Thursday, June 09, 2011


Vanderbilt Trauma Makes Surgical History

Vanderbilt University Medical Center , Vanderbilt Trauma Department , Nashville , Tennessee - BVD Medical News was there , when Vanderbilt Trauma Doc , Doctor. Morris , PhD , MD , PiLeD , and AiD with a Phys EdD in e minor , developed a scientific eye sight method , by using recycled and implanted , cadaver eyeballs , to observe what the traumatized victim sees , from their trauma bed , while teaching undergrad students , traumatic surgery for traumatic category disorders , that are associated with those traumatic incidents , that lead to missing traumatic brain wave instability improbabilities , in the traumatically traumatized , bean brained victim.

During an interview with Trauma Doc Morris , he stated , " This is just the beginning , to a whole new era , in scientific trauma and traumatically related , traumatized injuries needing surgery and for the pursuit of scientific happiness associated with trauma research , intertwined co-connectively with other necessitive medically related excuses , that give doctors , like me for example , more say in handling today 's modern medical problems , that are commonly found , in my dealings with the little people I usually find , lying on my surgical table , while I'm trying to play cards with my favorite nurses. OK ? Look , it's really all about my personal needs you see. I really do need to see , what I'm doing to the patient and this gives me the eyes to do that very thing. "

BVD : So , are these traumatic , traumatizing surgical procedures , similar to the one shown , used on all of your traumatized , bean brained victims ?
Doc. Morris : Oh no , no , nooooo , no , of course not. Traumatic surgeries , like the one shown here , are for the bean brained idiotic victims without insurance. You see , those with insurance can usually afford scalpels.

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