Monday, November 30, 2009


Body by Zuzana

Franklin , Tennessee - finally , I've been accepted to Team Everest , for a summit attempt on Mt. Everest and that means I've started working out again. Meat my main workin 'n out mate , "Zuzana". If you can half ass keep up with her , you are guaranteed a half assed , bodaciously built , "Booty Body".


Hey Buddy , Can You Spare Some Food ?

America today - remember the good ole days? There was always a nickle , jingling around in your pocket for that afternoon ice cream cone.

Today , that nickle won't buy the cone to put the ice cream in. BUTT , our government has $400 Billion dollars every year , just to spend on military weapons research. Mean while , back in Afghanistan , our soldiers are still issued weapons , that are engineered to jam in a critical moment.

Today , more Americans can not afford to eat. BUTT , our government has money , to lavishly entertain "special" people at Our White House (no little people or hungry people allowed)

Today , most Americans can not afford health insurance. BUTT , our government officials don't need health insurance because "We The (little) People" , pay for all of their health care needs.



The White House (aka - The People's House) - everyone is talking about the couple who got to see President Obama without an invite. The gossip is all over the country and is even clogging up the Ham Bands.

Let's face the truth here. Politicians have kicked "The People" out of their house , while losing their homes , back at home. Today , US Americans are given just enough freedom , to pay for the upkeep. Otherwise , the message from our politicians , concerning "Our" White House , is very clear:


Kat : I mean like , what's the big deal here Jerry? This couple didn't crash anything , they didn't break anything and the SS did let them in. I mean , it's not like they were sporting AK-47's while threatening everyone. This nice looking couple were just mingling amongst everyone while enjoying the evening
Jerry : Kat , it's like this. They were around people who's Shit didn't "stink". Can you imagine having to smell some stinky Shit that's standing right next to you? Butt , I mean like , well , just look at all of the laws they broke , this couple is a good example of the "little" people , our government snobbily looks down upon everyday. You know who I'm talkin 'bout , the "little people" , like you and me for example.
Kat : Well , if the SS want to arrest someone , why don't they arrest the people who murdered President Kennedy? I mean , the SS so obviously , deliberately let their guard down that day.
Jerry : Well Kat , it's something like this - ass you know , Franklin Police do not arrest their own for breaking the law and the Secret Service also follows their mentality.
Kat : Hmmm , yeah , you're right all right. I'll give ya that. I wonder how many "little" people remember , President Bush kicking US out of our own Damn White House?
Jerry : Very few , I'm sure. Very few.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Giving Thanks

Franklin , Tennessee - with the holiday season in full swing at the mall , isn't it easy to over look what we have so much to be thankful for?

Kat : Well , you know what they say , Jerry
Jerry : Uh? What's that?
Kat : Out of sight , out of mind.
Jerry : Yep , you are so right on that one. Maybe this pic will remind them of something while they worry over that stuff at the mall.
Kat : I dunno , Jerry , some people still won't get it.
Jerry : Yeah , I know

Thursday, November 19, 2009


More Morning News

Franklin , Tennessee - our government has found a way to save money while cutting the deficit , all at the same time.

Since when has our government been honest about saving US money? (how often does 2012 come around)

Kat : Wow , I mean like Oh WOW!
Jerry : What's going on , Kat?
KAT : Jerry , check this out. A local Franklinite fed the homeless.
Jerry : Oh Wow , like yeah , I see it. Boy , those homeless people are just like camels are'nt they?
Kat : What do you mean?
Jerry : They only got one meal for the year.


Who's Gonna Pay For Medical Care

The Great State of Tennessee - our Gov. Bredesen is having to make some critical decisions about cutting health care , while cutting state employees benefits.

Kat : Hey Jerry , why do you think the governor has to cut health care?
Jerry : Because the governor knows , state employees have money to afford their own HMOs
Kat : Do you think that bald guy will cut back on razor blades?
Jerry : No , of course not , he's a big wheel in state government and "Bredesen Big Wheels" don't cut themselves back to save tax dollars.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The Morning News

'round 'bout Town - here's the latest G'news.

Americans will have to pay taxes on their 400 dollar stimulus check (spelled with a small d) , to give their government a stimulus after bailing out various CEOs , who have Congressmen in their pockets. Companies like GM , got a final 50 Billion dollar stimulus check (spelled with a large B) without oversight or repayment , so they could play the stock market , Vega$ and Ho's , while padding their retirement plan , without taxing the problems of government.

Jerry : I mean like , those private jets need to stay in the air , right?
Kat : Well yeeaah. Those pilots need to keep their jobs , right? What would this country look like , with jet pilots wandering around the mall , with no where to go?

Note : AIG is the only company , that got government money that must be repaid. Their money is a "Loan" and not a bailout.

Now do you understand the meaning of "Tenure" ? This is why Vanderbilt University can not rid itself of fat , lazy , stupid and/or dysfunctionally baffoonous faculty members who can't teach. Ask yourself this question , "Are test files really worth 50,000$ dollars a year ?"

Kat : Hey , uh , Jerry - tenured Vanderbilt faculty don't have to teach because they have Chinese grad students (who can't understand English) teach their work load for them. That's why Vanderbilt costs 50,000$ dollar$ a year.
Jerry : Like , um , "DUH" Kat , you think I don't know about those English challenged , Chinese grad students , using Indian grad students to do their work , for them?
Kat : It's all a part of our "Great" government creating jobs for our new citizens , Jerry
Jerry : Well , yeaaah , Kat. Butt , who is gonna give our American citizens without a job , a job?
Kat : Oh don't be such a "Poo Baa" , Jerry , 2012 will show up on time and none of these problems will matter any more.
Jerry : Hmmmm , good point , Kat
Kat : Why , thank you , Jerry

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Franklin's Infamous Speed Traps

Franklin , Tennessee - anyone living in and/or around Franklin , knows all too very well about our Franklin Police Department's infamous speed traps.

This morning , a friend took me on a round 'bout and it was'nt too difficult to find a Franklin Police speed trap. He parked the car and we trotted on over to a good sit spot , near the place cars would typically pull over and get their fair assessment taxed for speeding.

We had'nt sat there long , when , "Here they come." The officer seemed to be in a bad mood butt he grinned none the less. "Butt" , then again however , he walked up to the car in a different manner ass opposed to other vehicles.

FPD : You were going 25 miles over the speed limit. What am I going to do with you
car : Hello "_ " , I'm in a hurry to a client
FPD : I see (his grin widens) well , now you owe me another one. (speaking softly , butt over heard none the less)
car : (smiling , she winks an eye at the officer , gets out a calendar) I've got a Thursday open

Well people , I'll let you fill in the rest of this conversation. Now do you understand why police officers don't want you getting to close to them? (you might over hear something- hint , hint , hint)

Thursday, November 12, 2009


The TRUTH About 2012

I'm sure everyone has seen the sci-fi shows about 2012. And now NASA tells US , there's nothing to worry about. 2013 will arrive on schedule.

Let's take a look at what the news won't tell US. NASA is the people who put man on the moon , fifty years ago. Today , NASA can not put a man into simple earth orbit without help from the Russians and besides that , NASA still can't put a school teacher into space without killing her. If NASA had to return to the moon today , they would have to send a robot , that was built in Japan and then give it to the Russians , so they can launch it. And Obama thinks people are going to listen , to a dilapidated , defunked and castrated government agency like NASA?

I , speaking only for myself , have better sense than that.

O Kay then. What is the TRUTH about 2012? Remember that silly little clown of a president , named Bush? Remember how he needed money. Lot's of money. What did he do? He took part in a scam to attack America (9/11) , to make a war happen and My Oh My , how the money did flow. Remember how many times Bush asked for money? Then he would ask for even more and then saying he won't need any more , butt , he turns around and asks for more money any way , and he gets it. The War on Terror is a distraction from what our government is actually doing.

Today , our government has newly built , secret , underground bunkers. (just in case a nuclear bomb hits Washington , the government can continue to function) This being the case , why has our government built underground bunkers in Antarctica? That's right people. Our government has bunkers in the South Pole. Why? Because when the poles shift , those bunkers will be in a warmer climate. Washington most likely might be in a frozen area (and/or be destroyed) , when it's over. Don't you think The South Pole is a little bit too far away , to be running a government around here?

Remember President "Daddy" Bush? He kept talking about a New World Order. When this is all over , these guys will appear to come out of the ground and then take over the world. Or what's left , that is.

These guys have salted away all kinds of weapons , equipment , supplies and aircraft. They are ass I'm writing , training their "Army" , to take care of things when Shit hits the fan. Are you familiar with CALEA? That's part of it.

Yes people , when it happens , our government will be safe from global destruction while US , "The People" , stare "Death" in the face , square on. Look , this earth has been thru some make overs , during the passage of thousands of centuries in time. And earth will get another makeover in 2012. Think I'm making this up? Did you know , that right here in Tennessee , if you dig straight down 500 feet , you will find a strata filled with petrified sea life? Now ask yourself , "How did sea life get itself 500 feet under rock and dirt?" Look at other places on this planet and you will find massive land areas , that used to be an ocean. Ask yourself , "How did that happen?" Yes people , it will happen again. What's about to happen will not be the end of the world or this planet. Butt , however , it will be the end of civilization ass we know it , today.

Remember that Mayan calendar , that everyone refers to? Did you know it was stolen from a museum and there are no clues ass to who took it or even why? Are you going to tell me , that a stone weighing several tons , just walked out the door one night and there's no evidence ass to who took it? Someone wanted that calendar for a reason and it has not been recovered. Why? And why won't the news tell US about it?

I'm taking 2012 seriously. What are you doing? I mean , if our government is taking this thing seriously , then why should we ignore it?

Look , there stands today , various remains of great civilizations from eons ago. We do not know what happened to them nor do we really know any thing about the people. Butt , what ever happened to them , can also happen to US (America). Our nuclear arsenal , can not , will not and won't , stop it.

Note : People , the days of a nuclear bomb hitting Washington , are long gone and over with. The Pentagon constantly monitors bomb grade material from space , 24/7. Ass for a dirty bomb? There are too many safe guards in place for even that to happen. The reason 9/11 was a success was because our government was behind it. (President Bush was not in Washington at the time. That's why he used a body double) Remember , The United States monitors ALL communications traffic on this planet. They have computer power , that the general public can not imagine.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Jumping Alibi

Franklin , Tennessee - have you seen the movie , "Her Alibi" ? Kaden loves this soooo much , he now jumps into the action scenes.

Friday, November 06, 2009


If At First You SUCKceed Try Again

Franklin , Tennessee - Jay Johnson's first gig in front of the camera pretty well sucked. Only because of it's humor value , was his first appearance kept in this film. Some how , he managed to bribe the Director to get another chance at acting. He convinced them , that he truly was their next great "Find" in the unknown world of Kung Fu Fighting and he knew more about oriental fighting than that other loser , Bruce Lee. Let's watch Jay Johnson in action , one more last time , shall we?

Thursday, November 05, 2009


Never A Star

Franklin , Tennessee - how many people remember Jay Johnson? How many of those people remember his bid to become a great and famous movie star? Here is a clip from his first gig ass an actor , pretending to be his usually normal , plastic , same ole himself , standing beside the world famous Bruce Lee. Only problem is , this is how "Good Ole Boy" JJ , normally acted anyway. (Yes , even in the bathroom)

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


A Sign of Things To Come

Franklin , Tennessee - with the ever continuing and constantly upward , spiraling growth in the numbers of po' people now living in Williamson county , verses the ever continuing and constantly upward , spiraling growth in hungering for entertainment , found pulsing in today's rich folk's blood , how much longer will it be , before the rich start buying licenses to hunt US down for their sport and entertainment?

And that's just for supporting the escalating costs in the FSSD system , Greek columns , judge benefits , pay raises for The City Administrator and his cronies , more horse barns to house the additional BullShit , additional battlefield acreage to cover the damage and dead bodies , green fees , police officer attitude improvement programs and other Silly Assed Bull$hit needing government funding a$$i$ted program$.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Got Pain ?

THE TENNESSEAN claims they are not responsible for advertisements in their paper , BUTT , they don't mind getting paid for helping advertisers cheat their readers and subscribers.

This stuff is crap. I've been studying pain for the last 10 years and if you have pain issues , I can give you a cream formula that will get at it and I'm not asking you for money in return. I'm just asking that you get better (even tho we both know it won't happen , we can still keep our smile , right) P.S. -when you ask , keep in mind , this cream is not cheap and insurance WILL NOT pay ! Also , there is only ONE place in Franklin (that I know of) that can competently make it.

YES , YES , and YES again. You will need a doctor's script to acquire this particular cream I'm talking about. I've have talked about this cream before in past postings.

QUESTION - Why do I need a script?
Answer: Because this is not the JointFlex kiddie stuff made for children. This cream formula I'm talkin 'bout is a REAL pain go getter. I kid you not. (no pun intended)

I've learned thru being in real pain , if a cream type pain reliever does not require a doctor , then the betting odds are , it most likely WILL NOT WORK. (for those who want to bet , the odds are 99.5 to .05 in my favor) There are several good feeling ingredients , that these companies use , to put into these so called pain relief creams , butt they will not relieve the pain issue. These ingredients are the stuff commonly found in creams like this , that do not require a doctor script. So , if you've got money to waste , here's a solution to your burdening , money problem worries. (I know for a fact , there is a difference between feeling good , and getting pain relief)

This stuff advertised in THE TENNESSEAN is pure garbage. Remember , real doctors don't prescribe this stuff because they know it does'nt work and also , they are not going to put their reputation at risk (and besides , companies like this won't give them a cut of the action). So why should you buy it? This statement alone should tell you something. If you want the formula , just ask. I have given my friends with arthritis a go with this and afterwards , they all have trodden off to their doctor for a script. Again , I'm not asking or looking or even expecting money (although a simple thank you would be nice). Having 24/7 pain is no fun for the family and even less enjoyable for you.

Note: since posting this , the number of received requests for the formula is rather surprising. I need your name , email contact and why you are asking. Thank you , Jerry

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