Friday, July 17, 2009


The Top Ten Reasons For Greek Column Sightseeing

Come one , come all , come everyone , to the only City of Franklin in Tennessee - BVD Tour Guide Blogger Update , after a hundred years or so , give or take a few , people are like tourists and have become somewhat bored with Franklin's fake Civil War bloodbath parks and tour system. Sooooo , after million$ of taxing dollar debate$ later , here are the new , top 10 best excuses/reasons for checking out the new scenery and sightseeing/visiting tours of Historic Franklin :

1 - Greek columns are taller at Centennial High than Franklin High
2 - Greek columns are taller at the top and wider at the bottom , at The Franklin Police Department Center than The ( other ) Franklin Justice Center
3 - Greek columns give Franklinites an envious symbol of recognition and should not be confused with envious Brentwoodians
4 - Greek columns are scene symbolically on The Trolleys
5 - Greek columns are scene symbolically officially only on official Franklin police cars
6 - Greek columns give Brentwoodians an officially really good reason to be jealous of Franklinites ( HEY , they can't touch these , they are ours : )
7 - Greek columns put The only City of Franklin on The Tennessean Column Map
8 - Greek columns now come in 10 official kid style paper cut out toys at Steak and Shake ( so get on over and be the first to collect all 10 of them , official Franklin Trolley Tours Welcome )
9 - Greek columns are the official safe sites used only by the wealthy ( because they are the only people in Franklin with enough wealth to build them and fill them with wealth. Remember to have your camera ready ass you never know who you will see visiting their monetary safe column )
10 - Remember , only official Greek columns ( with the official Franklin blue label ) can officially represent Downtown Historic Franklin and not The Historic Downtown Franklin. ( these are easily confused )
11 - aaaaaaaaaaaaand coming soon to a soccer field near you ,

Note : it's pronounced column , not colon.

Hate to break it to you, but there are no Greek columns at Centennial, while the ones at Franklin are almost as tall as Centennial itself.
Hate to break it to you Butt , this is a shot of humor , BUTT , I'm glad you did go out and sight see Franklin for yourself. I'll bet you now know more about the building geography than those who built it
made ya look ha ha ha ha Thats great jerry whats next ha ha ha
Hey big guy did you know the Greek columns are taller at Sonic than McDonalds Arches ?
Jerry you got BAD boy Golllllllly
you guys are gonna talk soo much that centennial will want their own Greek columns on their school building just to hold up the bullshit
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