Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Our Lawless Franklin Police

Franklin , Tennessee - I was asked to look over this article and put in my input. Hmmmm , O.....K. Per Franklin Police Department Policy , when a complaint is made against a Franklin Police officer , the Franklin Police Chief in Charge of The Franklin Police Department will be conveniently unavailable. Everyone knows , Chief Moore's office door is always open , the lights are always on , and no one is home.
Franklin Police officers say the arrest was valid without showing a warrant - Oh come on guys , Franklin Police officers are highly trained professionals. That statement is a dysfunctional excuse for ignoring department procedures while deliberately ignoring the law. What's next ? The officer forgot ?
It took 3 police officers to subdue a handicap person in a wheelchair. WOW ! ! ! He's more man than me. Keep in mind , cocaine does not give a person superhuman strength.
The article says the officers pinned his head and neck against a chair while putting on the handcuffs. Hey , the guy can't breath ! Police officers love choking a subject because it gets their attention. There are many ways to choke a person. Mashing their windpipe onto a chair is one of them , and it does'nt leave hand prints if the subject dies.
There is no mention of a supervisor being present. This goes against Franklin Police procedures.
Dr. Lewis says the subject died of cocaine poisoning. Let's look into this a little further. Mr. Ridley is fighting off 3 highly trained police officers. His body metabolism is boiling while pumping out adrenaline in huge amounts. The heart is beating around 4 times it's normal heart rate , while sitting in a wheel chair. The cocaine in his system is'nt helping his body's fight against 3 strong men. However , the amount of cocaine in his body was'nt killing him at the time. If it was , Mr. Ridley would have died before the police arrived. How do I know this ? Because the article says Mr. Ridley was a habitual user. That means he knows how much to use to get a fix. If the reader looks deeper into the article , a bad heart is found. When a person is choked , has a bad heart , and the body is reacting against a serious physical threat , that ole heart is going to crap out. The article does'nt mention certain physiological aspects. Perhaps for a reason.
Nope , based on what I've read and what I know , cocaine did'nt do the deed.
Also , Dr. Lewis says ther are no signs of injuries , that would have caused his death. What the reader is'nt being told is - because of the sudden death , you will find hand prints where the 3 officers held him with vise like hand holds. The reader is told a seizure like episode did occur. That's no seizure. Mr. Ridley can't breath. His larynx is crushed , closing off the airway. Go read it again. His lungs are sucking on a vacuum , while his heart is crapping out. In other words , his lungs are expanding and contracting , desperately grasping for a breath , without fresh air , the heart stops , thus causing a heart attack. Hm.........that would resemble a seizure , would'nt it ?
Since the law controls the law , you can rest assured , the law will find the law abiding officers innocent of murder. Remember , the constitution says - government for the people , by the people. There's no mention of government for the government , by the government. Ass long ass the people refuse to govern themselves , the government will do it for us.
Now do you understand why 3 Franklin Police officers are found innocent ? Now do you understand why the TBI will not release the autopsy findings which interferes with due process of the law ? Now do you understand why the law is obove the law ?
This is my 2 cents worth. Satisfied ?

Friday, July 27, 2007


Franklin Police Cumes Thru Again

Franklin , Tennessee - Mitchel Kline has been trying to be a good little boy , and Franklin Police allowed him to do a story about a drug investigation , that turned into a cool place for police to relax. Dick. Barnes is seen sitting in the latest cool spot , which has become his new sit spot , when he does'nt feel like doing his job.
Is'nt it interesting , how folks want to move everything , just to live here. Do they know about the crime wave in this city ? If there was'nt a crime problem in Franklin , the police would not have a need to bring their traffic patrol off of the streets , and put them into CID. Despite the increase in the number of detectives , Franklin Police still have a whopping back log of cases to solve. Franklin Police Dick. Black stated that he alone , has 29 cases to work on , and he does'nt have the time to do anything. I guess that's why , he has'nt solved anything.
Mitchel Kline , reporter for the local paper , cannot report these numbers , because the police would kick him out the front door again.


UAW Cums First

Franklin , Tennessee - Today's paper has the UAW concerned over the new emissions standards for new cars. They don't care , it's for the good of the planet , it's for the good of the consumer , they just care about doing the same thing over and over and over. This attitude also helps the Japanese sell more cars than GM. I'll bet , if they did not have that luxury contract , they would care.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Kill Those Calls !

I've gotten a boat load of emails about making money from telemarketers. I guess a lot of folks don't watch WSMV @ 10 o'clock.
OK , here's the scoop. Andre has learned , that up too 3,500 dollars can be made by taking telemarketers to small claims court. Check out his web site , www.killthecalls.com , and he will help explain how the system works. The money is tax free , so go and get some.
When telemarketers call me , I just act like I'm having sex and ask if they want some too :)

Monday, July 23, 2007


Tonight on WSMV

Got telemarketer problems ? Tonight , on the ten o'clock news , WSMV will tell us about people getting paid by telemarketers for calling them. They claim this is only on WSMV.
Well alrighttee then , I'm in. My DVR is all set to record. The past 2 months , I've gotten calls from sunup to sundown and I'm tired of it. One caller from " NJ " told me that if I wanted them to stop calling me , I would have to find a Tommy , who does not live here , nor do I know who Tommy is , and have that Tommy call them and tell them to stop calling me. What kind of nonsense is that ? America is a nation of laws and the lawless are enjoying themselves. Although I was stupid enough to put my name on that do not call list , I still get telemarketer calls. Why do our law makers pass laws with loopholes ? The answer is simple , it allows their cronies to break the law legally.
OK folks , got your DVR set for tonight ? It's only on WSMV @ 10 pm.


Hey Buddy , Ya Got Firefox ?

For those using the new and improved Firefox , having any problems ? Yes , it's running and there's nothing on the screen. There are also other problems. Evey time Firefox updates itself , there are new problems. Firefox seems to do a fair job dealing with the BS that has become a part of the internet. In the process tho , Firefox has also become the main spy in your computer. They have imitated the other guy , in that your connection goes thru their system , that way , they can see what you are doing. This also allows them to see if you have anybody riding along with you ass you go along the internet highway. Firefox sells your email without your knowledge. This allows them to make money for your free use of their software :)

Friday, July 20, 2007


Welcome Mr. President

Nashville Tennessee , Vanderbilt University - President Bush was on campus today to sample the food at Rand Dining Hall before going to the Bun Factory. Outside of Rand , was the welcoming committee.
On one of his stops today , he plans to visit Vanderbilt Trauma , to interview Sarah Hutchinson. The president stated , " I just love a person that talks so badly about others. I've been thinking about replacing that lazyass , hairball , Snow. He has been just to too honest around here lately."
BVD : Shouting - Mr. President , how was the Rand food ?
Bush : I don't understand the question.


Die Potter , DIE !

Everyone has been talking about the new Harry Potter movie coming out amidst all the fussing about someone dieing. Well , checking around the web , I found out what really happens. So , here's the question - should I tell or should I keep quiet. If I tell , it would ruin the ending for everyone who's going to read the book. If I don't tell , those reading the book will cheat and turn to the ending anyway.
BVD got to have a word with Hermione and in her own words , here is what happens.
Hermione : Well BVD , ya know what ? Hey , ya got another beer ? Anyway , Ron broke his wand in the second movie. While making the 3rd movie , he got another one that was guaranteed not to break. Well , in the last movie , he broke that wand by closing the door on it while getting into that junk heap he calls a car. Professor Snape gave him a magical glue that did'nt work. Towards the end , there is a great battle of the wands that turns into hand to hand combat. Wands went everywhere. People were grabbing brooms , any broom , or even anything to strike their attacker.
Voldermort was able to gather several wands lying about on the ground , while no one noticed. Malfoi handed Voldermort a wand , not knowing he had picked up several already. With 2 wands in his hand , one of course was Ron's , he cursed a kill charm at Hagrid , which of course misses and stricks Malfoi between the eyes , causing him to go blind. Malfoi's father sees this , and punches Voldermort in the face , causing his head to fall off. He was last seen chasing after his own head , while it's rolling down the hill with the Headless Horseman in close persuit. At this point , no one is really sure , if Voldermort is trying to catch his own head , or if he's actually running from the Headless Horseman. Everyone stops fighting , because they are too busy laughing. Oh wow , now I've got dry mouth. Is there or is'nt there , more beer around here ?
BVD : So there you have it readers. Nobody dies. Enjoy the book.

Monday, July 16, 2007


Franklin Police

Franklin , Tennessee - I was asked about the latest news if any about Franklin Police. In the local paper , readers were told about the City of Franklin paying millions for communication upgrades. Now that those upgrades have been completed , Jay Johnson has determined it would cost even more to throw the switch.
Here's the beef - Franklin Police do have in car computers. They have Rodney King jokes to run through the system to check for proper operation. Their radio freques are : 460.175 , 453.125 and run simplex on 460.175. They were using other freques for undercover until the burger joint jumped in. They can switch their 2 freques to a scrambled net , independent of their SWAT. So , I've now told you what the local paper won't tell you.
In the mean time , I've uncovered evidence that Franklin Police have branched out their operations to include home burglaries. Yep , no shit folks , Franklin Police are involved in B & E's , which explains why their detectives won't investigate. Think about it for a moment , when burglars are'nt breaking into your house , it's the police. Now with that said , I know everyone will sleep better tonight.
For those who think I'm kidding , in Fort Campbell , equipment turns up missing all the time. Police officers are the problem. Think about that statement. Let's pretend it's you going to Iraq. You make your equipment checks and yep , some gear is missing. Having gear missing is one thing , how do you feel upon learning , it's your police that took it ? Now how do you feel about supporting your local police ? If it aint dirty politicians , it's dirty police officers. Makes ya feel proud to be an American , don't it ?
Another thing , Franklin Police are still in damage control mode. They have been told not to have their picture taken. So , don't be surprised if they seem camera shy.

Friday, July 13, 2007


Be Very Quiet and You'll Hear the Truth ssshhhh

Vanderbilt University - it's supposed to be a secret , that Vanderbilt listens in on phone conversations. Let's tune in to Chancellor Gee's latest conversation with his new cronies.
Gee : I want to know , have you done what my contract calls for or have'nt you ?
Caller : Yes My Lord Gee , Sir. Butt why ? No one will drive them , nobody here understands why you want a fleet of 1969 Ford vans.
Gee : Because they will need upkeep , that's why.
Caller : Butt My Lord Gee , Sir , if no one drives them , they won't need upkeep.
Gee : Just leave the little problems to me , understand ?
Caller : Yes My Lord Gee , Yes Sir. Uh , Sir , Uh , why again do you require these vans ?
Gee : Look , being here at Vandy is costing me money. You understand ? I'm tired of loosing money to the IRS. Vanderbilt reports everything I get around here. Like that new sports car I get to drive for free. Vanderbilt reports that to the IRS , even though I don't spend a dime on the damn thing. Vanderbilt even reports all the free gasoline I go thru. All this adds up and it's costing me money.
Caller : Well Sir Gee , My Lord Sir , I've taken care of all that. You can drive any of these vans and the IRS won't know a thing.
Gee : No , no , no , you thick headed imbecile. I won't be driving those things. What's wrong with you. I will be taking care of all the paper work to maintain them. That way , I can funnel that money into my pocket.
Caller : My Lord Gee , Sir , please Sir , I don't understand how paying out money to maintain a fleet of vans can put money into your pocket.
Gee : It's just called innovative economics. Although I can show paper work to prove work was done , it's all a fake. The money being spent actually goes into my pocket. All of it. By having a fleet of decrepit vans , I can boost my yearly salary by 38 %. The IRS won't know a thing. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ........
Caller : Ay Yes Sir , now I see. You are'nt actually spending money , you are just showing money was spent , when the money is actually going into your pocket. Brilliant Sir ! Oh My LORD GEE Sir , I can see I can learn a lot from you.
Gee : Yes , yes , of course you can. I've learned a lot by being here at Vanderbilt. And , I'll be bringing all I've learned with me to my real home. The home where my real heart belongs.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Gee Bee Gone

Vanderbilt University - BVD News got to see Vanderbilt's Chancellor Gee one last time.

BVD : Wow , sir ! ! ! You sure know how to shake up the Vanderbilt bubble. I think it's about to POP ! ! ! Oh , excuse me , I did'nt notice you were having your knob shined.
Gee : Well Jee , Gee ! ! ! I guess I am about to POP ! ! ! Hee Hee Hee. Here comes the Whiz ! ! !
BVD : I remember when you were first approached by Vanderbilt , how you told everyone you just were not interested in coming to Vanderbilt.....
Gee : Yeah , and I've been coming here everyday since...... ( smiling )
BVD : Right , well , moving on , I remember Vanderbilt faculty telling all those jokes about you not being able to keep a job.
Gee : Aww , they were jest jealous I make more money for doing nothing than they make for trying to do something while doing nothing.
BVD : What about Vanderbilt recently spending 15 million dollars on your mansion fashion statement ?
Gee : What about it ? Besides , I'm worth it.
BVD : Are you amazed at how Nashville is saying you will be missed ?
Gee : Not half ass amazed ass I was after I fired those 800 employees at the hospital.
BVD : Yeah , heah , heah , heah. And what about those Bow - Tie cookies ?
Gee : Yeah , Hah , Ha , Ha , Ha. That was the greatest joke I've ever enjoyed in a long time. All those people did'nt know I peed in the cookie dough. ( smiling )

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Iraq , The Big Question

I was asked about the Iraqi War and what I think needs to be done. Wow , someone must really think a lot of me to ask such a question. Here goes - Us Americans have been fed a lot of garbage , thanks to The White House. We've been told multiple times how Saddam was such a mass murderer , without being told what was really going on in Iraq. The bottom line is , Saddam brought stability to Iraq and the neighboring region. Iraq was peaceful at the time President Bush went rushing in to find the nonexistent Weapons of Mass Destruction.
Today , President Bush has killed or maimed more people in Iraq ( not including American casualties ) than that ol' murdurin Saddam.
A history lesson - Saddam had every right to go into Kuwait. Remember Sir Winston Churchill ? He gave one of his cronies a chunk of Iraq , and named it Kuwait. What right did Churchill have , to give away someone's country ?
Let's get back to today - President Bush has created so much instability in Iraq , there is no way America can get out. The left and the right religious forces of Allah will butt head to head when America leaves. Yes , that will put a huge dent in America's oil supply and prices will go up even more. The Pentagon knows , in about 12 months upon withdrawal , there will be the Mother of All Wars. Now , comparing Bush to Saddam , who is the bigger of the Hitler worshiping Mass Murderers ?
Before Bush went to Iraq , the country was beautiful , have you seen it lately ? And , I'm not talking just about Iraq , I'm talking about the whole region. There's more war and dead because of President Bush , than just inside Iraq.

Monday, July 09, 2007


In Appropriate Morris

Vanderbilt University Medical Center Trauma - let's take a look at Dr. Morris of Vanderbilt's Trauma Floor. He put Nashville's first Trauma floor together after walking over several stagnated bodies within Vanderbilt's stagnated acadamnia world. The Trauma floor became Nashville's first operational Level I center that officially did such medical care.
Dr. Morris enjoys taking the Lifeflight Helicopters for joy rides and uses them for his personal limo. Another one of his favorite activities is running people into the ground. Calling people what ever names he can think of , and he does'nt care who hears him say such things. Morris once said , " I've got some slack to take up , now that Imus is gone. " Morris has slapped himself on the back for every good doctor he has run out of town , because he is paranoid of competition and doctors who are better than him. Oh yeah , one other thing , it's probably impossible to count all the dead bodies found in his medical practice. Butt hey , that's Vanderbilt serving the community. Professor Art has complained about the dead bodies piling up in his morgue. Afterall he says , " I've only got so much room. " Butt , he never complains about the storage fees.

Saturday, July 07, 2007


WKRN Speaks Out

Nashville , Tennessee - WKRN studios - BVD got to talk with WKRN's General in Charge of General Managing WKRN , Gwen Kiney.

BVD : Good morning Gwen , what in the hell is going on with the Nashville Is Talking blog ?
Gwen : Hi BVD , it's so good to see you up so early this boring morning. How can I help you ?
BVD : I was asking about your blog , Nashville Is Talking.
Gwen : Ah yes , that , what about it ?
BVD : The word is you fired Brittney...
Gwen : Hold it , hold it right there mister. WE DID'NT fire her ( smiling ) , Brittney quit on her own.
BVD : I had heard you pushed her into quitting.
Gwen : Well yeah. It was go over the side of a tall building or quit and she quit.
BVD : Well OK then , what happens now with your blog , Nashville Is Talking ?
Gwen : In time that thing will be phased out. We are refusing to pay people to operate NIT , so I'm confident that damn thing won't last for long.
BVD : Butt why ? What's wrong with NIT ?
Gwen : For starters , it has a higher ratings than our local evening news and NIT has a larger audiance than ABC's total percentage in the Nashville viewing area. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand , that guy at Wandering Around Unbalanced has people watching their weather wood more than our own Weather Wizard !
BVD : Then why not capitalize on NIT and help it grow even more ?
Gwen : Because some ABC executive did'nt think of doing it , that's why
BVD : ( hears a crunching noise ) what is that ? BVD looks around the room
Gwen : ( squirms nervousely in her chair ) what's what ? she sheepishly asks
BVD : That's what's what. ( BVD points to a wall ) What's that crunching noise ?
Gwen : nuthin , oh it's just nuthin ( smiling ) The noise gets louder
BVD : ( Looks concerned ) I've never heard that kind of noise before.
Gwen : Don't let it bother you , what's your next question ?

Suddenly the wall caves in and crumbles onto the floor , Gwen screams AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's the NIT aggrevated aggregator , AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!

CRUNCH!!!!!! CHOMP!!!!!!!!!! CRUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHOMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 06, 2007


WKRN Drops Bomb

For those who have'nt heard by now , the Nashville Is Talking blog has gone quiet. WKRN's Blogger Brittney is gone. She was struck by a blog bomb from WKRN , who realized that bloggers knew more about the blogging news and weather than they did. Although it is uncertain at this time whether or not bloggers will make a come back , this is unquestionably a blog bomb heard around world.


Your Thoughts for FREE

I caught this idea last night. A young NAVY man went to a shopping mall and put up this sign. Sadly , no one stepped up to give their thoughts. He tried to get people interested in talking , butt , his efforts went dry. Does this mean FREEDOM has no meaning to anyone or anybody , or does this mean no one has an idea of what FREEDOM is ?
OK people , here's your chance to tell and share your meaning of FREEDOM.
And HEY ! ! ! , it's free. Yes folks , you read correctly , there is no costs or obligations for your thoughts here. AND NO , there's no fine print anywhere. I don't even care if you work for State Farm , anyone can put their feelings right here for the whole world to see. There are no microphones or hidden cameras here.
Soooooooooo........................step right up here folks and let the words fly :)

Thursday, July 05, 2007


My Fourth of July 2007

Another Fourth has come and gone. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh..........................now I need a day off to recuperate :) I had a person remark that I was posting in a negative way , just like so many other bloggers. Well Gee , I'm so soooorrrry. My posts were thoughts coming from others , so , I wrote about what was being discussed.
Meanwhile , being a veteran ( yes , I'm a real veteran , not a Bush type oh ) the Fourth of July has many meanings to all of America's veterans. Name just one country that allows you to talk badly about the country's leaders and lets you get away with it :) Sarcasm aside , I'm proud to have given what I did , every time I see my grandson. He is growing up healthy and strong. My hopes are , he has a free country to live in during his life time and does what makes him happy. I've been true to America through thick , thin and President Bush. I've heard people say that America has fallen down and can't get up. I say , America just needs direction and leadership , and then , look out ! ! ! America can succeed. She always has in the past and she can do it anytime she pleases. Name another country that can do the things America has done.
Pictured is my Fourth of July 2007
Oh alright , there's more to life than babies.


Curing Your Insurance Problem

Everyday , more and more Americans have discovered they don't have insurance , despite the fact , they have religiously payed their policy premiums on time for years. If you don't believe me , just ask any of the victims from Katrina. State Farm is a leader for refusing to pay , despite the fact , their agents never informed them , they would have no coverage unless State Farm agreed to their loss.
OK....here's how you get insurance coverage for your losses. Have your agent sign a paper stating that you have insurance coverage , despite what all the fine print says on your policy. Now you have real peace of mind. Ya see , when your insurance refuses to pay , your agent gets the bill , and yep indeedy dee. The agent pays or you get to take him to court. With this arrangement , you can bet your agent will be reviewing all the companies he represents , and will drop those of questionable repute. Many reputable agents have already dropped both , State Farm and Travelers because of their business practices towards the little people.
If you live in Tennessee , you will sadly find , that to get reputable insurance , ya have to go out of state. There are several out of state companies that will cover good people here.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that's the truth.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Worries On The Fourth

Franklin , Tennessee - I was asked what is the number one thing in this country, to worry about , while enjoying this Fourth of July holiday. That's an easy question to answer. Dishonest police. They can be found from sea to shining sea. Right here in Tennessee , due to politics , our Tennessee Highway Patrol has not been able to clean up it's act. Metro Police still has it's thief ring , and , Franklin Police still refuses to police itself. In America , dishonest police attack Americans on a regular , and everyday daily basis , while the possibility of being attacked by terrorists remains problematically and statistically remote.


America's Fourth of July 2007

Franklin , Tennessee - today , US Americans get a day off from working 2 jobs , to celebrate our Independence. President Bush has been in office for 6 years and is counting down the days he has leaft , before turning over The White House to the Democrates.
Last night on NBC News , the word for President Bush was " Incompetent ". While that's an appropriate word , let's face the truth here. Bush is'nt really incompetent. He had a plan before buying the Executive Office. His plan was a simple one. America is wreckable. Just like so many of America's big , successful companies , that have been bought up , and chopped up , this country is ripe for the wrecking ball. Bush has run up a 10 trillion dollar debt , got US in a war by telling lies , and is now trying to get US in another war with Russia , while we are currently in a war we can't win or even get out of.
President Bush is'nt worried about anything critics have to say. Afterall , he thinks history will need several decades , if not longer , to judge him. Wrong ! America judges him every day. He just does not get it , or even cares.
Today , America is a tender box , waiting for a spark. Thanks to Global Warming , we are told to hold off the fireworks in fear of starting fires. So much for the Fourth of July festivities. . . . Well , at least we are independent enough to have NBC News.

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