Monday, June 30, 2008


The Latest Happenings on Ebay

I promised to keep my readers informed on the latest news from duh 'bay. Sellers continue to be up in arms with an ever increasing blood pressure record. Ebay has promised new rules before the holiday , with no hints of what it's all about. Meanwhile , some sellers had their listings removed for some silly shit reason that duh 'bay won't say.

AND , why YES , duh 'bay did loose it's lawsuit in France , to the tune of 63 million dollars. ( I think that's their Euro conversion ) soooo , I'll give ya one guess who will pay for that one :) Currently , Ebay store owners pay 12% FVF on all sales. This does not include the costs of inserting items or monthly association fees.

Friday, June 27, 2008


America's Future President and America's Future

I'm getting questions about my post , concerning Ebay. They do not understand how things are , or the way they are , over there.

It's simple really , when you understand the roots of the problem , the big picture is easy to understand. You see , Ebay is an American Billion Dollar Company , that is wreckable. It's like this , many people are hurting right now for money , just to stay afloat. So , Ebay has become a popular place to make a few dollars to help make their ends meet. Sooo , wreck Ebay and those people have no place to go , that they feel comfortable with. In America , it has become fashionable to wreck popular companies. This has happened here in Nashville. Unfortunately , the local news agencies did not report these things. Yep , Ebay is dying , because the powers that be , want it to die. It's the same fact with America , it's wreckable and Bush has been busy doing just that. Do you really think Bush has spent those 12 Trillion dollars ? Can we say " pocket money " ?

Now , my predictions for America's next president. This is an easy prediction. The bowling alley will be replaced with basketball hoops. Look at McCain , he's dying and he refuses to face the music. Obama will be our next president and that's that.

My prediction for President Obama - he will fall flat on his face. Bush is planting various booby traps for Obama. Here's the short list - Obama will inherit Bush's 12 Trillion dollar debt , 2 wars that Bush won't talk about. An aging population that Bush has ignored , a Pentagon with a voracious appetite for money , 5 dollar gasoline , an increasing homeless population from foreclosures. I've only listed the tip of the troubled pyramid. Add to the fact , Obama is not inside the power circle that controls this country. Think I'm joking ? Remember what happened to President Carter ? How fast did double digit inflation disappear , after he left the White House ? Another reason is the simple fact , the Secret Service knows I'm being honest and they won't help or tell him these things.

Bush has enjoyed 8 years of breaking the law , while being protected by the law. No wonder America is falling apart.

BVD : Hmmm , Jerry , I think President Obama needs you in Washington
Jerry : Hmm ? Why ?
BVD : To watch his back


Why GAS Prices Are Climbing

Franklin , Tennessee - I was having a hard time understanding these high pump prices and how they were affecting the stock market. BVD stepped up to explain -

BVD : Jerry , you've got to understand what's going on , before you can understand the effects of today's gas prices.
Jerry : OK then , explain. Why are the oil companies doing this to us ?
BVD : They are'nt doing this to us. OK ? Look , there is " No " oil shortage
Jerry : Hmmm , what ? I don't understand. Hey , now I know , it's those speculators.
BVD : I know you don't understand or even know anything at all , so shut up and listen.
Jerry : Hm. Okay.
BVD : You have to understand , America is 12 Trillion dollars in debt.
Jerry : Hm. , Okaaay
BVD : Okaaaaaaaaay then. You've got to understand , that dollar bill in your wallet , is worth 12 Trillion dollars of debt and not a penny more.
Jerry : Butt , butt , this is a whole dollar , I mean ,
BVD : Jerry , shut up , will ya ? The top of that dollar says it's a Federal Reserve Note. OK ? It does'nt say nothing more. Now then , moving onward. That dollar bill represents the solvency of America's government. So , having a 12 Trillion dollar debt , how solvent is that dollar bill ?
Jerry : Hmmmm , well , I can't imagine 12 Trillion dollars , so , I guess I don't know.
BVD : That's a good answer.
Jerry : So , it's the speculators , right ?
BVD : Nope. Look Jerry , America has a 12 Trillion dollar debt , right ?
Jerry : Right.
BVD : OK , now imagine , paying the mortgage on that 12 Trillion dollars
Jerry : Hmm , I can't imagine that high
BVD : Hah ha ha ha ha , I'm sure. Anyway , imagine paying , just the interest , on that 12 Trillion dollars , OK , just the interest alone
Jerry : Hm , ha ha ha , I can't do that either. So , what are you saying ?
BVD : Speculators are not speculating on oil. They are speculating , that America can not pay the interest on that 12 Trillion dollar debt. Okay ? In other words , speculators are betting their money , that America CANNOT make that intere$t payment for the month
Jerry : Soooo , speculators are using money , that is backed by 12 Trillion dollars of debt , to gamble , that America won't make it's monthly payment
BVD : Nope. No. Speculators are not the ones in debt. AND , these speculators are typically non-American
Jerry : Hmmm , whaaat ?
BVD : Yep.
Jerry : If that's so , why are oil prices going up around the world ?
BVD : Because other countries are tied to our economic base , which means , they are tied to our 12 Trillion dollar debt. OK ? The more America's debt climbs , the higher that 12 Trillion dollar debt marker climbs , which means the amount of intere$t owed climbs also , which makes the gas prices climb , which in turn , makes everything in our lives , co$t that much more
Jerry : Soooooooooooo , what do we do ?
BVD : Get out of America , before the melt down occurs
Jerry : Okaaaaay , where do you suggest I go ?
BVD : No response


What's goin On @ Ebay

Finally , after hashing out the hash and smoking whats left , here's the skinny on Ebay. Ass you know , sellers are up in pissy off'd land , because the 'bay won't allow negative feedback on the buyer. Ebay made this change , because sellers were using feedback ass a communication outlet to warn other sellers about a problem buyer , instead of stating how the transaction went. maggios and jcmtin are 2 examples of this practice.

The fact is , ebay did this because the number of complaints , from buyers reporting un-reputable sellers is at an all time high and climbing. So , in an effort to get some kind of honesty in selling , ebay took negative feedback away from sellers.

This is'nt working because the seller can still leave negative remarks , while the buyer gets a positive check mark. Meanwhile , what everyone has over looked , is the weapon of positive kill. A seller can claim the buyer did not pay for the item. YES , I'm telling it like it is. A seller can dislike a buyer , and watch their buying activities and email other sellers to strike that buyer with an unpaid hit. Remember , 3 strikes , you're OUT !

The seller can have cash in hand and still report the buyer ass not paying. OR , how 'bout this one , a seller can ignore email from a buyer and / or a seller can opt to not sell the item while not communicating with the buyer and still hit the buyer for not paying. HEY , would you send money to a seller , who was not answering their email ? This is one HUGH reason Ebay has become an insane place to do buisness.

So , buyer beware. Now do you understand why I have a un-reputable seller listing on this blog ?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


That Damn Finger

Franklin , Tennessee - I got an email from my friend in the UAE , asking about the " finger " It is against the law in her country to flip off a person regardless of reason or insanity. Here in Franklin , I give the police the " finger " every time I see them , after all , they deserve it and desperately need it.

Here is a S.U.C. plaque from the Navy. This says it all.


John McCain On Women's Rights

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Ticker on Ebay

You wanna know what's going on at Ebay ? Check this out


From A Former Ebay Employee


Note : I did'nt write this. I found this on a discussion board in selling on Ebay. For those who do not know , Ebay just had their biggie meeting in Chicago. Read on -


I posted this at the feedback forum at eBay but it was killed by staff less than a minute later. I should have known. My ID will be toast soon anyway. This was the only other place I thought where my statement might have an impact. Do with it what you will. After Chicago, my only desire is to be heard.

There will be those who will not believe me and I sympathize. I wish the facts were fiction but to deny what I know would be to live in a fairyland of make-believe. I understand that the bulk of this “manifesto” reveals a plot so against the spirit of eBay that it will be dismissed as lie. So be it. I cannot force the world to accept it. All I can do is state the truth as I know it and leave it to you and to your common sense and experience to judge.

The deck is stacked against me. Aside from the natural resistance to believe I know that the boards are stocked with eBay’s tools. Their goal will be to discredit me. I will be accused of being a “disgruntled”, “paranoid”, and “emotional” seller. Their words will be specially chosen for effect. That is part of the function of the tools and I am not fazed by it. However, to protect my own identity within the corporation, I cannot be too specific lest the details single me out to the powers that be.

What I intend to reveal is common knowledge to many in the management division behind the scenes.

By the way, the tools are not only the mouthpieces that promote the policies. The psychological tactics employed by the powers that be are far deeper and grander than that. The subtlety of the method is remarkable. The tools come in a wide range of flavors with their own, individual “characteristic” rhetoric. From those who are “for” the policy - and spread various degrees of hostility toward the sellers - to those who are “against” the change - and spread panic and further the divide with the buyers. Both serve the same exact purpose: a manipulation designed to remove the more involved and savvy small to large sellers who will not fit into eBay’s future business plan.

First, let me correct the record regarding the concept of sellers extorting positive feedback. While the violation was known to happen, the activity amounted to less than a tenth of a percent of the yearly transactions. Further, it involved sellers whose feedback percentages were below 80%. The absolute majority of sellers did not engage in such practices. Nevertheless, the powers that be could not resist the fact that promoting this notion of feedback extortion as a wide-spread phenomenon would be the perfect cover with which to hide the true intentions of the policy.

The powers that be want to transform eBay into an overstock warehouse venue. A kind of outlet store for the internet much like a cheaper and streamlined version of Amazon. From a strictly business point of view, given the size of eBay and the growing costs of doing business, it makes a certain kind of sense to shift gears. Think about it: when eBay started, sellers were about rare and unique items but here and now the majority of items are common, used counterparts of what can be found new online at retail sites. Truly rare and unique items are sold at real auctions; the “stuff in your attic” isn’t glamorous enough and won’t keep eBay afloat any longer.

The trend away from the rare and unique to the big box retailer is not new. Several years ago the powers that be noticed that the big “powersellers” were simply listing items that existed in their retail stores or inventories. Thus the concept of “buy it now”, “best offer”, and “eBay stores” were created. It was the nascent stage of the plan yet to be. Little by little, without the population noticing, the mechanisms required to replicate the average retail storefront were already in place - and with its rise came the slow, steady downfall of the auction format.

Yet outright pursuit of a retail venue would have led to a major problem that at the time could not have been surmounted. The vast majority of people, on and off line, know eBay as precisely the place for auctions of rare and unique items. The sellers and buyers held onto that perception too but in truth their opinion even involvement in new and improved version of eBay is irrelevant by a certain Machiavellian calculation made by the powers that be. As part of the plan, eBay calculated thus: even if they lost the sellers as part of the change, the buyers will be coming back to buy regardless of who or what operated within the retail-outlet venue.

No, it was the stock holders who the powers that be feared.

Only the stockholders had the power to change the direction set forth by the CEO and the board. So it became imperative to change the equation. Part of the plan is to devalue the stock gradually so that investors merely dumped the stock as opposed to wanting managerial change ala Yahoo. Then to buy back the stock at lower cost and to such a volume that no rebellion against the powers that be were possible.

By the end of July that phase of the plan will be successful and there est of the plan will be revealed without fear of backlash from those who otherwise would have had the power to pull eBay back from the brink.
Indeed, if you believe the current changes are obvious signals that small sellers are not wanted - be prepared - you have seen nothing yet.

So far what have they done? All they have managed to do is silence a seller’s ability to warn others about buyers (half of the purpose behind the original idea of feedback), burden you with higher and higher fees, dangle “treats” like discounts while setting the bar of eligibility so high that the rewards cannot be reached. and, by the way PayPal deals with “complaints” leave you vulnerable to fraud. What if worse was yet to come?

They know if you do not feel safe that you will not use eBay. The changes that have been enacted only eliminates the small sellers. Meanwhile they want to eradicate the mid-sized seller too. And they want to ensure that both do not return.

For the mid-sized seller the DSR became the tool of choice. The powers that be raised the level of what is a good seller artificially high. No manipulation is required; they know exactly the effect of the policy. This is why buyers are told that 4 is a good score and sellers are told that 4.9 yields discounts and higher listing placements. As long as that fractured point of view exists, eBay does not need to interfere with the DSR as has been suggested, the buyers will be killing the sellers naturally.

By August there will be no pretense and the intentions of the new and improved eBay will be clear. The following is only a partial list of the rules that will be imposed. It comes from a memo that circulated within my corner of the managerial department the week before Chicago. I cannot be too specific about certain items and I cannot reveal details of the latest additions without endangering my anonymity.

1. Neutrals will be converted to negatives complete with red icons and reduced feedback scores. Afterward neutrals will not be offered as a choice of feedback.

2. The entire process of feedback will be automated. Buyers and sellers will chose standard feedback from a list. For sellers this operation will be performed automatically upon the buyer winning. For buyers there will be an extra free line with which to add a few comments about the seller without restriction to content. Replies will not be allowed.

3. The implementation of a stricter rules regarding shipping. From the boxes, packing, labels and tapes to where you can buy postage. Orders have been placed for prototypes of “eBay” boxes. UPS and FedEx will be instructed not to accept “eBay” merchandise if it’s not inside “eBay” boxing. They will know, of course, because when sellers buy the “eBay” postage from the “eBay” source, a detailed list of contents with item numbers will be available to the shippers upon scanning a bar code. As for those who continue to use USPS, another level of quality control will be implemented - buyers will be asked, upon confirmation of delivery, if the seller used “eBay” standard shipping items. Naturally, no verification of the buyer’s truthfulness will be attempted, and continued ‘infractions’ will result in suspension. eBay will have other ways to check if a seller is not using the “eBay” equipment - as they will be required to buy at cost the supplies immediately after items are listed. (This is such a large scale operation behind the scenes that I feel comfortable sharing as much of it as I know.)

4. Sales taxes will be included automatically; shipping cost and sales taxes will be used to determined FVF.

5. Item descriptions will be “standardized” with templates which include the posting of a new, universal return policy. Only yearly subscribers to the retail-outlet venue can opt out of these universal return policies but even they cannot alter the template structures being devised.

6. Strikes against buyers will be eliminated as the whole concept of a buyer and bidding will be altered. FVF will be calculated when payment is submitted.

7. Time to Close will be eliminated entirely. Best Match will be the non-alterable default. Best Match is a system that caters to the needs of shoppers not bidders.

8. Placement within Best Match will be determined by several factors, the most important of which will be the extra display features added onto the listing.

9. DSRs can be removed by retailers and powersellers who pay a certain yearly fee.

10. The end play itself which consists of four phases:
a) the main focus shifts to retail sellers whose fees are on a per listing basis
b) stores will be replaced by a classified section, fees will be based on yearly subscriptions and FVFs
c) occasional auctions will be conducted for unique items (celebrity auctions, items that have been featured on the news, etc.)
d) total elimination of auctions for regular sellers.

From the point of view of eBay’s agenda to change gears these alteration make sense. The powers that be want to turn eBay into a retail venue format. Therefore the “buyer” must be changed - bidding and commitments to buy are part of the past. In a retail venue, the item is either in your cart or not and you only commit to buy when you pay at checkout. The seller is also redefined in the way they will be required to do business. They will be forced to copy the methods of retail stores.

The goal is to become Amazon Lite. Unlike Amazon the merchandise will be stocked by the retailers in their warehouses, eBay will be just an electronic centralized venue for outlet sale - a “trusted” name with a wide customer base and popular name recognition.

That is the future and as I write this I know that it cannot be stopped. There are no investors with enough clout and will to challenge the CEO. Stock holders will simply walk away. eBay will not sink, however, it will be exactly in the position its rulers intend it to be at.

Sellers, my advice is simple. You are not wanted. Leave. If you stay, you will be crushed. Leave. Go away. You cannot win.

I am sorry because for too long I have been a complicit tool behind the scenes. I was part of those teams and think tanks that spearheaded many of the “innovations” you know very well and which will be used to destroy you. I know I will not be believed. I will be mocked and ridiculed by the tools and even those who are real, actual people will be hesitant to accept what I have to say. What has been done to this community, the plots and schemes hatched in meetings and across memos, is far, far worse to endure within my soul than any treatment I will receive at the hands of the tools by posting this. You do not know how much they hate you. It is my conscience that I want to clear going forward. Again I apologize. There should have been a better way for the powers that be to effect the change they wanted for eBay - instead they succumbed to cloak and dagger deception.

RIP eBay
Comment by Misty - June 24, 2008 at 4:30 pm

Friday, June 20, 2008


Mc Cain Getz It in the Rear

Jerry : Wow , ole McCain sure has his panties in a wad so tight , he can't untie them
BVD : Ha ha ha ha ah , yeah , he sure does
Jerry : I don't understand how it happened
BVD : Well , he just did'nt see it coming , that's how
Jerry : Yeah butt , he should have , I mean , look at the years in political office McCain has
BVD : Yeah , he should have , butt , he's an old man now and Obama knows an old man is easy to blind side
Jerry : Oooo , OUCH ! ! ! !

Thursday, June 19, 2008


How PayPal Takes Care of Fraud on Ebay Purchases

Here's what I have found out about Ebay owned PayPal. Let's say , we purchased an item on Ebay using the auction information and the item purchased is not what's listed in the auction. The item was payed for , thru PayPal. Here's how PayPal deals with the problem.

First , you have to contact them. There is a toll free number to use , if you can find it. ( heh heh heh ) After making a report , you are told the investigation process can take 30 days.
After waiting 45 days , you get an email asking for more information , butt , you don't get asked what it is , they want to know. Soooooo , you call and ask them , " What do you want ? "

OK , now that you have turned in another report , you are told this can take 30 days. After 45 days , you get an email asking for you to tell again , what is your problem and respond to this email.

OK , after sending that report , after 3 days , you get an email stating the email address is'nt a valid entry.

Now , are'nt you glad you use PayPal ? Don't you wish everyone did ? Or , is it , that everyone is smarter than you , in the first place ?


Interview with Sheriff Hopeful Tim Taylor

Franklin , Tennessee , er , ah , make that a parking lot @ Brentwood and BVD got to talk with candidate for Williamson County Sheriff , Tim Taylor.

BVD : Hi Mr. Taylor , thank you for giving me a minute of your time
Tim Taylor : Glad to do it for the people , ya know , gotta think of those people , ya know
BVD : Riiight. Mr. Taylor , the A.M. says you were a Lt. Detective in Franklin's Police Department , did'nt you leave Franklin Police ass a Sarge ?
Tim Taylor : Why , er ah , yeah , that's right
BVD : Hmmmmm , that's a strange way to promote someone with your years of experience , don't ya think ?
Tim Taylor : What do you mean ?
BVD : I mean to go from a Lt. down to a Sgt. Just seems strange is all.
Tim Taylor : Um , yeah
BVD : Hmmm , OK , let's try this one - is'nt it true you had access to hundreds , if not thousands of kiddie porn pics and you set up Jay Johnson , so he could go into the evidence room to spend quality time with the kids ?
Tim Taylor : No response
BVD : Well , OK , let's try this one - is'nt it true , you file 13ed an investigation about Officer Richards assaulting an EMT who was trying to help a car accident victim , so you could smoothly depart company from Franklin Police ?
Tim Taylor : No responce
BVD : Hmmm , weeeellll , let's try this one - is'nt it true , your personnel file with Franklin Police was zipped up shut , bolted , stapled and taped over , to prevent people from reviewing your problematic employment history with the Franklin Police Department ?
Tim Taylor : No response
BVD : Hmmm , well , I can understand that. OK , let's try this one - is'nt it true , that because you helped Jay Johnson get rid of a Franklin Police chief , who refused to kiss JJ's ass , you were promoted from patrol officer to Lt. and given control of the Franklin Police Detective Agency ?
Tim Taylor : No response
BVD : Hmmm , I see. OK , is'nt it true , you knew about a police officer , being a pediphyle and you refused to investigate ?
Tim Taylor : No response
BVD : Well , OK , well , how 'bout this one - is'nt it true , you withheld photos of a girl being raped , during the perp's court trial ?
Tim Taylor : No response
BVD : Hm. OK , last question. What can you do , for the people of Williamson County , ass their sheriff ?
Tim Taylor : No response

Monday, June 16, 2008


My Ebay experience with " jcmtin " 6

Yes , yes , and yes again , I know , I know , I thought he had gone away tooooo. BUTT , jcmtin has returned , after hitting my account with 2 strikes for 2 unpaid items , that I paid for , he now wants his stuff back and he says he will send me a refund.

Now do you understand what becomes of the mind , when you immerse yourself in telling lies ? Look at jcmtin and what has become of him. Why would he give me a refund for 2 unpaid items ?

I'll let you do the math.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


The Ebay Seller and Your Feelings

There is so much hate and negativity aimed at Ebay right now , they have shut down their discussion boards. It appears , that the seller not being able to return the favor of negative feedback is the main culprit. Never mind the rising fees and associated costs. It's just those damn anti negative feedback rules , a seller must now abide too.

Some sellers are so pissy minded , they are now taking aim at their bidders. That's right. They are deliberately taking their ill feelings to their customers. Whether it be sloppy packing , slow to ship it out the door or even just plain nasty emails. They don't care.

So remember , when you find yourself doing business with such an Ebayer , it's not Ebay doing it. It's the seller. When jcmtin did me wrong , it was jcmtin doing the deed , not Ebay. When your item arrives broken , in pieces , from rattling around in an over size box , it's the seller , not Ebay.

When I complained about jcmtin , I was not blaming Ebay for anything. All of the transaction problems came from jcmtin. Not Ebay. OK ? People like jcmtin don't give a rats ass about anyone's feelings butt their own. Ebay can't do a thing about jcmtin attitude , butt , they can take several steps to slow him down. These things , Ebay won't do , because even people like jcmtin is good for Ebay's business.

The risk of doing business on Ebay , with total strangers , will continue to rise , ass gas prices continue to rise. That's the new America President Daddy Bush promised us and his son is making good on those promises. So , go have fun on da 'bay , OK ?


PayPal and Your Feelings

Ebay wants you to have a PayPal account , because Ebay owns PayPal. PayPal is a safe way to buy on Ebay because of their protection coverage. You do need insurance , right ?

Here's how PayPal deals with a legitimate complaint. Let's say my Ebay purchase is actually junk. The seller refuses a refund. Soooo , You file a complaint with PayPal. ( yes , they do have a toll free number , butt , they do not want it out :) 888 221 1161 You are told , the process is slow and takes 30 days for a review. After 45 days , you get an email asking for more information and if you do not respond in 3 days , your complaint will be deleted. Unfortunately , this is not a joke. I know this to be true , because PayPal is doing this to me at the current time.

I'll keep you posted. My fun times on Ebay are not over yet :)


The Latest Goings On @ Ebay

The latest news at Ebay of course , is Thadd's dollar auction got canceled again. Yep , 4 times now and Thadd won't quit. Tip 'o me hat to ya , me darling.

Meanwhile , some auctions are not bringing in the bids , that sellers want and they are backing out of completing the transaction. Getting negative feedback does not bother them in the least. I've looked over some seller's feedback at random and it's appalling at the amount of negatives being accumulated in this short amount of time. With the new feedback policy in effect , it has affected many a seller's integrity and mentality. I would recommend staying away from anyone with recent negative feedback until this silly shit stops. AND , NO , I have not set up a Ebay store. Thank you very much.

Saturday, June 07, 2008


Thadd's Blog Update ( again )

Ebay - believe it or not , the 'bay has slammed dunked Thadd's dollar bill auction for the third time. And , yes , Thadd has listed her dollar bill auction a fourth time. It's moments like this , you learn who will stick with you and who will leave.

C'mon people , if you don't want to bid , that's fine , at least put the auction on your watch list. AND most of all , THANK YOU for your SUPPORT


Ebay Mood Music

Here's some Ebay music to help get you in the mood to bid on that special something you don't need.

Oooooooooooooooooo yeeeeeeaaah , I can listen to this all day long , while I bid on all that useless stuff I don't need.

Friday, June 06, 2008


My Ebay Experience with " jcmtin " , 5

I'm getting more questions about jcmtin and yes , I'm aware he is dropping by here from time to time. I will try to answer all the questions in this one post.

A reminder - Have you bid on the First Dollar Earned ? Click on the Thadd link to check it out.

jcmtin was told , I have over 400 Navy plaques. That should have told him something. Meaning , I knew what I was looking at and I needed some Ebay junk for my blogging posts , ass well ass seeing up front and first hand , how Ebay handles these complaints.

What was found , is the simple fact , Ebay does'nt care if junk gets sold or not. They're making money. In addition , I found out , Ebay will take sides with the seller and place unpaid strikes on the buyer's account for items paid for. jcmtin has done this before.

People do not understand what happens to the mind , when lies are told. After telling that first lie , another lie has to be told , to cover up the first. What happens next ? Another lie gets told regarding another matter. In short time , the person is telling lies , believing himself to be telling the truth. This is why America's politicians can not see what they are shoveling.

The bottom line is simply this - telling lies is a dysfunctional attribute , to one's character. Take a look at the feedback I gave to jcmtin and compare with the feedback jcmtin gave to me. jcmtin has no ground to stand on , so he makes derogatory remarks about me and my family. This is common behavior , typical to a cronic liar , who has no way out. The bargain here , is I found out up front and personal , how Ebay handles these kinds of problems.

Also remember , a habitual liar will use their Plan B , in the event , of getting found out. In this instance , lie about not being paid.

Now , are'nt you glad you stopped by and read this ? How many people have been trampled like this , I can not guess. Butt , the education I've learned and passed on to my readers is incalculable.

This is the stuff you won't learn from Ms. Cheap. Right now , if you are looking for bargains , Ebay is the place. Prices are down , many old time Ebay sellers have departed , more newbies are on board trying to earn some milk money , gas prices have soaked up the lose change people have had lying around and June is a slow month any way.

Now then , let's all go over to Thadd's place and bid on that dollar bill.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Thadd's Blog Update

People are asking how the dollar bill auction is going at Ebay. Well my friends , I've given you the little clickie down to your left , so you can quit asking me and go look for yourself. Special 'bay music has been added , to enhance your visiting enjoyment. Just look for the " Thadd " logo. While there , you can also check the latest 'bay stats.

The latest news - Ebay slammed shut the auction a second time and that spunky little Thadd , has listed that damn dollar bill for the third time. Thadd is determined to auction that thang , come Hell or High Water. Meanwhile , I've been reading about Ebay's fees and yep , they have gone up again , in certain areas.

Also , this month is free rent for new stores. Newbies only please.


The Lawless Franklin Police Soap Continues

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD was discussing the morning's paper

Jerry : So , the police knew , before going in , their man was'nt home
BVD : Correct
Jerry : So , one more time , explain this to me like I'm a child , so I'll understand
BVD : Look at the date of the incident. This is during the time frame , a house was mysteriously burglarized and Franklin Police's own , Dick Dixon could'nt solve the crime. Remember ?
Jerry : Yes
BVD : OK. The reason he could'nt solve that crime was because Franklin Police had several houses under watch. If he had opened his mouth , he would have given this fact away. In addition , he knew these " watchers " were breaking the law and he covered for them.
Jerry : So , the law was breaking the law , the law knew it and looked the other way
BVD : Yes , they were laughing all the way. So , anyway , back to our discussion , before the police broke down their door , they already knew they were breaking the law , butt , they also knew , they had the political juice , to back them up and get any charges of lawlessness dropped.
Also , they went into the house with their faces covered , so no one could identify them in a law suit.
Jerry : So , tell me , if the politicians were having their homes broke into , would they still back up their police department ?
BVD : Ha ha ha , that's a good one. Look , since they own their very own police department , I can tell you now , their homes are well protected and no police will be breaking down their door. And keep in mind , these politicians are in the know about everything that goes on , inside their own police department.
Jerry : You mean , these politicians can be breaking the law and the law will look away ?
BVD : Of course. Look , the police and the politicians have something on each other. This keeps the law from doing it's job. Call it " detente " if you like. This way , both sides can do ass they please , knowing that no one will do anything about them , while giving each other their support when the occasion calls for it.
Jerry : Like this one
BVD : Yes , like this one. However , keep in mind , these people will have to stand before judgment and there is no gray area in the higher law. There are no bribes , since there is no money. It is unfortunate , these people of the law , forget they will answer to the higher law , in their end.
Jerry : Is this why you are so honest ?
BVD : Hmmmm , could be.
Jerry : Is this why , there is so much kiddie porn circulating the political circles
BVD : Hey , you did'nt hear that from me !
Jerry : I did'nt say I did

Monday, June 02, 2008


Boycott Ebay Day Totals

Ok already with all of the questions. Here is the tally of Ebay's Boycott Day. There were 5 people with their accounts loaded with auctions , ending on Boycott Day. That's 500 auctions being watched. Only 15 % of those 500 received bids. So , there you have it people. Ebay was losing , because their sellers were oozing money in fees , instead of making money to feed those fees.

Yes , I've got together 50 items , to open a Ebay store. Now's the time since Ebay is once again offering their first month rent free to newbies. That would be me. Why open a store ? Simple , to learn first hand , how Ebay treats their sellers. I can't tell you up front , if I'm not one , right ? So , here goes and wish me luck in my endeavor.

Meanwhile , the auction for the dollar bill continues. Hey , have you bid ? I did. What are you waiting for ? Go bid ! Do it now ! AND have fun !


Hobbs Knobs His Knobbs

In Nashville - BVD got to interview the honored , Bill Hobbs - the blogger turned Republican , from CRT radiation

BVD : So , you're a self made Reagan man ?
Hobbs : Ha ha ha , Yeah , that's me , ha ha ha , heh heh heh
BVD : Why can't you be your own made man ?
Hobbs : ? Huh ?
BVD : Oh you know what I'm asking. Why can't you be your own self made man ?
Hobbs : Well because , uh , um , uh , well you know why.
BVD : Well , at least you got the political politician part down anyway.
Hobbs : Huh ?
BVD : Yeah , you know , the political part about not being able to answer a question.

Sunday, June 01, 2008


What Is jcmtin 's Problem ?

Today it happened. Ebay informed me , my account was struck with 2 unpaid strikes for items I had already paid for. ( I've posted pictures of the items ) People have asked me what's his problem and I'll tell you.

Here in Tennessee , we always have a bumper crop of crooked contractors. I've been around some of the best crooks , money can make. One thing a dishonest person has , is a Plan " B " . In the event they get caught , plying their trade of dishonesty , they can strike back with lies , in an effort to sway others into believing that it's really " you " , who is the crook.

jcmtin is using Ebay's system to make me look dishonest , when it's really him. I have posted my payment here for all to see. That piece of paper is certified funds. How did I miss paying for 2 of those items ? There's no way and jcmtin knows this , butt , he's betting I can't prove it and of course , he's wrong again. Dishonest people always over look the obvious. That's why Truth wins.


Ebay's a Changin

I've looked over the latest discussion boards on Ebay and I've never read such out cries in my life , until now. Sellers are up in arms over the new feedback policy. A seller cannot give a buyer negative feedback. With this new change , reports of abusive buyers are increasing. To retaliate , sellers are asking everyone to ban Ebay on June 1st. I've decided to join them.
When a seller can hit you with unpaid strikes , for items you have paid for , there's something wrong and I'm not talkin 'bout The White House.
I've picked a grand time for sharing my Ebay experience with my readers. Ass America circles the toilet , so follows Ebay. Many economists are saying right now , to expect 5 dollar gasoline by July and 6 dollar gasoline by Christmas. Thank you President Bush , for a wonderful and unexpected , end of your presidency gift. I cannot think of a better way , to end your political career.
Hm , I wonder where Ebay will be in June. I wonder what kind of health , Ebay will be in , by the end of the year.

Update - Meanwhile , ebay has started removing people , who have posted something ebay does'nt like said. AND , when I say remove , I mean REMOVE without giving a reason. So , here's more evidence that ebay has police watching you. This means you are black balled from their discussion boards forever. So , remember , speak your tongue and ebay will cut it off. So much for free speech in America. So , if folks want to speak their mind , they will have to generate a discussion board out side of ebay's communist fist.

Update again - I don't know how many more times I will update this post , butt , we will find out. I was asked why Ebay cut off the discussion board ? Simple. Ebay is hemorrhaging money faster than President Bush's falling popularity. So , to stop the negativity , Ebay cut people off.

I was also asked about what was Ebay thinking , by jacking up their prices ? Simple again. It's all about the bottom line. Ebay wants more and more of it. Their new CEO knew this would happen and she is betting it will all blow over and the profits will literally flood the banks to over capacity. That is corporate thinking for ya.

I don't have a billion dollars , so I cannot understand , how having a billion dollars , turns a company like ebay , into a non-caring , don't give - a - shit , my way or the high way , one eyed monster. AND yes , ebay is still threatening to hit my account with 2 unpaid strikes , because of jcmtin selling me junk.


Ebay Needs Help

OKay , OKay , OKay , OK already. Several people have stated , ebay needs me to straighten out their problems. So , I'm saying it right here. Ebay - give me 90 days and I'll have your ship steering in the right direction , heading on a true course , to new horizons.

Yes , most folks will be happy and ebay will prosper , again.

Yes , I can do this. My mind is not corrupted by a corporate upbringing.


Ebay's Problems Become Problematic

Have you checked out Ebay's forums lately ? There is a planned boycott on June 1st. I'll be there to watch only.

Also , the next time you are on Ebay , check out auction # 160244820918. Now that's an auction.

UPDATE - ebay has kicked me out of their forums along with many other people for expressing a free mind. Also , ebay shut down the above mentioned auction. However , this person won't quit and has resumed his auction. The auction number is now 160246219488. I wish him Good Luck.

After reading the forums this morning , I get the feeling , ohh , that luvin feeling , you know , that goofy warm sensation ? Yep , the luv is gone ! With all those sellers leaving , you just know , Ebay is circling the drain.

It's surprising at how many people cannot understand , how Ebay got itself in the pickle barrel. Well , like I said , it's problematic. Ya see , Ebay is run by a new CEO from corporate America. She has brought with her , that little Black Book tittled , " How To Fuck Up Something Good ( without losing sleep ).

That's the same little Black Book , President Bush has on his bed stand.


Now THAT'S What I Call LUV

Franklin , Tennessee - many stories , poems , jokes , remarks and even eye contact , have tried to define and describe , the meaning of LOVE.

This morning , my woman found out I really really ( Yes Really ) Do Love her.

During this mornings thunderstorms , with rain drops the size of goose eggs and lightning striking Williamson County 214 times in one hour , I , ( yes me ) went running outside , like a frightened banshee , to rescue the mornings newspaper.

Upon returning , standing in the doorway , I was dripping wet with my shorts dangling half way down to my knees. Breathing hard , I desperately held onto a crumbled disaster called an umbrella while in the other hand , a " Death's Grip " refused to let go of a perfectly dry newspaper. This moment , this very moment , time stood still while my woman discovered , I Loved her.

OKay , Okay , OK already. You'll just hav ta tak me wurd fur 't. Only Luv would get me out that dang dore this marnin , causz'n I don read da paper !

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