Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie Mo'

Franklin , Tennessee - for those people who refuse to see the possible truth in Revelations , this is the last week for tax exempt status quo pick up on your extra trash. If it doesn't fit into your official Jay Johnson Regulation Trash Bin (or JJRTB for short , patent pending of course) , all of your extra tax exempt status quo trash will need a dollar tax stamp per bag or box or what ever.

For example , you have several boxes that won't fit into your JJRTB and so you set them beside your JJRTB for pick up. No biggie deal , right? Well , starting next week , you will need a one dollar trash tax stamp per box. Now , let's check our math - If you have 3 boxes of trash that won't fit into your JJRTB , then you will need 3 stamps to stick onto those 3 boxes. (1 stamp per box) In other words , those 3 boxes will cost you 3 dollar$ more than your usual , monthly "tax for trash" tax fee$. So , ass we can see here , 3 does equal 3 so our math checks out correctly.

Yes folks , the cost$ of living in Franklin continues to escalate because we are so very worth it.

Note : the title to this post , "Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie Mo' " is the title to JJ's favorite song , he was known to sing ass he got more money from the local Franklinites. For some strange and unknown reason , mo' money always made JJ delusionanaly happy. JJ's favorite saying was , " Taking money from those dumb asses is better'n sex.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Franklin Police Get Busted

Franklin , Tennessee - TDOT spanked Franklin Police asses for their dishonesty in law enforcement.
This was a favorite "law enforcement" method , used by the former Jay Johnson , which Franklin Police willingly used , ass a speedy money making management tool.
It's a good bet , Mr. Kline knew all about Franklin Police being dishonest butt , he also knew that if he reported this , his ass would be on the police Shit list.
I've reported this activity earlier in this blog. Officer Bates had told me about this and it's architect , Jay Johnson , who he explained and complained about , was bringing in many new dishonorable and dishonest activities that could harm the city's reputation if the public majority got wind of it. Of course , the history books now show both Tim Taylor and Jay Johnson gone. Gee , I wonder why that took so long?
Meanwhile , Judge Don Young knew what was going on and he often threw out traffic court cases when he saw where the citation had taken place. He upset some folks because he was costing Jay Johnson money every time he did that , butt , this is another story. Let's move on , shall we -
Between the Koolaid Blog and this one , Franklin Police have been very busy indeed. They have switched their radio freqs and fired Tim Taylor while giving their "Boss Hog" , Jay Johnson the boot. This is not a coincidence.
Now to answer the BIG question. How come TDOT now tells Franklin to do right , after all of these years? And the answer is - they were'nt getting their share of the money. Yep. To break the law , all you need is money given to the right people. Ass long ass Franklin Police kept it to their streets , TDOT does'nt care , butt , get on their side of the assphalt and they will be looking for their cut.
You think I'm joking? I've been around the inside of TDOT and I know they don't do Jack unless they have too. They also look the other way when paid too. Yep , it took Mr. Kline long enough to talk about this daily routine that's been going on for years. I can talk about this because I don't pay out and I don't receive. I'm not a part of their pyramid scheme.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Realistic Radio Shack DX-160

Franklin , Tennessee - I've mentioned these radios before and here I go again. The Ebay/Feebay prices on this thing continues to escalate. Why? I dunno. Maybe it's because Americans want one before they are all gone.
By doing my homework , I've found one ebayer buying these things and then reselling them for 3 times what it costed him. Since people can't see thru this , they think they are getting something "special" (I guess)

This radio has very good reviews. However , if you pay more than 50$ dollars , you've paid toooo much. And remember , these don't have a speaker. The radio designs were such , a speaker was not in the design , which means , get one or use headphones.

The sad deal about this radio are the wires used in making this. They are very small gauge and after 40 years , they are falling off the cheap solder points. Some wires are breaking off inside the insulator making a possible repair impossible to find.

And then you have the sellers who don't give a crap and ship this in the most horrible way , which causes more internal damage to add to 40 years of use.

If you just have to spend 100$ dollars on a radio , there are other brands a lot better than this one for the same price range. Look , understand this: the DX-160 is the poor man's short wave radio of choice.

If you do get one for 50$ dollars , good luck getting it home. I would highly recommend insurance because it's a good bet , something will break inside and it may not be noticeable in the first 24 hours. No kidding here , after 40 years , these things are showing their age , regardless of how "ridiculously great" new looking they look on the showroom floor. (go to Alexander Ford and you will get an idea of what I'm talking about here)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Halloween Is Near

Franklin , Tennessee - Halloween is near and the people are already frightened by what's happening to their health care , while in the hands of Congress , butt , have you seen what's lurking behind those Greek columns at the newly unopened Franklin Police station?

Detective Black , Franklin Police detective and well known architect behind the great Red Cross robbery of '97 , was heard saying , "I'm gonna steal that before someone else beats me to it , heh heh heh heh , giggling , snorts , ha ha ha , heh heh heh heh , and snorts some more."

jackie Moore , Franklin Police Chief and well known Jay Johnson labial puppet , over heard Mr. Black's remarks and bravely , butt timidly , stated , "Not if I steal it first."

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Vanderbilt's Hot Air Ride

Vanderbilt University in Nashville , Tennessee - today's TENNESSEAN reports that Congress is considering taking action against coal fired generators because their wastes are hazardous. Vandy's coal burning has been going on for years now and even more years than an engineering professor can count. And they even have a quiet little place where they dump the stuff , well out of the public's sight and mind's. ( it's some farm belonging to a dead alumni up in Kentucky where hazardous dumping is cheap)

Do you know why there are bands around the smoke tower? It's because it was crumbling and about to fall down.

Did you know , there are days you can walk by the smoke stack and get an ash shower? It all depends on the wind.

Do you know why the sidewalks are given a blow job everyday? It's to keep the ash deposits down that continuously gets tracked into the buildings by people carrying the stuff on their shoes.

Butt , don't you worry none. Vanderbilt will buy a few Congressmen , to keep the new laws (loopholes) in their favor . After all , Vanderbilt doesn't have 24/7 lobbyist on the payroll for nothing. Those Congressmen love having their pockets lined "Green". And , let's not forget that Vanderbilt ONE is always at their disposal , to deliver them from the nonsense of Washington , so they will arrive on time for those very important Caribbean meetings with their Bitches and Ho my oh my , all of those free hotels to choose from , with hot and cold running rooms. Vanderbilt for sure , takes the headache out of making those hard and most difficult travel decisions of where to stay for the night.

Hey , Vanderbilt has to do something with all of those Millions of Billions of excess dollars lying around on the floor. And "Yes" people , Vanderbilt ash will be with US for more years to come or the Apocalypse , which ever comes first.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Moon Shot

Franklin , Tennessee - by now everyone is still scratching their heads over what happened? No fireworks , no plume , no nuttin! But the telemetry says otherwise. It's amazing how these scientist over look the so obvious. There was no plume because the moon has no air. Here on earth , we enjoy air which is a medium for making clouds. The moon does not have such , therefore no plume from this test. How fast we forget seeing the launch of the lunar lander from the moon. Do you remember seeing a plume during liftoff? I still remember the Apollo program.

Meanwhile , here's what the news is'nt telling US. This test was for The Pentagon. You see , after spending Billions of Trillions of dollars , The Pentagon has finally realized , nuclear weapons are not the answer to annihilating the enemy. All you need is a big rock hurling from space and upon impact , it's all gone , without the deadly radiation radiating in all directions while poisoning everything it touches.

You think I'm kidding don't you. Look , Congress does not have 3 Billion dollars to give NASA for another moon program. Butt , they do have lying around , an extra 400 Billion dollars every year for The Pentagon's weapons research programs. NASA got the money from someone to do this test , since NASA has no spending money these days. Now , for those who don't believe me , go do the math again. What do you find?

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Franklin Is So Unique

The City of Franklin , Tennessee - with all of the comments I've received , it appears , more and more people around here are thinking about their police department.

Think about this - the very people who want us to be concerned about a gang problem we don't have , are breaking the law and laughing about it. These are the very people who steal from The Red Cross

Yep , Franklin Police , the few , the proud and the FOP ass well. How many other cities do you know , have a police department with a crime problem like ours?

Why do we have a police Chief way past retirement? What's keeping him from stepping aside? It's not hard to understand why , is it? (he's not ready to walk away from all of that money)

Yes , Franklin is very unique. It's no wonder , not a wonder at all , ass to why the wealthy want to live here. It's just no wonder at all. (Franklin Police are for sale)

Yep , Franklin Police - breaking the law and laughing about it all the way to the bank.

It's no wonder CNN tells US to be careful what we say around police officers and not to give them personal information.



Franklin , Tennessee - by now , every COMCASTIC COMCAST subscriber has heard about their rates going up again. This rate increase is not a one time percent thing. It's an across the board thing. Every little service thing you u$e with COMCAST has an increase. Every package has an increase. That'$ right people , all those little thing$ add up to more than ju$t a rate increa$e.

And perhaps you are wondering why? Not a problem , I'll tell you why.

The COMCASTIC COMCAST CEO recieved an incredible bonu$ check along with hi$ regular paycheck and perk$. I'm talking about a really , really , REALLY , ob$ence bonu$ check. Now , after recieving the check , COMCA$TIC's little piggy bank wa$ pretty well tapped out. Yep , the company wa$ about broke. $oooooooo , the deci$ion wa$ made to rai$e the rate$ on everything to prevent layoffs.

Now , with this fact out of the water for everyone to see , let's take a moment to think about this , shall we? Instead of laying off a lot of little people for the holiday season to save money , let's lay off the CEO. Just think about all of the money COMCAST would save. Just think about all of the jobs that would be saved.

Here's something more to think about - COMCAST created the AZN channel. It provided Asians with their culture on TV. The channel was making money and showed lots of potential to make lots more. However , COMCASTIC COMCAST CEO decided having his pockets filled to over flowing with ca$h money was more important than Asian subscribers and so he did away with AZN and with it , Asian Americans have no idea how SAARA AKAASH ended. And that's just the tip of the Asian pyramid.

Meanwhile MOJO came along with some interesting programming , including shows like Getting Abroad. This channel was another succe$$ story for COMCAST. Again however , the CEO decided his greed was more important than the customers and he did away with MOJO. And again , COMCAST customers were without their newly found favorite programming.

This is my answer to COMCAST '$ greed. I've cut back on the service I receive from COMCAST. Aaaaaand , when the rates go up again to line the CEO's pocket$ , I will cut back again. Just think about all of the ca$h money I will save , by cutting back on COMCAST service. I mean like , is it really necessary for me to line the CEO's pockets? With all the money he is making before the bonu$ check$ , does he really need that BIG a bonu$? Nope , not at all. My programming needs are more important. That's why I'm the customer and he's not and if I'm not going to be treated like a king , then I don't need him or his COMCASTIC COMCAST lack of programming

Yep , that satellite system is looking better and better (and costs le$$)

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


President Kennedy

Franklin , Tennessee - the History Channel is going to rehash President Kennedy's assassination next week. After all these years , the American government has refused to bring forward the real killers. Let's take a look at how something like this can take place in this country , aka-The Land of the Free and the Brave.

Check out this picture of an under cover police vehicle. Detective Dixon drives this machine. Both , Detective Barnes and Detective Black have stated they know nothing about this van , BUTT , they will put the word out to watch for it. This vehicle was used in burglarizing a home and for stealing the Red Cross Christmas surprise.
The point is simply this - when our police officers are liars , they show the corruption of our police department. Thanks to the lies these 2 men have told , it is clear , they were also involved in burglary , theft and vandalism of 17,000+ dollars. For anyone thinking I'm making this up , there are people at the Sheriff's Department that do know I'm telling the truth. Because these people are FOP members , there will be no arrest made. FOP members do not arrest each other or even themselves, regardless of the crime. (that's a benefit of being a law officer in Franklin)And no doubt , this problem contributes towards the rift , existing between the Sheriff's Department and the Franklin Police Department.

Here's something else to think about. The FOP calls people at home , begging for donations to help their fellow officers since they put their lives on the line everyday to protect our homes. While these are very same people who burglar our homes. The very homes they have sworn to protect. While they break the law , the Sheriff's people looks away.

You might ask , how did Franklin Police get this way? The answer is a simple one. Jay Johnson molded the department into what he wanted for himself. Now do you understand why Franklin Police won't clean up their house? You start with one officer and you'll end up turning off the lights. Everyone knows who is doing what , including the "honest" ones. And because no one will turn in anyone , they are all guilty by association. (and yes , the police do arrest people on that excuse alone) So , there you have it boys and girls. Truth is truth.

When you have corrupt government officials (and police officers are government) almost anything can be accomplished. Including murdering our president on cold , live TV.

Monday, October 05, 2009


Keep Your Head

We all enjoy a good joke , regardless of how much it may hurt someone. You know , it's like Franklin Police enjoying a good theft and laughing about it while ignoring the hurt they cause , all at the same time. Here's the current joke on MAX.

Thursday, October 01, 2009


You Been Flu Shot ?

Franklin , Tennessee - with all of the problems Franklinites are having with their corruptly dysfunctional government and a police department kissing their ass and following their commands , the last thing they need is getting sick. This year will be "The Mother of all Years" to get sick. The flu season is accompanied with the dreaded H1N1 virus. Here in Middle Tennessee , it's here already. One student at MTSU was told by the school nurse she had the virus and Damn it all to Hell , she was allowed to go to class anyway. What kind of silly Shit is that? All she has to do is breathe and anyone inhaling her secondary air will intake the H1N1 into their system. DUH !

Soooooooooooooooo , the worst thing you can do this season is get both shots at the same time. Yes , really , really. Walgreens is having a commercial bonanza for their flu shots. I've had them give me shots before and I declare , never ever again. You do not need a 3 inch , 10gauge needle , for a flu shot.

Right now is the time for the flu shot and I recommend the Clinic at Krogers on Hwy 96. The guy knows his stuff and uses the oppropriate needle. He even knows where to put the needle. Right now is the time for the flu shot because it gives you a month before the H1N1 shot arrives. Both shots taken together can make you sick. Do you want or need that ? I know I don't. Butt that's just me.

So , get shot before the other shot arrives. Give your body a rest in between. Yes , that's right boys and girls. For those who have'nt figured it out yet. You need 2 shots this flu season. Not the usual 1 shot deal. Again , I recommend the Clinic at Krogers on Hwy 96.

Have fun and enjoy this weather while it lasts.


Aimless Court

Franklin , Tennessee - there's a lot more talk and commenting about our Franklin Police these days. Here's what happened during a trial , right here in The City of Franklin , behind those Greek columns at The Franklin Center for Downtown Justice. I was asked which court case this was and I will not answer that question. Aaaaaaand , Yep , it's true. It really happened. This was published earlier in this blog and I've brought it forward for everyone to read again.

Franklin Tennessee - in an aimless court case in Franklin , a very smart lawyer , found himself in a losing situation. Without thinking , he called to the stand , a Franklin Police officer , who had nothing to do with this case , the lawyer had decided to use him as a distraction , to divert the court's attention from the truth. The police officer performed very well. After giving his answers , the other lawyer had a turn to ask questions
Lawyer : How long have you been with The Franklin Police Department ?
Franklin Police officer : 18 years
LW : Then , would you agree that it's safe to say , that you know a lot about what goes on inside the department
FPO : Yes , I would agree
LW : Is it true , some Franklin Police officers were caught , falsifying information on their time sheets , to sweeten their paychecks
FPO : Er , ah , * cough , cough *
LW : I'm sorry , could you speak a little louder so everyone in this courtroom can hear your answers please
FPO : Yes
LW : Is it true , Franklin Police officers , falsified information on a motor vehicle accident report , to cover for a judge , who was intoxicated while driving
FPO : yes
LW : Is it true , that the Franklin Police Department has a " courtesy " policy , for intoxicated drivers , applicable to Franklin's privileged population
FPO : yesss....
LW : Talk louder please
FPO : Yes ( red faced )
LW : Thank you , now , is it true , a Franklin Police officer was caught using a Franklin Police cruiser for his personal activities , outside the Franklin Police department
FPO : Yes ( squirming in his seat )
LW : Is it true , a detective within the Franklin Police department , was mysteriously demoted , and then subsequently fired
FPO : Yes
LW : Is it true , Chief Moore is on call to go to any scene , where someone of affluence has been pulled over , and personally escort them home , and keep them from getting a ticket ?
FPO : ........yes
LW : Is it true , a Franklin Police officer was involved in the burglaries of several businesses in downtown Franklin
FPO : yes
LW : Is it true , a City of Franklin Police chief was fired for having a TV in his police cruiser. A TV that he removed from the property room , that was used in connection with his D.A.R.E. lectures
FPO : yes ( looking down at the floor )
LW : Is it true , some Franklin Police Police officers have removed weapons from that very same property room with complete immunity to disciplinary action
FPO : Yes
LW : Is it true , a Franklin Police officer beat up his girlfriend on more than one occasion
FPO : Yes
LW : Is it true , his fellow Franklin Police officers knew what he was doing to her , and that no one in the Franklin Police Department did anything to help her
FPO : yessss....
LW : Is it true , another Franklin Police officer beat up his wife on more than one occasion
FPO : yessss.....
LW : Is it true , another Franklin Police officer was arrested for fighting with other police officers from another police department , in another state
FPO : Yess.... ( more red faced )
LW : Is it true , Franklin Police officers have confiscated drivers licenses on the spot
FPO : .......yes
LW : Is this legal
FPO : no
LW : Is this a violation of a person's civil liberties
FPO : ........yes
LW : Is it true , some Franklin Police officers have deliberately falsified information on some traffic citations just to make themselves look good for their superiors
FPO : * cough , cough * , gulp , yesss..
LW : Is it true , the Franklin Police Department sells people's private information to those outside of law enforcement
FPO : ......yesss
LW : Is it true , Franklin Police officers have laughed at a person for acting drunk , when in fact , that person was having a diabetic attack
FPO : ..............yes
LW : Should an ambulance have been called ?
FPO : I don't know , I was'nt there
LW : Strange , you seem to know all about the incident
FPO : Well , maybe one should have been called
LW : Was that person allowed to drive away
FPO : Yes
LW : Would you say that goes against the public's interest for public safety
FPO : Yeah , I suppose so
LW : Is it true , there's a pedophile inside the Franklin Police Department
FPO : ..............................................yessss....
LW : Is it true , no one , including Jay Johnson , will do anything about him
FPO : ...........yessssssss
LW : Why are you here ?
FPO : To testify
LW : What is your involvement in this case ?
FPO : Nothing really
LW : Then why are you here ?
FPO : ( looks nervous to the other lawyer ) I'm here to testify
LW : No further questions , thank you

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