Sunday, May 31, 2009


Saara Akaash 2

India - Saara Akaash has increased it's ratings and here are pieces parts from the last episode.

Flt. Lt. Monika Singh has become soo popular , the Indian Army is fighting to join the Indian Air Force.

What do you mean I cannot play the part of Flt. Lt. Monika Singh ? I wear pants just the same ass she does. OK , then , that's eet , I quit. That's rite , I quit and I'm not coming back next season. I'm going away to hav my own hero hav show.

People are asking where can they watch the lost episodes. Since COMCAST shut down AZN , there has been no way for people to get their daily SA fix. So , here it is. The one and THE only , place to watch your missing shows. Keep in mind , there are no sub-titles and the video quality is poor. , now go and enjoy.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Memorial Day 2009

How many of you reading this are " Veterans " ? How many of those who are not veterans , know what a veteran is ?
One of the most portrayed group of veterans , are the 101st Airborne , aka " The Screaming Eagles ". Here we see Jimmy Fallon , in one of his more memorable moments , playing Army in Band of Brothers , during WWII , at the beginning of , The Battle of The Bulge. This encounter against German armor, is still to this very day , the largest battle , American forces have ever engaged.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Repairing The Hubble Telescope in Space

NASA in Space - currently @ The Johnson Space Central Center , NASA has the space shuttle on another repair mission , to fix the Hubble in Space Telescope , which should enable it to operate for another 5 - 10 years. Providing , no FUBAR occurs , from the many Google-max thousands of man made UFOs sharing Hubble's orbit , which could potentially put many mini-holes in the (w)hole operation.

Due to the high costs of turning a shuttle around for it's special re-usefulness in space , NASA has tried using space work qualified subcontractors , to help curb higher orbits and rising costs while maintaining a work in space place environment. Here's the video of service mission HUBBLE - 1b1 - a , to help us understand past capabilities of working in space and see for ourselves , just how far NASA has come , in providing improved working conditions on the Hubble.

" Hey guys , look down there ! That's my house. O WOW ! We're on TV. Hi Mom ! "

Later , after watching this video , a NASA official sadly stated , " That's the fourth Hubble this year and Mike is the only qualified MAYTAG repairman/truck driver we have. "

Friday, May 08, 2009


Food For Thought

Sometimes , THE TENNESSEAN has some interesting foods to think about , on the editorial page.

click on the image and read all about it

Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Franklin's Good Ole' Boys

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD Bloggtographer - ever wonder how the Good 'ole Boys in Franklin , figured out , how their own town laws work ? Let's check out some of their training aids and perhaps in the process , we'll learn a thing or two ourselves.

Now do you understand why the law in Franklin is UN-balanced ? And a special " Thanks " to KoolAid , for pointing this out.

film courtesy - Franklin Tapes and Law Office Supply Inc./UN-Inc. , Etc. , Etc. , Etc. and Etc.


Police Blotter

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD Town Crier & Bloggtographer - Franklin Police Detective Black , had earlier reported in this morning , that Franklin's former city administrator , Jay Johnson , was found missing from his office , ass was his massive picture , hanging from the wall.
Upon hearing this dreadful news , Franklin Police Chief " jackie " Moore ordered his troops into action , in what hysterically has become known ass , the largest and the biggest , man hunt search in the history of This City of Franklin.
Franklin Police officers were seen fanning out , ass they fanned about , pretending to look anywhere and everywhere , of course this searching method also included looking into their very own departmental trash can , just in case someone may have mistakenly stashed him away , for the purposes of keeping him dry from all this rain and/or perhaps in the process of doing so , somebody forgot to tell somebody what they had done.
At the time this search was going down , Jay Johnson was currently busy shooting himself , in Hollywood , while filming his next episode of " Squidbillies ". Upon hearing this dreadful news , " JJ " immediately phoned home , telling Det. Black , to call off the search and that he and everything else he had taken with him , including his massive missing picture , were O Kay.

During an interview , BVD asked about " JJ's " massive missing picture from his massive former office , a tearful , Det. Black responded , " Oh , that thing , well , you see ( sniff ) , it , uh , well , ( dang it ) that thing now hangs above his personal director's chair , on the set of " Squidbillies " , out in Hollywood , California. "
" Why are you so upset over that massive missing picture ? " , asked BVD. " Because , well just ( sniff ) because ( and he sniffs again ) it was promised to me , before he left , that's why. " , stated Det. Black
When asked for more information about this incident , Det. Black continued , " I had just ( sniff ) merely temporarily forgotten that " JJ " had been fired ( sniff ) , is all. I mean , like what was I to do , ( sniff ) I really didn't know , what I was thinking ( sniff ) during all those minutes , while I stared at that empty desk , you know. Look man , even his massive picture on the wall was missing and all. I mean , like it was just gone , you know ? I mean , like , well , think about it , what would you be thinking ? I'm just so , so , soooooo ( sniff ) relieeeeved , that the picture , I mean , that is , that " JJ " , I meant to say , is O Kay. I mean , can you imagine , what this town would be like today , ( sniff ) if he had never come to Franklin in the first place ? "

Monday, May 04, 2009


Our Changing America , Pt. 3 of 3 Parts

O Kay. Have you got this question figured out , yet ? What is the driving force , that is so powerful , it is changing the most powerful country on this planet ?

That's right people , the changing force that's changing this country today is Nazi Germany. Think about it. While you read this , right here , right now in America , German Nazis are alive and well , working on making America into something else. ( I wonder how long it took The HISTORY Channel , to build up it's courage to tell , " US " this ? )

After WW II , our military brought thousands of Nazis over here in return for their knowledge and technology. Yes , it is true , President Eisenhower warned " US " about " Them " and we didn't listen. Think I'm joking ? Ask President Kennedy

Now , can you try to understand , what " Your " Pentagon , is doing so sneakily secret , with your tax dollars ? ( keep in mind , they only get a yearly budget of 400 BILLION Dollar$ , to spend any way they want , on Black programs ) Do you need another clue ? Here's a little something to help you think - America had 2 stealth bombers , recently upgraded with all the newest and latest goodies , at a mere cost of 2 Billion dollars apiece. These 2 aircraft can now carry all the groceries needed , to decimate every critical target on this planet , with just one bomb run apiece. That's right , today , 2 little ole airplanes , are all you need , to cripple this planet. Without question , that's definitely quite an accomplishment , coming from Technology and The ( backwards ) Swastika , working in co operation , right here in the good ole' US of A

Why does America need such a capability , to attack our world? Are we planning to wage war against our world ? Meanwhile , just what do we do with the other Stealth bombers that we now don't need ? Do we upgrade them too ? Do we retire/give them to museums , give them to other countries ? I don't think so.

Here's something more to think about. This country can not produce quality goods that the rest of the world wants to buy. Butt , this country can produce the most deadliest of killing machines at a cost of Billions in contract over runs. Now do you understand why America is sooo DEEP IN DEBT ?

People are saying , America is dying. No , it's not dying. America is changing. And with this change , The CONSTITUTION and the law ass we now know it , will not survive the change.

For the benefit of those thinking I'm making this up , allow me to suggest you oogle Google. People with a lot more knowledge and credibility than me , are saying similar things.

Want more to think about ? Try these points on for size :

Why such a BIG RUSH , to shut down NASA's Apollo/Moon program ( today , NASA can not maintain ISS , without using an aging Russian spacecraft system )

America no longer has prayer in school

We no longer " Pledge Allegiance To The Flag " ( do you remember the words )

The American people are more afraid of Air Force One , than of other countries

Vice President " Dick " Cheney is probably correct about another upcoming attack. Most likely , it will take out Congress , so the " Shadow Government " can take " US " over. And , I suggest you Google the " Shadow Government " , to read what I'm talking about. Is this science fiction or what ?

Now do you understand the need for fingerprints during a traffic stop ? That person is also being checked against data bases , we don't know about , for reasons we don't know anything about :)

Sunday, May 03, 2009


Happy Cat

Franklin , Tennessee - I'm a HAPPY CAT. A really nice person rescued me from the local animal shelter. I'll repay the kindness by stealing their pillows , warm their favorite chair , lie across their feet while they sleep , chase the laser , eat the mice , claw the legs on bill collectors , dump the trash onto the floor , hide hairballs in his shoes , bite the noisy neighbor's dog , purrrr like crazy in their ear when they want to sleep , wake them up with a head butt , tap the keyboard a few times while this gets typed and lay in their lap while hiding the TV remote.

Of course , Peaches is smiling from passing gas.


Courtesy and Respect

Franklin , Tennessee - what's happened to " courtesy and respect " , in this town ?

This morning , I found a yard sale sign in my yard. It found it's way into the trash can.

This afternoon , some old hag is beating down my door , fussing about the rudeness of it all , to find her sign , in my trash can.

Let's recap this thing - She has the common courtesy to bitch at me , for my disrespecting her sign , that made it's way into the trash can , butt , she doesn't have the courtesy or respect , for my property , to first introduce herself to me and ask permission , before placing a sign in my yard , to begin with. Courtesy ? Respect ? It's obviously , not found in her Ipod.

BVD : Maybe she was worried , you would want rent in return for using your yard space.
Jerry : Oh pl-pl-pl-please , this is Franklin , money is no object. Right ?
BVD :Hmmm , maybe she just misunderstood the " courtesy and respect " protocol and got it backwards

Saturday, May 02, 2009



When wearing pants with a draw string at the crotch :



Vice President Biden's Remarks

Washington D. C. - everyone is up in arms , over the Vice President's remarks , over closed spaces , while catching the latest bug , that has come to town.

It's amazing at the number of people saying how , " full of it " , the vice president is.

Well , here's the skinny - EMS personnel are currently being taught about sneezing and it's effectiveness in spreading " bugs " , in confined/closed spaces. Take for example , the elevator. Without a doubt , this is an excellent " confined space " place , to spread something to other people , especially if the person( s) doing the sneezing , are also infected. There is a case on file , stating this method of spreading a " bug " , has been used before , in America.

So , despite the fact , Vice President Joe Biden is not a doctor , he still knows what he is talking about.

Moving on - about those face masks. Unless you are using a HEPA , your mask is most likely useless. Your mask " MUST " have a perfect seal , all around it's surface , touching your skin. If you haven't shaved or even washed , this seal will not be in place. Even facial make up , will prevent the mask from sealing. Soo , what this now means , to avoid catching the " bug " , you will need an environmental suit or just stay home and hope it doesn't make house calls.

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