Wednesday, June 29, 2011


The New World Order

Frankilin , Tennessee - The New World Order is alive and well and using Microwave technology against so called desinters. You know , people like me who talk about things in a sarcastic manner while getting my ideas from the truth of reality .

It's been said that America would be taken over without firing one shot and it's already happened without America realizing it. People continue talking in a hush like manner wondering what the future will bring but it's too late.

The Pentagon finally got AFRICOM up and running in it's effort to be prepared to fight any war on any ground around the world. America is the only country with global preperation for such a global conflict. Why and what do they know that we don't?

Good Luck people. You've got a new boss. Have you noticed President Obama is doing things behind closed doors? Have you noticed he has already traveled more than any other president aboard Air Force One? There's a reason for it.

The New World Order is here and now. I don't know how brave it is going to be but I'm sure "WE" won't like what they tell "US". This 15 Trillion dollar debt thing is'nt going away and they ran up the tab. This is what happens when a society does not use it's CONSTITUTION to run their government.


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