Thursday, February 25, 2010


Leave That Tiger Alone

People , stop making this guy cry over Tiger Woods.



People are saying they can't find this on Tiger Woods. OKaaay. Here 'tis.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Obama "Doin da Bush"

President Obama speaks out - remember how Obama was so full of energy and direction before the swearing in ceremony? Today , the man has been so busy , dealing with President Bush's Fuck Ups , he now talks like him.

Government can make a difference. What the Hell is this Happy Assed Horse Shit. This country is Trillion$ of Dollar$ in debt. Congress doesn't know how to deal with it and so they hide behind a commission. Just how much more of a difference can government make?

Thursday, February 11, 2010


What About Common Sense?

Vanderbilt Medical Center - how many people are aware , of the Billions and Billions of dollars , that Vanderbilt goes thru , for the purpose of drug research? How many of you are aware , every bit of that research is phony? Yep , after all of that work and dead animals lying about , all of that documentation is deliberately in error.

Pharmaceutical companies need that research for FDA approval in making all of our pharmacy drugs , in return for Trillions of dollars in profits. Butt , how can this be you ask? I mean after all , when you look at all of those massive , mega doses of trial drugs given to research animals , how can any of the data be wrong?

The answer is simple people. Do you know what it is? Hmmmm , maybe I could put in a prize to the first person who gives the correct answer.

OK - it's done. The rules are , you can not or ever have been , an employee of Vanderbilt or know/known someone at Vanderbilt. There are no age restrictions or US citizenship requirements. How can the rules be any simpler than this?

Because there are no Vanderbilt lawyers involved

Oh yeah - what's the prize? Give the correct answer and you'll find out. You'll even get your picture taken for this blog , with me handing you the prize (and/or you can have your pic taken with Kat). I guarantee , you'll like her , er , ah , the prize that is. Offer ends next Friday @ high noon.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


When It's Gone , They'll Find More

The United States of America - with 3 Social Security checks , going to every immigrant , how can it be a wonder , that our SS system is dieing? What's going on , is this simple fact: Our government is using our SS money , to support other countries. These immigrants get those 3 checks every month and send some of it home.

The only people I've noticed , not really needing this money , BUTT , get it anyway , come from India and Iraq. These people are well off ass it is due to politics and oil , butt yet , because they have never worked in this country before , they automatically qualify for everything under the sun. The last family I saw , had 8 members. That's 24 checks a month going their way , despite the fact , they don't need it.

These new Americans get their first check within 90 days. When a disabled American applies , it typically takes 26 months , after legal litigation.

Welcome to America. The only country on Earth , that pays people to relocate here.

Don't worry folks , when our SS runs dry , they'll bail it out , just like Congress did their banking friends and of course , their good buddies at GM.


Who Says Vanderbilt Can't Read

Vanderbilt University - I've stated in this blog , that Vanderbilt could give an education to every Tennessean , if they wanted to and Vanderbilt wouldn't feel it , in their pocket book. Here it is , in today's Tennessean. How 'bout that folks.

One small step at a time. Yeah , I know.


More Snow

Franklin , Tennessee - last night it snowed again. While those Damn Yankees gave it their best , driving around in circles , to avoid those falling flakes (it gets their car dirty) , a young child took advantage of not being watched and made a "Snowman".

A snowball fight with the Snowman , accidentally took place inside the house. The loser won the prize of clean up. (bloody awful affair it was)

Yes , in the eyes of a child , this is a "Snowman" , just use your imagination

Thursday, February 04, 2010


Toyota , Why So Long ?

Franklin , Tennessee - the question on every Toyota owner's mind these days is , "Why has it taken them so long to have a recall?"

And , the answer is: Being a foreign company on American soil , Toyota does not have to abide with American law. The news media will not tell it's customers this simple fact. Since the 1980's , Toyota has needed various recalls , butt refused to do so. Not so much because of the costs involved , butt the added fact , it could sway potential buyers to go else where.

So , why is Toyota finally having a recall? Because the problems are now international news , meaning , the damage is done and it's past time for damage control.

Moving their production to America , gives companies like Toyota , direct access to their largest body of buyers. The added perks , to coming to America is this simple fact , American law does not apply while the American tax payer pays for everything. From buying the land , to building the production facility , to training new employees. The American tax payer covers everything. And "NO!" , the American tax payer does not get a discount , when buying a new TOYOTA.

Life in America. Aint it grand , to be so privileged , to be a tax payer?

Note: Since 1980 , Nissan has also needed various recalls , butt , it too enjoys the same benefits ass Toyota. To knock on wood , Nissan has been able to keep it's ass , out of the news.


The Most Taxing Time Of The Year

The United States of America - yes people , it's time to pay up to "Uncle Sam" and give him your daily bread. Amazingly , taxes are about the same ass last year , butt , because of financial problems left behind , by President Bush , you should expect a healthy tax increase , for next year. Everyone putting in their Haiti relief donations into '09 will want to use them again for 2010 tax returns.

H&R Block is saying to expect a whopper of an increase. After all , spending Trillions of dollars , on military research , a globe trotting Air Force One , rebuilding other countries , AFRICOM , corruptional Congressional contracts and companies , researching the Bradly Fighting Vehicle , free health care for Congressional members and newly arrived immigrants , does run up a rather large bar tab.

Thank God , "The American" tax payer , doesn't mind.

Note: at this time , tax refunds are about 2 1/2 weeks away. However , H&R Block wants you to know , that for an exorbitant fee , they will gladly get your refund to you , in just 2 days. How can they do that , you ask? Simple , "They" , in co operation with "Uncle Sam" , are charging you an exorbitant fee , for your money , up front. Yep , it's "Your Money" and that's how America works.

Perhaps "We" , should thank God again.

P.S. - if you filed last year , "YES" , you get the $400 dollar$. If you file jointly and one spouse can not work , you still get the $800 dollar$.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Damn Yankee Antics

Franklin , Tennessee - have you ever taken notice , at the number of Damn Yankees living here , these days? These people come from the frozen Arctic reaches of the far , far and away , up North. I mean , these folks come from those regions , most Southerners refuse to go , from the shear fear of snow and ice , 100's of feet deep.

Now , they live here , in the sunny South , where it only snows in a "Koon's Age". And when that one snow flake falls , they come out in forced numbers , driving like a covey of blind bats with broken radar. Hell , they can't even park a car on the street without getting into trouble.

Look at this. The mighty "Land Rover" The vehicle that tamed the world for National Geographic Expeditions , going places where no llama or even pack mule , can go. The vehicle that gave rise to the HUMMER. And yet , right here in The City of Franklin , it can not handle , the clean/clear , uncongested highways and byways of Franklin.

Hmmmm. Maybe that explains why no National Geographic Expedition , has ever made it this far into Tennessee.

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