Sunday, January 28, 2007


I'm Ready

Franklin , Tennessee - The weather people have been talking about it all week. Let's see here :

Tanning lotion
Little Black Book
Sun tan lamp
extra diapers
Formula in a glass , and grass

Yep , I'm ready. OK ! Where's the snow ?

Thursday, January 25, 2007


A Helping Hand

While arranging things to work on a model , I had a little help. She said she was just keeping things warm for me.


It's a Mind Thing

Because I'm " HAPPY ". What more reason do I need ?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


The Meeting

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD News , the honorable , the illustrious of city mayors , Franklin's very own Mayor Miller has called for an emergency meeting. BVD and Jerry just barely made it through the door in time
BVD : Hey , where is everyone ?
Jerry : Don't know , butt hey , look it here , I found a Revell model.
BVD : That aint no model. It's an empty box.
Jerry : Oh , sooo , it's like this room. The writing says for people to be here , butt , there ain't no one to be here.
BVD : Yeah , something like that
Jerry : Well , maybe Franklin and Revell are alike. The people can't read english.
BVD : That would explain a few things around here.


New Passports Are Coming

Franklin , Tennessee , BVD Bloggtographer reporting. In case you have'nt heard , you will now need an American passport to enter America if you are an American. Franklin's government has been watching these developements with high interest rates , realizing the extra tax revenue they could bring in by having everyone in Franklin carry a passport showing the seal of Franklin.
Jay Johnson was heard to say , " It's important for us to realize that Franklin is our sovereign soil and land , and that we have the right to get a fair dollar shake from everyone by having everyone prove they are Franklinites. If not , passports will at least prove they are Americans , the Franklin seal will cost 5$ a stamp on non-Franklin Passports and 10$ on real Franklin Passports. Fake passports will be available with a 25$ surcharge and will not need a yearly renewal. We are not worried about the illegals at this time since the IRS is giving them a cost of living check and besides , it will give Franklin Police something else to do besides hunting coyotes."


Private School

Franklin , Tennessee - I got several emails about the mystery bus and what's the big deal. Simple , would you like to learn how to get into places that are'nt yours and take whatever you find ? That's what goes on with this bus when it is'nt " working ".
Ya see , people own stuff that they concider their own. Then ya have people who want other people's stuff to call their own.
What you see here is a strap wrench being used to help open a locked door. If your door mechanism is sticky , take it apart. If you find lots of flaky metal , or even some strange bent metal ( you might want a lock smith to look at this ) or maybe your key does'nt work right. Well then , it's possible you've been struck and did'nt know it. Home monitoring systems are easy to get around.
That wrench has the power to turn a locked door knob.
Sooooo , make yourself some new friends and learn this stuff. Why buy to own when you can take it to own.

Monday, January 22, 2007


Franklin's Real Estate gets REAL

Franklin , Tennessee - The projections for land value and tax assessments are in for the year 2oo8 and real estate agents are partying hardy , not to mention Franklin's government tax department parties.
Also , once again , Franklin was voted the number one small town to live in.
Note : This fine piece of property has sewer taxes although there is no plumping in the construction.


Something Gone Bad Wrong

Franklin , Tennessee - people living in Franklin enjoy the small town atmosphere while fighting for an hour to drive across town. Yep , even though you are'nt doing it , Franklin Police still write tickets for cruising the town while on your way to the dentist.
Otherwise , people enjoy living here because it's so easy to complain about a government that does'nt exist , except on payroll. OK Jerry , what's the point ?
Simple , I think Revell has gone into partnership with Franklin 's government. Take for example this model of the Chevy 350. There's no painting and very little to glue. Most all of the parts are screwed on. The problem is , there are no screws in the kit. How do you put this together ? When you contact Revell , all you get is a rude recording and you cannot speak to a human being. I noticed their products are made in China now that American workers don't know how to make things anymore. It's not a bad kit if only there were screws. The screws for this would be very small. And I do mean small.
So , I quess my point is , there's no difference between complaining about Franklin and complaining about Revell. It's just that Revell does'nt have anyone to complain to. Well , I don't know , maybe they can't find someone who can't speak english. Or maybe it's just Revell's way of saying " SCREW YOU THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR BUYING OUR PRODUCTS ! ! ! "
Or it's like Franklin's government saying , " SCREW YOU , THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR LIVING HERE."


It's All About the Game

Football games can be a lot of fun. You can even combine Halloween with football. Did'nt know that did you ? Hey , wait a minute , Richard , is that you ? What are you doing ? Aww c'mon Richard , I know it's you.



Franklin , Tennessee - I made a complaint here about HOBBY LOBBY and I've removed it since they actually made contact with me from main offices and made good on their coupon.
This week's coupon is 40% off the store. Not too bad if you are building a doll house or are into painting.


Do You Know Me ?

Well , it's been another successful year of being in show buisness. My owners and their friends still cause all sorts of shit and the police won't touch them. Let's see , what have they done ? How about the time they stole the toys for unfortunate children ? How about the thousands of dollars of vandalism they've caused over the years ? How about those houses they went into. Yep , they got caught once butt the judge was bought out. How about going through neighborhoods to peep in the windows. You should see the photo files. Ride Em' Cowboy ! Woo Hoo ! ! ! And oh yeah , they still go around looking for places to get into. Are your doors locked at night ?
Yeeaahh , living in Williamson county , life is good and fun. You should see these new pictures.

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Your Money and the BANK

Franklin , Tennessee - I stopped at the bank to start a savings account for my grandson. I was told the interest would be 3.00%. Now is that a shaft job or what. The truth is our government does'nt want us paying our bills or the bank giving us money for saving our money.
Today I learned the interest rate was misquoted and it would be an amazing .25%. Yep , you read correctly. I'll set aside a percentage of my savings for him so he will have something to get started in life with. In the meantime , I'll be looking for a bank that can be truthful and honest with my money.
For those who don't know , SUN TRUST recently shit on a large number of home owners and for some strange reason , those folks leaft SUNTRUST. Now can you imigine that ?

Saturday, January 06, 2007


RAND Makes Changes to Menu

Vanderbilt University , BVD News - RAND Brand Foods at Rand has changed it's Sunday brunch menu for the spring semester to include more lean protein. Remember , that's Sundays only.


Vanderbilt Outreach works

Vanderbilt University , BVD News - Vanderbilt's Outreach Program achieved another success story in Florida. Read the whole story in this weeks Hustler.


The Trumpeteers Make up

BVD New York - well what more do you want me to say ?
Sometimes actions speak louder than words.


Bush Has New Battle Plan

BVD Washington D. C. - President Bush recieved the Lord of the Rings trilogy on DVD for the holidays and got another brain fart.
Bush was last seen running laps around the Oval office while muttering to himself , " I'll have the most deadliest Army this world has ever seen."

Friday, January 05, 2007


America the Dysfunctional

If you missed Beck on CNN last night , oh well. He talked about illegals getting their social security checks. Yep. You read correctly. You are familiar with this countries IRS , right ? Well , being illegal , you go to the IRS department and show fraudulent documentation of work you did'nt do , show a fake SS card , prove you've been here for 18 months and you get a government check. Records show that the IRS paid out 10 BILLION $ in 2004. Now is it any wonder why Mexicans want in here so badly ?
You and I get to pay penalties for lying while they get praises and paid for lying.


President Bush Has New Strategy For the War in Iraq

BVD Bloggtographer - President Bush has had another brain fart and now has a new winning tragedy by changing leadership at the battle front in Iraq.
Bush has come to realize that soldiers don't know anything about water warfare and is putting Admiral Fallon in charge.
Bush had stated , " I did'nt realize Iraq had so much water until I looked at a map. Well hell , I did'nt even know where Iraq was until someone showed me Heh Heh Heh. "


Miss Universe Nude ?

BVD HOT STUFF - The subject has come up in someone's pants about having the now " Fired " Miss Universe pose in the nude. The Donald has said " NO " except in front of me.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Insurance Companies Give Till it Hurts

For those who have'nt gotten the word yet on their presciptions , ya better get a hold of your boot straps cause here it comes. The vaseline is on ilse #5 and is not covered by insurance.
Without warning , insurance companies have changed the pricing of prescription drugs. This includes special order stuff that people will have to do about 2 weeks without while their new generic drug gets into the pipe line.
Wally World's 5 dollar special won't cover all of these. Some drugs have had their prices jump to 743$ a script. All of these prices seem to deal with taking real drugs off the pharmacy counter and replace them with faulty generic drugs. For example , anyone taking SANDOZ 50 knows what a horror story that is and the FDA won't do anything about it. Why should they ? The drug company pays them to " OK " their stuff so there's no problem. Right ? And besides , the stuff still sells well.
If any industry gave itself a Christmas present , it's the pharmaceutical industry. There are several " new " generic drugs being placed on the shelf and no , the FDA has'nt done their testing by the book. Just another example of your government hard at work.
OK. Now there's a problem on isle #5. The vaseline is all gone.
You would think the news media would have got a hold of this story , butt , nope. Not even NIT got wind of this. Whew ! ! Be careful going into the store , the smell from everyone at the pharmacy being fucked over the counter can be over whelming.
Just when you give thanks for not needing TennCare , this comes along.
Welcome to the new year 2007 everyone.
Not all insurance is the same. Let's look at alegra D. Today , all insurance requires it be mailed to you. The price I've found ranges from $ 245 to $ 596 for a 90 day supply. The more desperately you need the drug , the more desperately the insurance raises the prices.
One of my pills went to 74 $ a piece. Yep , that's 74 $ a pill.
The generic stuff that we will be getting has made it's name in Mexico. What's on the label , is'nt what's in the box. The sicker we are , the longer we stay sick , equals more money for the insurance. Now you know what's going on and why.


Save Money on Insurance

While talking with an insurance rep , I learned several things. Here's what I learned in a nut shell. Companies like State Farm have legitimate claims sitting idle now for over 10 years. They have'nt paid one dime and they are drawing interest on the money. Being in Tennessee , there's no government agency that will make them do the right thing. So what do you do ? The law says you have to have insurance , butt , the law does'nt say that insurance has to pay.
The answer is simple. Got a computer ? Got a printer ? Simply create your own insurance crest and write your own policy on your own computer. There ya go. You've got insurance. Also , the premiums you would pay to an insurance company , well , pay them to yourself instead and collect the interest money for yourself also. In a few years , if you need insurance , you'll find you have better coverage than having State Farm.
Don't get me wrong about me picking on State Farm. You'll find Traveler's Insurance is just ass bad.
It's tough living in Tennessee and having a government insurance department that won't do it's job because of politics. If you still want a real insurance company that will look after your interests , you have to look outside of Tennessee to find them.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


The Gag of Gag Gifts

Everyone wants to be the first on their block to have the latest in eletronic gizmos. Here's the radio controlled weather station for indoor use that has 3 sensors outside. If you'll notice , it shows the sun is shining on a cloudy and rainy day. Made by Oregon scientific , don't be the last person on your block to get this. It even uses the atomic clock for your time zone. And , tells you when it's OK to look at the moon.
Awww shuck 'ens , give me that ole Tennessee weather wood any day. It don't need batteries.


Something to Smile About

Last night , WSMV 's on the street segment mentioned 22 entities that do not pay taxes. Vanderbilt got an honorable mention. When ya talk about Vanderbilt , ya gotz to be careful or they will keep you out of the sports games so you can't report on them.
What were some of the things WSMV was careful about in not mentioning ?

Vanderbilt is probably Tennessee's largest land owner. Ya see , when people die , they give their property away to Vanderbilt thinking it will help. They even give their bodies to science , located in a Vanderbilt classroom where they get chopped up and/or made fun of. And of course , these people even give their furniture to Vanderbilt. You would not believe the antique furniture that goes to rot in some basement because bigshots at Vandy can't have it in their house , so they get pissy and let it rot. Yep , there have been some interesting fights over an old piece of wood.

Vanderbilt has the lobby folks on capital hill to cater to any politician that will help them raise another tax free million. This includes having Vanderbilt Air Ways at their convenience. All tax and duty free of course.

Remember , Vanderbilt is a for profit buisness with tax excempt status. Remember that when you need medical care and all you have is one of Bredesen's HMO's

Monday, January 01, 2007



State Farm reports earnings of 60 BILLION plus this year. There are countless claims being deliberately neglected , New Orleans still has thousands of folks who have'nt seen one penny , and State Farm continues to grow. Sell insurance and ignore the claims. That's where the money is.

Of course the really good news is that a judge heard about this and ordered STATE FARM to pay up damages since they could not prove wind or flood damage. Finally , an honest judge was found in this country.

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