Monday, June 13, 2011


Missing Father's Day Fathers

Franklin Tennessee and Williamson County - BVD News , the Sheriff's Department released this photo of the missing Father's Day excursion trip for fathers , on the Harpeth River. Detectives on the case , stated they have no clues at this time , to help determine what happened. There are concerns , this may have been a mass kidnapping and/or robbery. The empty canoes were found near Manchester. Several families had booked their dads on this trip , hoping to give them something to remember , as they grow older in their years.

Last minute note before going to press. All the missing fathers have been found at the 2011 Bonnaroo Concert. Many fathers were seen running for safety , after their wives caught them dancing with the skimpily clad young ladies. There are no photos at this time. No doubt , they will have memories of this weekend for many years to come.

Wait just one minute. What were their wives doing there ?

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