Monday, July 27, 2009


Where's The Money Going ?

Capital Hill , Washington - check out this list of helping our illegal American communities every year

1. 22 Billion spent just on Welfare
2. 12 Billion for children going to school to learn English so they can fill out government freebie gimmie forms
3. 3 Billion for Medicaid Insurance
4. 4 Million a day for jail care
5. 2 Billion for food stamps ( needy veterans don't qualify for this and when they do , it's only 45$ after waiting 60 days )
6. 90 Billion for social programs
7. 45 Billion for mass deportation
8. President Obama wants to give 20 million illegals freebie health care while these same illegals send 45 Billion dollars to their out of country home , ( last year )

Meanwhile , The Pentagon gets 400 Billion every year , just for secret projects , that no one knows anything about. The same projects Gates states we don't need.

Our politicians continue to say , US American taxpayers , can not afford free health care for the country , while politicians , their family members and illegals , continue to receive free heath care at taxpayer expense.

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