Saturday, July 04, 2009


That Old Shoebox

Franklin , Tennessee - BVD Bloggingtographer , now that Jay Johnson has been out of town a while , the police are going thru the things he left behind , to be auctioned off , in hopes the city won't have to raise taxes ( again ). In a closet chocked full of nuts and junkie stuff , a shoebox was found , let's go drop in and see what's in it

Chief jackie : sniff , sniff and sniffs some more. Ahhhh yessssss , this sure brings back the memories ( wiping away the tears )
Black : C'mon Chief , stop crying
jackie : I can't help it. This shoebox brings back the memories. What have you found in it so far
Black : Well , let's see. Here's a video player. Some Paula Dean pics. Hmm , looks like butter wrappers. Yuck , this box smells baaaaad. What's the hole in the side for ?
jackie : Hmmmm hmmmmm. C'mon. Your telling me , you don't know what this is ? It's JJ's fun box. That's what it is ( giggling ) Yeeaaaaaaaaaah , , , , , , , , fun box :)
Black : Fun box ?
jackie : Yeah. Oh c'mon detective , you know , a doo-doo box. ( smiles with a wink at the him ) It's an adulterary activity box
Black : An adulterary whaaaat ? Hmmmmph. I still don't get it. O K , well , let's see if the video player still works

Black : Eeeeeeeew , YUCK ! What is this sticky stuff ? ( shows the Chief the sticky stuff on his fingers ) A pecker trail ?
jackie : Hey , I'll take it if you don't want it

Yuck , thats soo sick
So is sex with under age girls butt JJ says that's O K
Jerry you are amazing for having nailed Jay Johnson for the Bastard he is and the pervert he enjoys being behind his closed doors. The 1 thing you have over looked is the true and simple fact , that dishonest police departments like the 1 in Franklin have helped make America what it is today
Hey there BIG guy , how about having a blog just for franklin police. That way people can bitch their approval or disapproval about their number one fan club even the police can gripe their own approvals
I over heard black talking with jj just the other day. How do you know these things ?
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