Monday, March 31, 2008


Some Don't Have To Pay

Franklin , Tennessee - Today's WAM features a front page story about Parents accepting more taxes , found at Maria Giordano's " Pickup Line ".
She talks about people not caring about the tax increases for schools , just ass long ass those taxes attend school. It's interesting , she uses her friend , Mom Kristie Drulman in Davidson County , with 3 kids , ass an example of concerned citizens , about the Williamson County and Franklin City tax increases. Hmmmm. I reckon Kristie's kids attend Williamson county schools. That would explain why she is'nt concerned about the tax increase. AND , it would help me to understand , why I'm paying a 19 % tax increase. I do not have kids , butt , Kristie crosses the county line , to get her 3 kids educated , while not paying the tax increase.
Well , the math does add up and it does balance on both sides of the equation.
Thank you Maria , for explaining this to me.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Jay Johnson Gets His

Franklin , Tennessee - have you played the game , " The Hangman " ? It's a game , a player guesses an unknown word and the only clues are , how many letters and the subject. The player has 8 guesses , before being hung , by the neck , from a rope.
What makes this game extra fun , is using an effigy of Franklin's very own and now gone , City Administrator , Jay Johnson. It gives the player more incentive to miss the word , just to see that former " good ole boy " , hang by that fat neck of his.
Last night , Momma used an extra length of rope , to entertain her grandson.


How Does He Do That

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD had been nosing around my desk again and found a sealed envelope.

BVD : What is this ?
Jerry : Hm , look's like an envelope to me
BVD : Ha , Ha , Ha , no kidding. It was lying on your desk , buried. I've noticed it has sat there for several years now and I was just wondering.
Jerry : Well , what does it say ?
BVD : It says , hmmm , President Bush predictions March 2001 and this thing is sealed up tight
Jerry : Yep , it is.
BVD : OK , what is this ?
Jerry : Well , ok , open it. Go on.
BVD : ( like a child on Christmas , BVD tears open the envelope ) Hm , it says " Jerry's predictions for Bush's time in office. Bush will be re elected. Bush will put this country into a hole so deep , he/we can't see daylight. Bush will get U.S. into a war we can't win. Bush will appear to be a moron during his 2nd term. People will ask , " Are we better off with Bush now , than before he took office " America will continue to go along , without a new direction in space , while Bush says we go back to the moon , without a means to get there. Gas prices will exceed 3 dollars before Bush leaves his White House.

BVD : How do you know this ? I mean , how ? I know for a fact , this thing has laid here ever since when. I mean , this was buried under your junk. How do you do this ?
Jerry : Predicting about Bush was easy.
BVD : What ? How ?
Jerry : I read up on him before he took the House. That's how.
BVD : What ?
Jerry : Yep. Did you know , Bush is not a Texan ? He moved there on advice , that was where the really big Republican money piles were. Did you know , he tried to become rich by ripping off those , who were already rich ?
BVD : What ?
Jerry : Yep. That business failed too. I suggest you read up on him. He's a real piece of work. And you know what ? America got what it deserves for voting for him. Enjoy !
BVD : Jerry , how did you know ?
Jerry : History always repeats itself and Bush is no exception. Again , go read up on him.


PayPal is All American

Okay , Okay , OK , people. I'll put the word out. For those who have'nt heard , PayPal is having more hacker problems than ever before. For those who already know , I did the great experiment of selling on Ebay , these last 3 months and it's a shitty world. Yes , PayPal has joined the American Billion Dollar Corporate Club Award. This means , PayPal is not interested in helping their clients , they just want the money and more of it.
Yes people , my PayPal account got screwed and even though my email is correct , the payments are going somewhere else. PayPal only gives me emails and no help. That's right , TOUGH LUCK !
This year and with Ebay having a new corporate style CEO , there have been changes afoot. Sellers now pay a fee for selling an item for less than 25 dollar$. All new sellers must have PayPal , no exceptions. It is true , that while Ebay bitched about losing money , they spent 2 billion dollar$ to buy PayPal. I guess that will help make up for their loses. And yes , PayPal continues to be the favorite place to hack accounts. I heard somewhere , PayPal has the highest percentage of problems.
I did try to contact PayPal for help and all I got was automated emails in return. Nope , not much help there.
Today , America's corporate world cares more about the money , than taking care of the customer. PayPal has proved this fact to me. When I set up selling on Ebay , I did not want PayPal , butt , Ebay will not allow newbies to sell without it. Imagine that. Do you think it's because PayPal costs the seller to use ? Hm. Using PayPal is free to the buyer. The seller gets hit with a percentage of the price of the item.
By looking over the stuff I sold , the items brought about 19% of their value. I was not selling " vintage " stuff. Between Ebay and PayPal , I was paying about 12% of the item's sold price. So , by doing the math , I lost about 85% of the value of the item sold. So there you have it. Ebay is the place to go for bargains. Ass more American's feel the crunch of President Bush's 12 TRILLION dollar debt , I'm sure there will be more bargains to be had. Enjoy.

Friday, March 28, 2008


The New Apprentice

Celebrity Apprentice - Every country music fan , just knew Trace would become Trump's next apprentice. Butt , there was something a foul. Last night , Trump named Piers , to be his next apprentice.
Piers made it , through Trump's obstacle course , by making the most money. However , let's take a closer look at Piers' abilities. Every time he won , Trace's helpful hints and ideas were used , butt , Trace was never given acknowledgment , for his contributions. Meanwhile , Piers rode the wave to win this grand contest , despite his hateful , in your face , Britt demeanor.
The Celebrity Apprentice , has always been about the money. However , if you look at " ability " alone , Trace won , by selling more tickets and not by using a rolodex , or getting people drunk.
Ask yourself this one question , " Would you want Piers , in your organization ? " After looking over , all of the facts
In my book , Trace WON !

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Franklin's FSSD Mayor Getz Money

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD was soooo pissed , ass Franklin's non-elected folks , got their tax increases passed.

BVD : Damn it all to Hell , man. Do you realize we will pay a 19% tax increase ?
Jerry : That's a joke , right ? There is'nt a single intelligent person in this town , that would agree to a 19% tax increase for schools.
BVD : Well , they did it. Some Hunter Neubert bitched , that Franklin's kids needed a better education , butt , he was'nt willing to pay for it. Butt , we get hit with 19%. Aaaaaand , let's not forget , we will be seeing 4 dollar a gallon gasoline by June. Man , what do we do ?
Jerry : We pay the tax until we move from this mad house of an insane asylum called a city.
BVD : I still don't understand why we get hit the hardest.
Jerry : Look BVD. It's like this. The average Williamson County home is worth 385K. Our house is only worth , a pitiful 150K. So , ass the Mayor explained it , we get to pay more , because our home is worth less , and so , we get to pay about the same , ass the rich do. Is'nt that fair ?
BVD : Oh Hell NO ! I pay both city and county taxes ass it is. I still do not get both services , that I'm paying for.
Jerry : Well , ya know what ? I've told you time and time again. The constitution says , " Government , by the people , for the people. " This is the kind of SHIT ya get , when ya don't vote or get involved with your government. So shut up about it. Let's move out this pathetic town and be done with it, OK ?
BVD : Yeah , OK. Franklin stopped being a place to call home , when those fucking SATURN assholes showed up anyway. Yeah , you're right as usual , man. Those Damned Yankees have won again. Why is it , every time those Damned Yankees see something good , they shit on it ?
Jerry : Because they can and so they do.
BVD : Ya know what ? We don't even have kids. How's THAT for Taxation without representation ?
Jerry : Representation ? What ever do you mean ? Franklin's new mayor is old FSSD. He's been planning this all along and even rode on it during the election. Aaand , by the way , where's that $20 , you owe me ?
BVD : What $20 ?
Jerry : I predicted Franklin would see a tax increase for FSSD if " that " guy became mayor.
BVD : Ooooooooooh , yeah , now I remember. Hey , can you cut me a break , for once ? Man , my taxes have gone up.
Jerry : Yeah I know and so has mine. Give it up , my friend. Besides , I'm a wounded veteran. Did you know the county has a policy , wounded veterans don't pay property taxes ?
BVD : Hm. No , I did'nt know that.
Jerry : Well , anyway that does'nt matter. The county also has a policy , that says veterans cannot qualify for it. Although it looks good on paper , it's really just more toilet paper to have on hand , in case of emergency , jerk a veteran

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


The Devil Will Get His

BVD was talking about President Bush's statements , concerning the 4,000 American deaths , that have occurred , during his unpopular war.

BVD : Look at him. He is so smug about what he has done. Not only to this country , butt , to people in other countries
Jerry : Don't let him bother you , BVD , he'll get his when it's over
BVD : What do you mean ?
Jerry : Simple deduction my friend
BVD : Huh ?
Jerry : Look it here. Bush is not our president. You have to win the election by popular vote. He did not. Butt , he did " buy " the White House. And , now that he has had 12 TRILLION dollars run thru his greedy little fingers , there are some folks feeling somewhat cheated. And , then there's the Devil to deal with.
BVD : What are you talking about ?
Jerry : Look it here again. Bush sold his soul , to get the presidency. OK ? The problem Bush will have to contend with , is the simple fact , the Devil does not accept Federal Reserve Notes , backed by a 12 TRILLION dollar debt. OK ? So , don't let Bush worry you any more. He will get his. Bush can't stay in The White House forever. And , when the Devil comes a callin , the Secret Service can not stop him from collecting a payment.

Monday, March 24, 2008


The Money Hole

Every day , the news tells us about our economy going downhill. Look around , gas prices are up , people are giving their houses back to the bank , while the kids go back home , to live with mom and dad. Butt , and I do mean butt , some people know where the real cash is , just waiting to be , withdrawn.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Headley Gets To Walk

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD kicked the can this morning , after learning former sheriff Headley can have his record cleaned up.

BVD : I don't get this. How does a person get off the hook so easily ?
Jerry : Well , you are aware , this is Williamson County. You are also aware , the law does not apply to everyone here. Headley obviously knows the who of who's around here and he is playing their game.
BVD : Hm. This aint rite. It'z naw rite 't t'll
Jerry : Hey. Again , this is Williamson County. Who was it , that said , this was a righteous county ? How many people can you name , the one's who have committed murder , got away with the crime ?
BVD : Oh wow. I can name several.
Jerry : Well then , there you go.
BVD : I thought the law was for everyone
Jerry : Well , ha ha ha , again , this is Williamson County. Why do you think so many rich folk move here ?

Friday, March 21, 2008


Let's Sell on Ebay

OK. Simmer down people. Someone said I was angry at Ebay. Nope , not at all. I'm simply confused ass to why people would sell their stuff on Ebay and then wonder why they have nothing to show for it. Soooooooooo , what do you say , I will sell something on Ebay to make some money and we will all see , if I really know , what in Hell , I've been talkin 'bout.

Let's see here , first , we have to list our item. Here are the factual fees:
Becoming an Ebay seller - fee free
Purchase an item to sell on Ebay - 12.95$
Subtitle - .50$
1st. title free
3 pictures - .45$
1st. picture free
ad design - .10$
essentials - .95$
counter plus - .10$
Gallery Plus - .35$
Gift Icon - .25$
Bold - 1.00$
Border - 3.00$
Highlight - 5.00$
Featured Plus - 9.95$
Insertion fee - .30$
Final Value Fee - .53$
PayPal fee - .53$

Grand Total is - 35.96$

Yes , this is the homage , I paid to Ebay , for the privilege of selling this .99$ dollar item , on their internet auction site. It's like this - if I had not sold an item on Ebay , I would not be able to honestly bring this information to my readers.
Hmmmm. I'm surprised Ms. Cheap has'nt mentioned this before now. Butt then , she gets paid to write and therefore , she has rules to abide by. Me ? I'm not paid. This blog is commercial free. And , I have only my credibility to rule over my writing.

Yes , this item really did sell for 99 cents or .99$ . I'll let you add up the profit$ earned for selling this vintage ERTL model in 1/48 scale , to see if I made any mistakes. And , remember , when the customer pays you , with Ebay's owned and operated , PayPal plastic , " YOU " , the seller , pay the transaction fees , associated with using electronic plastic money.
Keep in mind , only those Ebay sellers , having a business license , can deduct these fee$ from their taxes. While , unfortunately , the folks operating a yard/garage sale and/or , the other little people , operating a small time business , cannot.

OK , I do think I've answered everyone's questions. Again , for those who got lost in translation , just add up the costs , for selling this item , for just 99 cent$.

Ya know what ? With a little money and some people who know the internet business , I could give the people of the world , the same medium , Ebay give$ , and do it cheaper. AND still make a profit !

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Ebay's Taxing Fee

I got asked about Ebay's fees and Yes , Yes , and Yes ! Ebay does charge a fee for all of your items , that do not sell over 25 dollar$. This is to tax you to death on your little items that really are not worth buying anyway. So , Ebay , being another American corporate greedy headed pick pocket , now taxes you for about 20 % on your item , that does not sell over 25 dollar$.

Let's see - if your item sells for 6 dollar$ , you owe Ebay .55 cent$. This is in addition to your listing fee , picture fees , monthly fee and of course , PayPal fees.

Ebay is laughing it's ass on anybody stupid enough to sell their $tuff on their Ebay internet site , knowing there is'nt another site around , who can do it better and co$t$ you , the seller , le$$.

It's amazing , how Americans have forgot about this country's founding fighters , who dumped the tea , into Boston Harbor.

BVD : Hey , whoa there Jerry. Schools these days no longer teach about the Boston Tea Party. So , don't expect any American to know what you are talking about. OK ?
Jerry : Huh ? Aaaaand , just why not ?
BVD : Politicians won't give schools enough money these days , to teach it , that's why.


Help with Ebay

I've gotten some questions concerning shopping and bidding on Ebay. Here are the best answers I have.
Concerning some high prices on items. What's happening , is the seller is buying Ebay items and then puts them into their Ebay Store. For example - COMVAIL
Some sellers seem to have several of the same item. How can this be , if the item is rare ? Simple , the person is selling reproductions. For example - obez
How can a seller have a complete set of an item that is rare ? That person looks for his missing pieces on Ebay and then he has a set to sell. For example - cva64

Are you seeing a picture here ? You can spend a little time looking around on Ebay or let someone else do the work. Then , you can pay their high price$. The big things I watch for when looking to buy on Ebay are , the seller's feedback , the seller's shipping costs and the quality of the item. If the picture is blurry or offset , stay away from it. There will always be another , just like it.

I don't sell on Ebay , butt , I've been asked about it. Here's my suggestion to anyone wanting to sell an item. Search your stuff on Ebay. If there are a lot of look a likes , then your item may not sell , or not bring in a good price.

If you have a lot of stuff to get rid of , I suggest donating it to The ARC or AMVETS. They will come out with their truck and haul it away at no cost and you get a tax break.

No , I do not donate my stuff to GraceWorks in Franklin. GraceWorks will not help a handicapped veteran or any veteran and that's sad. Butt , your Christian heart feels good , don't it ?

Lastly , butt not leastly. Always remember , should you become a victim of fraud , Ebay does'nt care. All Ebay is concerned about , is getting paid. And yes , the seller WILL give Ebay access to the bank vault , before the seller starts selling anything. And of course , Ebay just loves packing advertisements down your throat and up your nose. So , if you have been frauded on Ebay , remember these words , " tough shit " . Unless of course , you've used your Ebay PayPal or other credit card. Yes , Ebay does own PayPal. This is the reason newbie sellers are required to have PayPal in their listings. This is also the reason Ebay has increased it's fees and Yes , Yes , and Yes , Ebay really does charge a fee for any item , that sells for under 25 dollar$ Believe It Or Not

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


The Return of the Plumber

Franklin , Tennessee - you know how people take 30 minutes to do a 5 minute job ? That's exactly what the plumber did yesterday , while repairing the bathtub faucet. Would'nt you know , he's getting paid 245 dollars for this simple repair and what do I get ? Yep , you guessed it. A leaky faucet.
Soooooooo , this morning , I had the privilege of calling That Punctual Plumber , Benjamin Franklin , to get their ass back out here and do the job I had paid them to do.
Aaaaaaaaaaand , what was the problem ? Yep , you guessed it. The plumber did not replace an old rubber washer. Instead , he just re-used the old washer and it was " MISSION ACCOMPLISHED "
Hmmmm , this guy is charging 800 dollars an hour. Now I see why.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I shudda Ben Da Plumber

Franklin , Tennessee - I called in the plumber to fix a pipe-in-the-hole problem. This job was an easy fix and easy to get at. After a ball sweating , inhumanly grueling , 15 minutes of elbow grease , the job was done.
Of course , an ambulance was called in , to revive me , after getting the bill for 200 dollar$. Ya know , that's not bad money. The math works out to be 800 dollar$ an hour.
These 2 pictures show the repair. A simple 2 cuts on the damaged pipe and replace with 2 couples and plastic , and wholla , you're DONE ! !
When you think about it. Doing work like this is child's play. Man , I'm tellin ya , I shudda ben da plumber.


It Don' Matter Ta Me , me , me

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD was down in the dumps , after learning he had lost 5 million dollars on Wall Street. And , that was during this year alone.

BVD : Oh Man , Oh Man , Oh Man. What'll I do ?
Jerry : You be a man and suck it up.
BVD : I don't get it. How could I have let this happen to me ?
Jerry : Well , let's see. President Bush puts America 12 TRILLION DOLLARS into debt and you did'nt pull your money when you should have.
BVD : Yeah , butt , what about all of those penalties ?
Jerry : What was more expensive ? Paying the penalties , or , loosing 5 million dollars ?
BVD : Well , the penalties would have been cheaper. Lots cheaper
Jerry : Well , there ya go. See ? You did'nt need me
BVD : Look it. How can he sit and laugh like that , while America is hurting because of his Bushonomics
Jerry : Simple. He's the president. He can spend like there's no tomorrow AND , he does'nt have to worry about paying it back.

Friday, March 14, 2008


AT&T Where R U ?

Franklin , Tennessee - here in America , people are loosing their homes , loosing their savings on Wall Street , paying more at the gas pump , AND , paying more for COMCASTIC COMCAST.
Last night , while watching The Apprentice , this is my COMCASTIC picture. I don't know , who sold what , I don't know who won , I don't even know who got fired.
BUTT , COMCAST made a whopping COMCASTIC 54% profit earnings last quarter , and this is the best they can do for my monthly 245 dollars . Yes , while you read this , AT&T is making head way , on installing their cable system. I DO wish they would hurry it up. I'm missing out on good programming , while Kaden misses out on his baby boost.
AND about that new cable box they installed last Saturday , I found out , yep , they lied. This is a refurbished box. It goes back today since it has crapped out. The box lasted a record of 6 days , before needing replacement. Now that's gotta be a COMCASTIC first. Surely , AT&T can do cable COMCASTICALLY better.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


COMCAST did What ?

Franklin , Tennessee - Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay , enough with the jokes , already , plplpleeeeease. After saying something nice about COMCASTIC COMCAST for their finally stepping up to the plate to fix my problems , the Mother of ALL Problems has returned.

1 - last night , I enjoyed viewing the black screen again , until a picture mysteriously appeared @ 4 AM

2 - the helpful technician put all of the entertainment system control , onto the COMCAST remote. I told him not to do this , BUTT , his ass was more important , than listening to me. After all , what do I know ? AND Soooooooooo , the TV now has gremlins. By changing channels , the tv will turn off , or change it's own channel , or have a snowy screen w/sound , or have a black screen w/sound

3 - after 5 days of use , the new COMCASTIC COMCAST box has dumped it's DVR. Yep , my recordings are fucked.

4 - last , butt not least of the problems , Kaden did'nt have his Baby Boost ( again ) COMCAST said this would never happen again , BUTT , it did. And worse , if you want COMCAST VoD , you now have to subscribe to it :) Yep , that's what the new error message says. Groan , sigh , greedy COMCAST wants more money. Last quarter profits of 54% is just not enough for corporate COMCAST.

5 - COMCAST did give me 4 COMCASTIC COMCAST free movies. BUTT , how do you watch a movie , when your service has gone to black screen technology ? I refuse to buy a new TV , to receive this new and improved TV picture technology. I just spent 1000 dollars , on the new HDTV w/plasma. Unfortunately , this new TV does not support black screen programming.


Our Changing America

Jay Leno gives U.S. , the latest on our Changing America


Feeding da Prez

Have you ever wondered , what goes on in The White House , making preparations for Bush's lunch ? Well , wonder no more.


Bunny Cracks

For those who missed the Toyota races featuring the Playboy Bunnies from Girls Next Door. Here are the highlights

Monday, March 10, 2008


Our Worthless Useless Dollar

BVD was in a panic this morning , after fueling up his gas tank.

BVD : Jerry , I can not believe the price of gas has gone up another 20 cents and the radio just announced that gas will go up another 20 cents. What in Hell is going on ? There's no gas shortage.
Jerry : Well , you are aware of corporate greed and CEOs fuel that greed. Right ?
BVD : Yeah , groan , you're right
Jerry : Ok , then. Now , look at the dollar bill you got back for change this morning.
BVD : OK , what about it ? I'm looking , I'm looking !
Jerry : Smart ass. What does that piece of paper say across the top ?
Jerry : Do you understand those words ?
BVD : This is government talk for funny money ?
Jerry : Ha ha ha , you're a real funny guy and you are also correct.
BVD : Wow , I got one of your questions right. Do I get a star for today ?
Jerry : Hm , not yet. Explain why that dollar bill is funny money
BVD : Ya got me. Would you tell me , please.
Jerry : Sure. That piece of paper is not money. It's just something , Americans have , to conduct business with. You use this for buying food , gas , pay bills and you even accept it , for your paycheck. The problem is that piece of paper is backed by the American government , who just happens to be 12 Trillion dollars in debt. The gas company CEOs , know this. And so , to make up for the devalued dollar , the price of gas goes up. OK ?
BVD : Look , to me , this is just one dollar of money. Man , I ain't in no debt of some 12 Trillion dollars.
Jerry : Are you an American ?
BVD : Well , Hell yeah. You know I am. What kind of a stupid question is that ?
Jerry : Well , it's just that right now , every American , is 12 Trillion dollars in debt , that's what kind of question it is. So , to make up for the dollar's lack of value , gas costs more. It's that simple. When the dollar becomes valuable again , the price of gas will drop. And that's your math lecture for today.

Sunday, March 09, 2008



Franklin , Tennessee - well , believe it or not , COMCASTIC COMCAST really did come out to the house to fix things. Well , OK , they did'nt fix anything. Butt , COMCAST did install a new HD box and even threw in a new remote.
Yep , the problems I was complaining about , were in full swing , causing problems , right in front of the technicians. Yep , I knew what I was talking about all along and now I've got witnesses.
Time will tell how long this repair will last. The new HD boxes have a different front , compared to the old ones. AND YES , when the old box was removed , all of my recordings went with it. Yes , I'm used to that by now , ass many times the box has been replaced. It's interesting , I did'nt have any problems with the non-HD box. Hm.
This is one time , the power of the blog paid off. Not even COMCASTIC COMCAST , could not hold back their tears , after watching one year old Kaden , crying over his loss of Baby Boost. And yes , I had to surrender my TV , MY TV , so that he could catch up on his baby soaps. What are the Teletubbies doing now ? I'll let Kaden , tell you all about their adventures :) Just pull up a chair and bring your own passy.


America , Where Are You ?

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD was going thru the emails this morning. It's amasing

BVD : Hey man , you outta bed yet ?
Jerry : Yawn , did I leave that kitchen door unlocked again ? It's tooooo early in the morning
BVD : Yeah , I know , but I needed an Ebay fix , so I fired up the computer for ya. Have you seen today's mail ?
Jerry : Hm , what ? Man , I'm sleep walking my ass back to bed. You can let your own self out
BVD : No , look it here man , read this. Will ya ?
Jerry : Ok , Okay , Okaaaaay. , , , , , , Hm. This guy has definitely got a tick up his ass. Well , I'm happy for him. I'm going to tell whatever I feel like telling , about Franklin Police , you know BVD , it's not just Franklin Police that has problems. It's law enforcement all across America.
BVD : Well , Mr. Know It All , why does the law have all of these problems ?
Jerry : Unfortunately , all of the law enforcement agencies across America , allow themselves to be ruled over by politicians. They are themselves corrupt and those they command , see it and won't do anything about it.
BVD : Why not ?
Jerry : Why not ? You're asking me , " Why not ? ". Look , politicians have deliberately omitted from the law books , that it's against the law to be corrupt and that's just for starters. Meanwhile , law enforcement , seeing the corruption within their leaders , understand that this is how they should act and so , they do. You know , monkey see , monkey do. Then , add into the equation , Americans don't want to have anything to do with running their government. Sooooooo , people wanting power , have stepped up to the plate and they are running things for us. The math is this simple.
BVD : Oh man , why could'nt you have been my teacher in school ?
Jerry : I'm not politically connected and besides , I'd prefer to make more money.
BVD : I see. Hm. So , why don't ya get with the presidential candidates and get your ass in that white house ?
Jerry : Because our next president is going to catch Hell and I have no desire , to become responsible for G. W.'s fuck ups and besides again , I will not have pity for our next president , who will catch hell and be blamed for all of Bush's fiasco's. Look BVD , as long as Americans refuse to run their government , they will pay and pay and pay. Look around and you'll see my words are true. Ask yourself this question. Are you better off today , after 8 years of Republican rule , in The White House ? Today , America is literally collapsing under the weight of fickle trickle lies , corruption and deceit. And why ?
BVD : Americans won't govern themselves ?
Jerry : Ye'ah.

Saturday, March 08, 2008


Those Nose It Alls

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD was reading the emails received to this blog and he almost fell out of his chair laughing

Jerry : OK , what's so funny
BVD : This email saying Franklin Police does'nt have any newbies
Jerry : Another Brown Nose it all ?
BVD : Hm , probably
Jerry : Is that the same guy , who told you Franklin Police never had a Commander Barnes or Tim Taylor was never the Lt. in CID
BVD : Hm , probably
Jerry : Is that the guy who saw a UFO hovering over the square
BVD : Hm , ya know what ? Yeah , yep , this is him
Jerry : Ha ha ha , what a maroon !
BVD : I think he wants you to give him some of your bandwidth
Jerry : Well , only when he gives me real information. This blog is not for him
BVD : You'd think people like him would get their own blog
Jerry : Yeah , but for people like him , a blog costs too much. Besides , Franklin Police monitor this blog. If I said something wrong , they would step in and they have'nt
BVD : Meaning ?
Jerry : They don't want any more of their filthy laundry going out to the public and they know that would happen if they made something out of my posts. Besides , they don't know what else I know. Heh heh heh
BVD : I was wondering , the way this guy has spelled some words. Do you think he is smoking some of that weed they confiscated ?
Jerry : Well , you know some of those officers , what do you think ? Hm , maybe that one did'nt get past the 2nd grade. He has a problem , that's for sure.
BVD : Yup
Jerry : HEY ! BVD ! IS THAT A UFO ?
Jerry : Outside that window. LOOK ! ! ! There's ALLLLLL kinds of pretty colorful lights out there
BVD : Damn it all to Hell , Jerry , you still have'nt taken down the Christmas lights yet
Jerry : Ha ha ha Hee hee hee hee
BVD : Hhhhhmmmmmm. Ooookaaaaay. Okay. Hey , ya think Jay Johnson got a new job yet ?
Jerry : I'm not sure , I heard there was a JJ sighting at the Cool Springs Mall the other day
BVD : What ?
Jerry : Yeah , he was sweeping the floors and telling security how to do their jobs.
BVD : Ohhhh , plplpllllleeease


It Snowed

Franklin , Tennessee - after several years of Middle Tennessee going without a real winter , it finally happened. Yep , it snowed. I'll bet Edna is eating her heart out over this one.

Friday, March 07, 2008



My email box continues to be over runneth with Ebay and PayPal questions. I'm unable to answer everyone's emails. So , in a nut shell , here goes in one message.
Ebay has become another American Dictator , giving the people the right to choose. It's either Ebay or the highway. Yes , you will have a PayPal account to be a selling on Ebay.

Everyone knows about PayPal. That's where scum bags get their money for free. That's the place , honest people go , to get ripped off and pay for it 2 times over and then some. What more do I need to say , without repeating myself , again ?

PayPal is free to sign up. You only pay for PayPal , when you sell an item. It is free to the buyer. It costs the seller. In other words , the seller incurs all costs for the PayPal transaction , along with the insertion fee , the sold it under 25$ fee , and the cost of adjustment fee for selling over 25$. This does not include interest penalties , state and local taxes or transport across interstate lines.

The nice part of using PayPal only auctions , is the fact , not everyone buying on Ebay has PayPal , so the seller now has a limited group of buyers , which translates into lower bids on items. I've watched Ebay since last July and I've seen the difference between PayPal only verses a choice of payments. The averages works out to be @ 87 % of the items sold for less with PayPal only auctions.

Having the PayPal only is a win win for Ebay , since they are not affected by the lower bids. Afterall , those items don't belong to Ebay and so , they have nothing invested. It's not their problem. Heh heh heh. Butt , it IS your problem to have PayPal if you want to sell on their Ebay


America's Student Loan Program

Last night on NBC News , their story was a bit lacking. So , I'll tell you what they won't tell you.
The American government goes to countries , like India , for example , to recruit students. Those picked , will get a 100 % free ride in getting an education. Their journey starts with a 4 year degree all the way to a Phd. Again , this is a 100 % free ride , at the cost of American taxpayers. Usually the student's parents are wealthy and affluent.

Here in America , American$ cannot get into college , which helps to make room for non-Americans. If you don't believe me , look into this for yourself. Vanderbilt University has plenty of free riders to ask.
In addition , these students bring into America , their families , who qualify for 0% loans to buy a business. These people also qualify for Food Stamps and the other services , despite the fact , they have plenty of money in their own bank accounts , at home.

In this country , homeless veterans don't qualify for Food Stamps , Graceworks refuses to assist needy veterans , while American$ can't get into college , BUTT , the imports get it all for free.

Thursday, March 06, 2008


The EBAY Alternative

When I checked my email this morning , it almost did'nt open up , from the weight of all those messages , screaming about Ebay and what could they do about it. Here's the answer -

Let's look at life here , in it's full reality of color. We accumulate all sorts of stuff that we seldom if ever use and we finally decide to rid our selves of all this ' junk " . What can we do ? We all know about Ebay and what it has become. Today , people loose more money selling on Ebay because Ebay now costs more. Then , there's everyone's favorite activity , " the Yard sale/Garage sale " .
This means having total strangers rummage thru your stuff without buying anything. They mess it up , so the next person does'nt want it. You are also taking many chances of having a thief look your house over for a future visit. AND , today , you have to buy permits and pay taxes for running a day long business. Sooooooooooo , the seller looses even more money. So , again , is there a better way of ridding ourselves of all this stuff , without loosing all that money/profit ?
The answer is a simple , " You Bet Cha " .
Donate it to charity. I suggest you spread it around to several charities. In the process , document what you give. This can be done with written records like receipts , letters , and even notes on a business card. Take pictures. No one will question a picture.
Remember , these donations will not put money in your pockets right now , but , they will cut down on the amount of taxes you pay for the current year. Also , there is no limit to the amount you give. Should you exceed the tax refund , that amount will carry over to next year's taxes. Yes , really , no foolin.
So , what this means , you get your money in the form of a tax refund check. What this also means , is that you have a way to reduce your taxes. Nice , eh ?

( Think for a moment. What would be better for your pocket ? Set up an Ebay account with PayPal , to sell your little stuff ? This means paying Ebay's fees along with PayPal fees. When a seller accepts a PayPal payment , the seller pays another Ebay fee on top of the already paid Ebay fees. In other words , the seller pays TWICE for selling on Ebay.
Now , when you donate your little stuff , there are no fees to pay and no PayPal ! Also , you don't gamble on what your item sells for. By donating your stuff , you receive a fair price , that goes toward your tax refund. OK , do the math. What is better for you ? )

And , yes , this is in addition to your yearly donation to your church.
What can you donate ? Practically anything. When possible , call first , before loading up to deliver your stuff. Some charities do not take all kinds of items.

My favorite charities are : my church , AM VETS , The ARC , and The Rescue Squad.


EBAY - the New " Dick " tator On the Block

Now that the world has woke up to the new and improved EBAY , people are wondering how it came to be. After doing my homework , there's what I found -

EBAY , like all of America's big corporations , started out as a fledgling little baby. Then the little people came onboard and EBAY took off , and today , EBAY has become another billion dollar corporate monster. To honor the little people , Ebay now has a fee for any item that sells under 25 dollars. Why ? Because Ebay noticed the little people are mostly common folks just cleaning out their garage or having a yard sale. Ebay was loosing money on all those little things. Meanwhile , ass Ebay was loosing more money by buying PAYPAL , Ebay now dictates that all sellers will have a PayPal account and all listings will accept PayPal.
If a listing states No PayPal , in any way , that listing will be removed , without notice or refund given.
Many people have become outraged at this new Ebay. If there was another internet auction house , Ebay would loose out. While people say what they want about this new corporate tyrant , Ebay has been busy deleting non PayPal listings while also deleting various chat room listings that Ebay does'nt like. Yep , Ebay is striking out against Freedom of Speech.
So , the question is - will Ebay crumble under all of the negative reaction to the new Ebay ? The answer is a simple " No " . Ebay knows the people , even the little ones , are fickle and they will return to Ebay and it will be business ass usual , only with PayPal included in that business.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


This , You Mean " THIS " Is It ?

Nashville , Tennessee - NIT has finally put up it's long awaited , new and improved , the incredible , but not edible , the bloggtastically , blogg-o-matically blogg proff , new web site , to take the place of Nashville Is Talking , aka , the NIT blog.

If this is the future of blogs , I'll keep mine , just the way it is , thank you very much. For the benefit of those who do not know what I'm talking 'bout , go take a look. 4 your convenience , I've given you a click-it-able for your able bodied mouse.
Hmmm. So , noooooooooooooow we learn the reason why Brittany went Westard.

Enjoy !


Welcome Franklin Police Officer Martin , aka , the Newbie

Franklin , Tennessee - with Jay Johnson gone , The City of Franklin , now has money to hire new police officers , without JJ's deciding affluent influence. Newbie Officer Lawrence was training newbie Franklin Police Officer Martin

Jerry : Officer Martin , you do know Franklin Police are thieves
Officer Lawrence : Oh no . Franklin Police don't do those things
Jerry : DON'T tell me I don't know what I'm talkin 'bout
Lawrence : Well , ya know how it is , there's always some people
Jerry : Yes , I know and those people , who are police officers , have given Franklin Police a baaaaaaad rap. Mr. Martin , are you an honest person ?
Martin : Why yes , yes I am
Jerry : One of these days , you will have to decide , what is more important to you. Your soul , or being a Franklin Police officer
Lawrence : I can tell you right now , my soul is more important to me
Jerry : Then your career with Franklin Police will be a short one.
Lawrence : How's that ?
Jerry : An honest man is not promotable within the Franklin Police Department.
Lawrence : What ?
Jerry : No " what " about it. Franklin Police refuse to clean their house. I wish you , good luck !

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Ebay Update

Here's the latest scoop on Ebay. Ass of March 17 , all sellers will be required to have paypal. Period. It's amazing how upset so many people are. If there was another auction to go to , Ebay would be loosing their shirt right now.
Ebay has been so obtuse about this change , they have been removing listing and not giving refunds on the listing costs. This practice should double their stock value.
It's like Ebay is trying to be a bigger DICK , ass in DICTATOR , than their competition.
Does anyone know of another auction site to sell stuff ? Let me know and I'll gladly pass it on.


Ebay Selling

BVD heard about Ebay shutting down my 2 listings because I did not accept PayPal payments. Some how , BVD got to talk with John Donahue , Ebay's President'e Marketplaces

BVD : John , what the fuck's up with cancelling Jerry's listings
John : I don't care 4 Ur language
BVD : Is that your answer ?
John : It's like this BVD. Anyone selling on Ebay , will use PayPal and that's THAT ! Got it ?
BVD : What happened to Americans being free and having freedom of choice on things ?
John : They still have freedom of choice. Americans are free to use Ebay , or , they can choose to go some where else.
BVD : I don't understand this. You removed Jerry's listings without contacting him first , to tell him how he had violated Ebay's policies. You took his listings fees and you won't allow him to relist unless he pays you again. What's going on ?
John : Look , Ebay is a 35 BILLION dollar monster. Now that Ebay is one of the big boys now , we don't really need the little people.
BVD : Is that why you charge more for items selling under 25 dollars ?
John : Heh heh heh heh heh , you know it is. Look here again. Ebay is going classy now and we are sick and tired of people using us for their garage sales. So , we are now taking more of their pennies , which , by the way , add$ up to billion$ of dollar$ for us. Heh heh heh heh heh
BVD : I understand now. All those yard sales have made Ebay so big , their sphincter got left behind.


Tim Taylor fer Sheriff

Franklin , Tennessee - when BVD heard about Tim Taylor planning to run for Williamson County Sheriff , he had breakfast with him.

BVD : Tim , what's with you wanting to be sheriff ?
Tim Taylor : Well BVD , you know me. I've got all those years in law enforcement and besides , I'm still a spring chicken with many more years left in me.
BVD : Ha ha ha , that's a good one , Tim. So , what will you run on , your good looks ?
T.T. : Ha ha ha , that's a good one , BVD. No , I'll run on the fact I have'nt been caught hoarding LorTabs.
BVD : Ha ha ha another one , Tim , ha ha ha. Butt , you've been in trouble. You were quietly fired from Franklin Police Department ,
T.T. : Hey , WHOA there friend , that's water under the bridge
BVD : That may be , butt , still , you WERE fired and your personnel file was closed and sealed to keep prying eyes out of it.
T.T. : Well then , you've got nothing on me , do you ?
BVD : It's a well known fact you are a thief.
T.T.: Hey , can you prove that ?
BVD : Don't have to. People of Franklin know their police department is a band of thieves.
T.T. : Oh , yeah , I had forgot that. Hmmmm.
BVD : Were'nt you involved in an investigation about 2 guys raping a local girl
T.T. : Yeah and no one found those pictures , so , there was'nt any evidence.
BVD : Butt why ? The girl was raped and you refused to have a rape kit used on her body. Why not ? Were you afraid there was eveidence ?
T.T. : Look , people said there were pictures. There were none found. Case closed.
BVD : OK. Where are those pictures ?
T.T. : I hid them in the property room , er , I mean
BVD : Are they in the same place you hid all of those kiddie porn pics ?
T.T. : What ?
BVD : You heard me. Jay Johnson found them and he was known to go in there to masturbate while looking at them.
T.T. : Yeah ? So ? What about it ? Besides ,
BVD : Damn it Tim ! Let's get to the point here. What makes you think , the people want you for sheriff ?
T.T. : Simple. This Great State of Tennessee , has a long and fruitful history of crooked sheriffs and I want my name on that list :) I feel the evidence shows I'm an excellent candidate.

Monday, March 03, 2008


EBAY Shows IT's Azz

OK , now that I've been selling on ebay for a whole week , I've had 2 of my listings removed by Ebay for violating their rules of stating " No PAYPAL ". That's right. when I listed my items , ebay forces you to put paypal in the listing. So , I told my potential buyers I do not accept paypal payments. Ebay went into an asshole frenzy and deleted my listings without mercy or understanding to the fact , I'm new , I do not have electronic money of any kind and ebay does not tell newbies about their listing changes ass of January of this year.

Now do you see what's going wrong in America ? It's called " GREED ". This country has a limited time left , before " GREED " eats us all up. Ebay is a billion dollar monster , following in the foot steps of Wal-Mart , Vanderbilt University and COMCAST.

I have wrote back to ebay asking how to list an item in a way that will appease them. The only response has been a computer , telling me how welcome I was at ebay.


My PAY PAL Experience On EBAY

I finally gave in to all my friends about selling on EBAY. So , from now on , I'll be sharing my life and times of wonderful experiences , I encounter , while selling on EBAY. I've already sold my first item. It sold well below what it is worth. The buyer definitely got a bargain. I've noticed , if an item has a PayPal only auction , the selling price is way way low , than if money orders were allowed. Also , ass of January this year , Ebay is making everyone post PayPal whether it is used or not.

What EBAY does'nt tell you is this. When you list an item , there are 2 routes to take. The quick and easy way is really fast and simple. BUTT ! and I do mean BUTT , ASS in ASSHOLE. Ebay makes your listing a PayPal only auction.

So , when listing , be sure to take the long road and get away from PayPal only.
EBAY has the gold and they are shoving paypal down everyone's throat. When using paypal , it is free for the buyer , and yes , it costs the seller and makes the seller get on with paypal.
There is no freedom in America anymore. It's all gone to Billion dollar corporations dictating themselves onto everyone who uses their services. It's like Ebay has become the Wal Mart of auction houses.


What does A Chancellor Do ?

Vanderbilt University - now that the party continues having named a new chancellor for Vanderbilt. The question , that question , that damned eternal abomination of a question , continues to dwell on people's minds. Only the really smart people , who don't want to appear dumb , act like they know the answer.
So , , , , what's that question again ? " What does a chancellor do ?
Well , once you know the answer , then you'll realize " the why " , Zeppos got the job.

At Vanderbilt , there's only one thing , that's right , just " 1 " thing and nothing else , that the chancellor is required to do. RAISE MONEY ! ! ! ! ! and nothing else. That's all there is , to being Vanderbilt's chancellor.

Many people , in error , think the chancellor runs the university and that's totally ridiculous. Vanderbilt is run , by it's different departments. This is why there is soo much dysfunction among Vanderbilt's hierarchy. Everyone wants to be the boss , butt , not everyone wants to be chancellor.
Remember Joe B. ? He stepped up to run the university and he almost got run out of town. He managed to crawl back into his office and he never did that again.
The only reason Zeppos got the chancellor position is M-O-N-E-Y and nothing else. Joe B. wrote the book on " Giving to Vanderbilt " and Gee followed it step by step and he was quite successful. Zeppos already knows the book and no doubt , he 2 will be successful.
Now , do you understand what a chancellor does at Vanderbilt ?

Sunday, March 02, 2008


Vanderbilt Hires 4 The Money

Vanderbilt University - Vandy has announced their new Commode-a-dore in Chancellor , Provost Zeppos

BVD : Vandy can't do this shit. They can't
Jerry : Hm ? Vandy can't do what ?
BVD : Vandy has hired one of their own cronies to become their new chancellor.
Jerry : Yeah ? Um , so ?
BVD : Look , historically speaking , many people here , have applied for higher positions within the university and they could'nt even fill out an application because they were already Vanderbilt.
Jerry : You don't get it , do you BVD.
BVD : Get what ?
Jerry : Vanderbilt can do anything they please.
BVD : How's that ?
Jerry : Vandy getz so many billions of dollars from our government every year , they already think they are a part of our government ya see and add that to the fact , our government's leaders like President Bush , ignores our constitution and our laws and , well , there you have it.
BVD : Butt , butt , this is soooo wrong.
Jerry : Look , no one was looking for a right , OK ? Vandy was looking for money and Zeppos will deliver.
BVD : Yeah , right , like Vanderbilt is going broke.
Jerry : No , it's not like that. Ya see , it's always better to spend someone else's money , than to spend your own. Zeppos knows how to free people from their over weighted pockets.
BVD : Now that's a diet plan.
Jerry : You would think a doctor would have thought of that.
BVD : A doctor did think of that. Remember Frist ?
Jerry : Oh , yeah.
BVD : Have you read the article ?
Jerry : No
BVD : It says Zeppos is looking for leadership from the students. Ha ha ha ha
Jerry : Well , that's not surprising , considering that Vanderbilt does'nt have any leadership anyway and besides , the students are paying for the privilege to be here. There's nuthin wrong with free leadership , eh ?
BVD : No , if it's free , Vanderbilt will hog it.
Jerry : Well , that would explain why Professor Bowers hangs around the coeds
BVD : Hm , what , ha ha ha , is he giving out free grades again ?
Jerry : Ha ha ha , nope , free samples , ha ha ha
BVD : Ooooo , yuck , are the girls at Vandy , that hard up ?
Jerry : Makes ya wonder.

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