Thursday, May 19, 2011


Hoadley Sighted

Vanderbilt University - BVD News for The HUSTLER - Vanderbilt upcoming summer student body , for this year's Maymester , was excited over the recent Pete Hoadley sighting , seen in Nashville's seedy downtown area , where poor country music artists , lip sink their own songs for the real country music stars.
Hoadley , a long time School of Engineering professor , a tenured Vanderbilt Centurian , ASCE alumni and missing in the elite Emeritus circles , was spotted yesterday , smoking his last , Mrs. Gee's " Special ".
Professor Hoadley is well remembered by past civil engineering students for abstaining himself from ASCE competition , because he's afraid of the water and could never understand the need of a trogglidite in civil engineering.
Said one student , who did not want their name used , " One thing about Professor Hoadley we could always count on , was that if you needed him for something , he could never be found. His office door was always open , butt , he was never home , even when the lights were on."
All past efforts to find Professor Hoadley , have been pointless , pointed out Commander Barnes , Vanderbilt First Eagle Fire Brigade , Search and Rescue Division.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Adderall On Campus

Vanderbilt University - If you watch morning TV then you probably saw the article on Adderall on college campuses being used to help students study while getting smarter and the truth is it just doesn't work. People are wasting their money and wasting their brains on the stuff while throwing their college education away.

Look , at Vanderbilt , Adderall isn't necessary or even needed. Vanderbilt has a high academic standard and to maintain that high standard , there are test files like those found in the engineering school.

At The Engineering School , there is no excuse for needing or even using drugs for study. There's always someone preying on the stupid people to make a buck off of. You know the type of stupid , those who don't think things thru and the Vanderbilt campus is no exception. It's been said this years graduation class had the highest use of study drugs on record and that's a lot of addicts thanks to Adderall.

Think about it. After you graduate , what do you do? Sooner or later the beast will come out for all to see.

Monday, May 09, 2011



Franklin , Tennessee in Williamson County - are you a Ham? If so then you are familiar with WCARES. It's the Ham network for all that's Ham. They have done an excellent job looking out for the county during this season's bad stormy weather.

BUTT- did you know that's ass far ass it goes? Let's say you are in need of some serious help with a microwave transmitter that's causing you distress. Forget it brother. They are not going to help you. They are picky about who's their friend and who they want to be friends with. If you've got an antenna problem then it's no problem butt just remember they are not here to help just because you need help. That's not the way they work.

WCARES is just another glossy example of what this Williamson County is all about.

Saturday, May 07, 2011


COMCAST Is Going Down

Franklin , Tennessee - have you been by the COMCAST store lately? I've never seen such a line out the door in all my life. It seems AT&T is literally eating their lunch with their U-verse TV package.

I know what I'm talking about here because I was over at COMCAST turning in all of my equipment and I had to stand in that line an hour and 10 minutes before being waited on since there was only one person taking the complaints and the equipment that day. Yep , she was all alone on a sinking ship.

Now that's a BIG DAMN in really big time. I mean I had to see it to believe it. Ass for AT&T , I now have more TV than I could ever hope to watch and I've got all of the movie channels at no extra cost.

So , if you are wanting a deal on TV I suggest you take a look at the other guy and decide for yourself. If you love TV you just might love AT&T. I know I does

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