Tuesday, June 30, 2009


In " The Police " We Trust

Franklin , Tennessee - now that Franklin Police have pulled out of the neighborhood , it's amazing at the " $uperfund " , my neighbors have recently $pent for their own home $ecurity. After all , it's funny watching the police Fuck someone , until it's realized that is , the police can do it to them just ass well , if they should ever fall out of favor with the city politicians , aka Jay Johnson , who by the way , is still ordering his " Dogs " around.
I mean , my neighbors finally had a " Smart Type Brain Fart " , or STBF for short. Now let's think this thought thru , shall we? To have a home security system , you will also need a home alarm permit. Jay Johnson thought this problem thru also , which is why you can only get this permit , from his own , personal , Franklin Police Department. Your security company info is also on the permit application. This way , if the police want into your home , they will cook up a story to tell your security company , so they will let them into your home , without your knowledge.
Note : the police also do the same thing with the phone company field personnel , which allows them to circumvent needing a court order to tap your phone :)

Remember , the law controls the law and it will be manipulated in anyway , Jay Johnson sees fit.

Now , finally , we are able to answer several unanswered questions , at the same time. Remember earlier , I was asking why it is , that so many people want to live here in Franklin ? The answer is so obviou$. It'$ all about the money and the simple fact that the police are for $ale.
Have you noticed the expensive homes here in Franklin ? Those homeowners are making more money than the combined average total of 98% of all Franklinites. Which means , they have something going on and I'm not talking about something in the oven. With that kind of money dribbling into their pockets , they can easily afford to throw the police a bone percentage of their $lush Fund. Now do you understand why Chief jackie refuses to retire ? He's not ready to give up the treasury just yet.

And what's that you say ? You can not afford to pay the police a simple quid or two and yet , you also want to own a piece of the law and have them stuffed in your pocket , ( just in case ) Well , I'm sure that's not a problem. After all , most $ecurity firms of this type , handling this kind of money , will have a variety of monthly , easy pay , " Pay Ass You Go " plans , or PAYG for short. I'm sure Franklin Police will have a PAYG plan to suit your need$.

Think about this. Franklin Police are like eels , swimming around in their money pool , while the Sheriff's department can not afford a cup of coffee. Does this tell you anything ? Anything at all ? Have you seen the size of those Greek columns ? If not , then I suggest you check 'em out and perhaps then , you will be able to do the math. Meanwhile , when the dust finally settles down around the columns , the next storm will probably be over the size of those offices.

Butt hey ! It's only money , right ?

Note : I was wondering , if the sheriff's department had their own Citizen's Academy , would they then , be able to buy that cup of coffee ? And with that cup of coffee , would that extra money make them be , just ass dishonest ass Franklin Police ? Now do you understand the meaning behind those Greek columns ?

Monday, June 29, 2009


Jay Johnson Never Left Town

Franklin , Tennessee - for those who fondly remember him , Jay Johnson is still here in Franklin.
One of JJ's favorite abusive luxuries , was using his Franklin Police Department , to harass any body he did not like. That's right , if he did not like you , he would sic his law " Dogs " on you.
So ask yourself - is this what a police department is for ? Is this how taxpayer money is to be used ? How would you feel , having the law " Dogs " harass you , just because someone like Jay Johnson , did not like you ? It's interesting how many people know about this. Could this be a reason , THE REVIEW APPEAL is no longer a newsy newspaper ? Hmmmm Did you know , other law enforcement agencies know what JJ has been doing with his law " Dogs " and looked the other way ?

Now do you understand why KoolAid no longer lives in Franklin ? Remember 3 years back , on Drinkin The Franklin KoolAid blog , the discussion topic was JJ ? Kool was threatened sooo badly , he deleted his blog and immediately moved out of state. It took him several months , to build his nerve back up to blog again. Without a doubt , Kool's blog is a huge and successful pain in the ass , to both JJ and the real powers that govern The City of Franklin , because he keeps on telling the truth about them. ( Franklin's elected officials do not have any authority what so ever , outside of being elected )

There's only one way to get rid of Jay Johnson. You've got to remove his law " Dogs " ass well. His " Dogs " give the rest of the Franklin Police Department a really big bad name.
Franklin has both good and bad police officers. It's way past time to clean house. Meanwhile , JJ continues to prove that his law is above our law and his lawless " Law Dogs " will continue to do ass it pleases him , because he knows , the citizens of Franklin won't stand up and do something about it / him.

Here's another fact - Jay Johnson is breaking the law , by using the law for his personal purposes , while honest police officers look away , to avoid being fired. Other people look away because they don't want it happening to them. Just think , about all of the people , who knows what he's doing and yet , nothing gets done to correct it/him. The people at W.A.M. know about JJ. Are you going to tell me the DA does'nt know ? Well , our " Good Ole Boy " JJ , has shown us all , just how feeble minded and cowardly , " US " Franklinites really are , by proving it , to our own selves with our inaction. I think I may be the only one , talking about this openly. Butt hey , what's JJ gonna do , throw me in jail ? I don't think so. He's too much of a " Coward " himself , to do something so manly like that. After all , that's why he keeps his Police Department , safe and deep in his back pocket.

If you think I'm joking , ask Det. Black , " When was the last time you talked with your friend JJ ? "

Now do you understand why KoolAid moved out of Franklin so quickly ?

Sunday, June 28, 2009


All Those Fussy Comments

Franklin , Tennessee - it's not surprising to me about some of the comments I have received about my feelings for Franklin Police. Well , it's like this , if Franklin Police are so " Fucking Horny " for some young and tender " Pootang " , then they should go stalk their own Damn 16 year old daughters and leave mine alone.

Meanwhile , if KoolAid is so naive about Franklin Police keeping tabs on his blog , then that's his problem. After all , he has been told. And , just because he lives out of state , does not make him safe from the long arm of Jay Johnson. Law enforcement agencies across this country DO co operate with each other , regardless if it's legal or not.

Meanwhile , back at the Farm , there are a couple of posts coming up and if you don't want the police to know you read them , then don't come around. You can't say you were'nt warned.


Conan's Tonight Show

The Tonight Show With Conan - and BVD was there : have you watched the new and improved Conan Show ? He now travels into the year 3000. Here's the latest from our future ,

Did you see what happened in the future ? If not , watch it again :)

Even as Conan struggles to keep up his ratings , Letterman has gained ground with the older establishment. That would explain the stripper pole at the end of the show and no , I'm not putting up video since it does'nt show anything you have'nt seen before :)

Friday, June 26, 2009


Your Uncle Is Blog Watching

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD Bloggtographer , I was scooping the loop at KA's and ran across these comments about Franklin police. It would amaze the naive Franklinite about police activity , which is nothing more than a smoke screen to hide the unlawful activities that are a goin on in town.
Please note , these are not my comments. I stole them from KoolAid's blog. These remarks were made by a person named Anon , who seems to know all about the police business. I wonder what else he knows ?

The former Commander about whom anonymous is referring had a lot to do with keeping "prominantly named" people out of trouble. The Citizens Police Academy also was a "social network" which many people joined to keep in touch with the police officers for personal gain/favors. Many officers, including sergeants and lieutenants, have openly said they would NEVER arrest such and such for anything, especially DUI. The leaders of a certain non-profit, not the HF, make sure to donate large sums annually to a FPD non-profit. It keeps them on the right side of the law. Got to go back to the farm now.

Ever since this blog talked about jay johnson , his PD has been tracking this place.

As a satellite office of the federal Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task force, the FPD's internet detectives spend their time investigating the trading of child pornography, the exploitation of minors over the internet, and things of that nature. Their goal is to put people in prison for decades.
So, rest assured, they spend zero percent of their resources monitoring local opinion blogs (unless they're engaged in the aforementioned types of activities).

Again , these are not my comments. I stole them from KoolAid's blog. Again , these remarks were made by Anon , who seems to know all about the police business. And yes , it is true , the police DO monitor Franklin topic blogs. Like I've said before , comments like the one above are to keep you off the truth. It's called a " smoke screen " and they are always , vigilantly looking for any disturbing content , that would keep Jay Johnson up at night.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Franklin's New Image

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD Bloggtographer , there's a new car on the streets of Franklin , that's turning heads , everywhere. It looks like a soap bubble , runs on electrons and of course , being " new " , only the Police Department can afford it. Let's go downtown and see how the people feel about it.

BVD : Hello M'am. Where are you from
Tourist : Missouri
BVD : What do you think of our new town car
Tourist : Why , it's wonderful. I think it's adorable. You know , it adds so much more to Downtown Franklin. I mean , well , this town is already so photogenic. The old building architecture , the Civil War burial grounds , the Greek columns and now you have this soap bubble running around. It's wonderful , simply wonderful. I'm sure this will add to Franklin's drawability with other tourists.
BVD : Thank you so much , M'am. Enjoy your stay. Bye now.

Later , at Baskin Robbins -
Tourist Son : Mom , hey Mom. What's that thing doing ?
Tourist Mom : ( Looks outside ) Oh that thing. That's that cute little car that runs around looking cute. Have you got a picture of it yet ?
Son : Umm , yeah , butt , I don't think it's so cute Mom.
Mom : Oh , why not ?
Son : Well look at it. What's it doing to our car ?
Mom : ( Turns around in surprise. A man is putting a tire lock on her car ) Well I'll be Damn. Look it what they're a doin to my car.
Son ; You want a picture of this Mom ?
Mom : Uh no , no son. Butt I'll tell you what tho. This is the last time we come to this little Horse Shit of a town. C'mon. Let's get out of here and see what this will cost.
Store clerk : Um M'am , your ice cream
Mom : ( walking out the door ) Keep it you Jerk.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Those Fighting Over Greek Columns

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD bloggtographer , how many Franklinites know about the squabble over the Greek columns ? Franklin's Other Justice Center , wants everyone to know , that they should have the bigger of the biggest ones in the city , while Franklin Police claim , that they should have the biggest of the bigger columns. After all , if it were'nt for the police , no one in The Justice Center would have a job to do. So , let's see how this argument is coming along , shall we ? And uh , umm , just so you know , sometimes they enjoy cross dressing and roll playing. So , what do you say , we have a go at the freak show and peek thru the peep hole , shall we ?

In case you don't recognize him , that's Det. Black in the beard.

Sunday, June 21, 2009



Vanderbilt University - on Blakemore and 25th , LAMBDA members get ready for their Gay Pride Parade


Sub Found

BVD Bloggtographer - The United States put out a missing sub alert , when several hours had passed and nothing was heard from her. BVD got to talk with a Navy spokesperson about the subs status.
BVD : What can you tell us ?
Admiral Deepcrap : The submarine was found this morning at 0600 hours at her peir , everything is fine.
BVD : Butt the Navy put out a missing sub alert world wide. What's going on ?
Deepcrap : Well , ass you know , we cannot talk to a submarine while she's underwater. It seems that someone blew the whistle too soon before looking out their window to see her moored in the harbour.
BVD : Butt , the Navy said there was a red flare seen in the area of an exercise.
Deepcrap : No , no , no. That was a yellow flare.
BVD : OK. What really happened admiral ?
Deepcrap : Well , alright. Ya know that general who made all those anti Gay remarks ? Well , the crew got together and had a Gay Pride party in the mess hall which spilled down into the crew's lounge and ended in the crew's bunking area. During this time , they had forgot to make their scheduled check in with headquarters.
BVD : Ewwwww ! ! ! That's was too much information.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Franklin's Fight For Bigger Columns Grows Bigger

Downtown City of Franklin , Tennessee - BVD Bloggingtographer , the buzzing news around downtown Franklin has become the argument over the new Franklin Police Headquarters having BIGGER Greek columns than The " Other " Justice Center.

The argument has gotten so large , that no one at The " Other " Justice Center can get anything done , much less their own work. ( don't ask )

It seems the judge , well , any judge , regardless of sex , has declared they should have the larger of the largest columns , regardless of costing more. After all they claim , they are worth it and so much more.

Please note - We regret to say , that a picture is not available at this time , due to the size of the columns verses the size of our camera and we are presently negotiating with NASA for a picture. It seems the columns are so large , it was thought missiles of mass destruction , were awaiting launch , from right here in Downtown Franklin.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Military Life Goes To Court

England and The Common Wealth - some enlisted men are suing their military establishments for freezing them live , while on duty. I actually found this to be somewhat awkward , having served myself in Uncle Sam 's Canoe Club.

During those pleasure cruises , I learned from my basic 5,003 page military contract , that it basically says , I don't qualify for squat and I'll have to work hard , just to get that. For example - my government does not have to give me proper food from a health inspected kitchen. Would you believe , that being in this country's military fighting machine these days , does not even qualify you for basic , sub standard living quarters on board a nuclear powered submarine ? Yes , I have lived in the " Roach Motel " , right alongside my fellow shipmates. In fact , " THE " contract states , that I will happily accept , sub-standard basic housing , without question and or even heat , in the winter time. ( after all , you'll be getting all the heat you need during the summer ( I promise you ) and it's up to you , to find a way to save it , until you need it )

For those people thinking it's a joke , ( and it is'nt ) yes , an officer really can march the whole lot of you off a cliff while standing aside to watch you all fall , butt , he can not strike or hit you.
Jerry : Really ?
Shriek : Really really !
BVD : Yes , really. That one's a no-bullshitter , really. Just ask Shriek. He's been over the side more than once :) Really

Meanwhile , in the UK , soldiers are busy suing their government , for receiving sub standard clothing , training and injuries , while serving their country , in a cold weather environment. BBC

Jerry : Hey , like uh , Yo , BVD ! What's a sub standard injury ?
BVD : That's an incurred injury , meaning , you will not bleed to death or permanently lose a finger because of training. However , this does not include injuries sustained in combat.
Jerry : Oh , O Kaaaay , I had always wondered about that one.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


TV Converter Problems

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD got an early morning call from Ms. jackie , it seems the TV picture has somehow gotten itself upside down and the chief can't understand why

Ms. jackie : Come on in BVD , the chief is besides himself with the TV picture thing being upside down
BVD : Do you have any idea how this happened ?
Ms. jackie : Ummmmm , no , butt please , come on into the living room and you'll see what I mean

Walking into the room , the Franklin's police chief was quietly crying into his teddy bear , while the TV picture played upside down. BVD checked the remote and found it's working fine. She then looks towards the converter box , checking the setup and notices the TV is on top of the converter box.

BVD : " ? " Umm , er , ah , chief ? Why is your TV on top of the converter box ?
Chief jackie : That's what the instruction sheet shows to do. Here , see for yourself.
BVD : ( looking at the instruction sheet ) Oh , for crying out loud chief. You've got this thing upside down. Look ( turns the sheet right side up ) See ?

BVD and Ms. jackie place the converter box on top of the TV , while the Chief supervises , butt , the TV picture is still upside down.

BVD : Oh , well , no wonder y'all. Look here. See this ? The TV itself is sitting upside down.
Ms. jackie : ( looks sheepily at her husband ) Well , George , how do you explain this ?
Chief jackie : I was , uh , ummm , well I was just swatting at the flies and mosquitoes last night and I ,
Ms. jackie : What ? In my house ? Again ?
Chief jackie : Um , yeah. Well ummm , I thought I would have this problem fixed before you got out of bed this morning and well , I guess I wasn't playing enough at giving attention to how I put the TV back.
Ms. jackie : No , I guess not. You never pay attention to anything anymore , do you ? Not even to me. You're just tooooo busy playing is right , why I outta ,
Chief jackie : Look , I wasn't sure how the thing was sitting in the first place. O Kay ?
Ms. jackie : Well of course you were'nt , you're never sure about anything anymore are you ?

BVD makes her way out the door while Ms. jackie scowls her husband , ( again )

Friday, June 12, 2009


Got A TV Converter ?

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD payed a homely visit , to Franklin Police Chief jackie , to see how things were going at home , with getting his TV converted

BVD : Good morning everyone
Ms. jackie : Hey BVD and good Morning to you too.
BVD : Say , how's the chief coming along with getting his TV converted ?
Ms. jackie : I'm not sure yet , you know those instructions are so complicated. All those little wires and the connectors and such. Besides , I think he's more concerned about getting the TV dinners converted over , than he is about the TV. A police chief has got to eat you know :) Say , do you know if those converters , will change the taste of those TV dinners ? Hmm , maybe more pepper and salt would do the trick , what do you think ?
BVD : I'm not sure if TV dinners need converting or not , er , ah , hmmmm ( quietly giggling to herself )
Ms. jackie : Would you know if I can still mute The View ?
BVD : ( snickers ) Er , ah , tell you what , I'll go ask someone and find out for you. Good Bye now ( outside she laughs hysterically )

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Cell Phones can now Multi task Multi users

It's just amazing what cell phones can do these days.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


From the Franklin Police History Book

Franklin , Tennessee - once upon a time , ( you know a story is true , when it starts with once upon a time ) Royal Oak Apartments was the best place to live in Franklin. Good neighbors , good maintenance , good price and good location. I know , because I once lived there.

After living there a while , the Shit started. Cars were being vandalized , windows were being smashed , stuff was being stolen. Where were the police ? Meanwhile , cars were being stolen. Two boys rape a girl and a 14 year old tries to rape my 8 year old daughter. That same 14 year old had earlier tossed a 5 year old boy , breaking his collar bone , while in the process of stealing his Game Boy. Where was Franklin Police ? Hmmmm. . . . meanwhile , people are talking about strange things happening at one apartment.

Well , would'nt you know it , one fine day while I was at work , someone had been in my apartment. Everything had been tampered with , AND , items are missing. Butt , WAIT , other people are saying the same thing has happened in their apartment too.

Now look , most everyone knew about the drug trade going thru there , Hell , even alcohol was being made ( some of it was pretty good stuff ) and no one complained about it. You know , live and let live , no one bothered anyone. That's the way things were , when I first moved in there. Soooo , what's going on ?

Meanwhile , a single black woman , living alone , ( she had no family ) , had become friends with my daughter. They would talk over ideas about her jewelry craft and this woman even bought some of my daughter's creations. One day , my daughter went to visit her , when she suddenly came back saying something was wrong. So , I accompanied my daughter , back to the woman's apartment , to see what was going on. She was not answering her door. I picked up my daughter so her face could easily be seen through the door peep viewer. Upon recognizing us , the black woman then opened her door. Her eyes were BIG ass silver dollars as her body shook uncontrollably. She told us someone had been in her apartment and stole her family heirlooms. Nervously she continued , stating she had observed a man , going into people's apartments , while they were away. She pointed at the mysterious apartment , the man came from , ( the same one everyone had been talking about ) , she said , " Franklin Police are staying in there. " That's right people , Franklin Police was conducting a surveillance here and I have no reason to think this woman was a liar.

That was the last time I saw her. She had moved out by the weekend.

Think about it - while honest people are at work , earning an honest living , Franklin Police are in their homes , stealing their stuff

Monday, June 08, 2009


The Testimonial Truth About Franklin Police

Franklin , Tennessee - Time for a reality check - have you ever wondered , " Is a Franklin Police officer , really a truthful person ? " Hmmmm , now why would you ever have reason to think such thoughts ? ( I can only why and wonder , ( speaking only for myself :) )

Having spent the last several days behind the Greek columns ( courtesy of Franklin Police ) , I was given the opportunity to become acquainted , with some of Franklins' legal eagles. And my oh my , the juicy fruit I learned this week. Perhaps it might be better , to not repeat anything , eh ? Oh , what the Bloody Hell , why not ? I'll just share this tasty bite of truth with you anyway. I mean , what are JJ's police gonna do , throw me in jail and laugh about it ?

You do not want to testify against a police officer in front of a jury. The court will automatically accept the officer's word over yours. That's just the way it is.

While giving testimony in court , the officer will lie , then lie a little and if asked again , lie some more. Even tho every legal eagle in that court room ( including the judge ) knows factually , the officer is without a doubt , a liar , that police officer's testimony , will be accepted ass the gospel truth. Regardless. Period. Just like that. No ifs , no butts , no whats and no cross examination required. The only thing that might change the court's outcome , would be a lightning strike. Hmmm , er , ah , well , maybe , I suppose , I'm not really sure.

Now , don't you feel good knowing the truth about about Franklin's legal system ? I know sure I do.

And , nooooooo , I'm not kidding or making this up.

Sunday, June 07, 2009


Why This Blog

Franklin , Tennessee - in the beginning of this blog , I wanted some way to show off the real Vanderbilt University. How many people know , that in a reality check , Vanderbilt is just another Billion dollar monster , that enjoys Shitting on the employees , while constantly begging for more money to spend ass it pleases.
Did you know , Vanderbilt is a major land owner in Kentucky ? And it's all tax free holdings , including the furniture and kitchen sink. Vanderbilt hierarchy often fight and argue over who gets what furnishings for their " Free " home. Everyone , from the chancellor on up , live in free housing , courtesy of some dead person , thinking their gift would help some poor , destitute soul , attend college. ( and no , it did'nt , butt , Vandy won't tell you this ) .

Somehow , the subject of Jay Johnson came into view and I started talking about " His Franklin Police Department ". Well , why not ? After all , I'm the father of that 16 year old , whom JJ said , was O Kay for a police officer to stalk. You see , I did know what I was talking about in the stalking department. Being a loving and protective father , I've waited and wanted for some way , to get the word out about JJ and his " Dogs ". This blog fit the bill and like this blog says , I'm telling you the straight and skinny truth and you'll be able to separate it from the silliness , I've thrown in.

BVD saw what was coming my way and split , to avoid capture. Since then , I've been out of total contact with her. You see , JJ sent his " Dogs " after my family and me , while searching for BVD's identity. Meanwhile , KoolAid immediately moved out of Franklin and Tennessee all together. He now gets his news from those folks remaining here.

It's amazing what has happened here at my house. Everything , is a courtesy from Franklin Police. The best I can count , there's about 17,000 + dollars in burglary , theft and vandalism. And " NO " , I'm not joking. I've kept notes over the last 3 years and it's apparent that Franklin Police don't have anything else better to do , either with themselves or their time. Their loyalty to JJ is certainly to be commended. I'm talking medals , perhaps give them a bronze statue on the square or something or other. My curiosity is up on what JJ pays his " Dogs " , for doing his deeds. You know , the things he personally does'nt have the balls to do himself.

So , with the truth now out , about Jay Johnson , I don't know what more there is to write about. This blog contains over 1,200 entries. Some funny , some stupid and some not worth the band width to read. Butt , this blog does tell a story , if you can read between the lines. So for now , I'll keep this up. I have'nt decided to erase this yet or just continue with better writing.

In the very near future , I'll post some interesting info , that you might want to avoid. In other words , read at your own risk. After what JJ has put my family thru , I don't care about keeping this stuff to myself any more.

To all my readers , Thank You for coming around.

Jerry Horne

p.s. when I say be careful , that's exactly what I mean. There's nothing to prevent Franklin Police from monitoring who's who reading this blog , which in turn also means , there's nothing to prevent Franklin Police from doing to you , what they have enjoyed doing around here. And it does not bother them to hurt the ones you love.

Remember the God Father saga ? " When they come , they will come for those you love. "

Friday, June 05, 2009


OH YAWN ! ! !

" It's Friday ? Whad da ya mean it's Friday ? What happened to da weekend ? "


The Light at the End of the Tunnel

We have all heard stories of people dieing and coming back from the dead and talking about seeing a light. These stories have been documented by many professionals. Here's a story I found interesting about life and death -

This person becomes consciously aware in an alcove like room. There are 10 - 15 other people present. One wall is a clear like material ( like glass ) that gives when pushed upon and resets it's shape when the force is released. All the walls are stone and the masonry work is perfect. Looking out , there's a walk way with no barrier at the edge , to prevent your falling off. The room is several stories up and there are rays of light coming from above , like sunlight thru scattered clouds. The other people present are nervous while trying not to show it.

A large person walks up , accompanied by an entourage. This person carries a staff with a shepherd's like hook on the end. He looks into the room , turns aside to talk with an aid and walks off. His aid stays behind and watches his boss move on out of sight. He then makes the transparent wall disappear and motions for all of the people to go to his right and points the way.

The person telling this story , says the aid stopped him from leaving while everyone else walked away , some of them nervously look back and smile at him. He then looks towards the other direction , taking in the size of this enormous building. Rows and rows of other alcoves go off into the distance , with no end in sight. Stepping over close to the edge of the walkway , he sees he is very high up indeed. This building is an enormous , stories and stories tall structure.

Suddenly and without warning , the people scream horribly. Spinning around , he looks towards them in shock and with awe. There is a strobe light action flashing up from up the floor and inside the light are struggling human silhouettes. And like the snap of a finger , they are all gone.

The person telling this story was then returned to the room. Upon entering , the clear like wall material returned. A short time later , another large person with a staff in hand and followed with an entourage , approached him. Turning to an aid , he asked if the person in the room was " him ". Nodding , he said , " OK " and this person was suddenly returned " here ".

He does not mention a light and says he feels like he does not have much time remaining , as he has been given just enough time to perform a task. Does this make him the walking dead ?


Tennesse's Newest Gunning Laws

Franklin , Tennessee - now that our newest gunning laws , to allow guns in bars and churches has passed into history , there's new business in the silliness department.

The Tennessee Legislature has realized , there are still more important aspects , to the current gun laws , that can not be ignored any longer. The danger is just too great. Items on the floor , awaiting the vote are :

Are guns to be allowed in bed with Hos ?
Are Hos allowed to have beds with guns ?
Are customers allowed to drink and Ho while wearing a gun ?
Are condoms required on guns and how are the bullets to be protected against accidental or premature discharge and/or contact with Hos ?
Can customers be taxed according to current licker by the drink laws , while wearing a gun in bed ?
Can a Ho be taxed by the number of licks received from the customer , while wearing a gun on their person , during the act ?
In Tennessee , will Texans be required to remove their guns , before entering the Ho or getting into bed ?

Thursday, June 04, 2009


Tennessee's Seat Belt Law

Franklin , Tennessee - today's discussion was about a person not being able to wear a seat belt. Followed by , " Can a person be pulled over , just on a seat belt violation ? "

The answer is a simple , " Yes " , Franklin Police can/will pull you over , if they do not see the shoulder strap in use. Otherwise , the police do not need an excuse/reason to pull you over. They are going to do what ever they please anyway. That's the way it is , here in Franklin.

If a person can not wear a seat belt , they need a doctor's reason , stating why. The statement also needs the doctor's name and contact number.

Keep in mind , the Franklin Police officer will tell you , ( I won't give the officer's name ) that a paper from the court is also needed , along with the doctor's statement. Well folks , that's just a line of Bullshit. Franklin's court does not issue just any kind of paper for some silly assed reason or other , just because some police officer says so. Remember , the court system in this city is a complicated mess , deliberately designed to prevent something good/necessary from being accomplished by someone outside of their circle. ( That's why you need council and yes , I does know , what I'm telling you here is accurate )

So , if your health is something like mine , get yourself that piece of paper and have it on your person , right next to your American Express. And don't leave home without it !


Window Dressing

Franklin , Tennessee - do you know what " Window Dressing " is ? It's something like magic tricks. You have the eyes looking at something else , so they don't see what's actually going on. I learned about " WD " from a Franklin court room.

Once upon a time - there was a criminal case that was nothing more than insurance fraud. This person had moved here from out-of-state , after plying his trade too many times and also , to keep from being arrested. Sooo , he moves to Franklin and sets up shop again.

His game is scamming the insurance company , in the process , he also looks for suckers to work for him , so he can sue them in court for doing the insurance related work wrong. ( This is how he doubles his money ).

Would'nt you know it ? He really does'nt have a case , butt , he's going for it anyway. In court , he brings with him , his 3 month old baby. His lawyer spends 10 minutes , talking to the judge about this beautiful , this wonderful , oh , just look at how cute she is , 3 month old baby. The lawyer even hands the baby up to the judge , so the judge can get a better look at her and to hold and cuddle , while listening to testimony ( I didn't know judges were supposed to do that )
During the trial , this guy is losing and I do mean losing rather badly. There just wasn't anything real for him to put up , except that baby. BUTT , in the end , the judge sided in his favor anyway , because he needed the money , to care for that beautiful " baby ". ( and NO , I'm not joking or making this up )

Several weeks later , it's learned , that's not his " baby ". He had borrowed a friends baby to bring to court , for the purpose of showing her off to the judge. This is what Franklinites have , for a justice system.

Thank God for those Greek columns , out front of the justice building !

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Vanderbilt Engineering Faculty Starts New Year Today

Vanderbilt University , School of Engineering - summer time has begun , and according to the official engineering faculty calender , it's also the end of another MayMester and school year.
Time to gather for another faculty meeting of the minds. There's no agenda yet , it's rare that there ever is one , butt , you can rest assured , they will find a reason to gorge and horde all that free beer and munchies , bought with an unlimited supply of student recreational fees.
When asked why there's no agenda again , it was explained , " Why bother ? We have the automatic button , and finally , we now have our own EASY Street button. All that's left for us to do now is look important in our offices , while sitting on our asses and watch the pay checks , donations and Federal money roll in. "

Monday, June 01, 2009


The Tamiya M41 Walker Bulldog Tank in 1/35

Franklin , Tennessee - building models can be a decision making nightmare. So many models , so little time. This time around , I decided to build , the Tamiya M41 Walker Bulldog in 1/35 scale. This tank was without question , the most prolific NATO tank , during The Cold War period and so I thought this kit would make a nice build , for my grandson to have , instead of a doll , to play with in his older years.

This particular tank , portrays the infamous , " Poker Division ". These armored soldiers are well known for having never lost a poker hand , in battle , bed or breakfast mayhem.

The build - the most tedious parts , are the real metal wire loops , used for fastening down the equipment. I hand drilled the holes , hand bent the wires and hand painted them olive drab. An accessory kit was used to provide more field use detail. A guitar string makes the antennae and an extra Tamiya aircraft kit , provided the unit's decal markings. In the field , sometimes a small log was mounted on the front , to carry extra supplies. I bent wires for the front tow loops , although electrical connectors can also be used. ( Those things cost a bit and you have to be careful cutting them down to length , if you use them , you will need super glue ) I " Shoegoo " glued and then melted the track connectors together. There's a 50 cal. beside the main gun barrel and if you think you are seeing things , yep , that's a dual 50 caliber for the commander's fireworks display and I added a bucket on the hook. The finish is a simple black wash with a little bit o' steel dry brush followed with dull coat.

Tamiya's M41 Walker Bulldog , has been around for years and continues being a favorite among beginners and experienced builders alike. I'm not aware of this kit having any modifications made during it's popular tenure. I think once upon a time , a motorized M41 version existed and I'm sure , this kit can be modified.

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