Thursday, July 23, 2009


One Stormy Night in Franklin

Franklin , Tennessee - there I was , lightning hitting the ground amidst the wind and rain outside and with me minding my own Damn business for a change , when suddenly , BVD comes BASHING & CRASHING thru my door , out of breath and out of her mind :

BVD : Jerry , HEY ! ! , Jerry !
Jerry : What's wrong with you ? Calm down and catch your breath
BVD : Wheeeezing , pant , pant , gasp. I know their , gasp , secret. I'm telling you , their , gasp , secret is out now
Jerry : What are you talkin 'bout ? Here , have a hit on this , it'll help cool ya down
BVD : Gasp , wheez , pant , JJ and the police Chief , I know their little secret
Jerry : And that would be . , . , ?
BVD : Vampires , Jerry , they are all vampires. Yeah , the both of them
Jerry : Say what ?
BVD : Yeah , those Greek columns. They are actually Vampire crypts. I just saw the Chief and JJ slip out from the insides of those Justice Center Greek columns. That's where they sleep during the day.
Jerry : Have you been watching the SyFy channel again ?
BVD : Only on Saturday nights. Hey , look , I know what your thinking right now. Butt , let me ask you this. When was the last time you saw JJ or the Chief during the day and in the sunlight together ?
Jerry : Hmm. You know what ? They could have been just sleeping together. Those columns would make an excellent hide for such activities.
BVD : Hmmmmm. You're right. I hadn't thought of that one

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