Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Greenhouse Effects Wins

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD News - it was only 60 degrees last Thursday in Franklin , being well above normal I slipped away for some pre-Christmas golf , I found myself thinking about a wickedly funny story that The Orion , the satirical newspaper, ran the other day: “Fall Canceled after 3 Billion Seasons”: “Fall , the long-running series of shorter days and cooler nights, was canceled earlier this week after nearly 3 billion seasons on Earth, sources reported Tuesday. “The classic period of the year, which once occupied a coveted slot between summer and winter, will be replaced by new, stifling humidity levels, near-constant sunshine and almost no precipitation for months.” ‘As much as we’d like to see it stay all will not be returning for another season’ National Weather Service president John Hayes announced during a muggy press conference Nov. 6. ‘Fall had a great run but sadly, times have changed.’ … The cancellation was not without its share of warning signs. In recent years, fall had been reduced from three months to a meager two-week stint, and its scheduled start time had been pushed back later and later each year.” You should never extrapolate about global warming from your own weather, but it is becoming hard not to — even for professionals. Consider the final report of the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (I.P.C.C.), which was just issued and got far too little attention. It concluded that since the I.P.C.C. began its study five years ago, scientists had discovered much stronger climate change trends than previously realized, such as far more extensive melting of Arctic ice and therefore global efforts to reverse the growth of greenhouse gas emissions have to begin immediately.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Those Foreign Students

Nashville , Tennessee - THE TENNESSEAN wrote an article about foreign students , BUTT , left out some interesting information.

Yes , it is true , foreign student tuition costs is usually 3 times higher , butt , the American taxpayer covers it just the same , not the "foreign" student.

Did you know: along with free college paid tuition , foreign students also automatically qualify for food stamps , social security checks and free medical services.

Did you also know , your Federal Government has a program in place , that encourages universities to hire foreign professors (instead of American professors) into tenure track positions? In return , your government (using your tax dollar$) pays the first 3 years of their employment package plus benefits plus research money and relocating expenses.

Having foreign professors gives foreign students a more "at home" feeling in school.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Franklinite Makes Top 100 Ugly List

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD News - Franklin's favorite Franklinite , Annie , knows Butt Ugly is in. At least that’s what a cattle call of characters with good personalities hoped for yesterday when they turned out to audition for the Ugly Tennessean Award.
A modeling agency claiming to embrace “real people” later remarked the agency is always hunting for "Butt-like" minded people with "Butt-like" faces and not just necessarily the beautiful ones.

Annie gained notoriety for being able to take on the whole Franklin Police Department while using only one condom.

Sgt. Warner was unable to refutiate the remark.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Nashville Ape Makes Refutiate -ing Statement

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD News Today - Marshmello the apeman at The Nashville Zoo yesterday gave The Franklin Police Department his idea of what he thought of them.

Sgt. Warner was asked about this , butt people were saying he was too busy piddling in his pants while looking at Marshmello's picture

Now , let's see THE TENNESSEAN refutiate this

Monday, July 19, 2010


Franklin's Future Is NOW

Franklin , Tennessee - you have to be a real Franklinite to appreciate having one of these.

"Franklin Gets Greener Everyday"

It was this catchy slogan that got "The City of Franklin" on the CNN top 100 Best Cities list

Saturday, July 17, 2010


PTSD Changes Made

Franklin , Tennessee - for those who have not yet heard , President Obama has made some changes at the VA for PTSD requirements. So , upon hearing this , I made some inquires and of course , I ran into the usual government flak.

Upon calling 615 327 4751 , the Shit started right off. I was asked questions that I tried to answer BUTT , there are some classified things I can not talk about. Because of this , I'm turned down again for PTSD. That woman was a complete Jerk and a Smart Ass. Yes sirree , the last thing on her mind was anything BUTT , being helpful

Classified information is classified information , correct? So why is it , I have to give away our country's secrets , to be eligible for VA benefits?

It doesn't make sense to me. And yes , employers still refuse to hire Viet Nam veterans just because they can. When Franklin Police learn you are a Viet Nam vet , they start Fucking you right off the edge of their bat. And they enjoy laughing about it.

So , there you go people. The latest garbage from our government. Enjoy.

Note: I've already been asked about what took place , here goes - during a phone conversation , this lady asked me about specific locations of nuclear weapons and I refused to answer. She told me I would talk about it or I would be denied my claim again. OK. Fine. I'm denied again.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Thackston Speaks Out For Franklin's Vandals

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD got Chairman Thackston view on the vandal incident , at Franklin's Downtown Legal District.

BVD: Just what are you saying about these vandals? What they did was both stupid and stupid
Thackston: Look , these young boys are just simple college kids at heart. Myself , having spent most of my life at Vanderbilt , I know what it is , to be young , dumb and full of cum. Robert Herron and Tripp Weir were just acting like the teenagers they are is all.
BVD: I would think you would say something different about this incident
Thackston: Weeeeell nooooooowwww , look it here , when you have been around spoiled and rich , Vanderbilt kids ass long ass I have , you become dysfunctional and
BVD: Hm?
Thackston: Whaaat?

Monday, July 05, 2010


Versus Dead At Last

Vanderbilt University -BVD News - Versus finally died out and so many people are happy about it. Truth be known , over the last years , Vanderbilt managed to loose anyone and everyone capable of writing it. Some folks had left just because while others had left just because of it , until finally , it's gone and that's that. Whew!

By Charlie Kesslering
Published July 4 , 2010.

Versus Magazine (1968 - 2010)

Versus Magazine passed today, its young life stolen by the Vanderbilt Student Communications board. An embodiment of college culture, the rag lived hard, regularly indulging in music, fashion and entertainment. Many will remember Versus as a social climber, often seen canoodling with prominent musicians, acclaimed directors, and other artistic luminaries, always in an effort to be "picked-up." Few will disagree, Versus had plenty of issues. However, close acquaintances knew the magazine as a champion of camaraderie, a bastion of amusement—ever-clever and endearing, if not well-read. Its publication untimely discontinued, such a fate merely supports the axiom that only the good die young. Dean, Monroe, Lennon... Versus.

A friend to many, umbrella to some, Versus will be remembered Wednesday evening at the West End Avenue Chili's Grille & (more importantly) Bar. The service may or may not be worth a damn.

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