Sunday, August 31, 2008


McCain 's Choice For Vice President

BVD : Have you seen McCain's choice for VP ?
Jerry : Yes , what about him , er , her ?
BVD : McCain gives the definition of a " Dirty Old Man " , a whole new meaning

BVD : It's pretty interesting , how McCain picked her , considering he does'nt even know her
Jerry : Well of course , his advisers knew they were on a sinking ship and they desperately needed someone , willing to stick their ( her ) fingers in the holes. Only a woman , having changed diapers on 5 kids , would stick their fingers into McCain's silly shit.

Friday, August 29, 2008


PAYPAL Ez All Screwed Up

If you have'nt tried to use your PayPal , well , things have changed. To move money , or to pay someone , you now have to give Paypal a credit card. No credit card ? You can NOT send anyone , any money. Your Paypal account can have all kinds of money , butt , no credit card , no money moves. Think about it. Paypal is simple to use , without the credit card hassles , or credit card fees , or credit card interests rates.
So , if you have to have a credit card to use Paypal , screw it , just screw it. I'll just use my credit card and avoid the Paypal hassles. For some reason , Paypal keeps on screwing up , or shooting itself in the foot.
I'm telling you this because the Christmas season is starting and Ebay is warming up to it , butt , you can NOT use your Ebay owned Paypal account , to pay for your Ebay purchase , without a credit card. You've been warned.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Just A DOG ?

CNN has been showing this all morning. It's a traffic stop , that a cop says , " You can get another one ". Well , I agree. After all , his department can get another officer. If this person was a minority , the officer would have been fired.
Some folks , like this obtuse officer , don't get it. With some people , a pet is actually family.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


The Latest Changes at Ebay

You are Gonna luv the changes a goin on at Duh-Bay. You MUST be a Power Seller to get free sub search titles , provided you give free shipping.

Checks and money orders will no longer be accepted. This means , if you don't have paypal , you better get one. Yes , they promise this policy is coming.

Ebay wants everyone to know , they have lowered the final value fees , by keeping them at their present levels.

Have you heard of Neo Loch ? I'm not getting paid to mention them and I do not know much of anything about them. Word from the rumor control room says , this site could hurt ebay.


Vanderbilt Rand Moves Up In The World

Vanderbilt University - BVD Bloggtographer was there. Here's the latest goings on at Rand.

Rand receives a makeover

Since May 15, Rand Dining Center has been under construction to provide new dining options.

Prompted by students’ desire for more grab-and-go items along with the ability to create a more specialized restaurant, Vanderbilt Dining has funded a complete transformation of the area previously known as CX2.

No longer the place for burgers, fries and smoothies, CX2 has been gutted and “will be transformed into a more open, ‘dressed up’ environment with new floors, ceilings and serving lines,” according to Camp Howard, associate director in dining and executive chef.

The redesign pays homage to the university’s 30-year veteran, Chef Bill James while simultaneously taking advantage of the close proximity to the bookstore and mailroom. The new design of the space, now known as Chef James Bistro, will allow customers to see the action of food preparation while enjoying “specialized restaurant cooking.” Additionally, the bistro will have longer hours to suit customers’ eating habits.

To satisfy the desire for more on-the-go food choices, “in-house chef crafted” items will be available in Rand that include:




-Fresh fruits and vegetables

There will also be a chilled entrée area where complete on-the-go meals can include items such as:

-Grilled chicken


-Fresh vegetables



In addition to the updated to-go meal choices, menus will still include a variety of hot entrees, vegetables, starches, soups, fountain and bottled beverages, coffee and tea.

Since the smoothie stand of CX2 is also being replaced by the new Chef James Bistro, the downstairs Stonehenge sandwich booth has been demolished and is currently under construction to create a new location to buy smoothies. The new Center Smoothie will offer a variety of fruit- and yogurt-inspired smoothies.

The construction is set for completion by August 4

Jerry : Now wait a minute. There's always been cold cutz and fruitz. What's so new about more sandwiches ?
BVD : Everyone was sick and tired of seeing that broken down Volkswagon. It gave the impression that Vanderbilt could'nt afford real art. Besides , a VW is for the poor people , not Vanderbilt people. Even Nashville's street people felt poorly , while standing beside it. Perhaps , if they had used a Navigator , Vanderbilt people would have felt more comfortable with themselves

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Don't Worry Be Happy

Franklin , Tennessee - don't you worry about a thing. The City of Franklin will have those anti-glare bare street lights , up , in a neighborhood , near you , very soon.


The Latest Changes @ Ebay / PayPal

You won't believe the changes a goin on @ Ebay. Even I had to check 'em twice , just to see what's the naughty or the nice.

Did you know , PayPal can withhold payment until satisfactory FEEDBACK is given ?

PayPal is starting to enforce mandatory insurance for shipping. This means , PayPal won't be using their guarantee , since insurance has been paid. You cannot collect twice for broken goods. This also negats PayPal's Consumer Confidence clause. " SO WHAT ? " , you ask. Well , it's like this - sellers are not buying the insurance you paid for , which means , you are UN insured. That's right. The seller is pocketing your insurance money. It will take about 105 days , to settle a dispute with PayPal judges. After a settlement with the seller has been agreed too , there is no way to force the seller to comply anyway. That's right , the seller has EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE , just like G. W.

Meanwhile , Ebay is becoming a hateful place to shop. I don't know what's in the water , butt , it is contagious. There's no such thing ass being careful enough. So , when you encounter a nasty seller , remember , that person cannot give you , " the buyer " , a negative feedback :)

So , you ask , why do I need PayPal ? There's only one reason. The seller cannot file with Ebay , a nonpayment complaint. Yes , UN reputable sellers are going for the double dip. Remember jcmtin ? He's not the only one , reading this blog.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Ebay's New Changes

Here's the latest goings on @ EBAY. PayPal got hacked again. So , ebay has now removed a seller's email address on invoices. That's right. When you , the " buyer " , wants to use PayPal , you have to ask the seller for their email address to PayPal. So , now the seller thinks there is a scam going on and they don't want to give it out. Soooo , now Ebay has created a conflict with the buyer/seller relationship. Pretty cool , huh ?

Ebay , it's a whole new world order of dis-order and new life experiences ! Enjoy


Bare Sightings

Franklin , Tennessee - late one night , the bares came out to party. It turned into one ugly bare assed train. BVD saw it all. He goes to the eye doctor later today.

BVD : Oh man , I'll never be able to see again
Jerry : Just what exactly do you think you saw ?
BVD : There's no thinking about what I saw man , look for yourself. Look into my eyes. See me ? Look at me , I'm going blind , BLIND I'm telling you , B-L-I-N-D , BLIND !
Jerry : Hmmmmm , well , hopefully not. So , what was it again , this sight you saw ?
BVD : Those neighbors of yours were in the middle of the street making a train. I've never seen so many bare assed asses in my whole life. Damned ugly sight too. There ought to be a law against shining an ugly ass in the middle of the street.
Jerry : Well , maybe that explains why Franklin Police don't patrol this neighborhood
BVD : Hm ? Why ?
Jerry : Well , perhaps they don't want to go blind either
BVD : You are not being funny
Jerry : I'm not trying to be. Besides , how do you know , these people were'nt praying to the full moon ? I mean , perhaps these people were just mooning at the moon :)
BVD : No DAMMIT ! They had an orgy going on.
Jerry : Hm , I see
BVD : No you don't see
Jerry : Hmm , I see
BVD : Oh stop it.
Jerry : :)

Monday, August 11, 2008


It Must Be Nice

It must be nice , to screw up a nation , to the tune of 12 TRILLION dollars and then go on cruise control , to finish out your term.

Think about it. Americans don't care. So , why should he ?

Bush has sold US out , while his family and his friends are cared for , when 2012 comes around.

Hmmm , maybe that's why McCain is only running for one term. He knows there won't be another , come 2012.

Friday, August 08, 2008


After The Election

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD was finished tallying the votes , when he spotted Tim " The Taylor Made Sheriff For Sheriff " in the parking lot , breaking up pencils , into tiny little pieces.

BVD : Tim , Hey Tim Taylor ! Hey man , what's wrong ?
Tim Taylor : I'm not going to be the Sheriff
BVD : No , you are not. ( a low snicker , trying to hide his smile ) Well Tim , the good news is , we both know , that you have 112 family and friends , who thought enough of you , to go out of their way to vote for you.
Tim : Uh ? What ? I want a recount. They said I got 336 votes !
BVD : You did get 336 votes. Butt , I happen to know , that police officers , teach their own family members , the tricks of criminals. Your 112 people actually have 3 I.D.'s apiece. That gave you your 336 votes. Because you lost , I'm not saying anything.
Tim : Yeah ? Well , OK then.
BVD : What's wrong Tim ? Somethings bothering you.
Tim : Well , it's just that I was expecting Jay Johnson to vote for me also.
BVD : Tim , Jay Johnson is no more around here. He got fired. Remember ? He is H-I-S-T-O-R-Y
Tim : Oh yeah , that's right. Oh man. Damn ! He was good for another 100 votes too.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Voting Day in Williamson County

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD made the rounds , ass Williamson Countians cast their votes for sheriff and the other candidates , who have not campaigned , butt , want the votes , none the less. Also , voters get to decide on who stays or not , when some one else is gone. I would tell you more here , butt , there's been no effort to explain , before voters vote. So , anyway , go vote , afterall , there's nothing else to do around here , except watch the grass dry up. Those fortunate enough , are using this August weather to dry their other grass ass well.
Meanwhile , BVD spotted Tim " The Taylor Made Sheriff For Sheriff " , walking around with a poster of himself.

BVD : Tim , Hey Tim ! Hey , Tim Taylor !
Tim Taylor : Oh , um , hmmm , hi there , BVD.
BVD : Hello Mr. Taylor , you got a minute ?
Tim : Um , yeah , sure.
BVD : How's your campaign going ?
Tim : Oh , fine , just fine.
BVD : With this election winding to it's finale , how do you think you'll do ?
Tim : Well , I'm optimistic of course.
BVD : You were with Franklin Police for 29 years.
Tim : Yeah , right , that's right.
BVD : That's a lot of police and also law enforcement experience , is'nt it ?
Tim : Well , yes it is.
BVD : It's not a secret , that Franklin Police are one of this country's most dishonest police departments. What would you bring to the Williamson County's Sheriff position , with your background coming from such a dishonest , FOP registered and recognized , a department that is also politically approved by CALEA , law enforcement organization ?
Tim : Well , because I do have 29 years work experience in a dishonest police department , would'nt you think , that makes ME the best man , for the job of cleaning up the Sheriff's department ? I mean , it takes a dirty cop , to catch a dirty cop , right ?
BVD : Hmmmm , if you say so.


Paris Speaks Politics

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD got the exclusive Paris video and here it is.

Meanwhile , rumor has it , Tim Taylor has approached Paris , about doing a video for his Sheriff's campaign.

Sunday, August 03, 2008


Sharing Videos From Tim " The Taylor Made Sheriff , For Sheriff "

Franklin , Tennessee - Tim " The Taylor Made Sheriff , For Sheriff " , paid BVD , in cold , hard , pencils , to share some of his favorite video entertainment , with his voter friends of Williamson County , ass he promotes himself to be our sheriff.

Tim said , " This is the first thing I listen to , everyday , in front of my mirror. "


Tim Taylor Wants Your Vote

Pawnbroke , in Williamson County , Tennessee - BVD was enjoying the sights to see while Sunday driving , when he spotted Tim Taylor for Sheriff , standing at a road crossing , surrounded by dozens of campaign signs and holding a Beane Weene can full of pencils.

BVD : Hey Tim , Tim Taylor , how ya doin man ? What brings you so far out into the county ?
Tim Taylor for Sheriff : Oh , uh , hm , hey BVD , I'm fine , how are you ?
BVD : Well um , I'm fine , thank you for asking ? What's with the pencils ?
Tim : I'm selling them , ass a campaign booster for my election war chest. Have you seen these ? They're Grrrrreat ! Everyone of them says , Vote For Tim , " Taylor Made For Sheriff " :) See ? Are'nt they cute ? They've even got an eraser that works. See ? Look't here. And , the eraser is included with the pencil. How's THAT , for cutting edge campaigning ?
BVD : Hmmm , I see. And just how is your campaign doing ?
Tim : Oh uh , ummm , great , just great. I'm glad you asked.
BVD : Now that the early election is over , how do you feel ?
Tim : Oh , uh , I dunno , you know
BVD : Well , with all of your family , your friends and their relatives living here , I would'nt think you'd have a problem getting the vote. Heh heh heh
Tim : Wellllllll , I just found out , that no one on my side of the family voted for me , er , uh , I mean , that is , uh well , ummm , there was a good turn out for early voting , did you hear about that ?

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