Saturday, May 31, 2008


Auto Maintenance Special

Franklin , Tennessee or is it Brentwood , Tennessee ? Like it or not , we need our cars for our everyday way of life. Now that we are the targets of extortion , we need our cars to operate at their best , which means we need reliable places to obtain proper maintenance.

Here's a sweet trick I found at American Tire Company , located at 7101 Crossroads Blvd. in Brentwood , 615 221 4040.

They offer a special treatment to prevent corrosion on battery terminals. This treatment is guaranteed for the life of your car ( or something like that )

The truth is that it does'nt work , it never was intended too. You see , they want to sell you this , knowing it does'nt work , butt , with a warranty you can't refuse , they know you will be back to get their battery cleaned again and again and again and ect , ect , ect , well , you get the picture. So , why are they selling this stuff ? Simple. To get you back , so they can sell you something else. In other words , you have paid them for a trick , that's guaranteed to get you back inside their doors , so they can hit you with more sales tactics.

The best thing to do for your battery is just do it yourself. Get a battery terminal cleaner , a wrench , a rag and clean it yourself. It's not a difficult chore to do and even a woman can do this. You would be amazed at the money you save in gas , by not returning to American Tire , for another unnecessary sales pitch.

p. s. - there's no such thing ass a mechanic in a can. If it comes in a can , think twice before you buy it.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Makin Mo' Honey on Ebay

Here's my latest newly found way of making money on Ebay and yes , it works. Charge the winning bidder a 3 dollar handling charge per item won. This charge does not apply to combined shipping. Do you understand ? That's a 3 dollar charge per item. Call it a handling fee. This covers handling the item for packing of course. Butt , it also passes onto the buyer , Ebay's 20 % cut , in your auction price.

Now , make sure you have a business license , so you can also write off all those Ebay fees on your taxes. Yes , this does work and I want to thank Ebay seller , " ttkinvestments " , for explaining it to me.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Ebay's Sneaky Enticement to get PayPal

Here's what I've been told. Everyone knows , I'm getting 2 unpaid strikes , on my ebay account , because a seller says my check bounced. Although I've paid him with certified funds and he has cash in hand , he is shitting on me , because I've posted the junk , he sold me on ebay.

The deal is simply this - if I had used PayPal , he would not be able to do this. In other words , ebay has given sellers a weapon to dump on buyers , who complain about their newly gotten junk , on ebay.

Remember , it's safe to use PayPal. The fact that ebay owns PayPal , has nothing to do with ebay changing their policies to allow such dishonest action. I wonder how many sellers will catch on and start threatening buyers to pay up more money , or else ?

Having a CEO , come in from the cold , corporate world of America , has produced a wickedly dishonest ebay , for all to enjoy.


Senator McCain

I got asked about my thoughts on McCain's stand , on the new veteran's benefits , now being proposed. Well , it's like this - McCain is out of touch with reality. Veteran's benefits are supposed to be earned , for putting your life in harm's way , because your president wants you to fight or die over his lies.
Veteran's benefits , were not intended , to entice veterans , to stay and maintain the ranks , so your president can order you into harm's way , a 3rd time , while the smarter people move on to college and /or get a better life for themselves.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


My Ebay Experience With " jcmtin " , 4

I've been asked , if I really did pay for the items or was I trying to scam this guy. Look at the picture and you tell me. I've paid for the 4 Navy plaques and I got 4 pieces of junk. Ass you can see , jcmtin is a liar. His antics on Ebay will only make matters worse for other sellers , whose reputations are now in question ass well ass for Ebay's.

I've given you a BIG picture of this. Just place your mouse on the picture and left click. Now , who is the liar. Who is scamming who ?


Ebay Changes to Feedback Policy

Ebay has changed their feedback policy. Now a buyer can give a seller negative feedback , BUTT , the seller can not give retaliatory negative feedback. However , as seen in this blog with seller " jcmtin " , a seller can lie by saying their items have not been paid for. Ebay knows this and does'nt care. I think the system is 3 strikes and you are out of the game. Yes , this is wrong , butt many people have been scamming the sellers , or so I hear. From my dealings with " jcmtin " , it's the seller scamming the buyer. Of course it is wrong to say a paid for item has not been paid for. To allow this shows , Ebay does'nt care and neither does a dishonest seller.

I predict there will be more junk and garbage being mis represented on Ebay with this kind of policy in force. I further predict , more dis honest people will take notice and start selling on Ebay.

Is it my imagination or has Ebay gone bad , by having a corporate type CEO , run the show ? I'm hearing more and more negative remarks about Ebay. Why can't the unhappy people get together and make their own " ebay " site and shut up ? I would join them. My problem is that I do not know how to put an auction site together. I need a team of good people that do know. Where can I find them ?


My Ebay Experience with " jcmtin " , 3

Now that this person has learned about his Ebay selling practices being shown here , he has resorted to foul language emails. I will send them to anyone who asks to see them. I do'nt know if I'll post them here. Yes , he is using Ebay's email system and Ebay does'nt care how their email is used AND , jcmtin has placed 2 unpaid notices onto my account , because I've told the world about his selling fire damaged items right here. Yes , the items are paid for , how do you think I got them already ? Here's the math - I purchased 4 items and paid in one easy payment. How did I not pay for 2 items ? The truth is - tell one lie and watch it grow :)

OK - I got asked about looking these items up on Ebay. Here are the numbers :


In a seperate email , jcmtin admitted his items had been kicked around on a truck and were handled roughly. Hm , now he tells me this. I get the impression , someone did him wrong and he took the easy road and passed it on , hoping the buyer would'nt notice the broken pieces.

This is a USS TECUMSEH plaque. Would you pay 35 dollar$ for this ?

Yes , I've seen his remarks. Ask him this question - if the items were not paid for , why did he send them ? Also , he did not mention the fire damage in his listings , information with held , is still a lie.

Keep this in mind , I'm sharing my Ebay experience with everyone. I'm not the one , with a hateful attitude , I'm not selling plastic and saying it is metal , nor am I selling fire damaged items on Ebay. I'm not a seller , I'm the piano player , sharing my ebay experiences with my readers. Soooo , the saga continues , stay tuned next time , when " jcmtin " passes gas to avoid emissions testing , sounds like a soap , don't it ?

Friday, May 23, 2008


Finding New Money

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD was lingering in the hallway again , right outside of chief jackie's favorite office. A meeting of the minds was in progress :

Chief jackie : Butt , butt , but , SIR ! I did what you wanted , I curbed this town's growth.
Mayor Schroer : Well , , , just undo it
jackie : Butt , butt , why ?
Schroer : Look , after analyzing our data banks , on money availability of our citizens , we realized that we have tapped out their piggy banks.
jackie : Ha ha ha ha ! So , what does that have to do with me ? I don't have my fingers in any of " that " city money.
Schroer : chief , you've done a fine job of reducing the number of people wanting to relocate here , thus curbing Franklin's growth , butt , you don't have any idea of what you've done to this city , have you ?
chief : Um , no , I guess not. I mean , I did what you told me to do.
Schroer : OK , it's like this. The people of this fine town of our's , have run out of money , what with the price of gas and all , OK ? You with me so far , chief ? Well , now , this town needs new people to move in. OK ? People with money , money that we can appropriate into our hands thru taxes.
chief : Um , I dunno , I mean , this means , I dunno , maybe I can make those gangs disappear over night , um , I dunno ,
Schroer : Ok chief , Ok. How much $

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Political Gossip

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD got caught up in a conversation , about the newest addition to the sheriff's wanna be list

clerk : Yeah , he's pro animal rights and he's got a good , likable nature
BVD : Uh Huh and so did Bush , before he became our president
clerk : w-w-wh-wh-what ?
BVD : President Bush , you know , our president ? He was very likable , before he became our president.
clerk : What's that got to do with our sheriff's election ?
BVD : Everything. Was Bush a moron , before becoming our president ?
clerk : Uh , er , no.
BVD : You're right. Today , calling Bush a moron is like giving him a compliment. Americans are fickle. Today , we have more than enough information , to impeach Bush and we don't. Why ? Is it because American's enjoy paying high gas prices ?
clerk : Hm , I don't know.
BVD : Well of course you don't know. You're an American with an expensive , butt , lacking education. When you think about high gas prices , you see the madness of Bush's logic
clerk : Huh ? what ?
BVD : Yeah , you know what ? Bush is smarter than we give him credit for.
clerk : What are you talking about ?
BVD : High gas prices. Look , America is the richest country on this good earth. It just makes cent$ , to have the highest gas prices.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


My Ebay Experience With " jcmtin " , 2

In my continuing saga of buying on Ebay with seller " jcmtin " , this is a USS NATHANAEL GREENE plaque. " jcmtin " said in his listing , this was made of aluminum. In truth , this is plastic. Being made of metal , made it worth more in the bidding process , butt the truth is , being plastic , this is worth maybe a dollar. " jcmtin " knew this when he listed it on Ebay.

So , why is " jcmtin " being dishonest with his auctions ? Simple , he is hurting for money , just like every American is these days and you will see more of this on Ebay in the coming days and months.

People are getting so hard up for a dollar , they will put aside their integrity to fraud someone , just to get that dollar.

Think about it. President Bush threw his integrity into the trash can , just to make a dollar in oil. So , does this mean , an American dollar bill is worth more , than a man's integrity ?

Just because Bush is being an asshole to America , does that also mean , that Americans should be an asshole to their fellow Americans ?

I predict , there will be more " jcmtin" s , in the near future , ass more Americans hurt for money , to put into their gas tanks.


My Ebay Experience With " jcmtin " , 1

Let's take a look at one of my Ebay transactions , with Ebay seller " jcmtin ". I purchased some Navy plaques from him and this is what I received.

The top picture is his listing picture on Ebay.

The bottom picture is what I received. By looking close , you can now see , it has been in a fire. Something " jcmtin " did not mention in his listing.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Brown's Body Shop

Franklin , Tennessee - I got asked about where to take a car , for body repair. Well folks , I cannot recommend Brown's Body Shop , located at 129 Alpha Drive , 794 - 1959. Ya see , I've known those good 'ole boys for years and I've never known them to do good or proper work. They only do , what they can do and get away with it. Using sub quality materials and bogus parts , have carried them far in the profit margins and helped get them on State Farm's priority listings. They know all of the short cuts to raise their profits , while giving their customer shit. Much of what Tony has learned , comes from his dad , who in turned , learned it from R. C. Alexander. Remember Harpeth Ford ?
So , if your car's body needs work and you really don't care about the quality or even getting ripped off , remember , Brown's the place to go. Just ask for Tony and tell 'em Jerry sent ya.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Those Ebay Game$

I'm keeping my word to my readers to tell them everything I encounter on Ebay. They have a newbie CEO , who is all about the greed factor and she knows how to reel in those bucks. Last week , Ebay had a special for first timers setting up an Ebay Store , the first month's rent is free.
This week , the rates and fees went up. Yes , I said " UP ". Ebay now hits the seller with an average 20 % of the bid. The penalty for selling an item under 25 dollar$ is still in place. These fees do not include PayPal fees and costs.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


USS HORNE DLG - 30 / CG - 30

This is soooo cool. The United States Navy named a ship after me. The banner is in French and translated to English reads , " STEAMING , ALWAYS STEAMING "

The HORNE was later refitted to the CG class and kept her hull number 30. So , she went from being the DLG - 30 to the CG - 30

Today she sits in retirement in Suisun Bay California .

Have you seen the movie " DOWN PERISCOPE " . The HORNE can be seen in the back ground while the STINGRAY is in dock.

I owe a special Thank You to RUFUS REAVES for helping me with the HORNE plaque.

Here's the latest on my ship. The Navy has moved her from Suisun Bay and she is moored at pier side , in Richmond CA , for visitors. In a few weeks , she will become target fodder and subsequently a reef for marine critters. What a way to die , she beat out the scrappers. Damn , I wanna be there. The HORNE had a very busy career , when the shit hit the fan , the HORNE went in. Now the Navy has one more important mission for her. I'm confident , she will giv'em the finger and die hard.


Updating My Ebay experience

People are asking me , what's the latest things I've encountered on Ebay. For starters , yes I did see Leno showing an empty Fritoes " Lucky " bag , that sold for 500 dollars.

Moving on , I transferred money into my PayPal account yesterday , it only took 8 days. I'll let you do that math. Hmmm , maybe I should say , PayPal finally transferred my money into their own PayPal account. 8 days , that is sooo wrong !

Meanwhile , I was shown , a person really can use their own account , to bid on their own item , they are selling. Yep , those rumors are true , about being able to bid up the going price on your own items.

Yes , there are people , snooping around Ebay auctions , looking for things that are against Ebay's laws. Hmm , the Ebay police ? When something is found wrong , Ebay will terminate that auction without giving the seller notice or credit their account. So , watch out !

Yes , it is true , Ebay does not give sellers much support when dealing with fraudulent buyers. Well , why should they ? Those people are good for Ebay's bottom line. Losing that money is on the seller , not Ebay.

I've had people ask if I'll open a Ebay store , to maximize my Ebay experience. Hmmm. Welllllllll , Ebay only takes a mere 20 % of the final bid. This does not include paypal fees. So , if you wonder why a seller is reluctant to bargain , keep in mind , the buyer does not pay Ebay fees. This also explains why some sellers will up and up again , the shipping costs. This is how the seller let's the buyer " pay " the Ebay fees , for them. Keep in mind , if the seller has a business with a license , the fees are a tax write off. Of course , there are sellers charging sales tax and they do not have a business. Hmmm.

If your bank account is in the negative , no one will tell you until the statement arrives. PayPal always gets it's money and your bank enjoys charging you with the fees associated with your using PayPal. Remember , Ebay is working towards having everyone having a PayPal account. Why ? Because Ebay owns PayPal.

Despite PayPal sending you a notice of transaction , PayPal continues to be the Number # 1 choice of target , for hackers because they are still getting at your money

Y'all go have fun Ebaying now , enjoy !

Friday, May 16, 2008


Name That Phrase

Ok , here's your chance to put words in their mouth. What's being said here ?

Hillary " Check out the tits inside that shirt "

Woman " Why , have you eva seed sech a thang "

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Franklin's Police Help Curb Growth

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD News was there - after the town meeting , that included the presence of Franklin's own Police Department , it has been concluded , by using Franklin's own Police evidence , that showed gang activity being present , real estate agents now report , a 19 % drop , in interested people , showing an interest , in wanting to relocate to Williamson County.

In Chief jackie's office , down the hall -

Chief - Barnes , that was an awesome lecture you gave to the people
Barnes - Ha ha ha ha , why thank you chief
Chief - where did you get that " 13 " idea ?
Barnes - I saw it on NCIS last week
Chief - my boy , you are going to move up in this department , my boy , mark my words , my boy , you are going to go far , my boy , far I tell you. The mayor still can't believe , that we could help curb Franklin's growth. This gang idea of yours is just fantastic !
Barnes - thank you chief and oh , yeah , chief , do you think I can get my office moved to another stall ? The commode is clogged up in mine.
Chief - Barnes , my boy , you know this is The City of Franklin , things will get done in their own time

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Franklin Police Make a Stand

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD News , by now , Franklinites have been asking , about how the meeting went , with Franklin Police , talking to the public about inner city gang activity. So far , no one , including the news media , have stepped forward to comment. However , Franklin's mayor has talked with the news , telling everyone , it's all about our priorities , we have to decide , what is more important right now and the number one important thing to do right now is to get private cars off of private property. It's killing the grass and it's not environmentally friendly. Although Franklin will not be filling the 20 vacant police positions at this time , there are enough police personnel on hand , to ticket everyone , parking cars on their own private property.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


PAYPAL and Your Money

I've got questions about why does paypal take sooo long , to move money ? Can we all say , " Creative money making ? " What it amounts to is simply this , paypal puts your money into a quick money market fund , so paypal can make a few more pennies. All those little red cents add up , when you think about all the people moving money from their bank account , to their paypal account and vice versa. Of course , paypal wants you to know , they are looking after your interests. Butt , they get the intere$t , by using your money and they don't $hare ! Cute trick. Yes ?

Thursday, May 08, 2008


America Is The Richest Country on the Planet

Today's paper tells of another show down on capital hill , concerning American tax payers , coming to the aid of homeowners , who are buckling under President Bush's agenda , towards a 5 dollar price tag on gasoline.
Bush has tried unsuccessfully , for the last 6 years , to get help for struggling homeowners and now that it is about to happen , Bush said he will veto unless he gets his additional 108 Billion dollar allowance , that will allow him to continue to play war.
Despite all of the previous Trillions he has been given , Bush still claims , this again , will be the last time , he asks for war funds.


Franklin Police Plead For Help

Franklin , Tennessee - in this quiet little town , where crime is not a known problem. Franklin Police now have an army of over 20 detectives , to solve the average 600 crime incidents , that clog their blog log , at any given time.
Now , after 8 months of intensive training , Dick Dixon has finally finished his mandatory 6 week class of learning to speak English and he is now learning how to swing his Dick. Here in today's paper , Dixon ( one of the 3 Wise Men ) is asking for help , to catch the FHS vandals. Despite having clear video , Dixon can not tell the difference between male and female.
So , can anyone help him , please ?

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Updating My Experiences on Ebay

Franklin , Tennessee - I've been getting questions , concerning my buying and selling experiences on Ebay. OoooKay , heer tis - Ebay is growing , with new sellers setting up shop , now that gas is 4 dollars a gallon. People are selling their military memorabilia , their family heirlooms , their priceless jewelry and even their favorite dog. I've watched certain items over the past 5 months and both , the number of bids and the final winnings bids have fallen an average 65 %. So , what does that tell you ? Keep in mind , the price of crude was only 32 dollars a barrel , when Bush took office.

Another sad fact to keep in mind , is the number of fraudulent auction listings is also growing. Do not expect PayPal or Ebay , to help in these matters , because they won't. I got burned and that's how I know.

And yes , another fact of life on Ebay , is the seller dismay , on on how Ebay is now doing business. The sellers are taking a beating , due to Ebay's increasing fees , costs , percentage take , final value fees , seller premiums , listing fees , PayPal fees and just plain corporate greed. Many folks on Ebay's discussion boards are openly stating they would gladly leave Ebay , if only there was another web auction place to go to. I'm sure , get together enough sellers , another auction site is certainly doable. If not , then just buy out Ebay and run things better , for both the buyer and seller. Yep , it's doable. If it aint , then either shut up or leave Ebay. That's my 2 cents.

I would expect the number of fraud problems to grow , ass gas prices continue to climb towards Bush's earmarked goal of 5 dollars a gallon , by year's end. Now THAT's a Merry Christmas ! ! ! ! !
( for someone )


It's Today's News

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD slept thru reading time as usual this morning , so I'll put up the news in his place.

Hm. Vandals think Franklin Police won't catch them. Hmmmm. Well , they may be right , considering how Dicks Dixon , Barnes and Black ( aka , The 3 Wise Men ) conduct criminal investigations around their coffee cups. Of course , these vandals forgot about someone and also forgot , they are no longer protected by the minors act. Hmm. I wonder if Sgt. " Laughing Joe " Warner , can put the pieces together , while laughing over this one. Hm , I think this is a task , better suited for Sgt. " I've got a Ticonderoga hat and I'll give it to ya , iffin I kin find it ".

Oh , Susan. She thinks she knows soo much about health insurance. I know how to get free health care. Yep , I surely do. It does'nt cost one thin starving dime , either. To begin with , McCain has all the health care he needs , thanks to American taxpayers and besides , he is sooo far out in left field , he will never find the ball. He and Bush have a lot in common. Perhaps that's why he is so popular.

Monday, May 05, 2008


Franklinites Feel Growth Pains

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD slept thru this one - last night , Franklin residents felt their growth pains , ass transformers blew up , giving those outside , a fireworks spectacle. Several homes lost power , to ensure the Moose lodge got theirs. After several calls to 911 , someone thought maybe they should call the electric company , which does not answer their phones on weekends , upon seeing a naked man going around knocking on doors.
Finally , after waiting several hours , someone called 911 again and this time , the correct 911 was reached. Shortly afterwards , repair crews showed up , to reset the breakers and wholla , power restored. It seems , the Moose were not home , at such an hour and did not need all that power after all.

BVD : Hm , seems strange that 911 was so passive about the power loss.
Jerry : Well , maybe they were too engrossed with another porno movie
BVD : Hm , maybe , butt , they have SHOWTIME after dark with back up generators , so they won't miss a minute of the action
Jerry : Well , you do remember , Jay Johnson enjoyed watching Debbie Does Franklin , while in the company of Wantmore , when that was on , no one could pull those two away from that boob tube
BVD : Hm , that would figure

Saturday, May 03, 2008



Middle Tennessee State University , aka - MTSU , Tennessee - BVD was off , so I get to write this one - @ the Mit-Suu campus , for graduation , excited graduating students walked the line , to receive their pieces of paper. Mit-Suu broadcasted the show live over the internet. These pictures are an example of Tennessee's government at work , while spending Tennessean's hard earned and dwindling tax dollars. Yep , now we both know , if this was important to the government , a better job would have been accomplished.
Yes , there was sound , butt , no one could understand it. Yes , this was a live feed , butt , it stayed still most of the time.
If this was the best I could do , I would hide my ass in the sand , where no one could find me. Butt , of course , Mit-Suu is suuu proud of them selves. This was an insult and a proud example of what Tennessee can accomplish , with an education , from a Tennessee University. And today , everywhere , it shows.

Friday, May 02, 2008


Why Prices Are Climbing

Everyday , people ask the proverbial question - Why does the price of gas , food , and just plain living , keep going up ? The simple answer to these same questions , has not changed. Can you say , President Bush ? With the American dollar being backed by Bush's government's 12 TRILLION dollar debt , that little piece of paper is basically worthless and so , you need more pieces of paper to make up the difference , between real worth and worthless worth.

Of course , ignoring what our government is doing , does'nt help our pocket books , either.


Bush Celebrates His Victory

While we slept last night , from working 3 jobs to buy food , our President Bush celebrated his 5th anniversary of accomplishing his mission , of spending 12 TRILLION dollars on his wars.

With Bush acting like a heroic knight in shining armor , er , flight suit , is it any wonder why his popularity rating is the lowest , of any president , in our life time ?

Thursday, May 01, 2008


ORKIN Pesky Services

During this time of year , people have asked me about who to call for termite problems. I have always answered them with , " Don't call ORKIN." Here's why -

ORKIN has the best warranty in the business. However , there is no difference between having ORKIN's warranty and having State Farm Insurance. Both are worthless pieces of paper.
ORKIN's sales people DO place dead bugs in places , for you to find , so you will think they have done their job. Yep , I've seen them do it.
ORKIN will double charge you for the same services. Yep , you see , the sales rep is on a commission. Watch him , while he " works " the figures on paper. You will see he is actually re tracing the same numbers , over and over. In other words , he is'nt doing you any favors.
ORKIN is known for spilling water on the ground , so you will think chemical has been placed there.
This is the time of year , the Better Business Bureau , is drowning in complaints , regarding ORKIN. About the only thing you can do for yourself , is to with hold paying them , until the contracted work is done. Yep , you have to watch them. If you don't , you will be next on their hit parade.

So , what's the best course of action , in dealing with ORKIN ? Just don't call them in the first place. There are other pest control people , who would gladly do you a good job , per the contract.


Vanderbilt University goes BANG

Vanderbilt University - BVD for The HUSTLER - Vanderbilt 's very own Chairman Thackston and Professor Speece , of the Vanderbilt School of Engineering , were preparing a demonstration of new hot air technology when everything went BANG !
BVD learned Thackston wanted to impress this year's graduating students and parents , with a show of new and upcoming energy technology alternatives , when Speece had a brain fart during gas infusion into a hot air balloon , to be used for hot air rides over the School of Engineering.

Chairman Thackston was last seen , running across the Rand Hall Mall green way with his ass on fire. The Vanderbilt First Fire Brigade was unable to catch up with him , to extinguish the blaze.

" I only wanted to help give these folks a lift. " , said Speece laughing.

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