Monday, December 28, 2009


Confused ?

Franklin , Tennessee - have you ever had people knocking on your door for Christ? Yes , I've had them too. Sooooo , I decided , why not let them in and have a regular Bible study. I mean , well , why the Hell not? After all , it is free and I did learn while in the Navy , when something is free , take it , even if it does hurts. ( And no , he did not finish the little study book with me. I saw thru him and after a little fun , my so called friend quit and left me ) Start something and quit before it is finished. Is'nt that what friends are for?

And , why yes , it was interesting. This guy needs to bring someone with him to help back up his claims (when you aren't looking , this "someone" lies to your face). Anyway , it does take 2 to talk ill of others behind their back , don't it? Is'nt that what Jesus did? I mean , look at all of the gossip Jesus spread about Pilate. It's no wonder to me as to why Jesus was so horribly murdered for all of those crimes he did not commit. ( Jesus learned his lesson the first time and after rising from the dead , he did not talk about Pilate behind his back again )

Would you believe this guy denounced his American citizenship. Yep , right here inside my house. AND , he is not even sure if he pays taxes

Now keep in mind , just for the heck of it , I looked a little into their religion and realizing some religions are fractured and split , I asked , "Are you the same sect that was persecuted by the Nazis?" One answered , "Yes" while the other butted his ass in and exclaimed , "YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THAT PURPLE TRIANGLE." Hmmmm. OoooooKaaaaaaay. "Thank you for sharing that with me." Really , I mean it. Thank you. Thank you so very much for sharing that remark with me. So much for the learning part. I wonder what else they are hiding about their church? I mean , if they were teaching you about the Bible , would you want to know about their church and religion? What are these guys hiding?

What's another question I asked him? Oh yeah , now I remember. "Could Jesus have traveled to India? " And the answer is , "No , of course not. Jesus is a Jew and he stayed to his people. Jesus had nothing to do with other people outside the Jews. You see , he's a Jew and that's that. Jesus would never have under taken such a far away journey from his Jewish people. Besides , there is'nt a road for him to use to even get there. So there. "

Christians. What would the world be without them , I wonder? How many murdered people , how many destroyed civilizations , how many bloody wars , how much gold and other wealth , how many nations need to fall and how many bond fires of people with their hair on fire , does it take for a religion to feel good about itself , I wonder?

Do you remember Berry's Chapel Church of Christ ? Yep , it happened right here in good ole Franklin. And you didn't read about it in your friendly local newspaper either. Did you?

Do you remember what happened within the Methodist Church so many years ago?

Why is it , the sign says , that this is the First Baptist Church , when the Baptist church you passed 10 miles ago , said it was the first? And just where is the "second" church , again?

If Christianity is "The TRUTH" , why is it , there are so many different Christian religions? And they can't even get along with each other while worshiping the same God. So much for the brotherly love bit.

Meanwhile , why did the Mayflower set sail again? Was it really for freedom of religion or was it actually a business venture , to make a big profit cheaply on stolen land while hiding behind the religion excuse?

It's been said many times , "Jesus does not wear a Rolex , butt , the Jag is OK." Yes , really really. These guys let it be known a donation would be nice to help their ministry. I guess that explains the Jag.

Kat: Hey , uh , Jerry , do you really think Jesus went to India?
Jerry : Well Kat , I tell ya this. There are some things that people have gone to great lengths to hide and/or cover up. Meanwhile , there are publications addressing the history of the land and his name is in those books. There are leaders who met with him , there is even a murder plot and it's all documented. And ass for that Damn road that does'nt exist , Jesus would have traveled , The Silk Road. In Sunday school , we are taught that Jesus was in the wilderness for many years and The Bible is a blank regarding 20 years of his life. Why is there a hole in Jesus' life? Look at all of the information , we have on Jesus' life , BUTT , there lingers this question about 20 years of Jesus' life that is missing. Why? What's the BIG secret? Just what was Jesus doing in those missing years? Besides , the only reason this guy showed up at my door , was because someone told him I was reading The QUR'AN.
Kat: Damn it Jerry , really? The QUR'AN? You do have a thirst for knowledge , I'll give you that.
Jerry : Ignorance breeds fear
Kat : It does , does'nt it? Good for you.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Hey Buddy . . . .

Nashville , Tennessee - on the merriest day of the year , the TENNESSEAN puts a story like this on the front page.

Is'nt it interesting the newspaper does'nt tell US stories about Americans losing their jobs to immigrants? Is'nt it interesting the paper does'nt tell US stories about our government having created jobs in waiting , for our new immigrants to arrive? Is'nt it interesting how our paper does'nt tell US that if an American loses their lively hood , our government does'nt give a ratz ass.

Here in Nashville , we are so fortunate , to have the Vanderbilt community. Did you know , that any family member within The Vanderbilt gene pool , can have a job just by the asking. That's right. No job vacancy or resume required. Vanderbilt has so many properties , their family gene members can choose where they want to live , for free. They can also choose from an incredibly awesome furniture inventory. Aaaand , Vanderbilt Alumni pays the tab for moving in , upkeep and utilities. What a deal. And that's not all. Vanderbilt has a family contract , with the major auto dealer in this town , which gives them a car of their choice , at special rates for Vanderbilt only. And of course , there's never a charge to any Vanderbilt family gene member.

Yes , the rich do indeed , take care of each other , while the poor and displaced are at the mercy of a cruel world , even in America.

Only in America. The world's richest country on this here planet , having the largest and yet poorest population , spends 400 BILLION DOLLAR$ annually , just on military research.

The strongest country is'nt so strong , when the people 'en mass , are hurting. Meanwhile , our National Guard gets sent to fight the Army's battles and The Pentagon won't help them get home for the holidays. Military research for war , is much more important.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Seasons Wishes




Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Food For Wisdomic Thought

Franklin , Tennessee - The United States of America , is the only country on the planet , that allows another country to invade it , without firing a shot.

And , The United States of America also gives those same invaders a monthly check , free food , free housing , aaaaand , free medical benefits. All of this is paid for , by "US" , American citizens.

Meanwhile , ass more and more and more Americans , lose their homes , these foreign invaders are given these foreclosed homes with zero interest loans , subsidized by our American government.

That same government continues pretending to want to do the right thing about America's health care system , while giving concessions to individual states.

Meanwhile , America still can not have an honest football game.



Jerry Horne

Monday, December 21, 2009


The New Movie Preview

New York , NY - everyone is abuzz with the new Sherlock Holmes movie. Here are some clips from the movie's auditions. The word on the street is - Jimmy Fallon just might win something this go 'round.

Mean while , back at home , Chief jackie is rumored to be somewhat jealously upset , because of the time he had spent , tutoring Jimmy to get his lines right and he never got tipped for his time.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Christmas Thoughts

Franklin , Tennessee in the US of A - here are some thoughts to think about , while staring at those pretty lights

If it were'nt for Christ , we would not have Christmas

If it were'nt for Commercialization , the word of Christ would not get out in time for Christmas

If it were'nt for Wal Mart providing US with American made products from China , we would'nt have gifts , to celebrate Christmas

If the Russians had won The Cold War , they would have all the wealth and money to spend on Christmas gifts and decorations , instead of "US" , "poor American people"

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Christianity Did What ?

Some where over Air America - were you listening in , to the latest and the hottest , radio talk show 2 talk about , called "The Devil's Net" ? If not , then you missed one Hell of a discussion on Christianity.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The Ending To Another Year

Ass 2009 comes to an abrupt end , a new decade of decadence awaits US.

The United States of America - "The People" finally woke up and decided to take action and impeach President Bush. Meanwhile , former Vice President Al Gore continues to blow his bugle , while refusing to act on Global Warming. All this was going on while Presidential hopeful , Blackburn , was named Global Warming "Guru" , for all of "US".

Somewhere in upstate Iowa - there was an unofficial sighting of Jay Johnson leading the town's Gay Parade. The Gay town's President stated , " You know he's one of us by the way he Fucked that little One-Horse-Town down there below "US" some where's. Meanwhile , that same town's police departmentally Chieftain , complimented him , by complaining about having to give him , his very own , official special service police toy gun and official police toy badge package , complete with his very own , cheat sheet of the Iowa State Police Officer Entrance Exam and his very own key to the property room. The Chieftain later stated , "I don't understand why that other little town would not make you a real police officer. After all , you've got everything you need to qualify , right inside your under panties."

Meanwhile , back in Franklin , Tennessee - Detective Black was again , named the number 1 money maker within the city's Franklin Police Department , after winning a contract with State Farm Insurance. Officer Rich was the first Franklin Police Officer , to receive a monetary award from this contract. Else where , the new "Downtown", police department building was heavily guarded ass workers covered it's hallowed halls with 18k gold , to compliment the Greek columns holding up the insides. This was just another small part of the many preparations taking place , before the Grand Opening Ceremonies

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The Devil's Net

Somewhere over America - are you a Ham? Do you listen to short wave? If so , are you aware of the "Devil's Net" ?

You'll usually find them in the 3000kz range , talking their usual Shit.

Subjects of conversation include military service , The New World Order , today's government and of course , America's future concentration camps.

Their lively programming includes racial bigotry , music and racial bigotry.

And , why "YES" , these guys are an FCC violation , a really BIG one , BUTT , no one seems to scare enough and so their programs continue on thru the night , especially on weekends.

Monday, December 14, 2009


What You Don't Know About Franklin

Franklin , Tennessee - have you ever wondered , why it is , so many wealthy people want to live here , in Franklin? I mean really , why?

It's because they have made a lot of money under the radar and they want to continue making that money. Soooooo , how can they do that , you ask?

Weeeeell , it's like this - the law is for sale. How do you think a Pimp can sell Pussy while the police look the other way? How do you think a drug dealer sells the good stuff , while the police stay out of site?

Why do you think the justice center is called the "Downtown Department Center"? Could it be , that something is for sale? Hmmmm , could be.

Are you getting the picture , yet?

Meanwhile , how many of you know , that Franklin has the highest rate in the state , for spousal abuse? Yep , it seems these rich women think it's worth having the Shit beat out of them , in exchange for having a big , monthly , spending allowance. Of course , on the other hand , having the Shit beat out of them does help with their constipation problem.

Why do you think the Police Chief won't retire? It's because his job is to get the money to the appropriate people without making a mistake and do it without having sticky fingers.

Now do you see how difficult it will be to find a "jackie" replacement?

OK - break time's ov'r. Now get yur' asses back to work now , ya'll he'ah? It'll be lunch time in a nuud'r min'ite 'er 2.

Monday, December 07, 2009


The Latest Fads Ads in America

Only in America - do you want a new way to lose weight? How about learning a new skill while being paid to learn at home? Would you like to stop looking like an American , so you can qualify for multiple Soxial Sexurity xhexks , legally? Well look no further my friends and check out some of these ads.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Do You Trust Your Bank ?

Franklin , Tennessee - there was an interesting discussion about banks and would'nt you know it? Williamson County Bank , aka WCB , was mentioned. People were wondering what had happened to it. Here's a pretty good explanation of why it aint around any more.

Yes folks , a lot of people shared his opinion of WCB and I'm one of them. WCB is gone for more reasons than just being bought out by a bigger , dishonest bank.

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