Thursday, April 30, 2009


You Are What You Drink

Franklin , Tennessee - today's paper tells " US " , that Franklin s drinking water, is safe to drink. Is that like saying , it's safe to drink Franklin s Koolaid ? Hmmmmmmmm ?

I drink Franklin s Koolaid , er , ah , mmm , I mean like , I drink Franklin s water all the time since there is'nt any other water , available at the tap.

The powdery looking substance inside the glass is a fine micro-residue from the water I drink. H2O engineers often call this residue , " sediment ". Over time , this sediment stuff clogs water pipes in houses and businesses and can cause taste problems. Perhaps you live in an old Franklin house , with metal pipes. This can contribute to that strange tasting taste , in your mouth.

This particular , particulate experiment , particulated in a fine molecular , sedimentary particulate , inside a crystalline structure and took about a month to grow at home , at constant room temperature , inside a glass.

Despite using the PUR 3 stage water filter system , these sediment particles continue swimming around in my drinking water. Sometimes , I don't know which water I prefer , Franklin s or the sulfur water , that Tennessee is so famous for.

Perhaps , if Koolaid would bottle his water , in larger containers , more people would buy it.


Our Changing America , Pt. 2 of 3 Parts

Have you figured this out , yet ?

What is the driving force , that is changing America , into something our Founding Fathers did not envision ?

Do you need a clue ?

O Kay.

President Eisenhower warned " US " , about " Them ".

While you 're thinking about it , I'll give you some more time , to oogle Google or , you can re-watch the UFO HUNTERS , again :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Our Changing America , Pt. 1 of 3 Parts

Now that you've had time to think about the last UFO HUNTERS episode , on the History Channel , have you thought anything about what they pointed too , without saying it directly ?

O Kay , go ahead and think about it some more. I'll give you time to think. Think ? , thank ? , " KLINK ! ! " , thunk " ? " , Dang it all to " Hell ! " , I said " THINK Man , THINK ! ! ! "

All rightie then , times up.

Today , America is in a downward decline as The Constitution gets pushed aside more and more everyday and with it , so goes our freedom , that so many Americans have given up their lives for. And why ? Because our politicians are too busy with their own agendas , instead of taking care of America's agendas.
Sooo , what's going on ? Why is America's way of life , democracy and The Constitution , drowning in the toilet ? The answer is simple. It's called " Change ". With that answer , the question now becomes , " What's so powerful about this " Change ", in America today , that it can create such a turn around , inside the most powerful country on the planet ? Look around your little own personal world and the answer becomes obvious.

Technology. That's right , " Technology ". Today , America has the future of the world , concealed in various " Black Programs " , being conducted by The Pentagon.

Perhaps I should let you chew on that for a while , before I continue with the rest of this story. Or , I could let you watch another rerun of the TV show I've referenced and that 'll give you more time to clear out those cob webs , that 's cluttering up your thinking abilities.

Just like The X-Files , the answer is out there.


Did You Know -

Franklin , Tennessee - with Jay Johnson controlling the police department for so many years , he gave them a perk , by taking away their accountability , for their actions. Similar perks have been given at other law enforcement agencies , across this country.

This helps to explain why some officers act the way they do. Take this officer for example :

The rumor mill says , there have been soo many complaints , swept under the rug in Chief jackie's office , there are now 8 inch high speed bumps in his office carpet. Now that's a lot of complaints.

No wonder he is in such a hurry to move out of there , currently , the floor does not have any level spots for a chair or table or a

film courtesy CNN


The New NASA Plans New First

BVD News - NASA officials have confirmed the building of a new space shuttle fleet , to replace the current aging one. The first shuttle will be named " Free Enterprise ". BVD has also learned , that all funding will come from private donations and sponsors. One NASA official stated , " Currently , our aging government is Trillions of dollars in debt , it's out of the way and unable to pay. This new fleet will get US back on track and with a meaningful space program. Just think , America will be the first , to put a BIG MAC into space and who knows , maybe this time next year , we'll have a BIG MAC walking on the moon. "

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Green Machine Time of Year

Yep , I did see those thoughts turning in your head when you saw this.

Nice , eh ?

Yep , it's that time of the year , to have fun in the yard and this is definitely a fun yard machine



It's that time of the year , everyone is in their yard , working to get things looking pretty and green , for Spring. Sometimes , people need outside professional help to get the job done right.
This is where Excel Constructors comes in to view. Excel is located on 2048 Williams Road in Nolensville. 776-5070 or 533-6365. Talk to Scott Revoir. He's the man that will talk the talk , and leave you hanging. He has a Metro firefighter , Paul Smith 300-7696 , working for him , that does a job anyway he pleases , and Dang , if he has to do the job right. And , Scott does'nt care.
When you complain to Scott about Paul and/or the work not done , you get a lot of Hee Haw about Paul , with Scott saying how much trouble he's having with Paul not doing the work
Hey Scott , if Paul is that bad , why have him around ? Why give him work ? Scott won't answer those questions. And , no , Scott does not stand behind his and/or Excel's work.

" Some people are in business for themselves and not for the people. " - John Adams

Thursday, April 23, 2009


UFO Hunters

If you missed last night's show , it was by far , the best yet because this episode has lots of meat in it. Past shows were just ho hum yawn stuff.

What's interesting , this show aired at the same time Gates was recommending , to halt building the F-22 , to help ease the budget crisis. For those who don't know , the F-22 is the baddest ass in the air , anywhere.

The main thing is simply this. We have never needed the F-22. Yes , really. Also , there's something else we have'nt been told yet and it is a very real fact indeed. You see , the F-22 is'nt the baddest ass in the air any more. Currently , the US is only about 150 years ahead of the rest of this planet in flying machine technology. Now do you understand the meaning of being Trillions of dollars in debt ?

Meanwhile , back at the jail. I've been ridiculed for walking around with binoculars. There's a reason for that. I've seen lots and lots of interesting flying machines. How many people know , that our Air Force routinely bombs Nashville ? Yep , they sure do. Also , how many people reading this , know about the prototype engine ? Yep , it's been over head. And of course , the usual C-130 , C-5 , C-17 and the occasional F-18 aircraft , have also made their appearance. Ohhhh , the wonders I have seen , in the skies over Franklin.



I've been asked about making repairs to a MAISTO car product with a cracked windshield. The answer to that is simple. You need another MAISTO kit on hand for parts. I did contact the company and " no " , they do not keep extra parts around for repair or to replace missing parts in kits. ( who do you think this is , Revell ? ) The car pictured does have a cracked windshield and my only " fix " , is to give it to my grandson.

The only use I have of any MAISTO car kits , is giving them to my 2 year old grandson. He knows exactly what to do with them :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


What's The President Doing Today ?

It's amazing what people are saying about President Obama. They just don't care for what he's doing. Perhaps they prefer Bushanomics ? I mean , why not wage war on the whole world and get it over with right now ? I mean drop those " Fuckers " and let God sort 'em out. You know what I'm talking about.

I will give the president credit for his efforts of doing something , instead of the usual political nothing on Main Street. Butt , it does indeed look like he will need more than 8 years to straighten out Bush's nonsense.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Hey DUDE ! , You Got A HEMI ?

People are wondering what's the next project on the boards and I don't even know myself. Meanwhile , I have been unable to find a Revell review or write up , on their 1/6 PLYMOUTH HEMI Engine. So , here it is , for all you Muscle Rat lovers and poets.

To put this together , you'll want super glue and a small cross point screwdriver. The instructions are straight forward with some hard to understand pictures. The parts are deliberately not labeled or numbered , to increase the fun of assembly.

For some reason , this kit has 2 left side headers. There appears to be enough difference to prevent assembly , so I contacted Revell @ 1-800-833-3570 and got a recording. The information was wrong , which explains why my mailed request was returned , stating incomplete information to deliver. Sooooo , I called again and talked to Ron. He gave me the run around and soooo , I called again and talked with Angie. I gave her the story of my life about this model and she personally sent me the part I needed to complete this project.

After waiting 3 weeks to get the part , it only took 1 hour to put this Bad Boy together. Keep in mind , when you snap the air cleaner into place , it snaps on for keeps. The detail is'nt too bad , butt with all of the black , you can't see most of it anyway.

Just the same , this is still a neat conversation piece on your business desk to show off. Yep , from now on , all of your friends will want a HEMI in their desk too.

Enjoy ! ! !

Sunday, April 05, 2009


Jail Sweet Jail

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD called to Hi

BVD : What about it " Dude " ?
Jerry : Man , I tell ya what , the people at Williamson Medical Center are the " BEST "
BVD : Were you able to catch what was happening in the hallway ?
Jerry : Fill me in
BVD : Four Franklin Police officers did The Three Stooges thing
Jerry : You're telling me , it takes " Four " Franklin Police officers to do " One " Three Stooges thing ?
BVD : Yeah man , they were pointing at each other again and again and again , and finally , they were all pointing at Detective Black. It was sooo comical
Jerry : What ? Ha ha ha , ooohhh , don't make me laugh , please , don't make me laugh , ha ha ha
BVD : Yep , that's what was happening , ha ha ha ha. The only thing missing was snapping the fingers off the nose and the hammer on the head routine. The big thing here was that Moe had 3 stooges instead of 2 , to kick around this time
Jerry : Ya know , the people of Franklin deserve soooo much better and they ain't getting it
BVD : Well , you know what's needed to make that happen
Jerry : You and me both pal , you and me both
BVD : One thing tho , that's puzzling to me. These people have to watch each others' back in everyday situations , every single day , I mean these people must have a high regard for each other and yet , here is Det. Black , conveniently making " Stooges " , out of his fellow officers.
Jerry : Well " Dang ". I missed it.

Friday, April 03, 2009



Franklin , Tennessee - BVD dropped by bearing smiles

BVD : Ya did it man
Jerry : Well thank you.
BVD : I'm sorry about the lengths you went to , in accomplishing your goals
Jerry : Yeah , well , no job doing aint worth doing if you don't get anything done , right ?
BVD : Ha ha ha ha , that's one way to say it I guess. Jerry , I mean , you did it.
Jerry : Thank you
BVD : I know it's just a theory , butt , it's a shame you can't prove Mr. Black has taken bribes
Jerry : I thought about that. Here goes. Theoretically speaking , let's take a look at the origins of the money
BVD : Okay , that's a good start , butt , how do you know the origins ?
Jerry : Remember State Farm Insurance ?
BVD : How can I forget ? Oh man , you're right
Jerry : Yeah , it does'nt matter who gave the money , it still came from State Farm
BVD : Are you sure you want this here ?
Jerry : Yeah and here's why. The world reads this blog , just the same ass Franklin Police do.
BVD : Okay
Jerry : If there's one dirty police officer in the department , logic suggests there's also another
BVD : Go on , I'm with you
Jerry : Keep in mind , this whole affair is an example of miss use and abuse of police powers. Sooo , what's to keep another entrepreneur in the department to abuse the powers and quietly approach Mr. Black about spreading the wealth
BVD : I understand what you're saying , butt , perhaps spreading the wealth has already been done
Jerry : Good point. After all , in theory , look how long Tim Taylor was in the department before being removed. Something kept him in there for a very long time.
BVD : Hmmmm and then , perhaps , in theory , the money ran out
Jerry : Another good point
BVD : I'm sorry you did what you did , butt it did work. The woman came out of her hole and Mr. Black showed for himself , who's side he's on
Jerry : I kept telling you
BVD : Well , I really did think you were just being paranoid. Butt , MAN-O-MAN , I had no idea she was such a potty mouth. And she sure caught me by surprise by her cruel remarks.
Jerry : What's to be surprised about ? You know who her friends are and what they do and the law won't touch them
BVD : Yeah , butt , she makes a sailor blush and go hide. Butt , still , she's making cruel fun about a person's medical problems and this is the side Mr. Black stands behind ?
Jerry : Well , you have seen where the money is and that's not a theory. Hmmm , I wonder what she says to people with terminal cancer ?
BVD : Well , at least you've got a credible witness. Why is it , it's always about the money ?
Jerry : I dunno. I mean , the dollar is backed by Trillions of dollars of debt , that can't possibly be repaid before 2012. Maybe it's all about living good , you know , good cars , good food and good wine before the end
BVD : Yeah , butt at the end , would you want your Karma attached to worthless money ? I mean , is selling your soul with American dollars worth it ?
Jerry : I dunno , I have'nt sold myself out and I hope I never do. Sooo , my friend , I can't answer that one.
BVD : One thing tho , that one question. Why won't Mr. Black answer it ? The money perhaps ? I do agree with you about there being no difference between sidestepping a question and telling a lie.
Jerry : Hmmmm , maybe , because , if he does answer it , he will destroy what little integrity the police department presently has. Look at the time already into the game. He can't answer it because he knows what will happen if he does.
BVD : Wellllllllllll , I had'nt thought of that. Interesting. Ya know , I know what you've gone thru to prove that Franklin Police are not much more than a band of thugs above the law , while laughing about it. Must be nice to be doing the things these people are doing , eh ? I mean you've got the proof now.
Jerry : I would'nt know. I don't have such "carta blank ". One thing I'd like to know tho. Were Black and Taylor joined at the hip at one time ?

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


What A Day

Franklin , tennessee - BVD came over with a bottle and I knew something was on his mind.

Jerry : Ok , what ?
BVD : Did you know the police have a built a huge file on your ass ?
Jerry : I'm not surprised
BVD : Jerry , they are not toooo happy with your airing out their laundry for the whole world to read , you know what I mean ?
Jerry : So ? The people of Franklin pay a really handsome price for a police department and you of all the people around here know what it is. The people of Franklin deserve better
BVD : Jerry , look , this file is crammed with a bunch of lies. I know because I know you and you would not be going around doing property damage to the tune they are stating. I mean , the police are out to get you.
Jerry : Ya know , Jesus was brutally murdered on a piece of wood for committing no crime. Besides , you would think the police would have better things to do.
BVD : " ? " Are you comparing yourself to Christ ? Of course they do , butt , I think money has changed some hands.
Jerry : Of course not. It's this simple fact , after 2,000 years , the law has'nt changed much , has it ? This file you are talking about points this out.
BVD : Are you aware , that recently this town made it on some biggie list , this has become the number one town people want to live in ?
Jerry : I had heard something like that , yeah.
BVD : Do you know why ?
Jerry : I think you are going to tell me
BVD : In most towns , people will give the FOP a 500 dollar donation to get a favor from the law. You know , like getting pulled over for DUI and the cops will take you home and even drive your car home , free of charge.
BVD : Sooooo , what's Franklin 's price ? You would think with all these people wanting to live here , Franklin Police would be filthy rich
BVD : Well , that money is going somewhere , that's for sure
Jerry : Do you know why Tim Taylor is gone ?
BVD : I know a few things , yes
Jerry : He is gone because he feel out of favor. I did hear he skimmed off the top , more than his share , which pissed the wrong person off. Is'nt it interesting , the law was being broken all those years and for some money , the eyes of the law looked away.
BVD : I've been thinking about this Black character and I've done the math. Do you know the difference between him and Taylor ?
Jerry : I guess not
BVD : Not a damn thing. Detective Black deliberately side stepped your question
Jerry : Well of course , there were witnesses. You do know you are not leaving here tonight don't ya ?
BVD : Any way , there's no difference between side stepping a question and telling a lie. I'm not leaving ? Why not ?
Jerry : Friends don't let friends drive drunk
BVD : I aint drunk
Jerry : I know that and I've never seen you drunk either , butt , if the police have this file on me like you say , then perhaps they have thoughts about you too. Besides , there's a camera out there watching your every move.
BVD : You know I have'nt done anything and hey , that's right
Jerry : Well , ass you have pointed out , Franklin Police are dishonest , what's to stop them from going after you with a bunch of lies ?
BVD : Hmmmmm. You 're right of course.
Jerry : About what ?
BVD : The law has'nt changed during the last 2,000 years , hmmmmm.
Jerry : Ya know , it's now no wonder why the police have an average of 650 crimes to investigate at any one moment. They are too busy building up cases full of lies.
BVD : Why do people act like this ?
Jerry : Why did people murder Christ ?
BVD : " "
Jerry : You know my friend , America is circling the toilet and the people are responsible for it. I can't kick the dishonest officers out of there by myself.
BVD : grooooan. Yeah , you're right , you're right. Besides , if you did , there probably would'nt be anyone left to patrol head quarters. How did the law get this bad ?
Jerry : From being around politicians of course
BVD : Franklin Police , I wonder what else is wrong in this town ?
Jerry : Well , according to Koolaid , it's not surprisingly , Franklin's politicians. AND , are you sure this is the right " Franklin " , all of those people want to live in ? According to Google , there are plenty of other " Franklins " in this country
BVD : AW man , that's low. Hmmmm. Maybe those people should read this blog first , eh ? Hmmm , oh God , I think with your saying that , your file just doubled in thickness.
Jerry : Well " Amen " then
BVD : What ?
Jerry : I would want the police to have plenty of evidence , would'nt you ?

Later . . . . . . . . . .

BVD : Damn your hide , you're cheating again
Jerry : Hey , you wanted to gamble , you brought the cards
BVD : How is it , you are soo good at this ?
Jerry : I was in the Navy. You learn a lot trades in that canoe club
BVD : I was thinking about that screaming woman. How about teaching me some of your tricks.
Jerry : Yeah ? And , no , I can't do that. This is'nt the Navy.
BVD : Is she in your blog ?
Jerry : Yeah , I think I've mentioned her party house in it somewhere. January maybe ?
BVD : Party house ?
Jerry : Yeah , they don't call it " The White House" for nothing


Only On Aprl Fools Day

Franklin , Tennessee - Jerry was visited by Detective. Black today. It seems Jerry dumped some trash onto his neighbors drive way. Mr. Black ordered Jerry to clean it up , butt , he refused.

It seems his neighbors have a camera pointed at his house and Jerry does'nt like it and so he sent a message.

Detective Black refused to verify a camera is in this window. Even though Black said , " That's ridiculous. " , he still refused to look at it. The people living in this house were part of a series of burglaries in the neighborhood in which Franklin Police received some of the goods for looking the other way.

It's interesting , the 2 backup officers for Mr. Black also refused to look at the camera.

BVD : Hmm , hey , uh , Jerry , maybe they did'nt look at the camera because they already knew it was there.
Jerry : Yep. Ya know , I'm tired of this town having a dishonest police department
BVD : Well , after being under Jay Johnson for so long , I guess it's going to take a while for them to learn what they have been shoveling
Jerry : Hmm , probably. Too bad , this is'nt an April Fools joke.
BVD : Yep.
Jerry : I wonder how long this is going to go on ?
BVD : I dunno. I mean , you have showed the world , Franklin Police's garbage and you have poked some fun at Tim Taylor ( snickering ). I mean , look at all of the countries around the world that read this blog.
Jerry : ( snickers ) you just said Tim Taylor ( laughing )
BVD : ( laughing ) I did , did'nt I

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