talk about President Bush's double. Remember that smirk ? Remember Katrina ? Remember how his smirk just disappeared from his over seas flight ? Yep , Bush uses a double.
Making a big to doo over Hillary's laugh , someone is either scared of her , or they don't have anything important to do.
Hmm.... maybe she is just warming up for Halloween.

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