Monday, August 28, 2006


The Law is Above the Law

While catching up on the news , I saw this in The Tennessean. This story should not surprise anyone , afterall , this is Tennessee. Did you know that Tennesse State Park Rangers do these things all the time ? Yep. Did you know , there are deer hunts in state parks and that the meat goes to feed the hungry ? Did you know those very hunters are the hungry people ? Hm..... I have never seen the meat go to anyone needy , butt I have seen the hunters with it. The meat is clearly labeled " Not For Sale , Property of Tennessee " , and yet , it is traded and sold.
In state parks , you cannot remove any vegetation , yet , the park rangers allow certain people to do that very thing.
There's a judge that went to every major Civil War battle field and took what ever he found. At his house , he had everything cataloged. There was a little bit of everything from that war. He had found a broken saber at Shiloh , and yes , he took it home. Hey , he's a judge , so what. Right ? So what if his house is full of Civil War relics that he had found lying around on the ground.
Here in Tennessee , the law is above the law.
Governor Bredesen has said " Mission Accomplished " in dealing with the Tennessee state trooper problem. Well , if that's so , why is the trooper around the Choo Choo still in uniform ? He is well known for accepting sexual favors in return for not writing tickets. His " daddy " is the local judge and yes , there have been complaints made , and yes , the complaints go ignored
OK , ya want more ? I don't think you can handle more , butt , here goes. This is a history lesson from Metro's History book. ( this is before Serpas came to town ) Everyone knows Metro Police has a SWAT organization. How many of you know that they also have a theft organization with in their organization ? Yes , I'm talking police officers with a badge and a gun , who are stealing. I do not know if those people are still doing their little buisness these days. After all , Serpas has let people know that the law is for everyone , and not for just someone.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Insurance , Insurance , Insurance , Oh My ! ! !

The TV has been full of one year later shows about Katrina and now there's another hurricane on the way. A report on insurance companies has come out regarding who has done what with Katrina survivors.

State Farm is in first place for ignoring their customers. Today , thousands of folks are suing State Farm and they were not in Katrina. Have you noticed State Farm has been advertising rather heavily lately ? They need to rebuild their clientele.

Nation Wide is running second place in the court room.

Travelers and All State are fighting over 3rd place.

Here's the big unexpected surprise. Right here in Nashville , is AIG. What's the big surprise you might ask ? Well , AIG is in first place for customer satisfaction. Yep , you read correctly. AIG is'nt playing word games with wind and flood damage determination. AIG is actually paying a fair assessment on Katrina damage.

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Taxing the Swag

The news is full of stories about Hollywood stars paying taxes on their free SWAG Bags. These bags have been valued at $100,000 dollars in the past. A special tax form will be filled out with their other taxing forms at tax time.
I was wondering why President Bush does'nt have to pay taxes for using Air Force One when he travels for political campains for himself and other republicans ?
Why does a Vanderbilt faculty member get to use department money and student lab fees for their personal pet projects and not pay taxes ? Chancellor Gee has free use of a house which is presently getting a million dollar make over. He does not pay taxes for his use of this house.
Keep in mind , Vanderbilt is a billion dollar for profit buisness that has tax exempt status and the IRS is concerned about taxing a few thousand dollar gift bags for celebrities.

Friday, August 25, 2006


The Pluto Resolution

BVD News Bloggtographer - Earth's scientists have decreed Pluto is not a planet , butt , it is a dwarf planet. Yeah , there's that planet word again. Why could'nt they say it's just a big assteroid on steriod ? Yep , Pluto is not a planet , butt , they still place it in a planet catagory. Do you realize by their new refined , definitive definition , the Earth's moon now qualifys as a planet ?

One scientist , who would'nt give their name stated , " The vote was done by the democratic process , butt , no Plutonian showed up to participate in the voting process."

At Vanderbilt 's Dyer Observatory , Professor Weintraub stated ," They were in need of having some kind of suitable printable material for publishing , to show that they really are spending their research money on something worth while."

A White House spokes person stated , " This was done ass part of a retaliatory process , because the Plutonians had refused to stop their nuclear research program. The CIA and NSA have concluded they are 9 months away from having the bomb."

A Plutonian representative stated , " We are doing nuclear research for heating purposes. It's soo cold out here. We are not making bombs."

Thursday, August 24, 2006


You're Krazie

I saw this on CNN.


Told Ya So

Franklin , Tennessee - Alderman Phillips had earlier complained about patient confidentiality laws being broken at Williamson Medical Center. Well , Tennessee 's governor Bredesen has gone out of state for his medical condition. WSMV channel 4 news asked why he did this when there's an excellent medical facility called Vanderbilt right here.
The answer was a simple one. Governor Bredesen wants to keep his privacy. Williamson Medical Center is a part of Vanderbilt. Hm.....

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Lookie , Kittens

Aw , they are sooo cute.


Blogger Stalker

I have a new friend in the UAE. Her name is Fatma and I've added her blog to my links. She brought up something interesting called a " blogger stalker ". I don't understand how someone could have that kind of mentality. Blogs are people sharing their thoughts in a way for other people to see them. Whats wrong with having a favorite blog ? Does that make you a stalker because you keep going there to look around ?
Blogs are open territory for everyone. If someone has a problem with that , then that person needs to password their blog to keep us riff raff out. I 've noticed several bloggers have done that very thing.
Stalking is usually referred to snooping onto private parts of a person's life which is not in a blog.
Hm.....makes ya look at our government in a different perspective , don't it ?


New Planets My Ass

Did you see The Tennessean yesterday ? Our scientists and astronomers have'nt decided what a planet is. Wait a minute , this is a joke , right ? I mean , since first grade , my teachers taught about the planets that make up our solar system. Remember ( way back when ) those really pretty 3-color books describing what a planet is ? Well , yes , earth is one of those planets. Just how many hundreds of years has " planets " been used to denote the large heavenly bodies in our solar system ? Yet , now that we have officially recognized there are 12 planets in this star system , our astronomers and scientists have come to realize , by definitive definition , they don't know what a planet is. Oh pl-pl-pl-pl-please !
Do you want to know the real reason for all this fuss ? It's because a lot of self anointed , self appointed phd's want their name down for having accomplished something that was done by someone else. Yes , that means stealing someone else's knowledge and calling it their own. Just anything as long as they can get away with it while basking in the glory.
BVD : OK , Jerry enough. Are you going to make a point here ?
Jerry : Yep , there are several books long long out of print , that talk about this star system having 12 planets. The people taking credit for finding these so called newly found planets are taking credit for finding those already mentioned planets , while hoping no one notices the truth. What better way to cover up such nonsense than a smoke screen about deciding what is a planet ? I'll give you an example. Remember that Big Bang theory ? The people taking credit for that are nothing more than plagiarists.
BVD : How can this be ?
Jerry : Simple , the authors of those old books are not recognized by today's scientific community. Therefore , their knowledge does'nt get recognized , therefore , they don't get the credit

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Free Ambulance Service

Franklin , Tennessee - There's a lot of politiking going on in Spring Hill for a hospital. It seems that Franklin and Columbia are now just toooo far away for medical care. Then , there's the subject of ambulance service. I don't understand what's wrong with what is available right now , anyway , Rural Metro has stated they will provide free ambulance service for the start up period. That's a bunch of **** **** **** , and here's why.
There's only one free ambulance service that I know of and that is Davidson County Rescue Squad. Yes , it's a real ambulance service with real medics on board and everyone is a volunteer. Are you telling me , that Rural Metro will have volunteers on their ambulances ? I don't think so. When I say free , I mean free. DCRS does not charge for the transport or for supplies used. Can Rural Metro really do that ? I don't think so. Remember , Rural Metro is the ambulance company that went bankrupt several years ago and had to stop service in Davidson county.
The decision makers on this hospital deal are getting some bad information from someone.


The Roast

How many people watched the roasting of William Shatner ? Being a Star Trek fan myself , I was very disappointed. It was'nt anything to do about Shatner at all. It was really just making jokes about gay sex and sticking your finger into someone's " Glory Hole " and then pointing it at someone else and have everyone laugh out of control.
The more I think about it , maybe they were just telling it like it really is in Hollywood. So that's the secret of becoming a celeb in this country.
It was amazing how I could fast forward thru half the show and still not miss a single gay crack or reference to anatomy for gays and of course , half the words were bleeped out , so big deal , right ? If you are not gay , you missed out on Gay Sex 101 for sure. I noticed " Spock " did not take part in this stupidity. Hm.....maybe Vulcans are not Gay. Would they see that ass being illogical ?

Monday, August 21, 2006


It's Monday , Oh It's Monday

It 's Monday and I want to feel good about something.


Alderman Bitches About Life

Franklin , Tennessee - Alderman Phillips is bitching about other people talking about his medical status at Williamson Medical Center claiming there are patient confidentiality laws being broken and ignored. Well , he's right. Butt , if he wants his medical status private , why is he talking about it ?
Let's take a page from Vanderbilt Hospital's History book.
Once upon a time " Possum " got drunk and crashed into a bridge abuttment. Possum was taken to Vanderbilt for medical treatment. Keep in mind the crash occured in Williamson county. Being a celebrity , all kinds of people were trying to get the scoop on his condition. Including Metro Detectives with Metro Firefighters wearing Metro Detective Badges who were conducting an investigation into his accident. Keep in mind , Vanderbilt is in Davidson county. Why is the law in one county investigating a simple car crash that occured out of their area ? Why are Metro Firefighters masquerading ass Metro Detectives ? Don't they have something else better to do ? Good questions and I don't have the answers.
In the ER parking lot , these same people made a big show of using their in car puters accessing police records and sharing the info with Vanderbilt employees. Why are these cars parked in front of the ER entrance ?
Alderman Phillips has just seen for himself , the abuse of so called power. Some people just can't get enough and they don't care what law is being broken. I'll bet Alderman Phillips knows exactly what I'm talking about.

Friday, August 18, 2006


Truth is Truth

Today , President Bush responded against his NSA wiretapping program being deemed illegal , by saying " That judge does not understand the world we live in."

Well Mr. President , I say , " You don't understand this country's Constitution. Yes , you are the president , butt , you do not supercede the Constitution. If what you are doing is legal , you would have " your " judicial people draw up the legal warrants. Which you don't have , therefore your wiretapping is illegal. "



Let me introduce you to Ms. Puud. She is the center of all that circles this house. Or , you could say she is the Queen Bee. Ms. Puud has 2 rules in life.

1 - I'm the boss. I'll always bee the boss. No , you may not ask questions.

2 - Always meow softly and carry a big paw with big claws.


Da Bus

Do you know me ? I'm well known in the music industry for having toilets that won't flush. Sometimes I just can't handle that affluent effluence. There's just too much of it.

Did you see me on CNN ? I have also been in 2 music videos


President Bush Does It Again

President Bush has said he will be bringing more troops home from Iraq. Recently , troops returned to their home in Fairbanks Alaska after serving their tour in Iraq. It seems they got back home just in time to recieve their orders to go to Iraq. Hm.....

Thursday, August 17, 2006



Back To Basics is the latest hot music by Christina Aguilers. Her show has trumpets swinging and swerving around her like she is the center of the universe. Of course , she has been hit in the head so many times now , she has been called " Brass Head "


The Taxing Insurance Dilema

Franklin , Tennessee - I actually had someone ask how insurance companies are doing their customers wrong. OK Grasshopper , here's the lesson for the week.
Ass you know , a house gets appraised for monetary value and a tax is placed on that house for that appraised amount. The home owner naturally wants a high appraisal because it makes the house more valuable , while at the same time dissagreeing with the amount of taxes to pay.
The insurance companies love high appraisal values because that ups the insurance premium costs for the customer. So , what happens when the customer needs the insurance to step in when SHIT hits the fan ? The insurance company pays out 30% of what the actual damage is , even though the customer was paying 100% on the insurance premiums. Or , they just flat out refuse to pay and make up some kind of justifiable excuse to cover themselves so you have to sue them in court for years , just to see one dollar. Then , to make sure the insurance company really shafts their customer , they drop that person without warning , which can actually make things almost impossible to get insurance from another company.
Now , do you understand why thousands of people are currently sueing State Farm ?
This is today's buisness world ethics in the insurance industry

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


The Doctor Trip

Everyone has a story to tell about some doctor. Here's the new one - a person with a really bad back problem is sent to a neuro surgeon in Lebanon , TN for surgery assessment. He is new in town , Christopher P. Kauffman MD , 1616 West Main Street , Suite 300 , zip 37807 , or call 615 - 443 - 7374. He is in the tall building with the blue windows.
Anyway , with the patient's MRI film in hand , the doctor states , " I need X-Rays. " Hmm....... , the x-ray tech refused to do the film with the patient standing up , and refused to lower the x-ray table. While climbing up the table mountain , the tech moves the patient's hands from gripping something to hold on to. The patient slam dunks himself onto the table and passes out. After the films , if any were taken , the patient gets wheeled back into their room in an office chair , and the doctor demands to know how much drugs has been taken. Hmm......the patient was'nt like this when he first came in here.
They did not help this person out of the building or nothing. And , no assessment. Hmm.....
Telling this story to the doctor who had referred him , this doctor became very angry. " I was told he was the best , he only needed X-Rays so he could bill your insurance. MRI's can tell you so much more than X-Rays. Well , I won't be using him anytime soon."

P. S. if you need an MRI , go to a facility that will give you your films on the spot. There's Vanderbilt at Cool Springs that does that very thing. And , they send the report to the doctor that sent you there. Don't leave an MRI session without those films. Just like American Express , you can take them anywhere , anytime , to any doctor.


I Don't Understand This

Ass everyone knows by now , we cannot take liquids on board a public air flight. Butt , it's OK to bring along a laptop with exploding batteries. For those who have'nt heard , there's a huge recall on laptop batteries because of excessive over heating. Hey , at 30,000 feet , who is going to know ? Right ? Hey , does anyone know where David Letterman gets his Coke Dry ?


Insurance Blues

BVD News - Trip Assured Inc. , located in Crossville , Tennessee , has a lot of problems. After two years of investigation , Paula Flowers of Tennessee's Department of Commerce and Insurance can't decide if their products are insurance or not. Keep in mind , Trip does not have a liscence to sell insurance while insuring people's money while on trips abroad.
Now do you understand how Travelers and State Farm Insurance Companies can do ass they please to their customers ? It's nice to know Paula has been busy these past two years doing something with her state job. I can only imagine the money that Tennessean's state lawyers racked up over this one. And just think , the investigation is'nt over....yet.
You'll find this story on the front page of The Tennessean , August 15-06


The Public May Have More Rights

Nashville , Tennessee , BVD News - Remember the lawsuit between Gaylord and the Nashville Kats cheerleaders ? Well , it seems the cheerleaders were videoed in their dressing rooms without their knowledge. Of course they won the lawsuit. Here's the catch. Since those responsible for the videoing , were essentially functioning ass Metro government , the settlements are to become public knowledge. Why ? Because the public has every right to see how their dollars are spent. So , you might ask ? Well , the public also has the right to see what their dollars bought.
Jerry : Hey BVD , are'nt you double talking here ?
BVD : Jerry , the tapes man , the tapes.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


New Blogger in Town

Franklin Tennessee - In Monday's Williamson A.M. , we are now blessed with a new blogger named Colin Hadaway. He will be the official blogger from Franklin High School. One point Colin makes is his honesty about being honest. " I'm just really trying to get out of Tennessee. " , he said.
Well Colin , Thank you very much for that honest remark. I'm sure everyone will be looking forward to more of your witticism.


Happy 60th

How many people noticed President Bush had a birthday ? It was so exciting , even Brian went to sleep.


Vanderbilt's Heated Debate

Nashville , Tennessee - BVD got wind that Al Gore has a deeply rooted disagreement with the Vanderbilt community over Global Warming.
Al Gore : You people are not scientists , you're not even professors.
Vanderbilt Professor : That may be true , butt we have professor ID's and we are well paid for having someone else teach our classes.
Al Gore : This is not the way to deal with global warming

Thursday, August 10, 2006


President Bush on Music

The White House declined comment while the Secret Service attempted to obtain all film while Vice President Dick Cheney looked on with his new fully automatic shotgun.



I have friends who work EMS and if it were 'nt for the person telling me this , I would 'nt believe it. There's a guy who has his wife 's family member living there. It seems they really don't like eachother. One day , he took her shower towel and rubbed himself really dry after showering. Particularly in his groin area. Well...........................turns out she had just done her hair color. She seems to have a really bad gray hair problem , and she goes all out to keep her old hair looking young. I guess the women are laughing pretty hard right now having read this far. Anyway , the hair coloring stuff is sooo strong , there was enough leaft behind in the towel to give the guy a chemical burn all over his groin area.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006



Hollywood , BVD Bloggtographer , Star Trek fans nation wide have gone wild with the " S " word showing itself around. BATTLESTAR GALACTICA had thought they had stopped that " S " by using FRACK , butt , it did'nt work.
People from all over the galaxy are wanting in on this one. Especially the Klingons

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Well NO " SH*T " ! ! !

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD got fired this morning for saying the " S " word. There have been several instances where news people have recently been fired for using the " S " word. This whole thing got started when President Bush , thinking he was talking in private , said the " S " word on a live microphone. So there you have it folks. Don't say the " S " word , and you might keep your job. Remember , not everyone gets to be President Bush.

BVD : Hey Jerry
Jerry : Yes
BVD : Now that I'm fired , who is going to do this blog
Jerry : Just how the fuck am I supposed to know these things man ? I just work here.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Sharps in the News

How many people were fortunate to see channel 4 's report on how sharp things and criminals don't mix ? Several interesting items were shown that were taken from the street. You know whats really interesting ? Channel 4 did'nt tell you that metro police sell those items to criminals. The items include the blade in the lipstick holder and ( my favorite ) switch blade knives.
Oh NO ! I just got an idea. I just hate it when that happens. This picture has a spring loaded device sold to me by a metro officer. The first person to finger it , gets fed at The Mothership.
I need the answer by 3pm today. That's 1500 to those who can't tell time.


OH NO ! ! Not Today's NEWS !

Someone has to do this and I'm it. Looks like Mel stepped into it big time by making rude remarks while being arrested for DUI.

Well , they finally done it. After scaring all those people on artificial sweeteners , the FDA finally got paid to OK the stuff.

Landis showed positive for artificial testosterone. Why don't you do everyone a favor and go home. Maybe you and Mel can get a comic act together

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